Criminals Turn Their Lives Around on Upcoming “Yoona’s Street”

jTBC’s sexy noona-romance Secret Love Affair has just wrapped up which means it’s time for a new show drama to take its place. Heartwarming “family” drama Yoona’s Street is up to the task. Here’s the synopsis from DramaWiki:

A drama about the pickpockets and other criminals living in multifamily housing until a really nice guy moves in and changes them all for the better. They heal and comfort each other as they live alongside each other’s company.

Kim Chang Man (Lee Hee Joon) is a man who dreams of becoming a social worker to help society’s most impoverished people. He moves into a multifamily housing where criminals and former criminals live, struggles to help them to recover their “lost consciences” and saves Kang Yoo Na (Kim Ok Bin), the woman he loves, from the depths of crime. Kang Yoo Na is the daughter of a legendary pickpocket and is a former pickpocket herself with 3 records. After her release from prison, she sometimes goes back to the old habit other than working in a friend’s café but she got a warm heart, is a deep thinker and a people-person.

This drama will show that the goal in life isn’t about acquiring wealth or fame but how one can live well.

This is very much like a Japanese drama and while it most likely will be quite preachy, it could also be awesome. However, given that it’s a Korean drama, let’s hope Chang Man doesn’t discover that he’s got cancer and die in the end.

Here are the teasers:


I think the couple is cute and overall, the drama looks fun. Plus it’s about flawed characters which is great. Secret Love Affair performed well with ratings in the 3-5% range so let’s see if this drama can keep those numbers.

I haven’t heard anything about English subs but perhaps we’ll have to wait till next week to see if any group picks it up.

The first episode airs on May 19th on jTBC.

Credit: jTBC, DramaWiki

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