Ji Hyun Woo Military Release – Contest

I’m fairly certain that everyone who knows me knows that my favorite Korean actor is Ji Hyun Woo. Not necessarily because he’s the greatest actor out there (he is good) but he’s just an all-around nice young man. I fell in love with him in 2006 when I saw the Korean movie “Fly High” and have followed everything he’s done since, even buying his single mini-album “Crescendo”. Imagine my joy while watching “Queen InHyun’s Man” and the aftermath. I don’t think my feet touched the ground for months, I was so happy for this lovely real-life couple.

The backlash that came actually made me laugh. People assumed he would “ruin” Yoo In Na‘s career by doing something as selfish as announcing he loved her (how dare he!) or that he was just attempting to make sure she didn’t date anyone else while he was in the military, essentially “tying her down”. Pfftttt. Yoo In Na said it best: “I could feel the sincerity through his eyes”. *hee* Yes, he’s that kind of man – honest, direct, courageous yet innocent.

He’s not only coming home soon (he’s being released from military service on May 6th) but he’s also already been offered the lead role in KBS’s “Trot Lovers” and according to sources, has accepted.

“Actor Ji Hyun Woo will be making his acting comeback right after being discharged from the army. It was announced that the actor will take the lead role in the KBS2TV‘s Mondays and Tuesdays drama “Trot Lovers.” In regards to the official casting, a drama staff commented, “On May 1, Ji Hyun Woo officially decided to be a part of ‘Trot Lovers.’After he is discharged from the military on May 5, it seems that he will get in to filming for the drama right away.”

“Ji Hyun Woo will be playing the role of genius musician Jang Joon Hyun who falls in love with a woman who is obsessed with trot music. The romantic comedy will portray a plot surrounding music and love from two different backgrounds. As Ji Hyun Woo had previously been active as a singer, the actor’s ability to both sing and act placed him high on the list of possible actors for the role. Furthermore, Ji Hyun Woo’s good looks made him seem perfect for the role as a genius musician with the full package.”

 “Trot Lovers” will broadcast its first episode in June.

In honor of Ji Hyun Woo coming home, I asked my Couch Kimchi Co-Writers for permission to hold a contest and they kindly gave me an okay. So here’s the deal – I have an extra unopened DVD of “Queen InHyun’s Man” with English subs and an unopened copy of the “Queen InHyun’s Man” OST (tracks listed below) that I’ve been itching to share. The rules are very simple:

1. Anyone can enter but you must be a subscriber to this blog. (it’s easy to sign up – see “Subscribe To Couch Kimchi!” on the right)

2. Leave a comment here and explain your favorite moment from “Queen InHyun’s Man” and why. Only one comment per person.

3. It can be in the form of a poem, a limerick, or just a few short sentences – this isn’t about how many words you use or how cleverly you use them. It’s more about how well you know this drama and how much you loved it.

4. Contest begins May 6th and ends May 20th at Midnight (US – Central Standard Time)

5. The CK Ladies will read through the entries and choose one Grand Prize winner and one 2nd place winner.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it. Easy as pie. So leave your comment below and Good Luck to everyone! And if you need to watch “Queen InHyun’s Man” again (and who doesn’t) it’s available on ViKi.

Queen InHyun’s Man OST Track List:

Queen In-Hyun’s Man Title –  Artist: Kim Hee-jin, Nam Hye-seung
Same Sky, Different Time –  Artist: Joo Hee of 8Eight
Just Once –  Artist: Young Jae of 4Men
You Came –  Artist: Kim So-jung
I’m Going to Meet You –  Artist: Deok Hwan
Leap Through Time – 이크거북
Same Sky, Different Time (Inst.)
Just Once (Inst.)
My Man, Kim Boong-do – 이크거북
Same Sky, Different Time (Music Video)

Sources: Naver
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  • Christina says:

    I already own the DVD set of Queen Inhyun’s Man but would love to own the OST as well. It’s hard to pick just one moment from the series! One scene, or series of scenes I guess, I really liked was when Hee Jin is telling Dong Min she wants to break up at her apartment after Kim Boong Do returns again. I thought the whole spraying DM with water was hilarious, and then KBD sticking out his tongue. The look they shared in that moment was perfect. Laughter and love mixed together. I really felt their connection then.

