Triangle Recap week 2- Life’s a gamble

What a tangled web we weave. This week more light is shed on the characters and their connections to each other, and let just say there is nothing simple about it. The smell of angst is high in the air, as the story begins to reveal complicated relationships and their implication for the brothers. ads Young Dal dreams he is being strangled by his former boss. Deciding the warehouse is too creepy, he moves the cash. Then spends the night at a super fancy hotel, and drinks ultra expensive liquor, for a one-time we got money celebration, because after that day, both he and his buddy will have to pretend they are broke. fg Dong Soo enters a dog fighting arena, but is spotted by the one he is looking for, Gi Chan’s thug. The lackey tosses money in the air to cause a confusion, but is eventually caught and eats Dong Soo’s fist. After the interrogation he learns about the 5 mil, and it was probably Lee Jung Soo, and Hanchul Bok, who fled to the Philippines, that probably killed Gi Chan. He decides to call Young Dal to find out more info, but Young Dal lets him know he won’t be his informant anymore. Outside the hotel Young Dal sees Yang-ha and challenges him to a game, but Yang -ha basically tells him he sucks and since Yang-ha has played with the pros, a small town gambler stands no chance. Young Dal persists and gets Yang-ha to agree to a rematch. fgghg As Yang-ha walks away he sees Jung Hee, and she tries avoiding him. He asks to have drinks with her and perpetually blackmail her with the info that she, a casino employee works as a dealer in an illegal casino. Well you know how to sweep a girl off their feet. Young Dal and his buddy decide to look for a new place for Young Dal to stay, after he finds out there is a vacancy at Jung Hee’s place, he decides to live there. He completely denies to his friend that he is moving in to that shabby house because he likes Jung Hee, keke cute. ssd Jung Hee goes over to Yang-ha’s suite and has him assure her he won’t tell the casino about her other job. She downs a couple of glasses and she suggests they play a king game, who ever loses has to remove a piece of clothes and do what the other says. Girl you don’t have enough clothes for that. Yang-ha finds the king and dents the card so he can win the next round. After losing two rounds, a female friend of Yang-ha’s  rings the door bell and Jung Hee takes that as the cue to exit, leaving her stocking behind lol. In the conversation with his platonic friend, it is revealed that he ran away from home, but he says he was exiled and called back in. ,mn As Jung Hee returns home, she sees a suspicious person standing outside her house, and pummels him with a broom stick. She then sees it is Young Dal and finds out he is renting the place out and paid a month in advance. Her grandmother wants to use that money to pay off the debt. She wants her to return the money and kick him out. In her room she flashes back to the time Young Dal ran in his boxers and remembers her friend telling her that he is the worst of the worst, and not to even look at him. I guess it’s too late for that now lol. Both Young Dal and Dong Soo are singing “the blues” by Black Scar, the song they first sang in the opening of episode 1. It was a song their father sang while he was drunk, I guess he was drunk often, since even Young Dal knows it well. Dong Soo tells the restaurant owner who he is drinking with, that his father died in a mining accident and his mother ran away. The next morning Kang Jin wakes up a practically naked Dong Soo, her touching was borderline groping lol. As they eat breakfast, Shin-Hye comes in, and interrupts. They all proceed to have the most indigestion inducing breakfast  ever. Jin then awkwardly asks what type of relationship Shin Hye is in with Dong Soo. It is revealed they used to live together. hgr On the day Young Dal picks up his friend Jerry from jail, Yang Ha goes to his family company to meet his father the president. Before he goes in to see him, he runs into the bathroom and pops some pills. At the meeting with his father, Yanh Ha hands his father a report. His father is displeased by the contents and orders that Yang Ha learn about the casino business from the bottom up. Mean while Young Dal parties it up with his friend, but when things wind down, his friend Jerry reveals someone killed their boss and disguised it as a suicide, and the suspects are most likely the guys who ran off to the Philippines. Dong Soo finally goes in for treatment and Young Dal goes to the illegal casino to play a game of hold’em and clear his thoughts. I never thought losing money could be a therapeutic act lol. The scene moves back to the treatment session and he tells her about his father and two brothers. He mentioned his father died when he was 12, Dong Chul (Young Dal) was 7, Dong Woo was 100 days, and