Emergency Couple Week 8

This week we get to see Jin Hee’s thoughts, just like what we’ve hoped! Though Chang Min is having a hard time waiting, we are seeing his growth becoming the selfless man still in love with Jin Hee.

It’s a long way to go. The past is slowly being uncovered as both sides shed some light as to what really happened. What went wrong? It isn’t a simple case of falling out of love. What is the rock bottom? How did they go that way? These questions haven’t been answered as we hoped.


Leila: Aww. Seeing how Chang Min reacts when Jin Hee was escorted by Dr. Gook can never feel so painful. What a rude awakening. A sign we can’t always have what we want in an instant. Chang Min, big hugs to you.

Tessieroo: He seems so shocked that another man brought her home.  Was he thinking Jin Hee was sitting around, crying and waiting for him? LMAO, reality bites.

Leila: While Jin Hee was reading an excerpt from Cheon Soo’s book, it suddenly dawned to me that she just wants to become her own better version. Her desire to be independent and to accomplish her dream means a lot. I love a girl who is never gonna be dependent on anyone.

Tessieroo: I don’t necessarily think she’s interested in Dr. Gook romantically but she’s a big girl – she should be given the right to make that decision if she chooses. I agree she values her independence.


Leila: The elevator scene, can’t we have more of this? I hate seeing Chang Min get hurt this way. Especially now that he’s really trying so hard to give Jin Hee the space she needs. Our man is becoming more selfless, and it hurts me so that he is waiting in vain.

Tessieroo: Isn’t it strange how 2 people, seeing the exact same thing can feel so differently? I don’t feel like him standing right behind Jin Hee, staring at her all mopey and depressed is him showing her love or respect. Poor guy – he should start taking the stairs.

Leila: OMG. The stairs remind me of something (Answer Me 1994). Taking the elevator is really a bad thing. Anyhoo, Chang Min is really a skilled physician, way better than we’ve thought at first. Well, he’s really a medical student to begin with, who studied longer than Jin Hee. I love that he is more competent now in what he is doing. What I don’t like is how awkward he feels around Jin Hee. Ottoke??

Tessieroo: Both of them have had moments where they’re too aware of the other person instead of concentrating on the patient. (which is scary) LOL

Leila: I really hate the “I’m-looking-at-you-but-you-are-looking-at-another” camera angling. *sigh* I felt Ah Reum in this scene. Finally we have someone who won’t push too much, who knows well where the boundary lies and not blind to see the truth.

Tessieroo: Ah Reum is in love already? What? Ahahaha.


Leila: OMO! The kid’s guardian was the priest who officiated the mass of Chang Min and Jin Hee’s wedding. Hahaha. What a timing! But then, why did Jin Hee acted that way? Why pretend still?? This should mean something, right? Or my delusional self is taking over me again?

Tessieroo: I think they’re both trying to keep their marriage/divorce from their co-workers at the hospital so Jin Hee acted that way to keep the Priest from talking too much.  

Leila: LOL. Dr. Gook is so clueless. Message to the Priest, GOMOWO! I hope he comes often now. Hehe

Tessieroo: I was fascinated to learn about Dr. Gook – so he grew up alone, without parents? I loved his conversation with the little guy, telling him to study hard. Sad but moving. I want more background on Ji Hye too.

Leila: What Chang Min did was rude. I didn’t like that he just barged in, uninvited. The timing was off too, because Jin Hee and Cheon Soo was having an important conversation. Chang Min’s heart is taking over him again. He didn’t have a right to say anything, especially involving Jin Hee. When will he learn?

Tessieroo: I’m happy she slapped him, he deserved that. I also think it’s awesome she was very clear how she feels: she has no intention of going back.


Leila: So true, no one wants to be forced. I think its best if Jin Hee will freely decide whether she really wants Chang Min back. In this case I think separation is inevitable. Maybe then it will be Jin Hee’s turn to think of Chang Min again.

Tessieroo: OMO, Chang Min’s Dad is having chest pains? Oh, this isn’t good! Nooooo!

Leila: I love Dad so much! I hope this won’t lead to something bad.

Tessieroo: Amen, Jin Hee – people make mistakes.

Leila: She boldly stated the divorce! Plus points for honesty. I think Jin Hee just wants to be accepted as she is.

Tessieroo: Umm, I love Choi Ji Hyuk to pieces? But he should never sing again. (although the second song was better)

Leila: Come on! I love his voice..

