“Emergency Couple” Episode 17 Preview

Was there a kiss? I will not spoil. However, from the preview it looks like Chang Min’s father has gone to meet his maker. Damn. But apparently, that’s what it took to get his wife to be cordial to Jin Hee.

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  • Jesse says:

    OMG… wanna watch this really………
    it seems like changmin’s mom like jinhee (jihyo)
    what happennnnnnn…..
    cant wait
    cant wait

  • Redhazel says:

    Noooo, the preview looks so sad 🙁
    From the first time I always hope Jin hee end up with the chief (they’re really look good together), but looking for this preview maybe it’s time for Jin hee to make her decision.

  • nicole says:

    It looks like its going to be a predictable ending !!!
    Still rooting for Dr. Chief !!!!!

  • jos says:

    Rooting for Chang Min:)

  • ju says:

    Rooting for Chief Gook too. Someone who makes Jinhee’s heart flutter.

  • dorsky lee says:

    i a quite satisfied with the latest episodes. once again, choi jin hyuk has proven his acting prowess, even song ji hyo. The story is neat and intact, everyone has played their role so well, i like the scenes where the in-laws finally make amends. i have no complain, choi jin hyuk is a force to reckon with. good luck to his career and i like the theme song too.

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