Noona Romance Experts Kim So Yeon & Lee Jong Seok For Marie Claire Korea’s April 2014 Issue

Marie Claire Korea’s male subscribers will have to pick theirs jaws up off the floor when they get a load of these spreads of Kim So Yeon! Really … wow!

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Seok gets studly, that is, accessory wise, pimping MCM bags in his spreads.

Because the April issue of Marie Claire Korea is a special edition, its pages are also graced by even bigger names like Choi Jin Woo, Jang Dong Gun, and Tang Wei.


Kim So Yeon


Lee Jong Seok



Source  |  Marie Claire Korea



  • jersy says:

    KSY looks sooooo hot. I amazed with her beauty.

  • hugo says:

    she is really beautiful lady. I wish she can be my girlfriend.

  • Cecilia says:

    She’s beautiful, stunning and her legs are…amazing.

  • Dee says:

    KSY is just stunning. Holy God! I love how she can wear the things she does and still ooze such class. She’s so gorgeous!

    LJS… is so NOT! The wardrobe choice is so questionable and the unattractive poses doesn’t help. Sometimes, I see him as a little kid trying SO hard to show himself as a man… And failing.

  • aston says:

    that women looks really gorgeous. her figure is perfectly sexy. wow, I wonder who is her boyfriend. he must be lucky.

  • abbie says:

    KSY is gorgeous, I want her legs soooo bad.

    is it weird if I want to have LJS’s eyebrows? I’m a girl btw. haha

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