Angel Eyes: Episode 12 to 14

“Let’s keep walking together.”

The moment I heard this from Soo Wan, my fear of separation disappeared. These days I’ve been waiting & dreading for it to happen. Their world seem to be so hard a separation is inevitable, so I say. But then, the WanJu couple keeps on striding forward, together. With that intertwined hand, now I doubt if they will ever go that cliche road.

As much as I enjoyed the third kiss, there are so many important things that happened and I want to focus on that. I’m loving how we get to uncover the secrets piece by piece and how each character changes because of the situation they are facing. They say, it’s not the load you carry that breaks you, it is how you carry it. Seeing the WanJu couple carry their load, each giving one their own weight to balance things, I’m now so curious as to how they will make it at the end of the mountain.

With a love a strong as theirs, I think it is possible to finally have a couple who will stay together through thick and thin.

EPISODE 12 to 14:

AEcn AEco

Dong Joo:  I cannot promise that we will always agree on everything. But as my love has grown over the 12 years, I promise to foster that love and make it stronger. And to always let you know that you are the most important person to me.

After the proposal, Soo Wan went home being the happiest woman alive. I cannot blame her. Dong Joo’s words are one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard being said in a proposal. A promise is meant to be fulfilled and I’m glad he made a promise that is feasible for him. We know how precious Soo Wan is in his life, she is actually his life.

AEcp AEcq

Dong Joo: If I can only do it I want to stick a sticker on Yoon Soo Wan’s forehead saying that she’s Park Dong Doo’s. I can’t even hold your hand and publicize that you’re my woman?

How possessive and childish all at the same time?! But it’s so cute, I’ll let it slide. Dong Joo is younger that Soo Wan by age, so little things like this come to surface sometimes. He wants to keep Soo Wan at bay and scream to the world she is taken. Honestly, I’m excited how this will turn out at the workplace if they found out that the worse of enemies are actually the best of lovers.


Dr Choi: The more painful the truth, the harder it is to believe.

Welcome angst. Unbreak my heart is the BGM? Come on.

Let’s uncover one layer. Of course we all know that Dr Choi has been threatening Dad all this years because he saw Dad remove Jung Hwa ssi’s oxygen mask. This fact is true. But we also know this isn’t the cause of the death. Unfortunately, this is the side Dong Joo heard and it’s a big dent for his relationship with Dad to be broken. I hate that he has to go this road and miss an important fact while his relationship with that gets destroyed. We can’t blame him to feel angry. We are talking about Jung Hwa ssi, of course its natural for Dong Joo to feel it. He is only human. That aside, he is a doctor and I hope we will figure out the medicine that caused the sudden Code Blue for Jung Hwa ssi.


On the other hand, I’m glad that Soo Wan is patiently waiting for our man on the side. She busy herself looking at wedding gowns. I love how transparent Soo Wan is. She naturally gets jealous, gets mad, gets annoyed and feels worried. It’s nice to know she is not a nagger and she never insist on blabbering about Dong Joo’s whereabouts. I love this breathing space they have for each other. It feels refreshing to see a couple this way instead of seeing them fight unnecessarily.


And how comforting it is that they seek each other instead of going elsewhere? I’m glad we don’t have a second lead guy our female lead will gravitate towards when the boyfriend is nowhere to be found just to confide with. Soo Wan and Dong Joo is so unlike any other. Loveit. I want to celebrate their togetherness.

Soo Wan: Dong Joo, today is the day you came back. Not as Dylan but the day you returned to Yoon Soo Wan as Park Dong Joo. While you were away, I felt as though I was playing an endless game of hide and seek. I was hiding alone in the dark but I felt as if no one was looking for me. But finally it has ended. Dong Joo, thank you for being a seeker again. Thank you for finding me again. Thank you for taking me. Thank you, Park Dong Joo.

Sweet. They really need each other. That is all there is to it, right? Knowing this fact, Dong Joo becomes more aware how much Soo Wan means to him and how much he means to her. What a defining moment. Dong Joo needs to be brave enough for Soo Wan since they will be facing such a huge hurdle ahead.

I was afraid thinking that Dong Joo will directly confront Dad. But its not in his personality to do so, unlike if it was Soo Wan. She will just ask right on. Dong Joo is keeping it all in and his soul is badly suffering that cause him to make rash decision especially involving Soo Wan. Is his way the best for them? I doubt. The argument they had in the car proves that.


