“Emergency Couple” Week 7 – Someone like … who?

This week was a bit painful for Chang Min. While we had a few cute scenes involving co-habitation, in the end Jin Hee wasn’t interested in starting over with him. I don’t blame her – I wouldn’t want to go back into that hell either. She doesn’t deserve that and she’s worked too hard to overcome it.

For this review, we’re just going to discuss the scenes that either moved the plot forward or moved our hearts.


“You’re touched, aren’t you? But I used to do this once in a while. Do you.. not remember, by any chance?”

“I remember.”

Tessieroo: Chang Min making breakfast was sweet and obviously made an impression on Jin Hee. I gotta admit, it was smexy watching him cut vegetables. (LOL) But the rest of that conversation interested me more than watching him feed her. He wishes that every morning was like this and voices his belief that this must be why people live together. Jin Hee, on the other hand muses that it only lasts a few days. Ouch.

Leila: Awww. I love this scenario. Chang Min is really the sweetest, what a way to impress a woman! *points to self* I felt Jin Hee in this scene, you know sometimes when things become a routine we tend to forget to go the extra mile. Though I loved how positive Jin Hee talked about the feeling of being familiar. It truly has its advantage, the feeling of comfort is there. I just realized that when Jin Hee was wrapped in the blanket, she was forced to eat whatever Chang Min gives her. It felt to me like that’s how their marriage was. Jin Hee does not have any control, she just accepts whatever Chang Min gives her. I’m glad she’s a free woman now, who is able to do whatever she wants. I hope Chang Min will continuously give her the freedom to just be herself. It takes a man to love a woman this way and be proud.

Just a side note, I love the scene where Chang Min carried Jin Hee inside his room. When he looked at her, teasingly saying “It’s been so many years, but you don’t even age.” Damn it. Hearing this with Chang Min’s deep & sexy voice.. my heart.. be still..


“It’s not easy to get into Gook Chun Soo’s heart…but someone broke a really thick wall and got in.”

Tessieroo: Ji Hye continues to be one of my favorite lead females ever, she’s amazing. It’s clear she still has deep feelings for our helpless, charming Dr. Gook but there is not one ounce of jealousy in this woman’s body which leaves me in awe of her awesomeness. She wants him to be happy – that’s all. If not with her, that’s okay. Why aren’t more female characters like this? I’ve had the impression from K-dramas that most women are jealous, spiteful monsters so Ji Hye is a breath of fresh air. LOVE her. But is she wrong or does Dr. Gook truly have feelings for Jin Hee?

Leila: I love Ji Hye too! I know she’s in love with Cheon Soo even way back. But what can she do? The guy is so, numb or say naive? I just hope Ji Hye becomes happy in the end too. Love is afterall a happiness that one can freely give without asking anything in return. I feel like Ji Hye will give just that for Cheon Soo.

IMO, Dr. Gook hasn’t really fallen in love and seeing Jin Hee might be an eye opener for him. As much as I like Dr. Gook, I think Jin Hee will just open up his heart to finally love, but not with her.


“My heart is Oh Jin Hee’s”

Tessieroo: Seeing Chang Min’s little scribbles in his anatomy book was both adorable and heartbreaking. And it frustrates me all over again. Dude, why did you allow that to happen? If you love this woman that much, how could you have destroyed her? When things didn’t go the way he wanted, he was very quick to blame, resent and start disrespecting Jin Hee. Ugh, I wanna smack him so hard but then I also want to hug him. *sigh* I wasn’t sure what to make of Jin Hee’s reaction when she saw the scribbles. Was that a surprised look? Happy? Sad?

Leila: Regret? I also can’t fathom Jin Hee’s reaction much. Anyway, Chang Min is really young at heart. I hate and love him for it. I guess, when they got married, it was really a spur of the moment thing, driven by their passionate, youthful love. But they weren’t ready for a commitment. Chang Min was not prepared to accept Jin Hee and be more than just a husband. They clearly weren’t partners who understand and help each other grow. I think they thought that since they love each other, it was all that matters. I have the same question as you. Chang Min has good qualities, and I can see he fits well with Jin Hee. But then, he didn’t know her worth back then. I hope discovering it now, its not too late.


