“Cunning Single Lady” Episode 16 (Finale) Clips: Happy Ending?

LOL. Was there ever any doubt? Even if Lee Min Jung’s recent rom-coms don’t get a lot of ratings, they at least leave the viewers with a happy ending that usually includes marriage and kids. While some writers value “artistic” and “intriguing” endings that keep tongues wagging because fans are pissed as all hell or are kept asking why… if they even understand what the hell happened, a lot can be said about an ending that keeps the fans satisfied.

Credit: MBCdrama

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  • jomo says:

    He’s so damn handsome I can hardly stand it.
    This show was a turning point for him. It was the first time he was relaxed and funny without trying too hard. Maybe we got to see the real JSW?

    I don’t know what it was, but I hope we get to see more happy JSW and less angsty, thought still very pretty eyed, JSW.

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