“Emergency Couple” Episode 12 Preview (Updated With English Subs)

While I would have enjoyed our leads having fun with their second leads, I’m still most interested in their romance with each other so I’m glad to see it moving along. I haven’t yet finished Episode 10 so I have no opinion on their kiss yet but I like it. My only issue is he acts childishly and is too territorial.

Credit to Polaris Cat and all contributors


  • sm says:

    The chief found his jacket? hilarious. whats up with kidnapping her and forcing her to brush her teeth (!?)

  • Laura Susana says:

    Hola de nuevo mis queridos amigos,la verdad estoy disfrutando cada uno de los episodios de este dorama, por el momento no me molesta lo territorial que pueda ser este chico con respecto a su ex esposa,por el contrario encontrar un buen oponente como el jefe hacen de los capitulos mas que interesantes y agradables.
    Espero seguir en su compañía y gracias a todos por regalarme estos momentos que tanto alegran mi vida,.les dejo besos y cariños.

  • avic says:

    i think OCH is acting childishly because he just realised his lingering feeling for OJH and being eaten by the jealousy with the chief. and now more than ever, because of the rival that he can see, he is more afraid that OJH will slipped from him again the second time around.

    he is showing that he is starting to mature as he shows more of his caring nature to OJH as compared to the time of their marriage life. he now appreciates more the qualities of OJH which probably he missed out or forgotten after they got married because suddenly he was faced with a very huge responsibility.

    aww… i love the episodes this week… i hope its fri again……. come quick….

    • vyvu says:

      Me too, I like this show more and more every week. Well I might be bias because I really like Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk lol

  • picadrama says:

    CM has been growing on me but I still ship Dr. Gook and JH. I am scared that CM will never be able to protect JH from his evil mother. I don’t want her to go down that path again; she deserves so much better. I also want to know more about their separation and how it happened.

  • EC says:

    AHHHHH!! I can hardly wait until next week! 😀

  • Rossi says:

    Man, I’m so embarrassed for CM and his petty childish ways. It’s not affection when you’re literally forcing the other person into spending time with you!

    I like Dr.Gook with both ladies so all the love for Dr. Gook and non for silly immature CM!

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