Fun Behind The Scenes Video Of Emergency Couple’s Choi Jin Hyuk And Song Ji Hyo

While their characters may give Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (of The War Of The Roses) a run for their money when it comes to bitter divorces, the actors are having the time of their lives playing characters who passionately hate each other.

All in all, I think Choi Jin Hyuk fans just want to see him have a happy ending. So let’s hope that this drama is both hilarious and heartwarming.




  • Marisray says:

    Cant wait to watch this!!! 🙂

  • sally_b says:

    ooooooooo ooooooooooo Look at all the off-screen skinship! Like playful puppies. too cute.

    Choi Jin Hyuk was on Running Man before with Ji Hyo and she has that “can run with the boys” quality that I think really shows in this BTS. Crosses fingers that this drama is crack!!

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