Clips From The “Emergency Couple” Concert

Just because the drama concluded on April 5th doesn’t mean that the fun has to end, right? Like its time slot predecessor Reply 1994, Emergency Couple held a concert to milk its success a little more and put a smile on the faces of its fans. The theme was reuniting old loves and here are some clips from the concert.

Work it, Dr. Shim!

Credit: tvN


  • keike says:

    choi yeo jin doing sunmi’s full moon was awesome & sexy. i think this my first time hearing choi jin hyuk sing live and im blown away haha. the whole cast is uber talented =) <3

  • houstontein says:

    Thanks. That was sweet!

  • Mdolphins says:

    Thanks for writing about it, I hope someone subs it. Too bad they cut an hour from the concert, at first it was supposed to be 2 hours long. Everyone performed really well, especially Choi Yeo Jin and Choi Jin Hyuk, his singing was amazing.

  • CatyShin says:

    OGOD! Dr. Oh chang min nailed it. Tall, dark and handsome and a good singer too. Dr. Shim clap clap. Awesome perf. JJANG!

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