A New Leaf Week Two: Call Him Myung Nam

This is going to be pretty short since majority of this week’s case centered around some mumbo jumbo about a company being outbid and to think that I studied finance….


The episode begins with the law firm in a tizzy because they can’t find Seok Joo. Documents for Tae Jin Corporation’s acquisition need to be sent ASAP. Seok Joo was in charge of the project and apparently, kept the details so close to his chest that when they broke into his computer to access the documents, they couldn’t even tell if it was the final draft. It’s selfish not to share but this is what folks in Corporate America call job security.

The big boss has his phone tracked and it’s found on a ship headed to China. LMAO. So where’s our dear ace lawyer? Being dropped off at a hospital. There’s no identification on him and he’s admitted as Myung Nam (John Doe).

Back at the office, Young Woo thinks that he must have been in an accident and Seok Joo’s work is divvied up. The hospital finds the piece of paper with Ji Yoon’s number given after Seok Joo stayed at her place and when contacted, she dismisses the calls. I understood why she did it the first time but the second time, upon learning that her boss was missing, why not pay more attention to it, even if she was in a meeting with the big boss?

Their client, Tae Jin Electronics, loses out to Taehan Foundation on the acquisition and are spitting mad because Seok Joo advised them to lower the price and they were outbid. And somehow, the evaluation was completed in less than a day. The CEO suspects foul play and thinks Seok Joo must be in on it since he’s MIA at such a crucial time.

While all this is taking place, Seok Joo wakes up. He’s surprisingly okay for someone who just survived a terrible accident. His hair, skin, teeth, limbs etc etc are all intact. In fact, everything is good. Everything but his memory which he’s lost. Who is he? Where is he? Why is he there? He’s forgotten all but everything he learned in law school. How convenient. He can’t remember his name but he can remember specific laws about compensation, how many times a nurse should do her nightly rounds etc etc and keeps his fellow patients from being cheated out of their claims.

Elsewhere, Ji Yoon runs into the cutie from the wedding while jogging. Unfortunately, she can’t flirt for long because the nurses text over Seok Joo’s photo to her. How come she gets cockblocked every time they meet?

She quickly tells Young Woo and they immediately rush to the hospital. They arrive, watch him getting his Matlock on and are shocked when he passes by without acknowledging them. By the time they approach him, he’s already deduced that they must know him. The Tae Jin acquisition is all over the news and upon noticing his interest in the case, Young Woo asks his opinion on it. Then tells him that he was involved.

Seok Joo is smart enough to realize that he must have been on the losing side for the big boss to personally visit him at the hospital. The man tells him that they were very close and that he wants him to fix the problem. Seok Joo finds it hilarious that an amnesiac lawyer is expected to perform miracles.

I have to agree. Even if Seok Joo is the best, isn’t it better to get their other lawyers working on it than to depend on someone who can’t even remember his name? But he also has a point that it’s a very sensitive time so they can’t reveal that the lead lawyer is out of commission. Young Woo decides to keep his amnesia a secret and tells Ji Yoon to keep her mouth shut and take care of him.

Seok Joo gets discharged into her care and the usual hijinks of him not being able to remember his house pass code etc ensues. And when Ji Yoon has trouble figuring them out, he condescendingly says that she’s just an intern. LOL. Bastard. What does being an intern have to do with not knowing your personal shit?

He takes a look around his apartment which is now strange to him. There’s evidence of a dog’s presence although he can’t see one. Poor thing and the vet can’t contact him because his phone is in China. But he should know where he works, right? Ji Yoon calls his father but the old man doesn’t answer because he’s getting a CT scan. Another twist. Will a dying father and his amnesiac son rebuild their relationship? They can’t stay too long at his place because he’s called into work to prepare for a meeting with Tae Jin Construction and when there, Ji Yoon works hard to keep his memory problems from being discovered.

Despite learning that he’d been in an accident, Kang – who’s always gunning for him – lets him know how hard he had to work because he was AWOL for a few days.

And just when the interns say that Ji Yoon is too busy to hang out with them, she gets called into the boss’s office. If they aren’t careful, she might be ostracized by the group. I bet more rumors will soon start to fly. Knowing Seok Joo’s secret puts her in a powerful position and Young Woo wants her to be his right-hand woman. Instead of jumping at the opportunity, she acts clueless so he reminds her of the benefits that come with being a full-time employee. Making him sell her on the position is a great idea because it puts her in a good bargaining position, however, I’m sure she wasn’t being business-minded when she balked at it. Nope, she was being a “pure” heroine.

They meet with Tae Jin Construction and Seok Joo obviously can’t respond when asked for the specific reasoning behind the bidding price he proposed to the company. They demand that he take responsibility for his mistake so he proposes that his firm pay the penalty which is exactly not what they want to hear. They want to win the bid, dammit, and he’d better figure out a way to make that happen. The meeting ends and the CEO tells his subordinate to investigate Seok Joo because he suspects that he had a back deal with the other company. But I have to say that it’s funny that Tae Jin Electronics believes that they had a foolproof proposal in place. Is there such a thing?

Lawyer Kang goes to Young Woo’s office and badmouths Seok Joo. I think this guy has waited all his life for his downfall. And when he learns that Seok Joo plans to leave work early, he walks over to his office and tells him off. Can someone place a muzzle on this fool’s mouth? On the positive side, in his rant, he explains why his proposal to just pay the penalty looks bad to the client.

In the meantime, Seok Joo’s father returns his call and suspects that something must have been wrong for his son to call him. Dang.