his mother disappeared. Back at the casino the cops appear. Jung Hee has no clue what to do. Young Dal grabs her and runs away. bgf They successfully evade the cops but, but meet with thugs that go after Young Dal instead. He sends off Jung Hee, and she watches on the wayside as Young Dal takes them on. We then cut back to the treatment where Dong Soo explains that him and his brother were taken to the orphanage. And because Young Dal constantly complained of hunger, Dong Soo began to sell scrap metal. The cops eventually came to catch him and he had to separate from his brothers. When he returned after two weeks, the youngest was already adopted, and Young Dal ran away. He could not find out the whereabouts of either brother, even after becoming a detective. He is haunted by a feeling of guilt because he couldn’t protect them. Just then he gets a call from Young Dal, who has a stab wound. The scene briefly moves to Yang Ha listening to a woman as she sings “Blues”, he claims to have never heard it before but it seems familiar. jh Jung Hee goes to look for Young Dal back at home, but the next scene shows a wounded Young Dal dragging himself to the warehouse. Jung Hee continues her search for Young Dal and goes to Jang Soo to find him. Jang Soo questions whether they are really dating and living together, lol. She denies it with a smack to the head. Who are you trying to convince lol? In the mean time the cops can’t find Young Dal either. They also ask Jang Soo but he says he has no clue. It is then that Go Bok Tae pulls up in his car and taunts Dong Soo, who almost loses it. Det. Gook tells Dong Soo that Bok Tae was an infamous gangster in Sabuk that was used to stop the miners protests on behalf of the Dong Jin company. Dong Soo gives him a surprised look. oij Jang Soo figures out that Young Dal is at the warehouse and is wounded. He goes to find a doctor whose gambling addiction ended his practice. After bribing him, Young Dal gets patched up.At the police station Dong Soo learns about the 5 mill that Gi Chan got from internet gambling. Lee Jung Soo, Gi Chan’s former partner, had Gi Chan killed to take the money. However Lee Jung Soo can’t return to Korea, but he is using his Yakuza connections to get the job done. Cue the Yakuza entrance. The Yakuza, Watanabe meets Bok Tae , Wantabe tells him he hasn’t finished  the task he was given as of yet. hgf Young Dal wakes up and tells his friends he called the cops so he could escape the people trying to kill him but he won’t give up the money. The scene cuts to Yang Ha being shown the plot for the resort being built, but Yang Ha thinks the business venture is risky. His father thinks its worth the risk,and its a winning bet. Yang Ha tells his father, if he also thought of him as a winning bet. All his fathers deals have been suffocating him and he feels he was never treated as a son, but raised to be a successor. He then says he doesn’t engage in battles he can’t win nor does he use reckless methods for reckless victories and walks off. His father then says to his secretary that adopting him was a biggest victory, but it is too uncertain where the contest ends. uytf Jung Hee is still worrying about young Dal. Young Dal, who was out walking, is taken by the thugs who wanted to kill him, while his friend Jerry is watching. Jang Soo, who is standing outside the police station, gets the call that Young Dal was taken and he quickly runs to tell the cops. Dong Soo is trying to learn more about Bok Tae’s connection to the miners. Dongjin was apparently owned by Mr. Yoon (Yang Ha’s father!). When the miners began protesting, Yoon hired Bok Tae to beat up the workers. Before Dong Soo could learn more, he gets a call. We cut to Young Dal being questioned by Watanabe about the money. He gets beat up when he doesn’t give the desired response. The police show up and a fight breaks out, all Watanabe does is sit back until all his men are taken out. Then they all go at him. So is this like the boss level? Dong Soo comes in to face him. As Watanabe takes a swing, Dong Soo dodges and tasers him lol. The Yakuzas are taken to the prison. Well that was easy. kjnb Mme Jang gets into an altercation Mme Min, who ratted her out to the cops and Mme Jang is slapped for her troubles. Lol at the man with the curled ponytail. Mean while Bok Tae is losing at a card game and learns of Watanabe’s arrest.  