“Emergency Couple” Episode 19 Video Preview (W/ English Translation) & Written Preview

It took only 17 to 18 episodes, but finally, progress in both minor and major romantic fronts 🙂 And next episode, Jin Hee and Chang Min get a practice run at being parents with the help of Baby Gook 😀



Episode 19 Video Preview Translation (c/o Tangera from Soompi)

Ah Reum: It’s like if (you/I) hold onto (him/her), you would begin to like her right.

Patient: What are you?!

Chang Min: I am this woman’s (Ah Reum?) husband.

Jin Hee (trying out seductive poses in front of the mirror): Like this …

Dr. Shim (either to Chief or Jinhee): (You are/She is) the person who makes Chief Gook’s heart flutter/shake, (aren’t you/isn’t she).

Jin Hee (greeting Chief and Dr. Shim): Hello.

Dr. Shim: If you like Oh Jinhee, you should hold on to her!

Jin Hee (to Chang Min): Just for today, give me your time.

Jin Hee: Jin Ae just left Gookie (around with you)?!

Chang Min (seemingly helpless with Baby Gook) Jinhee-ya …


Episode 19 Written Preview (c/o Tangera & Yeekrfan2 from Soompi)

Jin Hee places a memo with her last message to Chang Min inside a cookie she made.

Today, as usual, many difficult patients are admitted to the ER.

Gook Cheon Soo and Shim Ji Hye save a patient with acute epiglotitis but have complicated/mixed feelings about it.

Chang Min, while on his way home, thinks it was strange when Jin Hee suddenly appeared with a different look.

Shim Ji Hye allows a drunk Gook Cheon Soo to rest comfortably (at her place?).

Chang Min and Jin Hee end up (due to some unexpected event) spending some time like newlyweds, and on the next day, are astonished at an unexpected incident …


Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o saranghaechoiseunghyun, Tangera, & Yeekrfan2



  • nicole says:

    I’m going to stop watching this series ,

  • Nicole says:

    I’m a little disappointed, but maybe I’m just a little biased with Chief.
    It’s just there’s not enough reasons for me to be rooting for OCM , I think the development of the story in terms of tackling their issues is pretty vague
    That’s only my opinion peace 🙂 (Although I haven’t seen the episode 18 yet)

  • shinko says:

    Looking forward to some outside the ER time for CM &JH. I’m rooting for them. It’s too bad they were too young and wrapped up in their own insecurities and unhappiness to make it work the first time around.

    I haven’t had second lead syndrome…maybe because my introduction to Lee Pil mo was that weak character in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. Gook has a lot of issues he’s finally working through. I think he’s a good guy, but emotionally stunted with daddy and mommy issues affecting whether or not he can commit. And then some kind of professional insecurity that is preventing him from leaving his position in the ER. I don’t like those relationships where the girl has to “fix” the guy so he can be normal.

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