 “Jin Hee-ah. Oh Jin Hee. I’m going to start again with you.”

“Before it’s too late, before I regret it…that’s what I’m going to do.”

Tessieroo: I’ll admit, I love the way Chang Min holds nothing back. There is no game playing with this man, he throws all embarrassment or pride out the window and dives into the deep end, head first without any thoughts of drowning. It’s charming, refreshing and painfully honest and I love it! But it’s also clear to me that he might not have dealt with the issues surround the break up of the relationship in the first place (judging from Jin Hee’s reaction) and that scares me. It leaves him fully exposed and vulnerable and watching him be crushed is not on my “to do” list for the future.

Leila: Tess, I love this scene! I cried again because I really felt Chang Min’s sincerity, just looking through his eyes. If I were Jin Hee, I have given in already! Heh. But I love that Jin Hee isn’t going to make things easy for him. The girl still needs to heal. It saddens me that when she looks at Chang Min, the pain is still there. The past, she can’t just throw it all away. And we know that Chang Min loves her more now, he really will feel the pain. Reciprocal at best. It’s his turn now.


 “No, I don’t want to think about it. I have no thoughts of starting over again.” 

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you go.”

Tessieroo: I won’t go into a long diatribe about the forced kiss except to say not cool, especially when she just firmly rejected him. I also want to point out it was clear she was going to reject him, even before she got the text from Dr. Gook so that has nothing to do with it. The wording of her rejection is what caught my eye: when she tells him that after the divorce, it was tough for her. Isn’t she the one who wanted the divorce? Not that I’m saying that would make it easier but it does fill me with questions. Exactly what the hell happened to her? I need more information, damn it show!

Leila: I know right! I think the monster-in-law has something to do with this. Though only a part of it. I still think a chunk full of mistake is still because of Chang Min. Here’s a theory. Chang Min is a chaebol, he is used to living life getting what he wants. When he married Jin Hee, I think, Omma stripped him with all his privileges and therefore can’t live the life he was used to. He was totally pampered, but when he got married, Jin Hee failed to take good care of him, partly because she was sick (I have to say it’s because of Omma).

This being said, the marriage slowly fell apart because both were too busy to care for each other, to love each other the way a husband and wife should. They argue even with the most petty things. It shouldn’t be that way. They felt so alone, even when together. How can someone opt to stay in this situation and be miserable, and sick, and tired? I felt like Jin Hee can’t let herself drown to death.


“Is there anything you know how to do other than eating and sleeping?”

Tessieroo: I think I get it now, Jin Hee did tolerate his Mother’s abuse. She could tolerate having money problems, health problems and his Mother hating her. What she couldn’t take was Chang Min losing respect for her and becoming more bitter with each passing day. The more frustrated he became, the more he blasted away at Jin Hee’s self-esteem.  The hateful words he hurled in her face the day he left were more painful because they were coming from the man she loved and trusted.   

Leila: The woman he fell in love with, he slowly ruined. She felt so low. Now I understand why she can’t just accept him, even if she is still in love with him. Jin Hee needs assurance. But how can Chang Min prove to her that this time is going to be different? Do you think they still have a chance??

Tessieroo: It’s funny that I was just complaining I needed more info. (LOL) Chang Min obviously wasn’t prepared for hardship and blamed everything on Jin Hee. That’s a great question but I have no idea what he can do to win back her trust. If I were her, I wouldn’t trust him either. Her memories are so painful! He crushed her spirit into the ground.


“I like Jin Hee and I’m going to start again with her. So please don’t be mean to her!”

“Do you know how you are right now? You have the same face from the first time I said no to your marriage. How did it go when you went against me and got married? Did you already forget it all?”

Tessieroo: Well, this is interesting. I don’t know why I was under the impression that Chang Min allowed his Mother to bully Jin Hee the first time around but it seems not – he clearly stood up to her back then too. Was it just his own disappointment that made him attack Jin Hee? Or did Mom do some nasty stuff and Jin Hee never told him? The bigger question is: what’s changed this time?  Because I don’t see anything that’s changed.