He wants to ensure there will be no connection made back to him. Back at the police station Young Dal is being interrogated by Dong Soo. Young Dal says he is not part of Gi Chan’s organization, but just a junior who visited him in jail. Dong Soo asks if he wasn’t involved why are there people trying to kill him. Young Dal says sorrowfully that is why he called Dong Soo for help so he can find out. Give this man an Oscar haha. Dong Soo then pulls a gun out on him in anger. Well that escalated quickly. Young Dal then says if he had that money, would he live a life as a gangster, living off a married woman? Dong Soo asks Shin Hye to speak to Young Dal. It is hard to ignore Jin’s jealous glare lol. She tries to talk about his past, which he claims to have no memory of. He remembers being a panhandler at Chungryangri Station, at the age of 12 he was promoted to pickpocketing, afterwards he ran away. There were times he ended up at the juvenile detention center, but never went to school. He went back to Sabuk at the age of 23 or 24 where he set up residence and began gambling. His dream is to be the world poker champion, she states she knows someone with the same dream who went out for the competition. So both the younger brothers share the same dream, is it genetic? kmn Shin Hye tells Dong Soo she can’t figure out whether he is lying or not. Young Dal is then released. Jung Hee on the other hand is told she got the job as a dealer, which she happily tells Young Dal later that day, after checking up on him. The Next morning She is late for work, so she asks Young Dal for a ride. At work she runs into Yang Ha. On the drive back, Young Dal is taken by Bok Tae’s men and his friends are being held hostage. The scene ends with them squaring off. tg
Yang Ha’s issues
All three brothers have issues, but Yang Ha’s issues are probably going to multiply when he hears that his adoptive father had a hand in his biological father’s death. The tension between him and his adoptive father is already high. I want to give the adoptive father the benefit of the doubt and say he does care about Yang Ha. I am curious about what brought about the adoption, but he called his adoption a victory. I hope he means that in a good way as in he gained a son, not a victory such as he is getting a tool. As a matter of fact since he is not exactly pleased with said tool’s work and he called him back from where ever he was, I hope it means it is because he does care. Yang Ha is a peculiar character in that he doesn’t seem to like taking risks but he loves gambling (well aren’t you a walking contradiction heh). This shows that there is an issue with his confidence. He is confident in his skill when it comes to poker, but he is not as capable when it comes to the business world. He is unable to meet the challenge of being an heir, in that he can’t or he feels he can’t meet his father’s expectations. He also doesn’t like losing, but honestly who doesn’t. However it is this fear of losing that makes him insecure. Therefore in the face of his father that is trying to aspire him to greater things, the pressure he faces builds as he fails to meet his father’s expectation. It is possible that his father’s discontent with his work signals that he is in fact a tool and not a son. From this thinking one can probably begin to paint a picture of what his childhood might have been like. I can see his father grooming since he was an infant to take over his business, and emphasizing this each chance he got instead of taking the time to be affectionate.
Young Dal’s random capability
Young Dal is reckless, but I hand it to him, he sure is resourceful. I like how he decided he was going to use the cops to get rid of the Yakuza after him. He actually used an idea from an ancient art of war where you use one enemy to help you get rid of your other enemy. Lol, I wouldn’t call Young Dal a master strategist, but I really think his idea was powered by his recklessness and penchant  for gambling. It was really all or nothing, and seem to skillfully handled the situation. He got rid of the Yakuza and he kept the cops away from the loot, however he obviously underestimated the situation, like he seems to always do when he gambles. The Yakuzas were only scratching the surface. It is funny that he thought that would be the end of it. He really needs to be more thorough if he wants to avoid being killed, but then again for all his recklessness he has good survival instincts, which should help.
Dong Soo’s guilt
After his father’s death, Dong Soo was promoted to family protector. His willingness to do anything for his family is clearly evident. It also it seems that his devotion to his family may be what led him to become a detective, because then he would have the ability to find them. This is his driving force, as well as the cross he bears. This is the biggest failure of his life, and I am sure he blames himself. This guilt probably contributes to his explosive temper. ;l SAD cfgn

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    Because I watch Superman Returns…I could not take the yakuza seriously LOL

    But this is shaping up to be rather interesting…and once the truth is out there, if kept amongst the brothers, then the adopted Father can be brought down by the adopted son…if he is so inclined

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