“Woman Who Married 3 Times” – Mid Series Review

There’s a drama airing on SBS that not many are talking about – The Woman Who Married 3 Times. I’ll admit that when I read the synopsis – I groaned. It sounded like a family melodrama and those usually leave me pulling out my hair. However, I gave it a shot during one of those lulls (waiting for subs – LOL). To my surprise, I ended up watching every single episode that’s available and am now eager to find out where the story goes next. I’m hooked. *sigh* It happens.

It does revolve around families but it’s centered on the story of Eun Soo (Lee Ji-Ah) and the choices she makes. I’ll also admit I didn’t like her at all in the beginning. What kind of woman would give up her child to marry a man? (It probably happens a lot, right?) Even when I learned she was lied to, I still didn’t understand or like her decision – although I’m softening towards her a bit now.

I tell you guys the truth so I’ll also admit that I haven’t the slightest bit of interest in the story-line involving Hyun-soo/Gwang-Mo and Joo-ha. (Eun Soo’s older sister) I have, in fact, fast-forwarded through all of their scenes. (LOL) But I’m now emotionally invested in the story surrounding our lead female, Eun Soo and her daughter, Seul-gi (Jung Ji-Young). Yep, I’m hung up on the little angel who is stuck in the middle of all this grown-up nonsense and trying to survive.

It begins like this: Eun Soo meets, falls in love and marries Tae-Won (Song Chang Eui) moving into his family home. Her new Mother-In-Law is a monster (of course) who abuses her daily, eventually attacking her physically. Why this woman hates Eun Soo so much is something I’m not 100% sure of but I’m gonna guess it has to do with money and the fact that Eun Soo isn’t from a wealthy family.

Eun Soo gets pregnant, which infuriates Mother-In-Law so much that she treats Eun Soo even worse. (is that possible?) Seul-gi is born but nothing changes. Eun Soo finally can’t take it anymore, sits Tae-Won down and begs him to divorce her so she can leave with Seul-gi. Tae-Won does nothing to stop the abuse nor to stop Eun Soo from leaving. It’s clear he loves her but he’s one of those “obedient”, wimpy types who can’t stand up to Mom in order to protect his wife. So he lets her go.

Flash-forward to Eun Soo meeting Joon-Goo (Ha Seok Jin). He pursues her relentlessly, finally telling her that he promises after they’re married, they’ll only live with his parents for one year. Then they will get their own place and bring Seul-gi over. So he bribes her to marry him. LOL Wait…what? So she’s not allowed to bring her daughter with her? Oh, hell no! See that right there would have been the deal breaker for me. But Eun Soo marries him, leaving her daughter at her parents house.

Eun Soo discovers that her new In-Laws, although very rich, nice people are kind of elitist snobs. Plus they don’t like her seeing her daughter because it might involve seeing her ex-husband? (WTF?) She also learns Joon-Goo lie to her since her new In-Laws have no intention of letting them move out after one year. In fact, new Mother-In-Law tells her (in a soft, understanding voice) to turn over custody to her ex-husband and cut all ties. *gasp*

Which she does. *gasps louder* But a series of circumstances happen all at once that sort of force her hand. First, her ex-Monster-In-Law finds out her son has “run into” Eun Soo while dropping off/picking up Seul-gi. She learns this from the new daughter-in-law prospect she’s hand-picked for her son, Chae-Rin (Son Yeo-Eun). This is our resident psycho – she’s jealous of Eun Soo and Seul-gi both and vows to marry Tae-Won, even after he tells her he’s not the slightest bit attracted to her. Yea, she’s one of those “I will force you to love me!” types. *rolling eyes*

Second, Seul-gi learns she won’t be living with Mom as planned and feels like an orphan since she’s not living with Mom or Dad. She begs to be allowed to live with her Dad. Third, after Chae-Rin tattles to Mom that Tae-Won is seeing his ex – all hell breaks loose and she phones Eun Soo’s new Mother-In-Law to complain that Eun Soo is interfering in her son’s life. New In-Laws do not take kindly to this…person calling them with complaints about their new Daughter-In-Law. (As in, how dare she call us? Doesn’t she know who we are?) Pfffffftttttt. These people are truly unbelievable.