Leila: It was Chang Min’s immaturity that really surfaced. Clearly, he just allowed things to happen as is when in fact he could have done something for his wife. His mother is dominant and obviously she does not like Jin Hee. For her, she’s totally not at par with her son. She belittled her and I’m sad Chang Min did nothing about this. Going back I heard that with all honesty, Jin Hee can tolerate Omma. But since Chang Min loves his mother so, the respect will always be there. It pains me that Omma can’t see the worth of Jin Hee. I think, partly, Jin Hee decided to finally become a Doctor to prove Omma she’s more than just a nobody.


“But it looks like Oh Jin Hee really likes Chief Gook. Then you can step aside and support her.”

“How can I let her slip away again?”

“Love starts from that kind of consideration.”

Tessieroo: I was surprised Chang Min confided in Ji Hye, my first thought was he wants it to spread in hopes Dr. Gook will back away. (and maybe that was his motivation) But again, awesome Ji Hye was awesome and explained why he shouldn’t tell: because of Jin Hee. She would be uncomfortable and he needs to find out exactly how she feels first. How would he feel if he destroyed her chance with Dr. Gook and later finds out she really liked him? Could he forgive himself for crushing her again?

Leila: Hmmm. Ji Hye really brings a different light in this kind of situation. I can’t even imagine how she can still advice something like this! To her detriment, she still opts to push Cheon Soo to continuously like Jin Hee. She could have said otherwise, especially that Chang Min became honest with her. But no. She’s truly awesome. I hope all of us will have the kind of heart she has. A heart that understands another side of what it means to love. Chang Min is really learning a lot from her. Imagine if nobody stopped him, he will stay immature, letting his emotion take over him again. Sometimes, we really have to stop and think before deciding. I think it was because of this that the marriage also failed. Because it is so feelings based. They went along without thinking.


Jin Hee’s Tongue-ee Smile

Tessieroo: When Jin Hee thanked Dr. Gook for the text (telling her not to get sick), his response reminded me of a caveman grunting. (LOL) Is he really that socially inept? He doesn’t seem to be with Ji Hye! I almost teared up seeing Jin Hee be that goofy, walk-running away with that dorky grin on her face. So cute! I love happy Jin Hee. His reaction was adorable too. OMGosh, do I have SLS? (second-lead syndrome)

Leila: I think it was because he really doesn’t know how to react to that?! LOL. He is so damn clueless. Though I find it cute that Jin Hee still giggled like a high school kid seeing her crush. Heh. Dear, you have SLS! Where is Clock?? You better heed her advice when it comes to this.


“Someone who makes your heart flutter or someone familiar?” 

Tessieroo: Which is it for you, Leila? *hehehehe* For me, I’d say both – I want that familiar person to make my heart flutter! (and yes, it is possible) I was surprised at Dr. Gook’s answer – if he was in love with Ji Hye and wanted to start over, wouldn’t he have said someone familiar? I thought he was just playing along, trying to make Chang Min jealous but now I’m not so sure. The jacket scene at the very end made my heart flutter!

Leila: I love this question!! HHmmmm. For me? I’ll answer later. I think Dr. Gook isn’t really in love, or was in love with Ji Hye. When we become familiar with a person. we start to feel comfortable. And I think this is where Dr. Gook is with Ji Hye. Comfortable like a friend he has known for a long time. That’s it. I can be wrong, of course.

To answer the question. The feeling of your heart fluttering like crazy is a good thing, and an indication of that wonderful feeling I can’t really put a word on. However, this can only last for quite sometime. So I guess for me, I will choose someone familiar. In the long run, we stick to only one person, love only one. The feeling of familiarity is like a bond that keeps you together. So, there.


Final Thoughts:

Tessieroo: I still don’t think enough holes are filled in, I’m not 100% clear why the marriage fell apart. Nor am I clear on why Chang Min is so insistent that it be Jin Hee again since it appears he let her go fairly easily. Did he do that to protect his own feelings?  Because to me, it seems Jin Hee was was more hurt in that relationship and I’m sorry to say I don’t want her to go back. Maybe I just need to see what happened to Chang Min.

Leila: I have mentioned in our DM that this week, we really saw Chang Min and how he regrets letting Jin Hee go. Also, its clear to him that this time, he won’t let that happen again. I don’t want to say anything just yet because I want to see Jin Hee’s thoughts more, understand her more. We saw her pain and how much she suffered.