  • Juliesean says:

    Hey tessierou! How are u gal?? I remember the heady days if QIHM where we were all mesmerized by their chemistry and real life romance. Who can forget when we found out he confessed at the screening? Our CSI then were awesome. I miss them. I’m so happy he’s coming back! That was my first ship and it came true. Who can forget the perfect man?

    • tessieroo says:

      OMG! Where’ve you been? *kekeke* I remember how insane things got and yep, our ‘CSI” team were amazing. This was my first time shipping too, could not believe they started dating! It’s so good to hear from you. *hugs*

  • Didi-chan says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA omg I am so happy Oppa is back… i counted the days untill he came back … Oppa fighting

  • omona says:

    Sadly they broke up. JHW was discharged today and when asked about her he said it would be hard to answer, meaning a break up, right? 🙁

  • luvjin says:

    Yay! I always come here but wasn’t subscribed. I am now! Thanks for having this contest.

    My favorite scene was in episode 15 when they had a few days of happiness only to have it taken away by the talisman. The heart broken letter he wrote to both himself and her just broke my heart. To have given up so much in life to recieve nothing in the end is truly miserable.

    I was not a big fan of JHW but this drama turn me into a fan. Their chemistry had me coming back for more but the story was what hit the ball out of the park for me. I really did fall for the “Perfect man Kim Boong Do”.

  • LyraYoo (@LyraYoo) says:

    hi tess!
    whoa time flies!
    And this contest excites me LOL for the reason that i don’t have the DVD yet. I only have the OST.

    I also shared this on JHW/ QIHM’s pages that am handling so everyone can join ! ^^

    Ill post my entry soon 😀

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Lyra! I know, can’t believe it’s been 2 years! 🙂

      • LyraYoo (@LyraYoo) says:

        Yeah! and a lot of things happened within those two years, including the breakup 🙁

        Anyways, here’s my entry:


        Aside from the acting chops and execution, kudos to actors and director, this drama made me fall for Song Jae Jong’s writing prowess as well. If I got to choose what episode or part of QIHM, it ‘s about episode 3 . Looking back , you would only let that episode pass. However, in that episode, the key to episode 16’s final travel of KBD is found there.

        It all started with the might phone when Hee Jin was calling him but he didn’t answer it because of his rad curiosity about the so-called noisy gadget. LOL. It progressed that way. There are other succeeding episodes when KBD called but it wasn’t HJ who answered (that moment before the cafe a.k.a the menu-oguel-scene, when Boong-do calls HJ to meet her . It was her bff who answered the phone instead ).

        However, the show wrapped it up in episode 16 when finally at the brink of Boong Do’s death, Hee Jin called and Boong Do answered that phone call. Song had made it clear that the phone as Boong Do’s tool to travel from the past to the present was not a cop out or mechanical tool to resolve the conflict. She had already have it cued in Episode 3. This part fascinates me when I rewatched QIHM months later because Song did entertain her viewers by merely gushing all those lines, but making her viewers to think beyond what they see as well.

        Being her fan, I watched her succeeding drama ‘Nine’ and it made me went menboong twice . Haha!

  • Kim Boong Do stole my heart away the time he pulled back Hee Jin at the library and gave her the sweetest kiss there is. Ommo, how can I get over it. He’s such a romantic scholar who doesn’t really know he’s such a player that he even played with my heart a thousand times in my dreams… Saranghae Kim Boong Do.