Dong Joo: Soo Wan-ah, let’s stay together no matter how hard it is. No matter what, let’s never be apart again.


It was wrong for me to think they will separate early on. Seeing how they are still together now just bring security that they will endure together. I am not sure of what the future episodes might bring, but they are together now. Surely they give each other space to think alone but they choose to be together still. I think the title should be changed to “Together”. Heh, so lame.

From the beginning, they have faced a lot. Literally, Dong Joo became Soo Wan’s eyes guiding her way through her dark world. She felt so secure with him around, simply trusting even if she doesn’t see him. What fate she had to entrust her life wholeheartedly. This is their foundation. Knowing this, I think for Soo Wan, she has no fear of trusting her life with Dong Joo up until now. Her love for him is beyond powerful that even the pain can’t separate her from him.


Min Soo: Don’t waste precious time arguing.


What better advice can a friend give? The bestie detective is also such a great company to have. It’s great to know she is doing her best to investigate and know the truth. I love him and the Detective. What a power couple! I hope Detective Cha will get well soon and solve the case asap. Ji Woon on the other hand.. What should I say? He really values Soo Wan and treasure her as his compass. Okay, she gave him direction in life. That is meaningful. I understand where Ji Woon is coming from. I doubt if he is a foe, his love isn’t that kind. His conversation with Dr Oh is so telling. A man in love that only wish for true happiness for a woman is admirable. I hope he also gets to know the truth, ASAP. You know, that his own mother is involved.

Ji Woon’s real purpose is to serve Dong Joo some reality pill, telling him that hiding the truth can never bring anyone peace of mind. Dong Joo needed to hear those words. That being said, his suggestion that Dong Joo should leave is also a wrong solution. Even without Dong Joo, he will never have Soo Wan. That is already given.

AEda AEdb

Soo Wan: Because you came back. You’re next to me.. and you won’t leave again. The important thing is you are here right now by my side. Let’s keep walking together.

A couple that stays together is so rare these days because it is easier to break up and leave. The pain we experience during trials can be so intense, we just want to get far away from it asap. But not with the WanJu couple. Refreshing! Most of their conversation simply brings smile on my face. I enjoy every word spoken, because its honest. They just tell exactly how they feel, even when the words are piercingly painful. The walk they had at the park is calming, at the same time its a reassurance that they will trudge on together.

My words is not sufficient enough to describe the love Dong Joo and Soo Wan have. I will let the photos do the talking from here.






As much as I enjoyed the third kiss, I love the morning scene after the most. I have repeated it countless of times already. That scene, its as if I can smell Lee Sang Yoon’s fragrance from where I am.. #fangirlmode *sorrybutnotsorry* I really love it when a man cooks breakfast for his lady love.. *weakness* *giddy* This defined perfection for me. *repeatsceneagain* Imagine yourself waking up everyday like this..

Moving on.

AEde AEdf

Another layer is uncovered about the eyes this time. Soo Wan has to know the truth to whom the donor of her cornea came from. Since we know how fierce she is, she was able to confirm it herself. And who else she run in to give her comfort? Dong Joo. They both visited Jung Hwa ssi’s crypt and Soo Wan poured her heart while Dong Joo stayed beside her. I love the conversation that came after when Dong Joo sent Soo Wan home. I was also wondering how he can look at Soo Wan’s eyes with love knowing it came from his own Mum. Now I understand.

Dong Joo: When I first saw you again, it was fascinating to see you look at me. You looked at me directly. The fact that our eyes met, it was like a dream. Those eyes, I have missed them so much. I was so happy.

Dong Joo’s words became Soo Wan’s strength this time. Knowing that she made Dong Joo happy because she can see again, the pain seem to gradually ease out. It was harsh to know that someone so precious like Jung Hwa ssi had to go for Soo Wan to see again. However, the sacrifice has been done and its best to feel thankful though it hurts. This same situation was further explained when the suicidal ahjusshi went to the 119 station to thank the staff who rescued him. He learned the value of his life having realized how the staff risked their lives to save him. What a wonderful lesson learned.


I have to dedicate a space to bestie detective. Her conversation with Ji Woon touched my heart.