So in order to placate her new In-laws, and ease Seul-gi’s badly bruised heart – she gives in and sends Seul-gi to live with her Dad. Chae-Rin wins too, since Tae-Won decides to marry her in order to stop his Mom from trying to destroy Eun Soo’s new life. He still loves his ex that much? UGH to all these people. At this point, the only character I truly liked was Seul-gi. (LOL)

It gets worse for Eun Soo as she finds out (painfully so) that Joon-Goo cheated on her 4 months after they were married. Isn’t that considered the “honeymoon” phase? He’s been seeing an actress, Da-Mi (Jang Hee Jin) for many years and hasn’t yet been able to break it off. unbelievably, his excuse is he’s a man? Eun Soo doesn’t take it and calls him on that crap,  packing a bag and leaving immediately. (Much to the shock of her new Mother-In-Law, who thinks she’s being selfish). He spends his time looking at pictures of Da-Mi online and brooding. And is increasingly nasty to Eun Soo.

Eun Soo leaves to stay at her parents, threatening to divorce but eventually goes back after everyone tells her to just “forgive him” and let it be. During this cold period of their marriage, Joon-Goo forces himself on Eun Soo, all the while promising to make a clean break with Da-Mi. He doesn’t of course, he still takes her phone calls and runs when she calls him over.

At Tae-Won’s home, Chae-Rin’s true nature comes out when she tries to take control of everything. She’s opposed at every turn by Tae Won’s sister, Tae Hee, who still lives at home and doesn’t much care for her brothers new wife. Tae Won and his Mom also step in, trying to placate this Princess-Wanna-Be but her frustration builds. She ends up taking it out on Seul-gi by demanding she not talk to or see her Mom (or her Grandparents from that side) and also starts to interfere with the time Seul-gi spends with her Dad. She’s jealous of the attention this child gets?

All the classic abuse signs are there and I knew it was going to happen. Chae-Rin waits until she’s alone with Seul-gi, she demands respect, she implies Seul-gi should feel guilty for favoring her real Mom and then slaps her when she tries defending her Mom. Afterwards, she tells Seul-gi “this must stay between us” so the kid won’t blab, and having made her point about who is the “Princess” in the house,  skips her way out of the room. Seul-gi runs away.

She turns up at her Grandparents house, having walked the whole way there. Tae-Won picks her up, angry that she left the house without telling anyone. Chae-Rin lies about the whole incident, accusing Seul-gi of being disrespectful to her. What infuriates me about this is that Tae-Won doesn’t ask Seul-gi for her side of the story. Come on! He knows his daughter better than that! Worse still, Eun Soo discovers she is pregnant – from the night Joon-Goo basically raped her. *pulls out hair* We’re smack dab in the middle of crisis on all fronts.

What will she do now? Is she stuck in this miserable marriage with a cheating husband? When will Seul-gi spill the beans on psycho Chae-Rin? My weekends have been taken over by this drama.


  • Bmore says:

    omg…I could have written this. Only difference is, I have watched this show from the beginning, all the while gnashing my teeth and tearing out my hair at my incredible stupidity for getting stuck on a drama I think I should hate! But it is so unbelievably, miserably addictive. I too fast forward through all the sister’s scenes! Though lately I’ve been stopping for a few seconds to see the progress of her long standing love for the wastrel…but any scene with that incredibly irritating roommate I keep that FF button down!!! I am so anxious to see Sneaky Snake new wife get hers. When she slapped that baby about lost it. And please…we are getting I’m sorries from that hag of a mother of first husband? Give me a break.

    • tessieroo says:

      I just started watching this and I’m beyond frustrated already! I can’t wait for Chae-Rin’s downfall too, I DID lose it when she slapped Seul-gi. I also can’t wait for Eun Soo to dump that loser and his loser family. I seriously still can’t believe they told her she wasn’t allowed to bring her daughter to their house?
      Well, I’m glad I have a partner in crime to watch this with. LOL! Stop by on the weekends to yell at all these people with me! 🙂

      • b more says:

        Absolutely. Little Jung Seul-Ki is doing an amazing job in this. When she got slapped and I watched her face breakdown, it was beyond real! What a terrific job! Cannot believe the child actors in Korean dramas! I thought I would go through the screen I was so angry and just started crying myself. And then that snake threatened her and made her lie!? My blood just starts boiling thinking about it again. Please God she does not get pregnant. My head may implode!

        Honestly…I have bitched to my group about this drama, and my inability to stop watching it, ad nauseum. I’m thankful for every minute the sister and that irritating friend of hers are on screen so I can shorten my viewing time! But, like you, I just have to know how this is all going to come out. I about died when they announced the extension. WTH? Are you trying to kill me?

