“Emergency Couple” – Final Recap

We realize this is late but instead of doing a traditional recap for the ending of Emergency Couple, we decided to list out our favorite moments of the last 2 episodes and why. And maybe discuss why this drama was such a huge favorite for some but left others thinking “meh”.


Tessieroo: I loved it (the morning after) when Chang Min called for Jin Hee to bring him a towel – totally unaware that she was creeping up to take a peek anyhoo. (LOL) And who could blame her? But it fell flat when he says he found one! UGH! Seriously? Especially after showing us a flashback of what happened in the past when he asked for a towel! We totally got trolled.

Leila: Chang Min was such a tease! Darn. Too bad for Jin Hee, it was obvious she was expecting. LOL. So something did happen that night, right?

Tessieroo: How adorable was Chang Min, sitting at the table remembering how he and Jin Hee naturally gravitated towards each other the night before in bed? So cute! I loved them showing even their feet, all entwined. It seemed odd to me how shy they seemed the next morning at the table but after both confirmed the other had never been with anyone else, things lightened up again. *kekeke*

Leila: This was such a lovely touch! I truly loved how this transpired. It was so natural.. and so romantic.. and sweet.. and perfect. How else can I describe this scene? Like Ange have mentioned, it totally described their relationship now. It’s so subtle and romantic, atleast for me.

Tessieroo: It’s confirmed – Ji Hye is my absolute favorite “second” lead character ever. She’s incredibly focused, intelligent and confident at her job but also very a very giving, caring woman. She’s not selfish, whiny or jealous nor does anyone treat her like a door-mat because she commands respect by her very being. Her conversation with Jin Hee shows how much she loves Dr Gook – by making his happiness more important than her own. I demand we get more female characters like this.

Leila: Ji Hye is wonderfully written. And I can’t believe how dumb Dr Gook is for him not to notice her! Anyhow, I hope he’s going to take a good look now. I mean, Ji Hye is beyond adorable. She defined true love by being selflessly in love with Dr Gook. Lucky guy.

Tessieroo: LOL at both Jin Hee and Chang Min giving “marital advice” to their younger counterparts. Especially Chang Min saying “Just lose, at all times” because “you can’t defeat women anyway, that’s how God created us”. This scene gets even funnier when the men discuss their sex-life and how good it is while the women discuss how simple men are. Ahahaha!

Leila: LOL. What a great advice Chang Min had given! You know, guys should watch this and listen to Chang Min very well! If ALL men are like him, you know losing for the sake of the woman they love, who will complain?? We ladies are simple minded too. Hahaha. How I wish things are this easy..

Tessieroo: I loved this bit of stereotype role-reversal. Isn’t is usually the guy who falls asleep while the woman cries when watching a movie together? (LOL) Hilarious to see Jin Hee is the one falling asleep, while Chang Min is crying. I also enjoyed the feeding-each-other because I imagine Jin Hyuk is the type who would smear food all over your face. *hehehe*

Leila: Yeah that side of a naughty Jin Hyuk. EEEeee. You know, in fairness to the writer, she seemed to break certain cliches which I appreciate. In this scene, we saw Chang Min’s feminine side! It was charming.. he even cried watching the movie. Cute.

Tessieroo: I didn’t see the point in having Dr Gook witness the kiss between our OTP. Was this supposed to display last-minute jealousy? Or for him to finally see that he had no chance with Jin Hee and move on? Either way – it was too little, too late. What where your thoughts on that scene?

Leila: I did not enjoy this at all. Who will when Dr Gook looked like he’s the unluckiest guy in the planet at that moment. It’s never a good way to show something that is supposed to be romantic and totally destroy it by putting the second lead on the same frame. This is a big drama NO-NO. I adore second leads and they don’t deserve to see this.

Tessieroo: While I loved the shopping scene between Dr Gook and Ji Hye, it again emphasized to me (and this might be only my thinking) that she is his second choice! He’s suddenly spending time with her after he sees the kiss between our OTP? UGH! I don’t think this was the writer’s intention but that’s the way it came off and it infuriated me.  I really wish we had seen more of their background, how he was close to her family, etc. much earlier. I adored the scenes with her daughter, Dr Gook is a big ‘ole softy with her.

Leila: Dr Gook and Ji Hye just missed the right timing. Maybe you are right on the second choice part. I hoped the writer didn’t play on this possibility rather, she could have used it. Dr Gook and Ji Hye looks promising. Writer-nim, why not build on this? Too late.

Tessieroo: Best scene evar – when Jin Hee dances/struts her stuff in a little red, lacy number in front of the sliding-glass door and won’t let Chang Min inside. She leaves him clawing and hanging on the door, begging for more. OMG, I died laughing!

Leila: Me too! I thought for a moment Wol Ryung (Gu Family Book) will come out! LOL. You know, Chang Min will turn into a monster and knock that door open! Just a side note, I uber loved the way Choi Jin Hyuk laughed during the BTS. E.P.I.C. scene.

Tessieroo: And the next morning, when he sees her? Ahahaha with his “Ee-li-wa” (which means “come here” in Korean)

Leila: He wasn’t able to sleep that night! Poor guy. He must have spent the night thinking.. imagining.. LOL

Tessieroo: I also enjoyed the couples eating, drinking, talking and laughing but did not see the point in Dr Gook confessing his feelings to Jin Hee. In the very last episode? What the…*major eye-roll* Okay, so I get that thanks to Jin Hee, he can finally move on, meet someone and maybe even get married. But it left me with the thought that the writer has incredibly, bad timing and no clue how to pace out a drama properly.

