You Who Came From The Stars’ Ending: Quick Thoughts + Spoiler Clips

Did the viewers get their happy ending? Or did Song Yi get her happy ending?

If you ask the viewers, you’d get mixed reactions because it’s a half happy and half sad finale, and this episode was much more emotional than previous ones that had a decent balance of humor. It could have used the heartbroken, embarrassingly drunk-out-of-her-mind Song Yi.

Remember this?! LOL.


The finale is really not what we expected despite the recent episodes never even hinting at any hope they would be together. If anything, the last couple of weeks spelled doom for their future, as Min Joon steadily had visions of his body dissolving.

That dreadful day finally arrives, and Song Yi, who gets occasional sightings (hallucinations?) of Min Joon, mourns for three years.

On the night of a major red carpet event, while she does her superstar thing for the cameras, Song Yi realizes time has stopped. Do Min Joon has returned for her. They cap the reunion with the steamiest kiss of the show, and time unfreezes, as photographers and other attendees watch them with surprise … But holy blue balls! He disappears again! It’s a very WTF moment!

And so, it would be like this from time to time: Do Min Joon, wrestling with the yin and yang of the universe, will pop in and out of Earth … her world. But always, he comes back for Song Yi. It isn’t the most stable way to be together, but it is better than having him completely out of her life, right? There’s also a silver lining: he’s able to stay longer each time he reappears 🙂 For the time being, it is what it is … Heh, 400 years he went without, and now, to think that he could just poof out while doing it?! LOL.

Speaking of which … I don’t think they’ve resolved the whole exchanging-saliva-will-get-Min Joon-sick problem, and there are a few more unanswered questions. These unresolved issues are left for us to answer in our imagination and this process might turn off fans from the finale and the show all together. I know I’d prefer to not have to analyze an ending to come around to liking it.

Okay, I’m still slightly on the fence about the ending. It could have made the show the perfect drama, but I admire Song Yi’s strength and her gratefulness for what she has been (unfairly) bestowed, as she and Min Joon have more appreciation for every bit of time they spend together. She’s content with the simple idea of having love is enough, and you know her hope/faith will persist because Min Joon always does what he can to be with her again and again. For someone who initially felt alone despite having the fame and riches, this is probably more than she could have asked for.

If you want instant gratification, then this ending might not be for you, but I would suggest watching the episode with subtitles, reading a few recaps (see Softy’s), then objectively judging the narrative and the embedded logic as a whole before dismissing the finale. Ultimately, I think the writers allowed the story and the rationale of Do Min Joon’s alien existence on Earth to plow the natural path to the ending, rather than their pen forcefully manufacturing a perfectly gift-wrapped conclusion.

Having said all that, I hope the success of You Who Came From The Stars will only encourage Jeon Ji Hyun to do more TV projects, and I would gladly commit to watching her with Kim Soo Hyun again … maybe in a sequel to this show? 😉


Do Min Joon’s Goodbye Scene


Do Min Joon and Song Yi’s Red Carpet French Kiss


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  • yourin says:

    At least it’s a much better ending than the ‘supposed to be ending spoiler’ that I read before, you know the one that said that all of the things were mere a story of a movie where CSY and DMJ star as the lead. Anyway I’ve really enjoy this drama and gonna miss it T_T

  • isangpretty says:

    Well its an ok ending but what’s with the concept of appearing and disappearing again, its like giving false hope to the viewers… not that satisfied actually

    • goodange says:

      Remember when the show touched on the idea of yin and yang? From Dramabeans’ recap of Ep 11: “Heo Jun has a concern, though, saying that the human body requires a balance of yin and yang to survive, and when one’s energy flows counter to the cosmos, pain will result. Because Min-joon’s energy does not belong here, sooner or later he will not be able to survive, and thus Heo Jun urges him to return home before that happens.”

      I think this is in line with the concept of him appearing and disappearing … He’s just not part of the natural balance on Earth, but I give him huge points for trying to be a part of it for Song Yi.