      • THESSA says:

        theyre so weird the title is married three times but the ending sucks… she is left with no husband and no baby weird while her cheating husband stay with the flirt actress

  • Gaeina Lee says:

    Been contemplating for sometimes whether or not to watch this, since I love LJA in M2F and HSJ, and the verdict is……. @_@

    Thanx for the mid review, Tessie..

    • tessieroo says:

      You’re welcome, G! I didn’t get fully invested in this until ep 9 when the ex said he had no feelings for the psycho, she was like a table or chair to him. AHAHA! (but he married her?) *snort* I do fast-forward a lot but it’s only because I love the little girl and her Mom’s story line the most. 🙂

  • roshan says:

    Thanks for the series review 🙂
    I was curious about this drama because of all the things that happened before the drama even started LOL.. I dropped out with ep1 though. But I have to say rather than watching, its really interesting to read about this.. *kekeke*
    I will wait for the next part of the review. Fighting Tessie!!~~

  • My2Girls says:

    I started this on tuesday and I am already caught up. It is a show I would usually hate and yet I can’t stop watching it. I scream at the screen all the time. I think the only reason I keep watching is the little girl. I love her. And I am really coming around to her Aunt Tae Hee (whom I loved in Gentleman’s Dignity). I was so angry at LJA at the beginning for ditching her daughter like that so much so that when bad things happened to her I would shout “HA Karma is a bitch.” But now I really so feel bad for her and I hope she can find a way to be back with her daughter. This show sure paints a picture that all rich people in Korea are EVIL. Funny things is I enjoy her sister and her story line. I like that she and her friend are so true to each other and even when the “Shit hits the fan” they still come through on the other side. I think they are great and I agree with the sister and all of the crap she gives her sister. She is a realist and she calls it like she sees it and I like her for that.

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too! I didn’t like Jin Hee at all for the longest time! Now, I’m actually feeling really bad for her. It still stuns me that her new MIL told her they will “not allow” her to bring Seul-gi to their home. O_O I can’t wait for JG to get caught with the actress again.

  • Nev says:

    Good luck watching this one, I think Im going to stay weeeeell clear, sounds like the sort of drama that has me screaming in rage at the pitiful weakness of the main characters, going “GETA FREAKIN GRIP WOMAN!!! DUMP THE WAN**R…” or something 😉 Its one thing I just dont understand about Kdrama, why so many people are willing to take so much crap :/

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Nev!
      I know, right? And now I feel like she’s trapped in that house since her new In-laws know she’s pregnant. *sigh* They’ll NEVER let her go, no matter if their slimeball son is cheating on her. I can’t wait for child-abuser step-mom to get caught though, I’m really looking forward to that.

      I do scream at my screen a lot. *hehehe* And not just during this one.

  • myra do says:

    This is a good drama to watch, so heartwarming and family oriented. Highly recommended!

  • Hipployta says:

    Our drama…

    I still hate that Hyeon Soo is actually dating Gwang Mo…I love that her Mom was all…that waste of space? You liked him for 15 years? But I hate him…

    Joo Ha…girl friendship clearly means the most to you…based on you putting up with Gwang Mo to keep your ties to Hyeon Soo I already knew that but this…wow…

    Eun Soo is trapped in that ridiculous house and I hate it…as soon as Joon Goo messes up again, and he will, she is going to escape

    • tessieroo says:

      O_O It’s so odd you mention that! I usually FF those parts but I did catch her calling/texting Joo Ha and thought to myself that she misses her girlfriend more than him!

  • SoyB says:

    This is exactly the type of drama I avoid b/c I don’t want to lose my hair. But – I really enjoyed reading your review to get the gist. May be you can do a series end one just so the rest of us can have the satisfaction of knowing the ending? 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Sure! I’m way into it now…no escape. (LOL) When major stuff starts happening (like jerk husband gets caught cheating again) I’ll most definitely write it up. 🙂

  • HENNY says:

    I just started to watch this series and I reached episode #10 already, but…… I have a BAD feeling this series will annoy me. Sooo before I continue to watch the next episode, I decide to find out how the story goes. And today I found out MANY people got mad and crazy because that stupid, rash, goody-goody Chae Rin. From the 1st time I saw her, I know she is too good to be true! Too patient, too kind, too sweet, arrgghh I hate that kind of character! I also hate how ignorant Joon Goo (did I spell the name correctly?) could be! I also don’t understand WHY on earth married couple, who are practically adult already, cannot move out! That is ridiculous! I don’t think I have the strength to continue to watch the next episode. I am exhausted understanding these people already. Geez (×____x)

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