  • Veronica says:

    I’m happy to have found this blog. I’m a huge fan of JHW and I’m so glad he’s out of the military and soon we get to see him in a kdrama. I lost count of how many times I have watch this wonderful drama. All my friends know this is my favorite drama of all times. I would love to own the dvd and ost. I live in canada so its hard almost impossible to find this drama available. It would be a dream come true to have in my hands this drama so I truly wish and hope you pick me. I have two favourite moments. The first one is the elevator scene in episode 4 where Choi Hee-Jin shows Kim Boong Do the modern way of saying Good Bye and kisses him lol.. That was so sweet and funny! My second favorite moment is in episode 15 when she shows him the purpose of the necktie. I loved it how Hee-Jin was always trying to trick Kim Boong Do. Welcome back Ji Hyun Woo 🙂

  • trotwood says:

    I already own the dvd. This is because I asked my family to get it for me for mother’s day last year, so I could spend the entire day alone marathoning it in my bed! Every week, for two months before mother’s day, I used a new picture from the show as my desktop screensaver to encourage family members to ask me what the pictures were from, so I could remind them about the show. I also emailed my daughter at college links on where she could order it from amazon and yesasia 🙂

    I would love the OST. My favorite scene is when she first sees him on the red carpet. She has been convinced that he was just a figment of her imagination–all a dream–but then she sees him through the crowd. . . the expression on her face–disbelief, wonder, relief, love–it is all captured in that expression.

  • lea says:

    first..! im really happy that finally my one and only korean bias has finally release and now will do new drama! im really excited for him and i cant explain but crying when i saw the video of him walk away from the military and finally meet his fans! OMO! oppa your such a daebak! because of you i learned few hangul and try korean drama.. all of your dramas are so daebak because of you!!
    actually i really love QIHM since started until the end(mostly cause its the best ending ever).. i was satisfied and also i was inlove in his character.. 1st i thought Kim Boong Do makes me fall in love but when i tried to stalk him for 1 year and watched all of his drama i founded that i was actually in love with Joo Hyung Tae aka Ji Hyun Woo! i watched QIHM for more than 20times (impossible for some but i think that was the reason why i was inlove in ji hyun woo)..
    my favorite sweetest scene was the ending ofcourse and the ep.12.. the tiptoe kiss.. my favorite funny scene was in ep.5 when Choi Hee Jin bluff KBD about the goodbye greetings! hahaa.. and she was screwed by his manager.. hahah! and the lonely part was the ep. 15 🙁 when they separate ways.. i want to share my all thoughts about ji hyun woo but i think this comment is enough.. i just want to share to every one how much i love ji hyun woo and how happy i am that he was cameback from the army.. thank you 😀

  • Cuteness rules says:

    Queen Inhyun’s Man is one of the reasons I love Korean Dramas! It is the sweet moments you love and wish your own man would do to you. (The pasta kiss or the tip toe kiss)
    Good writing,good acting, good music and of course good looking actors let you escape when you are not having a good day or appreciate what you have in your life! I loved how the real life drama couple had the courage to declare their own love even with a lot of unknown haters out there it made the drama even more special! I would love the DVD and the ost!

  • jahzteen_08 says:

    I have loved him since i got hooked with Queen in Hyun’s man. May be because he’s totally different from other Korean leading man! He has that extraordinary charisma that i don’t really know how to explain 🙂

    I love every Queen In Hyun’s man romantic scene coz just like all of you, they made my every night unbelievably crazy.

    But here’s my favorite..

    The scene from the roof top really was the most unforgettable for me.. It was the first & only time Kim Boong Do said “I love you” to Choi Hee Jin.

    I felt that everything wasn’t a line at all. I can feel a genuine love in his touch, in his gaze, in every tears falling from his eyes & in every word that he said. It was all real.

    I never felt this before in any romantic scene. No other actor made me cry so bad. And I’ve never been deeply inlove for any actor until Ji Hyun Woo. 🙂

  • I would LOVE to have anything: OST, DVD whatever. Favorite moment? So many! The first comes to mind doesn’t have JHW in it but it would be the hospital scene when Hee Jin thought KBD was dead! OMO! I cried so hard watching that scene! The scene or group of scenes would be when KBD was in HJ’s house and listening to the convo between HJ and DM! By this time I was truly hating him and was so happy and giggled and laughed as KBD squirted him with the water gun. But my last scene would be the date day they had when they ran away and HJ ended the day by cooking for KBD, her currie rice. Hilarious! Man, you can’t pick just one scene in what was a damn near perfect drama!! Sure everyone liked the tiptoe kiss but it was all of the other scenes that endeared me more!!