      • ivoire says:

        Hello Goodange,

        I am just going to humble myself and say that I am still confused, by this ep. and by the ending. DMJ lived on earth for 400 years, and I remember reading about the yin and the yan on DB (I am not sure if I understood it though). DMJ was “fine” for a long while (while he was on earth), and I understand him having to leave by the end of the drama. However, the appearing and disappearing, for how long will he have to do that?

        So, I guess no 6 girls, 1 boy and 5 dogs? 🙂 I realized, at the end of the ep. that I was actually looking forward to seeing that, partly to see the children actors they would have picked for that scene. There is just something about imagining (and being able to see) DMJ running behind 7 children, hearing his laughter in their home, with 5 dogs barking. I can imagine it, however I would have liked to have seen that. Oh well, it is what it is… The drama has been over for more than a few hours now. Interesting how I went into the finale with an open mind, only to realize that I actually had a preference (that I wanted to see, even if the last scene was not that) for the finale…

        • goodange says:

          Hi, Ivoire. I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be replying to comments this weekend. LOL. Been so busy while blogging at the same time! 🙂

          I especially want to reply to your comment since you bring up some good points/questions 🙂

        • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

          Hi, Ivoire. I’m sorry it took so long to reply to you …

          If we’re optimistic, Min Joon won’t have to appear and disappear for too long. Since he’s able to stay longer with Song Yi each time he re-appears, then, from a positive stance, we can say that he’ll eventually and quickly reach the point that he can stay with her permanently. He seems to get better each time 🙂

          Nevertheless, I was also looking forward to seeing them with their half-alien children 😉 It would be funny to see an epilogue in which one of their kids teleports or ceases time. LOL.


  • Fer says:

    I like the ending. It is a happy one in my opinion. Like they say at the end, he is able to stay longer and longer each time he comes back to Earth. What matters more than he can still come back to Song Yi.

    After all, the drama started with a human falling in love with an alien. And this is never going to be easy. I am glad that the writers stay true to the plot they started with.

    I also like the fact that Do Min Joon continue to exist as an alien. One part of me wishes that he will become human and eventually have a family together with Song Yi. But that is too simplistic and if it ever ends like that, I think I will feel like I’ve been taken for a ride for the past 20 episodes. So I like this ending. It has been given a serious thought; not the all-so-wonderful- happily-ever-after finale, but still allow their love to continue. Although in a slightly different way.

  • Sisyphus says:

    Initially I was on the fence about the ending. After watching the RAW again and reading Softy’s recap, I am starting to lean toward LIKING the ending. This is probably the first kdrama in which I had to go back to previous episodes to analyze the ending. In the beginning of episode 20 DMJ mentions that people live not for the sake of death but live for the moment. In previous episodes he says that he’ll find a way to fight fate and to stay with CSY. Also, with every teleportation his stay on Earth is getting longer and longer. Jeon Ji Hyeon and her character Cheon Song Yi are probably my absolute favorite korean actress and kdrama heroine of all time, respectively. Overall, I loved this drama and probably will get a director’s cut DVD. Who knows the DVD might offer alternate endings. Thank you CK ladies for your Stars updates! You rock!

  • Newbie says:

    Just watched it raw and really liked what I saw. Him becoming human would have been unbelievable, so I am fine with the solution they found. It is consistent with the story’s set-up and is the happiest ending they could create for them within the parameters.
    I have a last episode phobia and am glad, that this time it worked out well.

    Looking forward to rewatching it with subs. 🙂

    • Caitlyn says:

      Well said. That’s what I think as well, that it ended the best way it could end without being unrealistic or cheesy. If he suddenly became human, or if he came back in 400 years and got together with a Song Yi reincarnation, it would have been disappointing. But this way, of Min Joon just doing what he can to come back to her, it fits in with the show. It’s not ideal but it’s the best they’re gonna get.

  • Dan says:

    Ok wow jjh looked amazing, especially at the end… but and hmmm: that last kiss at the premiere was a bit OTT

  • LizJ says:

    I have a few problems with it, but I’ve never been in love with the show so it really doesn’t bother me THAT much. Mainly I’m just picky about resolution of issues, and inconsistencies.

    The first issue is not resolving the effects of the saliva-swapping.

