“You Came From The Stars” Episode 6 Video Preview W/ English Translations

Today’s episode milked Song Yi and Min Joon’s temporary cohabitation, and it’s too late for our alien to distance himself from her emotionally. He’s now at that point of doing everything to protect her at the reckless expense of his identity 😉 and next episode, it might be her turn to sense their Joseon era connection. Yes! Because it’s time to advance the physical intimacy 🙂

Speaking of milking, did anyone catch another Heirs moment today? 😉 Heh.



Preview Translation (c/o briseis from Soompi)

Song Yi’s Mother: What are you doing? Can’t you see that my daughter is being completely ruined?

Mi Joon (when protecting her from the reporters): Don’t hide! People should hide only when they’ve done something wrong.

Song Yi: What about multitasking and working two jobs? Would you like to be my manager?

Lee Hwee Kyung: I have no idea what your intentions are towards Song Yi, but leave her alone because she is MY woman!

Mi Joon: I have always thought it would be OK for me to leave and not have any regrets, yet there is a woman that I thought vanished so long ago. Is it really her who appeared in front of my eyes after such a long time?


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