First Teaser For Lee Bo Young’s “God’s Gift – 14 Days” Released

It’s the story of a mother, Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) who’s given the chance to go back in time and save her daughter Han Saet Byeol (Kim Yoo Bin) who was kidnapped and killed. Isn’t this reminiscent of Two Weeks with some time travel?

Here’s the first teaser:

And the poster shooting:


Jung Gyu Woon plays Detective Hyun Woo Jin who shares a past with Soo Hyun.

Kim Tae Woo plays Han Ji Hoon, her husband.

Baro plays Ki Young Gyu, a teenager with the mental age of 6. He’s Han Saet Byeol’s friend.

Lee Bo Young has been on a ratings winning streak for a while. Will this continue it? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will fare better than Two Weeks. God’s Gift – 14 Days airs its first episode on March 3rd on SBS.

Credit:, SBS, DC

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  • conan says:


    Although the marker squeaking were hair raising. Let’s get a movie out of that. A villain whose method of torture is squeaking markers. Or worse. Nails on a chalkboard. *shiver*

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