    The second is the problems presented by her aging and not him. See…never even dealt with.

  • liz says:

    Eerr, I’m the only that thinks CSY deserves better?

    I mean, poor her.

    Plus, DMJ is not that smart is he? If he knows he can’t stay much time, why not write a letter and left if behind instead of making CSY going crazy?? Are you going to tell me in his planet doesn’t have paper or pen ?? LOL

    Plus, I dislike that until the very end they showed us more about CSY feeling than MJ’s feelings and life!! I guess they didn’t have money to show us MJ’s planet but…….. disappointing.

    So, CSY has to be happy with just kisses her entire life? LOL And HW will never move on? Semi was left to be second role actress again?

    I feel like the writer changed the end because the plagiarism complain/scandal. I’m going to look into the other writer story and see if the end was better.

    Lucky me I wasn’t crazy over this drama.. I mean queen In hYun’s man had a wtf ending too, but I accepted it more lol

  • bella57 says:

    I haven’t watched the last two episodes.
    I only know that I was going to be ballistic if the ending was the one “leaked” a few days ago; about how this was all a movie. That would have earned the Worst. ending. ever. award.

    This ending; while not perfect; and probably different than they intended, having to add an extra episode, is a good fit for this show.

    We all get our happy ending. we’re not furious that he’s gone for good; or suddenly able to stay forever, the bad guy is in jail, people grew up and learned (maybe except Saemi), and it wasn’t a WTF ending. It’s not wrapped up too perfectly.

    sure there are loose ends, but all-in-all this is a solid ending to a drama that has had few missteps during its run.

  • Vivienne says:

    First of all, I cried my eyes out during DMJ’s absence and SY’s wait for MJ’s return. JJH really is a great actress. Her emotions affected me as if I were SY. I’m glad we had this ending instead of the other extreme, which is MJ dying and SY living the rest of her life feeling miserable.

    If my mind were able to stop my imaginations from running wild after watching the finale, maybe I might be happier than I am now about the ending. The ending is an acceptable one because the main characters end up together. However, if I think about their future and the disappointment that each of them will feel when the other person suddenly disappears every time, I feel extremely anxious and sad. Other questions like: when will he next appear in front of her? What if he lost his ability to teleport to her after his latest disappearance? What if for some reason, it takes him like 10 years to teleport back to her? What about their future in terms of their physical appearances? Will SY grow old while MJ remain the same? All of these questions become the basis of my concern. Yes, I know this is just a drama, but I’ve become so attached to it that I don’t know what to do anymore (LOL).

    The alien-human couple have had an extraordinary beginning to their relationship, but now that they are so deeply in love and so devoted to each other, do we still want to see that kind of ‘uniqueness’? Personally, I wish he could be converted into a human and live a normal life with our SY. However, this is unrealistic and does not stays true to the plot. Regardless, I guess I should just be grateful that the writer didn’t put MJ to death and gave a somewhat happy ending to the audience!

    One last thing, did you see that KISS on the red carpet? All I can say is, WOW THAT WAS HOT! I think it’s the first time that I see a couple kissing so romantically in a Korean drama. It wasn’t excessively disgusting and it wasn’t uninteresting my bland. Usually, the two actors from a drama would just lay their mouths together and then let the camerman do his thing by revolving the camera around them. But in this kiss scene, it was totally different! The way that MJ wiped away SY’s tears as he closed in for a kiss was just full of so much emotion! AHHH, if the drama had ended right there without him disappearing right after and without him giving explanations to his whole new disappearing/reappearing life, maybe I would have been happier!

    Now, I need to learn how to live properly and recover from my post-drama depression! Wish me all the best haha.

  • Zain says:

    About the saliva thing it appears that he has grown a tolerance to it. If you remember in ep 19 he kissed her and got sick but he also healed quickly and song yi wondered if he had gotten used to her kisses. And seeing that he’s been kissing her more often I’m concluding that saliva doesn’t really effect him much anymore.

