Bae Doo Na Is Punked Out In Purple In Latest “Jupiter Ascending” Trailer

I wouldn’t be the least bit interested in Jupiter Ascending if Bae Doo Na weren’t included in it, albeit in a supporting and brief capacity.

She makes a 1-second appearance in the latest trailer, and it might be she’s playing a purple-haired punk baddie! I love it! 🙂



Source  |  Warner Bros. UK Trailers



  • Emmy says:

    I do hope “Jupiter Ascending” does well…but what I have seen of the trailer left me quite ‘cold’…regardless, I am tickled to see Doona playing “the purple/blue hair punk baddie”. Go, Doona, Go!!

  • sally_b says:

    oooooooo…cheese-tastik Sci-Fi with great costumes and space explosions…I’m in. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  • soo bin says:

    BDN always rocks in anything! go, dong saeng!

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