Tessieroo: LMAO, I think I’m the only person who thought his singing was terrible! So Dr. Gook’s parents are alive but neither of them wanted anything to do with their child once they got divorced. That’s horrible, no wonder he feels like divorced people are irresponsible. 

Leila: Bitter much. So now that he has learned that Jin Hee is just like his parents, what now? He should get rid of his prejudice.


Tessieroo: Why do I have a feeling Jin Hee will be the one to help him get rid of that prejudice? This whole scene of fighting between the Mothers is humiliating. And I was right, Chang Min’s Mother is going to continue to try to get Jin Hee fired.

Leila: We can’t stop this woman from doing what she wants. I also dislike that they didn’t even think that they are inside a hospital. My goodness. Imagine hearing that kind of quarrel in a supposed peaceful place. Chaotic.

Tessieroo: I know! Wouldn’t hospital security have dragged them out? I knew the return favor for his Uncle would have to do with marrying Ah Reum. Ugh, these people. How flattering for a woman when a man has to be forced to marry her. It’s so romantic. (LOL) 

Leila: But I’m glad that Ah Reum responded openly about this. I think her character is beyond typical, for this kind of scenario. Ah Reum’s heart also wants a man who loves her. I hope she will continue to be this awesome! I think it will be a huge difference if she’d personally talk to her parents, and to Chang Min;s mum to stop this makjang thing.

Tessieroo: Ah, no. I really hope nothing happens to his Father.




Leila: This week, my heart really goes out to Chang Min. I didn’t see his smile this week. I really felt his suffering, his unwavering love for Jin Hee is admirable. I know seeing him hurt the way he is now, he deserves to be happy. How to define regret? He’s an epitome of it now.

Tessieroo: And my heart is with Jin Hee, I don’t blame her for not wanting anything to do with him or his family. They destroyed her life, should she just sit back and let them do it again? She also shouldn’t be forced to fight for her life just because Chang Min has decided he wants her back. We all know his Mother isn’t going to leave Jin Hee alone and that’s something he’s to blame for. It’s simple, he doesn’t have the right to do this to her.

Leila: I think Jin Hee’s decision to be with Chang Min again shouldn’t be forced. If she still loves him enough to go through anything with Chang Min, so be it. I know this in itself is a difficult decision, and I understand why Jin Hee is hesitant. But what will it take for her to finally decide? The answer is really up to her. And I love that Chang Min is stepping aside to let her decide freely without him doing anything drastic.

Tessieroo: He needs to deal with his Mother and his family first before he makes any attempt to win Jin Hee back. My new fear now becomes that Jin Hee will be fired because Chang Min didn’t keep his promise to his Uncle. (technicalities aside) It won’t matter that he rushed to save his Father, these people won’t care. I’m afraid Jin Hee’s life is about to become hell again.

Leila: Well, the monster-in-law is really a huge stumbling block and this is where Chang Min should be doing something for Jin Hee. But other than the MIL issue, I’m worried about Dad more. You know the way I see Jin Hee, she still cares for Chang Min’s parents. Genuinely. Even if monster-in-law is such a pain, Jin Hee still loves them. For me the real issue is Jin Hee. And trust. The past already happened and her decision to move forward, whether with Chang Min or not, is up to her. If she can’t forgive Chang Min, it will be difficult for her to see him going forward. It seems that everything is back to zero.

Clearly, I think Jin Hee just wants to not repeat the same mistake again. Is moving forward without Chang Min, the answer??






  • redd says:

    Dr. Gook said, “I love Jin hee as a person”.

    So, what do you think guys? Is he falling in love or not?
    I think usually a man confess that he in love with someone saying “as a woman”, not “as a person”. Hmm I’m a little bit confused in that part..

    I hope from my deepest heart that Chang Min and Jin Hee will find their happiness whatever it is.

    Have you listen to Choi Jin Hyuk’s voice in the OST? Oh.My.God. I love his voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love love love love love your post as always :))

  • dimbo says:

    actually … i prefer if chief with ojh cause it was shown that he’s like ojh by the imagination (chief almost kiss ojh) .. ojh will not moved forward if she ‘s with cm.. IM JUST HOPING that the writer make a good ending with ojh relationship…eventhought she had a good memory with cm but what if the same things happen.. ? and seems like chief is letting ojh go at the next episode (18)…. 🙁

    (sorry for the bad english)

  • Mdolphins says:

    I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and the recap. I disagree about CJH’s voice, I think he is awesome and he sounds great. He could probably use more training, but I love the way he sounds, it is unique.

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