    Also about the ending I’m going to go with liking it. It seems like he is able to stay longer and longer each time and song yi mentioned that he had stayed 1 and half years the last time so I’m thinking eventually he can stay for a long time with her this time. This is also a lot more time than they expected to have together. And while it’s not a perfect ending for song yi she would rather be with him than get over him. I mean she did have those three years to get over him but she didnt want to because he was it for her.

  • ElleSor says:

    I think the ending fit the story very well. CSY sort of got her wish for a love that beat all because DMJ somehow manages to return to her shortly despite the knowledge that he could have died or will only be able to return after 400 years.
    She is also not lonely anymore…her family is there, her friends are intact and DMJ stays with her longer every time he comes back. It’s sort of like something to look forward to and something to keep their love from becoming stale (since she did say that she grows tired of boy bands very quickly!). hehehe.

  • VBAHK says:

    Well the story line was really complex. So I think they finished it off really well. Considering he was an alien, they didn’t just want to mess up the beautiful story to satisfy the viewers. The ending was very classy, and the drama will never be considered cheesy or poorly written. And it wasn’t a horrible sad ending I mean granted it wasn’t completely happy, but the point was that the couple was happy. They were happy and grateful what they were and the time they spent and will spend together!

  • Nev says:

    I adore this drama so much , every bit of it. There was a brief lull around ep 10 when I merely loved it, but then I got over it and fell into a mushy puddle of adoration again ^_^ I can find almost NOTHING wrong with this drama, JJH was incredible, as she always is, and KSH stole my heart . <3 . I can totally get behind the ending as making sense and to me is almost the only way I can see that the ending could have worked. He couldnt become human, that would be daft, he is an alien not a pixie! 😉 So the wormhole concept worked for me. As for the kiss been too much, I dont get the issue, its an adult drama, this isnt Heirs, so Id expect a proper kiss. And was SOOOO glad we got one. (Though her face when he disappeared had me in tears again)

  • tandjung says:

    i always looking forward to read the recap n comment in couch-kimchi. it’s totally different from the other sites. (the comments are so booorriiinng…. ) BUT here..the comments are giving the reader some good point of view about the drama.
    keep fighting couch kichi!!!

  • Ai Sheila says:

    I will accept the ending as it is. I think, the writer is really trying to tell us this: that this drama is in fact a fantasy and it is the ending now so it is time for everyone to come back to Earth, to reality. I myself always believe in love, even between different race or status, but the truth is, there is never a love story without any pain or sacrifice. Even in my life, there’s never any questions of fairness in love because as long as I am in love, and able to cherish it wholeheartedly, that’s enough for me. I even thought by feeling this way actually make me the selfish one but I totally get how Song Yi was feeling.

    I like the fact that Min Joon stays as alien till the end. For me, the ending is a sad one but I don’t mind that since the writer seemed to have prepare us for sadness since so many episodes before. Actually, when I keep crying for days after episode 17, then 18, and 19, I have prepared myself for the worst. I even stopped taking this drama as a rom-com, because no rom-com has made me cried this much before.

    Plus, I love this drama and will always love it because this drama is the drama that converted my hubby into a K-drama believer too. And strangely, even he accepted the ending as it is. I think I like him more now.

    Lastly, this drama has so many kissing scenes between the two main characters and if anyone asks which one I like best, I will say, I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! But the last kiss, I was just like, Wow! That was just hot! Breathtaking! Not fully the usual french kiss, but still looks as delicious. So of course, I will love the ending…

  • yanna says:

    I’ve been reading the comments and found it interesting. i still have this drama hangover..I think the ending is quite reasonable for their situation but there are lots of questions left unanswered. I believe that’s how the writer planned it to be, to leave the audience think the what, how, ifs and buts and i guess this puts the audience to be rational enough to look at the ending in different ways. i prefer endings that will make you think rather put some very pleasing resolution with no justification. I’m not disappointed at all..For the whole show JJH and KSH delivered their characters very well.. As for the kiss, quite vulgar for a red carpet set-up but i would like to think that they missed each other so much, nevertheless, i find it very sexy yet emotional, i rarely see that kind of kiss in dramas.

