“Woman Who Married 3 Times” – Continued Series Review

I promised some of our readers I would continue my review of “The Woman Who Married 3 Times” and let them know what was going on. But then this drama was given an 8 episode extension (bringing the total to 40) and things slowed down… a lot. It finally moved along last weekend so let’s pick it back up. We left off when Seul-gi (Kim Ji Young) ran away after being slapped by her new step-mother, Chae Rin (Son Yeo Eun). Her real Mother,  Eun Soo (Lee Ji Ah) was dealing with her cheating husband, Joon Goo (Ha Seok Jin) and had just discovered she was pregnant.

Things get worse for both my lovely ladies. For reasons I cannot fathom, Seul-gi tells no one about being slapped, not even her Father, Tae-Won (Song Chang Eui) when he comes to pick her up. My fear that this would embolden Chae Rin came true: she now believes Seul-gi won’t tell anyone – so she continues to meddle in Seul-gi’s relationship with both parents. Seul-gi is forced to contact her Mom in secret and is suddenly seeing much less of her Father.

Chae Rin takes over dropping off/picking up duties for Seul-gi but then complains about it to the maid. She refuses to do anything around the house, no cleaning or cooking – she can’t even cut fruit. (OMO, major problem since all daughter-in-laws must serve freshly-cut fruit – LMAO)

After Seul-gi ran away, Tae-Won’s Mother was furious and insisted he cut all ties with “that woman’s” family. Tae-Won put his foot down and threatened his Mother: allow Seul-gi to visit her maternal Grandparents or she’ll never see him again. Chae-Rin also pitches a fit butTae-Won wins this battle. Chae-Rin eventually worms her way into bedtime reading with Seul-gi but speed-reads through the books, in a hurry to leave. Seul-gi secretly asks her Mom to record some bedtime stories for her.

Eun Soo’s new Inlaws are so angry with their son for his affair, they get booted out of the house (temporarily) and stay at the family vacation villa. (Yea, life is tough – LOL) While there, Jung Goo tries again to force himself on his wife but this time she firmly rebuffs him. Thus begins a cold war in her marriage and her husband gets nastier by the day. She squares her shoulders, lifts her chin and decides to try making this marraige work. However, his mistress is not about to let go that easily.

The mistress, Da Mi contacts Eun Soo and asks her to “share” Joon Goo, just let him come to her once a week. Eun Soo refuses so Da Mi gives her photographs of them kissing. Eun Soo brings the photos home and Joon Goo sees them. He’s angry she went to see Da Mi but has the audacity to tell Eun Soo that he has to pick up Da Mi’s calls since “she’s crazy and might do something”. (I know, sounds like bullcrap to me too) Eun Soo finally explodes one evening and insists on confronting Da Mi. A very reluctant Joon Goo takes her to Da Mi’s apartment where the two ladies face-off.

Da Mi snarks that Eun Soo wouldn’t have come unless she was worried and proceeds to explain in great detail, how Joon Goo came to her (even after he married Eun Soo) and they spent the whole night making love. Eun Soo slaps her – only to have Joon Goo grab her hands to stop her and reprimand her! Da Mi laughs and tells him to take his crazy wife home. And then one night, Joon Goo is drinking at a club when Da Mi shows up. Yes, folks – the cheater cheated again.

Things went into a calming period for everyone for a short while. Joon Goo showers Eun Soo with flowers and gifts, playing the loving guilty husband. Tae-Won spends more time with Chae-Rin against his will and they decide to have a baby. This idyllic fantasy period is soon shattered when Joon Goo tries to break things off with Da Mi and she retaliates by sending Eun Soo new photos of them together. Eun Soo confronts him and while he initially lies, he eventually blames everyone in the world but himself. Eun Soo leaves the house that night.

Seul-gi begins locking her bedroom door at night, which Chae-Rin can’t tolerate. She uses keys to open Seul-gi’s door and discovers her listening to the tape recordings her Mother made for her. Chae-Rin throws a full on tantrum – smashing the recorder and shoving Seul-gi to the floor. Monster-In-Law tries to keep this from Tae-Won (since she still hates Eun Soo) by telling Seul-gi her Mother abandoned her and Chae-Rin is now her Mother.

Chae-Rin isn’t satisfied with that so she tells Tae-Won what happened (leaving out her own actions) with the intent of punishing Seul-gi more. She thought since Monster-In-Law took her side, Tae-Won would too. She’s dead wrong: Tae-Won is furious and rules that he will allow Seul-gi to listen to as many recordings of her Mothers voice as she wants. And then he tells Chae-Rin he wants to split up. Ahahaha, well, that back-fired on Princess.

