“Gap Dong” Episode 3 Preview

I just finished the first episode and really liked it. If the second episode is good, we’ll most likely add it to the recap list. Regardless, we’ll post our first impressions of it.

A serial killer who’s been inactive for several years is seemingly back. Was he locked up for those years or is this a copy cat? There’s a stubborn cop who believes the real killer got away and the son who needs to prove his father’s innocence. There’s also a doctor who might have ties to the crime, a potentially psychotic young man and a cute teenage girl who likes to draw. How will they all fit in the story?

Here’s the preview:

So far, it’s intriguing without being too gruesome. And given that this is a kdrama, there’s a possibility of romance. Those in the US can watch the first episode with subtitles on kdrama.com. There’s also an app for iPad users.

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