“Emergency Couple” Episode 21 Written & Video Preview (W/ English Translation)

The finale is almost here, but it also signals a new chapter for Jin Hee and Chang Min outside of the ER … 

Meanwhile, it might have taken him a long time, but it seems Chief Gook will finally see Professor Shim as someone with whom he can have a future.



Episode 21 Video Preview Translation (c/o ParkH & Tangera from Soompi)

Girl: WHO IS IT?


ChiefIntern dispatch?

Jin Hee: If we’re together, it’s fun and nice.

Jin Hee: Changmin-ah, thank you.

Chief: Have a safe trip.

Chang Min: Just keep living beautifully like now.


Episode 21 Written Preview (c/o Tangera from Soompi)

Gook Cheon Soo has conflict with/confronts Ahn Young Pil over the operation of a patient without a guardian. The next day, because Shim Ji Hye leaves work early, Gook Cheon Soo feels the emptiness without her around. He then looks for Shim Ji Hye who is preparing for the return of her parents and daughter to Korea and helps her out. On the other end, Jin Hee and Chang Min are dispatched to work in a rural emergency center. And Gook Cheon Soo and Shim Ji Hye head to that place …


Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o saranghaechoiseunghyun, ParkH, & Tangera



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  • Laura Susana Enriquez says:

    Hola chicos,de nuevo opinando sobre este drama,me gusto mucho,la verdad colmo todas mis expectativas,la alegría que irradiaba cada uno de ellos estoy segura que nos contagiaban a todos de igual manera.Bueno eso nomas quería agregar,muchas gracias a todos,en especial a este gran elenco que nos deleito con su trabajo.

  • Laura Susana Enriquez says:

    Otra pregunta,el gran actor Bae Yong Joon,ya se caso? me gustaría saber.Muchas gracias

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