Teasers for MBC’s Upcoming Drama “A New Leaf”

Cunning Single Woman is winding down which means it’s almost time for a new drama to take its place.

A New Leaf is about a ruthless, dirty lawyer, Kim Seok Joo (Kim Myung Min), who gets into an accident and loses his memories… all but everything he knows about the law. His new self has to face all the wrongs he’s done (without recollecting them) and he eventually goes up against his previous employers.

Cha Young Ho (Kim Sang Joong) is the CEO of Seok Joo’s law firm. He’s been a mentor to him but their relationship takes a turn for the worse when Seok Joo’s values no longer align with those of the firm.

Lee Ji Yoon (Park Min Young) is the intern who was always at odds with her boss till he loses his memory. As someone who always wanted to use the law to help the less fortunate, he starts to see things her way and they form a partnership.

Yoo Jeong Seon (Chae Jung Ahn) is the chaebol heiress engaged to be in an arranged marriage with Seok Joo. She agreed to the marriage to please her grandfather but after the accident, really falls in love with the fiancé who now thinks that their relationship is based on love.

It’s got elements of Drop Dead Diva and Samantha Who? both of which I enjoyed at certain points. However, those are comedies while A New Leaf might be a melodrama. I think the premise is great so I’m just going to wait to see what the writer, Choi Hee Ra (whose previous works were medical dramas), does with it.

Am I the only one happy to see Park Min Young reunited with her “father-in-law” from City Hunter? And I bet he won’t approve of her in this drama either.

I have to say that I already feel bad for Yoo Jeong Seon because if she were the lead, we would all be rooting for their arranged marriage to become one of love and coincidentally, Fated To Love You will air right after this one. But oh well, such is the fate of a second lead.

A New Leaf is scheduled to air its first episode on April 30th on MBC.

Credit: Uploader, MBCDrama, Soompi

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