  • Kerstin Lourdes Acurero Ortega says:

    Me encantaría ganarme el DVD, ya que soy ferviente admiradora de este maravilloso actor y “Queen In Hyun´s man” es uno de mis dramas favoritos. Espero que la pareja Ji Hyun Woo-Yoo In Na continúe con su linda historia de amor.
    Sobre mis momentos favoritos, creo que son muchos porque amé este drama y lo repetí muchas veces, pero si tengo que escoger, entonces es la escena donde Kim Boong-Do a punto de morir, logra regresar al presente con la llamada telefónica de Hee-Jin y suelta una carcajada en medio de la calle y de la lluvia. Este momento del triunfo del amor por sobre todas las cosas me devolvió la vida =)
    Él sufrió tanto para regresar durante un año que ya había perdido toda esperanza y se entregó para morir en la celda, curiosamente con la corbata que ella le había regalado.

    I would love to win the DVD, since I am huge fan of this wonderful actor and “Queen In Hyun’s man” is one of my favorite dramas. I hope the couple Ji Hyun Woo-Yoo In Na continue with his cute love story.
    About my favorite moments, I think they are many because I loved this drama and repeated many times, but if I have to choose, then it’s the scene where Kim Boong-Sun about to die, makes it back to the present with the phone call Hee-Jin and laughs in the middle of the street and the rain. This time of the triumph of love over all things gave me my life =)
    He suffered so much to return for a year she had lost all hope and gave the cell to die, curiously with necktie she had given him.

  • kdlovealways says:

    My favourite part of the drama has to be the when reality shifted. It was episodes 9 and 10 when everyone was telling Hee Jin that the reality she knew with Boong Do, the person she had fallen in love with and everything was a lie. It was all just a dream. Every single one of Hee Jin’s scenes struggling with discerning her reality was really touching and sincere and it is what made me love Yoo In Na unnie so much. My absolute favourite moment though has to be when she is searching through the annals for Boong Do and realises that the King is setting him up with the Prime Minister’s daughter and she get’s so incredulously upset haha It just shows that love can be deep and meaningful but at the same time it is funny and petty which is what I thought the whole drama encompassed really well 🙂 ok but tbh the most amazing part about this drama has to be the relationship that came out of it. i love both actors so the fact that they are together is so lovely 🙂

  • IslandMomma says:

    My favorite scene is in the library after hours. When Boong Do steals a kiss “goodnight”… definitely a “player”. He obviously knew the difference between the local customs and decided to play along with Hee Jin. The kiss he gives her is nothing like the peck she gave him in the elevator. As if to say, “that’s how you say good night”!

  • Letizia says:

    I’m so happy… finally our oppa is back! Why I love JHW? He was my first (korean) love. I met him in “A thousand kisses” drama, and I fell in love with him and korean dramas. Later, I saw QHIM and became in my favorite drama ever!!! He looks so handsome, charming, smart, etc, etc… I’ts so hard choose a favorite moment, because I love this drama a lot. But I remember the scene at the restaurant, when he appears suddenly and acts so cute and romantic…
    I love you oppa! I’m waiting to see you on screen soon!!
    Leti, from Argentina

  • damai says:

    Hi, I don’t know that I can find hardcore QIHM fan here. Seriously I thought only few people who as crazy as I am when talking about this daebak drama. I still clearly believe 2012 was the best year in dramaland, why it wouldn’t be when we got Moon and Sun, Reply 1997, and the most romantic drama I’ve ever watched Queen In Hyun’s Man. Thank God I could live in 2012.
    Ji Hyun woo indeed has strong charisma to steal our heart and big thanks to his perfect mischievous player slash aristocrat Kim Boongdo character that made me completely fell for him. That character suits him so well. And he portrayed that character beyond well. Ack! Someone shoot me!!
    Why am I talking this much? I haven’t even mentioned the most memorable scene in this comment box. How can I do that when I can describe every single part Boongdo and Heejin together. So I would deal with this part which I replayed not just tenth nor twentieth times.
    I would proudly choose their car kiss scene. Why? First, because Heejin was soooo cute for attempting to show him the other function of car. Oh girl, how can you keep telling him those big cutest lies! And you successfully made him and me believe it. Second, the awkward moment after Heejin ended her kiss, ouh, my heart fell to my knees realizing that the genius Kim Boongdo knew he was fooled by this queen. Ack!! Choi Heejin, I sincerely wished you would stay alive after that. Third, shooooooot! Boongdo’s test kiss. After fooled by Heejin, he was still being the gentleman by doing a test kiss before finally killing me for the real kiss as the fourth reason. Breathless! Why suddenly I can’t breathe? That kiss is a proof that Ji Hyun woo is one of the good –kisser– actors (and man, I believe). Lucky me for witnessing that part with my own eyes.