The dog hair in his car makes Seok Joo wonder again if he has a dog. He lost his memory not his eyesight, right? Then how did he miss the photo on his desk? *face palm*

Which photo? This photo:

Seok Joo and his girl Friday start work before the crack of dawn and for some reason, pick working with a desk lamp over turning on the lights.

After exhaustive research, Seok Joo arrives at the conclusion that he did not make any mistakes. Which makes him wonder if it means that he had alerted Taehan. Security notices him downloading an obscene number of documents and Kang happily shares the suspicious findings with the big boss.

Seok Joo asks Young Woo if he thinks that he could have betrayed Tae Jin but the older man firmly believes that it’s impossible. Totally sweet that he has so much faith in his integrity. Seok Joo thinks that it’s ridiculous for him to work with a handicap and proposes to resign soon but his boss refuses.

From what I understand of the explanation, all-cash acquisitions are viewed differently from leveraged buyouts (those that include debt) and Seok Joo believes Taehan must have acquired additional funding by taking loans.

Upon further research into his own life, he ends up calling a Paris bank. I’m no Francais speaker but why do I think this guy speaks French as well as Hyun Bin spoke English in My Lovely Sam Soon?

Long story short, he determines that they got the loan from Paris Bank and soon after, everything works out for Tae Jin Electronics. Party time!

Seok Joo is on the rooftop thinking of his life when Tae Jin Construction’s CEO joins him and apologizes for his earlier suspicions and thanks him for other work he did on his family’s inheritance.

Young Woo joins him shortly after the man leaves and Seok Joo presents him with his resignation letter. Once again, he refuses to accept it and just promises to reduce his workload.

Seok Joo and Ji Yoon go to the police station for an update on his accident and while there, run into the actress from the rape case. He doesn’t recognize her but she does him and attacks and spits on him. Yuck!


These two episodes were alright but I emotionally connect to personal stories and not those about M&As gone wrong. The good thing is that the rape case will be revisited next week which is something that we already know about and can make us compare and contrast the different Seok Joos.

I’m still waiting for his so-called fiancee to make an appearance and also wonder what the real point of Ji Yoon’s neighbor will be.  She’s nervous and cute around him so right now, I’m more interested in watching a romance unfold between them than with her boss.

Till next week!


  • tessieroo says:

    Cracked up at her face when cutie-pie neighbor walked away. LMAO at the pic on his desk, lots of people caught that!
    I totally got lost in all the law-speak too, no idea what that case was about until you explained. :0

  • Ivoire says:


    I haven’t started watching this drama (yet), however I was curious about your thoughts on it. I just wanted to thank you not only for your analysis of it, but also for making me laugh. When I watch this ep., I will pay attention to the picture of the KMM’s character with the dog.

    Also, I loved this, “I’m no Francais speaker but why do I think this guy speaks French as well as Hyun Bin spoke English in My Lovely Sam Soon?” LOL…
    I am a Francais speaker (Ivoire is French for Ivory, btw 🙂 ), and I am now curious about that scene, LOL. I will listen intently when I come to that scene. I do remember when HB spoke English in MLSS, so your comment has definitely piqued my curiosity. I remember when Park Shi-hoo and MGY spoke French in CDDA, that was something. And when LSG spoke French on his date, with the foreign diplomat’s daughter, in The King 2 Hearts, that was another experience. I do appreciate it though, when the actors try to speak foreign languages in Kdramas. Some hurt your ears (Song Hye Kyo in World Within. I honestly did not understand a word of what she said, and I watched that scene several times. I am not trying to make fun of her, I am just saying), while others are actually decent. And I am not including those Koreans who grew up in English speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, etc…) like Kim Soo-hyun the actress, for example.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, do tell me what you think of his pronunciation when you watch it. Hyun Bin is so memorable because he had conversations with Daniel Henney but we could only understand one side of it. LOL

      Park Min Young speaks English in Ep 1 or 2 and she sounded alright.

    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Clockwatcher,

      Yeah, I will let you know. I am curious about it now, because KMM is known to be a perfectionist, and someone who pays attention to details. I guess the other thing is how much time he had to prepare for those particular lines, so I will see. I am also a tutor for French, and I worked for French professors when I was in college, so I tend to pay attention when a non Francophone speaks French.

      I LOLed at the reason why HB is so memorable in MLSS, and I agree. It makes me want to go back and rewatch those scenes, especially knowing how serious HB is about his work. As hard as he tried, we simply could not understand him, LOL! and he was so funny saying those lines (gotta love Binnie 🙂 ).

      HB did speak English in SeGa, and he did better there, don’t you think? He has to improve his English, because if he continues to go to international film festivals, he will be interviewed. I saw a clip of him at the Berlin Film Festival, and at some point the journalists wanted to hear him talk/hear from him, instead of just listening to the interpreter, and they said so. It was at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival, and HB, and Lim Soo-Jung, and the director were sitting at a table, for the press conference of Come Rain, Come Shine. When HB was asked to speak directly, he did, and I could understand him. I personally loved that the journalists wanted to hear from him directly (his thoughts on the movie).

      I will pay attention as well when PMY speaks English in the ep. you mentioned. I know that she also spoke English in one of her earlier dramas (I saw a clip of it), and she wasn’t awful. She might have improved since then. Do you remember when LMH spoke English in Heirs? And no, I don’t mean his “It’s OK baby 🙂 ” line.

  • jeanmarri torres silva says:


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