2nd Epic “Age Of Feeling” Teaser

For all of production’s efforts, I want Age of Feeling to be a ratings winner. For a TV drama, it’s cinematic: the 1930s Shanghai setting is realistic and the action is large scale.

I still have my slight misgivings about Kim Hyun Joong‘s acting, but his face is a bit more like clay, more expressively malleable. 🙂

Will this be a show KBS can be proud of? Give it a chance, viewers!

The first episode airs on January 15.



Source  |  kimhyunjoong606



  • mj says:

    in just the previews he has already showed more expressions than in his other dramas combined plus the filming looks great and its a great time in history I cant wait for this

  • keike says:

    can’t wait for this drama. i agree too, the previews alone show more dimensions of his acting so im excited to see how much he’s improved. i still wish we could have seen wat was filmed of City Conquest… that show looked promising.. oh well . Kim Hyun Joong fighting <3

  • KHJ is someone I never understood why I liked him so much! I was beyond devastated when they canceled City Conquest and then when I saw the mini-movie from the production, it told me what we truly missed. Now this I am getting the same vibes and am SOOOO HAPPY we only got days!!!

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