“God’s Gift – 14 Days” Episode 11 Preview

Now that Emergency Couple has ended, this is the only drama I’m following.

From this short preview, it looks like we’re in for another riveting episode where our dear Saet Byul’s life is in danger once again. I know Soo Hyun once tried to take her abroad and failed but shouldn’t she give that another shot? But knowing Saet Byul, she’ll just sneak on a plane and head back to see Snake.

Our cop, Woo Jin, has a run-in with our masked vigilante. How will it end? I think he’s actually like City Hunter and is fighting for justice.

Credit to the uploader.


  • chrissy says:

    I really have a hard time liking that little girl. She just grates my nerves. I have nieces younger than her, but they do know how to listen when you tell them to not just wander away by themselves. Then again, maybe the blame is on the parents education style. When the mom reprimands her then the father goes on babying her and asking the wife to not be too hard on her. That’s never helpful especially when the kid is a brat.

  • nekoi says:

    If Snake wears that red suit lying on bed waiting for me, I know I would try my very best to keep going back to him. LOL.

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