    I haven’t found CK that time when Inhyun’s man aired but Tessieroo, believe me, I can be as crazy as you when talking about this drama. Just give me two hours I’ll present my Inhyun’s man seminar.

  • sandra paola says:

    Hello, he forgives for my Englishman, I read your blog but translating the Spanish, QIHM I it saw faeces months for tv, they transmitted it in my country and I like so much that I it saw the following day the complete drama for Internet.

    One of the scenes that I liked much but made me cry was in the chapter 15 when Kim Boong Do after disappearing in the park returns and speaks for telephone with Hee Jin, the talisman already was black for Yoon Wol’s death, after a brief conversation, they meet and Kim Boong Do tries to run towards Hee Jin, but it disappears, I like the capture of the chamber where the two go out crying, being in the same place but in different times, mas the sad song, it was combining very well.I could feel the pain and sadness of Kim Boong Do and Hee Jin, saw it very royal.
    There are mas scenes that I liked, the drama has been brilliant I always recommend it always
    That good that already went out of the military service, already I want to see in his new project.. Thank you for doing this contest.

  • Nimmie says:

    I just stumbled on your website while searching for recaps of SECRET. See, i just finished watching it and wanted to know if other people loved the awesomeness of the show.
    Imagine my great joy when i saw QIHM contest. LOL. Just made my day. Why? Because i absolutely utterly love QIHM. Seen it 4 times now.

    Anyway, my favorite scene in QIHM was the whole sequence from when he handed over the keys to the car he bought for her, then when she drove in circles around whim while slowly her expression changed from excitement that she had a new car to the realization that she had fallen in love with him. That scene, wordless as it was, was soooo powerful. It never fails to my heart ache. It was made more awesome by the fact that it ended with a kiss in the car 🙂

    That’s my entry, i hope i win….

    Nim, fighting!!!!!

  • Grace says:

    Wow. This comes right when I fell back into my Queen In Hyun’s Man feels! Been re-watching it lately and falling in love all over again :3 (still one of my favourite dramas!).

    As for my favourite moment? Too many to pick just one, but I’ll pick the moment after Hee Jin realizes that Boong Do wasn’t a dream after all and she raced over to find him. That moment when they met at the telephone booth. It’s just like all this relief and emotions and you’re here, you’re really here! I’m so glad that it wasn’t one of those drama moments of missed encounters and timing problems. And the cinematography was just really pretty (like basically all the scenes are for this drama, but I have a pull towards the telephone booth scenes). And just ughhh all the feels lol. (and love the height difference, so when they hug, it’s like she can listen to his heartbeat <3)

    This couple just crackles with chemistry!

  • shayle says:

    hi! my favorite scene was the ending where KBD tried to end his life in jail and was about to die when “world’s most beautiful woman” called him, so he pulled himself back to survive and later on appeared in the future exactly in the place where CJH is… -that i thought was impossible because the talisman was destroyed!

    but in the end, “it was’nt just all about the power of talisman but all about their connection and the power of true love that made him alive and kept them together”

    and yeah!, who would’nt want for a kiss that made the ending really DAEBAK!

  • Kathy says:

    Oh man, I would LOVE to have the DVD. I just finished watching the drama and I am currently an emotional wreck. I love QIHM so much.