Leila: One of the great things about this drama is feeling the warmth of each character. But I have to agree with you, the writer seemed unaware of how Dr Gook should feel. I mean, why ponder on with this when he has Ji Hye already? I don’t know when and where Dr Gook’s feeling for Jin Hee start or end. *frustrated*

Tessieroo: The frantic race to the airport was ridiculous, it again (to me) cheapens or lessens any feelings he might have for Ji Hye. (ie – he only realized his feelings after clearing things up with Jin Hee?) No, writer-nim – just no. There was so much chemistry between Dr Gook and Ji Hye! Why wait until the very last moment to explore that?

Leila: Like what I’ve said, the writer could have established them and let them blossomed. But then again, the writer just don’t know how she’ll start with this two. One moment you’d think they have a chance and then the next thing you know, Dr Gook will still opt to let her go. What the..??

Final Thoughts:

Tessieroo: I truly enjoyed this drama but the glaring inconsistencies and poor-timing/pacing issues most definitely quelled my initial enthusiasm. There were too many side characters and sub-plots that had absolutely nothing to do with our main OTP. (except to further the discussions of marriage or married life) Not enough time was spent on our main couples or showing their past relationships. Did anyone really care about the brainy married interns?

Leila: Forget the interns. I don’t have any issues when it comes to the past. For me, I was satisfied with the flashback. However, I hoped the writer developed the “second chance” theme more. I liked that they took their time but I feel like Jin Hee’s part was kinda rushed, unlike Chang Min who had a better transition. IMO.

But then again, experiencing the love Chang Min has for Jin Hee made me enjoy this drama. I understood where Jin Hee’s hesitation came from at first. But like what my friend said to me, in this kind of situation, the past won’t matter as much as your future with the person you truly love. I’m glad that Jin Hee and Chang Min got the chance to change, stand on their own ground, reunite, love more and learn to move on. It’s great to know that love found its way back.

Tessieroo: I have to say, my favorite part? Was actually the out-takes at the end. I love this entire cast, I love that they showed us how much fun they had filming and how much they laughed. Perfect.

Leila: I just love the way Choi Jin Hyuk laughs! I had his virus for days! Amazing guy! I hope to see more of him in the future.


  • shinko says:

    Thanks for the fun discussion! I was so entertained by Choi Jin Hyuk and the main couple antics that I was happy to overlook the meaningless side characters. I loved that they’re just having fun and focusing on being in the present. I absolutely did not get Gook and Ji Hye. I could not piece together enough of the background story to understand why they were able to date earlier and then he suddenly became incapable of opening his heart to anyone. He was relaxed and normal in only the last episode. Gook’s character development felt….. constipated. Could not figure out what was going on in his head.

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree, that made no sense. Maybe because he wasn’t the main lead – the writers didn’t care to explain? A bit annoying. 😀

  • fangirl98 says:

    I started this purely for CJH and stuck around for the (sometimes) breezy rom-com in between the medical and melo stuff. The first time I saw CJH was in Heirs, and hearing that voice and just the way he moves made me want to see him in other projects. Ji Ho, i knew her from Running Man –and just realized she was in a few other dramas i’ve seen.

    These two made for an adorable grown-up OTP and it fun watching them reconnect….even if a few details were left unexplained. And besides – who doesn’t love a naughty CJH with a winning smile, great physique AND a touch of ayego!

    • tessieroo says:

      Oh, you need to check out CJH in the first “I Need Romance”!!! So hot. *fans self*

      • mdolphins says:

        LOL. That is where I fell in love with him first, he was so great in that role and I suffered my first bad case of SLS because of CJH as BSH.

  • mdolphins says:

    I agree with pretty much everything you guys said, the timing in this drama, especially near the end was awful. The fact they still had Chief calling JH on episode 20 and then witnessing the kiss between the OTP was just *shakes my head* it ruined what could have been a sweet or sweeter moment for the fans but instead we have to watch the hurt look in his eyes before he walks away.

    I also had a problem with the director’s style during kiss scenes, I don’t understand why he had to cut in the middle of practically every single one of them, it was so jarring and they were all so short. Not to mention, SJH kept her arms down at her sides in two of them, the scene in the stairwell was really done well, but the other more recent (not flashback) ones could have been done better.

    Still loved it (a lot) but it was the charm and chemistry of the cast that saved it for me.

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too – I was completely indignant on his behalf that he didn’t get the girl in INR and thought the writer was insane. (LOL) I also felt like there was zero attraction between the leads in this one (when I compare past work of both) so the kisses didn’t surprise me.
      But I gotta say – the outtakes made me very happy since they clearly all had a great time. 🙂

  • redd says:

    Love this show despite all the flaws 🙂

  • Ms FishyPiggy says:

    I first noticed CJH in “My Precious You”, a weekend drama back in 2008. I then watched Jin Hyuk in “It’s OK Daddy’s Girl” where I first heard his singing voice. I watched the first two episodes of “GFB” and planning to watch “Heirs” plus “I Need Romance”. I hope he really does “FTLY” before his military service for which I wish him well. Will be praying for his good health and re watch his dramas while awaiting his safe return in late 2016.

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