Inspiring Generation/Age Of Feeling English-Subbed Preview

I know that Kim Hyun Joong isn’t known for being a great actor but this drama looks really good. If it’s half as good as the preview suggests, I’ll happily watch it.

The first episode airs on January 15th on KBS.

Credit: KBS World TV


  • Patricia Retired Teacher USA says:

    I think his ability to act is personified in the huge degree of difference between this character and the BOF character. Watching his transition this past year from flower boy image to power and passion (have you see his music videos?) has been amazing especially when you see him in Barefoot Friends, not acting, just being KHJ. He is one of the most honest and real, what you see is what you get, that I’ve observed in this past year of following/studying the whole Hallyu/Kpop idol/music/drama scene. I love all of it.

  • BOOKWORM 007 says:

    I agree Patricia, have you seen him in WGM Season 1? He has such a good heart. And, he has a wicked sense of humor. I was surprised by his conservative nature until I read he was raised in a strict religious home. He is also fiscally conservative(but philanthropic) which is a rare find in artist. He just seems to be an all round good person not just a pretty face.

  • marisray says:

    I’ve been following him recently and I must say his transformation is amazing! I couldnt believe it whn I saw the Unbreakable mv..super Hot Hot Hot!! I tik he will be able to bring out the macho in him in this role he’s playing.

  • Laura Susana says:

    Para ser chicos tan jóvenes,todo trabajo que hacen muestra a las claras la gran capacidad que tiene cada uno de ellos,sin dejar de lado los extraordinarios actores de trayectoria que nos regalan momentos maravillosos con su actuación, También felicito a los que están detrás de las cámaras como a los que llevan el drama a la pantalla para hacernos disfrutar de sus talentos.Saludos.Los sigo.

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