    Anyway, my favourite moment was when Boong Do finally got transported into the future after he picked up Hee Jin’s call. When he realized where he was, the look of sheer happiness on his face was just inexplicably AMAZING. He must have felt so relieved and elated, because it was like a huge weight was also lifted off his shoulders. All the troubles he faced in the past year didn’t matter any more, because he was finally able to see Hee Jin again and spend his life with her.

    The look on his face was basically a mirror image of my expression when I was watching that scene.

  • Amy says:

    I would LOVE to have the DVD, I watched it twice last month, hehehe.

    My favorite moments are when Boong Do and Hee Jin were together, both the sad and happy moments. They have great chemistry too! It’s sooo sad that they broke up 🙁

    Anyways, my favorite scene was the tip toe kiss. That was probably by far, the best kiss scene I’ve ever scene on TV. Boong Do was so sweet asking her not to leave him alone in “this strange place” and kissed her when she was trying to show him how to watch TV and her drama. Ahhh, they are so perfect together. Hehehe, the other favorite scene is when Boong Do called Hee Jin to ask about the tie and she went over to his place and showed him the “proper” way. Sooooo cute, I want to use that trick with my boyfriend.

    Hope I win!

  • Roma says:

    Found this Blog in the Shipper’s Thread of Queen Inhyun’s Man in Soompi Forum. I want the DVD and OST sooo bad that i pick up myself and gather my mind after hearing the sad news about my favorite couple… I love this drama and i think all scenes are my favorite but if i have to pick one moment, i’d pick the saddest part wherein Kim Bung Do travel back from the past when the makers of the talisman died. I still remember the face of Hee Jin when suddenly she couldn’t see Bung Do. Despite knowing that the talisman wouldn’t work, still Bung Do risk his own life just to travel back again in the future, he did it! But only for a short moment. My heart broke when he was calling Hee Jin. Only meters away from each other when Bung Do disappeared in Hee Jin’s eyes. Those crying moments, I can still feel their heartaches. They portrayed (Ji Hyun Woo & Yoo In Na) their characters very well that i really felt that the drama is real. Then Bung Do tried to find the Buddhist who made the talisman but he is too late because he is already dead. He has no choice, though it break his heart, he decided to destroy the talisman. He realized that breaking it will stop hurting Hee Jin in the future. When he is writing his letter for Hee Jin, I can feel his pain. The consequences of his actions that he must face. He wants to live yet he sacrifices a lot even the one only woman he loves. When he said that he wants Hee Jin not to realize that the letter was really meant for her, I cried a lot. Then when he wrote that he had only one wish, that is to remember her at least. This moments are my favorites. These moments made me cry and made me fall in love. These moments stained in my memories. Why? Honestly, When I was watching the drama, i really thought that this is the ending and it really broke my heart and cried ocean of tears. Really! And imagine my delight when I watched it again, there is 1 more episode that i didn’t watched. Okay cursed that damn DVD again, hahaha.

  • jomo143 says:

    I totally missed this contest but I loved reading everyone’s entries.
    QIHM is my number one drama, followed closely nowadays by Secret Love Affair.

    It was magic. The whole thing. The moment I fell in love was in Ep 3. After seeing the horse on TV, she goes to see if she can find him and her lost cell phone on the set where they met. I’ll never forget how adorable he looked in his red hoodie with the gat on the backpack, and how big his smile was to see her again. He KNEW he would find her and she KNEW she would find him.
    There were many other moments, too numerous, but that was the FIRST of many.

    Here is my pome I wrote back then.

    300 Years

    I met a man hanbok – gatted.
    And then again, beanie-hatted.
    I told him that I was the Queen.
    We even shared a shower scene.

    He likes to read, oh, and hug.
    I kissed him cause I felt a tug.
    That pull stretched 300 years.
    (That bond brought me many fears.)

    Smart, broad shouldered, smiley, tall.
    He answered cause I made a call.
    A line that stretched 300 years.
    A cell that’s not what it appears.

    Together, now, we’re learning things.
    We can’t see what tomorrow brings.
    We’ll face the joy as well as tears.
    With love that spanned 300 years.

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