“Emergency Couple” Episode 17 Favorite Shots


These aren’t necessarily my favorite scenes from episode 17, but they are my favorite shots. The excellent cinematography has inspired me to fiddle with these on Photoshop … (and any excuse to put off working on a project ;)).

Up first is this scene with Dr. Shim because she rocks, but don’t misunderstand me, she is not infallible; after all, she’s meddling in Dr. Gook’s lovelife. I’ve always felt that Dr. Gook has been willfully blind to her feelings for him, but by the same token, she has been encouraging him to pursue his interest in Jin Hee. So, I found it a bit rich that she would lecture Gook for having an opinion on her personal life, specifically, against her daughter’s biological father.

What makes this scene captivating is the natural backdrop, and Jin Hee is just beautiful in it. I’ve got to believe that Dr. Gook thought so, too, when he met her on the bridge.

Next week, I hope I’ll be scapping mushy scenes since at the expense of Oh Tae Sook’s life, there might finally be movement in Jin Hee and Chang Min’s relationship; that is, if he doesn’t fall into the noble idiot trap and pushes her away.

If they make a go of things, how about Dr. Gook? Despite the risks involved in his job, the ER has long been his safe place, and his suspension might be the redirection he needs in his life. The real gamble for him is outside the ER, that there’s more to his life than being a chief resident—whether that’s having the courage to be someone’s lover (be it to Jin Hee or Dr. Shim) or reconnecting with his parents.

Looking forward to next week!




  • conan says:

    I too absolutely love the cinematography in this drama. They really try to get great shots and nailed it multiple times. What I’ve realized at this point is the DP really loves framing. Through windows, book cases. Not exactly sure if it provides any particular meaning, but it frames the characters and scenes quite nicely.

    I’d probably take a billion screen shots myself if only I wasn’t too lazy to download the episodes.

  • Katherine says:

    I don’t know the technical side of how they shoot scenes and whatnot but I did realize especially in the two latest episodes, just how beautifully they (cameraman/director) capture the scenes and particular details as well e.g. the close up of Jin Hee holding the ring, I don’t know why but I just thought it looked really nice lol.

    We can go on about the positives and negatives of how the story is progressing but one things for sure, you definitely do appreciate the beautiful cinematography.

  • Faith says:

    Beautiful scenery and great quality pictures! The colors just seem to pop! Love it.

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