But what else is there? Surely there is more. I also have a lot of questions.

What I’m seeing in Chang Min’s past, he wasn’t ready for marriage, that his love was not strong enough to fight for Jin Hee’s love for him. That he didn’t see her worth then, as much as he see it now. Misunderstanding clouded their marriage. Jin Hee felt alone, she felt so low and her husband did nothing about it. I cried watching her eat alone in the apartment, realizing the marriage was broken. It’s going to take so much will power to accept Chang Min back into her life. This time, love will surely play a part but I think it will take a lot from Chang Min to prove her that this time will be different. I hope Chang Min’s love is strong enough to withstand waiting for Jin Hee to be ready. Starting again isn’t that easy. I’m glad to see this played out.

Tessieroo: Do you think Dr. Gook is genuinely interested? If he’s not, I sincerely hope Jin Hee doesn’t get hurt again – I’d be furious with these writers. (LOL) I also wonder just how far Chang Min will let his jealousy rule his actions. I have no clue how sick Chang Min’s father is but everyone is speculating it will be the turning point for his Mother and that she’ll eventually accept Jin Hee. Can’t wait for Friday!

Leila: I think Dr. Gook is just a catalyst for Jin Hee’s heart to be open, as much as I think she’s a key to open his heart too. Cheon Soo surely feels his heart fluttering with Jin Hee, its something he hasn’t felt before. He’s gonna express this on his own way. But I doubt if his love is as strong as Chang Min. I’m glad to see Chang Min become a better man now.

IMHO, nothing beats being someone you have known for a long time. It’s just a matter of timing before Jin Hee realizes who her heart truly belong to and who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She’s the only one who can decide to finally leave the past and look forward to a better future. This, I can’t wait!



  • jjangnisa says:

    I saw someone like changmin. Sure he is passionately loving jin hee. But also abuse the one he love verbally when things not going according to what he wants to be.

    And these couple i know still married even after 25 years. She know her husband love her and will do anything if needed. But his temper is no joke.

    What she love to see is to see his husband smile more than her children. Marriage is mistery. I appreciate who can stand the marriage. But i also understand woman like jin hee. Well, everyone knows best what she can endure what not. Marriage is not black or white.

    I think the writer doing a good job writing the character. It feels real, since i am a single who happens being someone many couples talk their problems. Though i don’t know why.

    Sorry for my bad english

  • mem916 says:

    I don’t know if JH was the one to file for divorce as CM had signed them in ep 1 he has signed them and she is telling her self one more chance one more time.

    I think it she had to face all the issues before the divorce and he just cut and ran both had their part in the divorce but he has faced the issues as was shown to us when he tells his mom to be nice to her.

    But I don’t think he has said even to himself how mean he was to her and until he does he can’t fix what he doesn’t even know is broken

    Am enjoying the series

  • redd says:

    All i can say is .. i love your point. That words and scenes move my heart too :”)

  • Laura Susana says:

    Hola a todos!a mi modo de ver,el Gook tiene un cierto interés en Jee Hi,tanto para ella como para el sienten algo nuevo,ya que los dos hacia mucho que estaban solos,claro que el ingrediente es Chan Min eso hace que el desconcierto con respecto a sus sentimientos sean mas evidentes,veremos como continua nuestro drama.
    Cariños de siempre para todos.Laura

  • Katherine says:

    I feel like with every new episode were left with more questions than answers lol.

    Chang Min definitely gave up too easily the first time round, when he was leaving her, there was not a hint of sadness from him at all. It’s only now that his actually looking back on their relationship and regretting everything that went down.

  • houstontwin says:

    Chang Min needs to deal with his mom first. Neither he, nor his dad, have really been blunt enough with her. That is one disfunctional family! I guess there would be very few dramas if people actually sought help from family therapists (the only time that we see psychiatrists in kdrama, is when someone has amnesia!).

    Mom has to get down on her knees and beg JH for forgiveness. If she can’t do that, the CM will be forced to choose between them.

    I am afraid that the kdrama, in the name of “compassion” will offer up some bogus reason why we should forgive CM’s terrible mom.

  • Alfred says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this web site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably
    be back again to read more, thanks for the info!

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