  • Rama says:

    Just finished Ep 21 last night (yes abit slow compared to the rest) but although I knew about the so-called happy ending, I refused to find out the details so as not to spoil the enjoyment of the show. The ending was bitter-sweet and considering the flow of the show, it was a compromise. Would have been disappointed if it had a cheesy happy ending. Some of the K-series I have watched tend to hastily wrap up the loose ends with fast-forward ” x years later”. I think this was nicely done. Park Je-eun is a good writer. I also enjoyed his My Husband Got a Family.

    An excellent series. Great script and tempo, amazing chemistry of the 2 leads, good supporting cast, beautifully shot and interesting mix of story-telling / special effect movie techniques.

    But most of all, this was a showcase for JJH. I don’t know how she does it but she steals every scene with her presence. You just can’t help but watch her. She mesmerises. I don’t think I have yet to come across an Asian actress that has so much on-screen presence. You have to go back to the movie greats like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc for that kind of on-screen charisma! She can really emote and great comic timing. Simply loved her!!

  • Tanweenie says:

    I personally think this is a sad/happy ending due to how DMJ can only travel back and forth and is still an alien. I wish he can be humans again along with CSY though! Since they have planned their futures together and DMJ wants to get old with CSY. Idk, I think maybe this drama might have season 2? If not, I’m just imagining what if DMJ starting to become humans and aging? Since he starts to have tolerance against saliva and also can feel warm/cold. Maybe he can start a family with CSY in the future? I think I will keep my imagination this way or else I will feel really sorry for both of them!

    • Lita says:

      Did you guys watched the complete prologue part ? It didn’t broadcast because there was a problem with the SBS cutting it to put the preview of the next drama “three days”and the majority of people who watched the last episode didn’t see the complete prologue part ! Someone told me the prodution of the drama went crazy when SBS cut that part, so later someone posted it somewhere aside from the episode and it has been circulating on the internet after the drama has finished 😀 Actually, i think that was just possible because in Korea they also release the dramas in DVD and the episode is 100% complete there :b

      It’s only 2 minutes of a non-lines video but it can somehow answer some questions the story left us in the end (also, if you look carefully you can see the last scene is really similar to a scene from a movie called “Notting hill” where the girl is lying down on her boyfriend’s nap and she’s pregnant… even the dress is similar xD so you can take your own conclusions through that :b hehe), you can watch it here:

      PS: In my opinion, DMJ actually became human and stayed with her till the end of time (death) :’)

  • fansofYWCFTS says:

    is not the ending of the story because they make season 2 that’s why the ending is not a happy or beautiful that we wanted …

    Almost korean drama is not had a happy ending but still i just idolize all the korean drama at all !

  • Aretha says:

    Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this
    technological world the whole thing is accessible on net?

  • Poum says:

    The ending was not that bad but I didn’t like it since it doesn’t answer that question : What’s going to happen after CSY death ?

    Another things i was wondering..If DMJ looked like his real age (400+), would she has fallen in love with him ? Will he still like her even if later she would look like an ajhumma while he will only look around the 30’s ? Huhu ~

  • Dan says:

    Saliva exchanging part I think was resolved. He built up tolerance to it. Plus he improved at his home or wormhole where he stayed. Since now when he stops time he can have someone else besides him being free to move in that space whilst time is stopped, unlike before.

    The only problem I have is him saying he got sucked into a wormhole when leaving Earth. Does that mean he is stuck there and never got to his planet, hence why he has to teleport out of it to the Earth, and then gets sucked backed in after awhile? If so, that’s so sad…

    Also I feel really bad for Cheon Song Yi, she is so amazing, had to wait 3 years to even see a light of him… And even then, he stills disappears and goes, how will they build a life together like this?? Geez :(((( I feel so bad thinking about it. Considering 100th day anniversary when he first appeared was about 2-3 months after his disappearance, and then he appeared in front of her only 3 years later… It means once he disappears it could take him years to reappear, and maybe not at all, since Cheon Song Yi said at the end, she cherishes the moments as they can always be the last…

    So sad….

  • Dekss says:

    I was wondering front he 1st ep on who r they talking to? What I know is that there is at least one person since there minjun replied to some questions. But I couldn’t figure that out can someone plz tell me more about it?

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