“Thorn” Movie Posters And Trailers

I just learned about this movie from a friend and fellow Jo Bo Ah fan (thanks Lara!) and after watching the trailer, I’m not sure what to think. The movie is titled “Thorn” and stars Jang Hyuk, Jo Bo Ah and Sung Woo Sun. The synopsis:

“Joon-Ki (Jang Hyuk) is a popular teacher at a high school. His student Young-Eun (Jo Bo Ah) harbors a secret crush on him. Joon-Ki’s heart flutters when Young-Eun expresses her feelings for him, but he decides to suppress whatever emotions he has for her. Young-Eun approaches those around Joon-Ki including his wife Seo-Yeon (Sun Woo Sun) to get closer to him.”

Filming began in September of last year at Jijok Middle School in Daejeon, South Korea. The first scene showed the gym teacher,  Joon-Ki staying after school, because of a sudden rain storm. A female high school student, who is wet, suddenly runs into the school.

Sounds similar to many of the “psycho-teen with a crush” movies, which doesn’t excite me. (In fact, I was cringing watching the trailer) But it’s nice to know my girl Jo Bo Ah is working and I’ve always been a fan of Jang Hyuk’s movies. I hope she comes back to dramas soon! The press conference was held March 11th with the film due for release in Korean theaters on April 10th.


  • Lara says:

    Thanks Tess for the review 🙂 Being a Jo Bo Ah fan too, I was excited about this movie but I have to say I also have my fears of the plot if the married teacher with a family will be falling for the student too which I hope not. The trailer is also tricky but it looks like the girl turns out to be really creepy and scary. From the trailer it looks like Jo Bo Ah has done a very good job cuz I could feel her creepy character from the short trailer so I’m looking forward for the whole movie and it’s good that she acted with Jang Hyuk too. I hope we get to see her in a another drama after that

  • houstontwin says:

    When will Jang Hyuk appear in something that is worth watching? He needs another “Thank You.”

  • myra do says:

    I am intrigue of the Preview, this must be a beautiful movie to look forward to, gonna watch it!

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