Eun Soo goes to a hotel since she’s not eager to inform her parents that Joon Goo cheated again. Her Mother-In-Law shows up to demand she come back but Eun Soo adamantly refuses to return. She’s firm in her decision to divorce Joon Goo since he’s nothing but a liar and a cheat. Mother-In-Law eventually agrees her son “did wrong” but still begs her to forgive him one more time. Eun Soo again refuses. Mother-In-Law is furious and asks who the hell she thinks she is?

Chae Rin hides in her marital bedroom, refusing to leave and claiming she did nothing wrong except to punish a disobedient child. Tae-Won moves out of their bedroom and won’t even speak with her. The storms that began a few weeks ago are now heading into the heaviest, darkest times. Seul-gi, scared because Chae Rin is still in the house, calls Eun Soo crying and blurts out that Chae Rin hit her – twice. Eun Soo rushes to rescue her daughter.

She calls his sister informs her she’s on her way to pick up her daughter. She calls Seul-gi back and calmly (and very sweetly) tells her to pack some things and bring her school backpack – reassuring her that it shouldn’t take more than an hour, she will be there soon. When she arrives, Monster-In-Law asks to speak with her. Chae-Rin insists on being present since she still doesn’t believe she did anything wrong and she’s furious the ex-wife is being allowed inside the home.

Monster-In-Law attempts to tell Eun-Soo to let it be, they will handle family matters themselves and she can not take Seul-gi for good. (Ahahaha, wanna bet?) Chae Rin confronts Eun Soo asking how she could come here? Eun Soo asks if she even like Seul-gi? Chae-Rin replies that “A child needs to act lovable in order to be liked.” What the…I’d beat this woman until she couldn’t walk anymore.

On the way to her parents house, Eun Soo and Seul-gi pour their hearts out to each other. It’s the most touching scene in this whole drama. Seul-gi tells her everything and tearfully admits she only said she was happy because Eun Soo said she was happy. Eun Soo tells her she also lied, she’s never been happy, not once. So they both lied to protect each other. *sobs*

Eun Soo finds an apartment with the help of Tae-Won. Joon Goo keeps calling Eun Soo to find she’s out with her ex-husband all the time and accuses her of being unfaithful. (OMG, this guy!) Chae-Rin is still refusing to leave and has her Father call Tae-Won to demand he keep his promise. Tae-Won’s Mother finally gives in when he tells her Eun Soo is going to raise Seul-gi but is further shocked to learn Eun Soo is getting divorced again.

Joon Goo’s Mother calls Eun Soo to the house (again) but this time, she’s unbelievably cold. Her plan is to allow Eun Soo to divorce their son but …she must give up all parental rights and hand over the baby as soon as it’s born. *gasp* What? Are these people insane? Joon Goo pretends he has nothing to do with this decision but I think otherwise. Is this his way of putting Eun Soo in “her place” and forcing her back home? He’s such a jerk.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo moves into her new apartment with her lovely, adorable Seul-gi and they seem to finally be happy – just the two of them. Tae-Won brings treats for Seul-gi and flowers for Eun Soo…will this once happy family get back together? What happens when his current wife (who likes to beat on piano’s and small children) finds out he’s seeing the ex? Will Eun Soo condemn her unborn child to a life in that cold castle with her snobby In-Laws?

This adorable angel is the main reason I’m hooked on this drama. She and her Mother, Eun Soo have both been through hell so I think it’s about time they get a break. I’m really hoping Eun Soo unleashes the media on her cheating, loser soon-to-be-ex Joon Goo, a scandal would stop his family from demanding Eun Soo give them her unborn child.


  • DMKO says:

    Wow, what a great recap and update. I couldn’t continue to plow thru this slow moving series but thanks for doing the work.

  • Soetan Ade says:

    Great recap,its so wonderful. Please continue with the recap. Thanks

  • trotwood says:

    I usually do not like it when dramas have couples that divorced get back together because they do not seem to do enough with the characters to make me believe that they have changed enough so that the original problems have been resolved. It is almost as if they are trying to be both progressive by accepting divorce, but then saying that really people shold not get divorced at all, as if it were all just a misunderstanding. However, I really like how Eun soo and Tae Won are together now. He seems to see what her life was like and the real warmth she provided him. She can be happy in his presence because she is safe from his harpy mother and she is finally feeling independent. The reason they parted was not becuase they no longer cared for each other, and they can actually be friends. Perhaps if they had been better friends before . . ? And now that Tae won is standing up to his mother? And can I say how much I really like his sister? She is the only one who really confronts the crazy new wife.

  • houstontwin says:

    I was reflecting on how easy to forgive or feel sympathy for characters in dramas whom I would despise in the real world. Joon Goo is so handsome that I keep getting distracted and forgetting that he is a no good cheat!

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