Min Soo: Dr Kang, I acknowledge your love. I know my acknowledgement doesn’t matter. But I’ll say something as a long-time observer. Don’t torture yourself.. with hope. Let Soo Wan go. Letting go, is love too.

This girl surely know so many things. Hope torture, that 1% chance.. Ji Woon clings to it and I can only sigh. It is our heart that chooses when to let go. But as long as we stubbornly choose not to, how will we ever get there? Ji Woon ssi, I know it will take longer for you. Here’s to hoping, you will decide soon.


Soo Wan is staying true to herself the most in this series. She happily prepares for the wedding that she even looked for the best wedding ring that will seal Dong Joo as hers. I can only cheer her on to never lose her love for Dong Joo even if the truth is already floating amidst her.. I’m scared. How is she going to react this time? She is the most real character. She seeks for truth. This time, how is she going to accept when her Dad is already involved?

Dong Joo: You are not the father who raised me out of love, but did it to appease your own guilt because you are a murderer. In my life you no longer exist.

I hate that Dad has to hear such painful words coming from Dong Joo. I know that there is a reason why he took care of him in the first place. I believe that the love he gave him is genuine, as a father would to his own son. Not just because of what Dad did to Jung Hwa ssi. Dad was not the cause of death! I hope its not too late for them to know this. It would be tragic to leave Dad alone. It’s like putting a person who is not guilty as a prisoner sentenced for life. I’m curious when Soo Wan arrived. To what extent did she hear? Did she hear everything?

AEdi AEdj

What to do now? She already has the wedding ring. Is there a wedding that will transpire next week? Or we have to postpone and have the couple separate?



How can a woman feel so confident with her man? Soo Wan is 101% assured of Dong Joo’s love. I’m in awe because she values whatever Dong Joo tells her. No traces of her doubts will be left, ones Dong Joo speaks she listens.

The balance WanJu has in their relationship is remarkable. When Soo Wan is on a panic streak, Dong Joo eases her worries and calms her down. When Dong Joo is a rotten mess, Soo Wan comforts him with her love and understanding. They fight like a normal couple do, but at the end of the day they fill each other with love that they choose to forgive. This is easier said than done especially with Soo Wan’s personality. She fights, she doesn’t hesitate to know the truth no matter how it will hurt her.

I think this is one point Dong Joo and Dad is missing out on. The men are underestimating Soo Wan thinking she won’t be able to endure the truth. But honestly, she can! Her will power is strong enough for it. I detest that they are hiding the truth from her, when in fact they can tell it out right. I don’t see why hiding the truth can protect anyone. So wrong. When I heard Dad said that he let the 12 years pass by without telling anything, I felt his pain. Ottoke?

But we wouldn’t have a story to tell if not for this, right?

I hope the pain will not last longer than it should. I need to see my bedimpled couple happy. Always.




  • myra do says:

    I agree with your thoughts and we’re on the same level, hence what keep us following this drama is because the story is a simple gesture of “faith for the first love that never dies”, indeed very striking in emoting thoughts and feelings of the couple, most especially elaborating the closeness of the family (that of Dong Joo & Soo Wan). Also the beautiful scenes of COMPASSIONATE KISSING that delivers the sincerity of true and lasting love” That I gave credit to the main ACTOR’s for such a good and quality portrayal of each role. Two thumbs up to both of you! Looking forward for the next episode!

  • Ivoire says:

    Hello leila108,

    Thank you so very much for your recap! I would also like to thank you for writing such heartwarming recaps, which made me curious enough to go and check this drama out. It’s a decision I have not regretted, at all! Actually, it takes me a long time to watch an episode (which I watch at least twice), because like you, I pay attention to the writing, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the acting, lighting, etc… I watch the 1st time to know what happened in the episode (story wise), and then I watch it again later, and I replay so many scenes, because so many things catch my eye and my attention.

    I really love your writing, and I totally appreciate the fangirl you are about this drama, I am one too. I love many things about Kdramas, one of them being that they really are TV shows about story telling, and this drama (especially) reminds me of that, when I watch it. I do love how the story is being told here, for the most part. The story is being let to breathe, the characters have layers and a background that explains well their actions (and reactions, I might add). I really love their musical selections for the scenes, the ones with lyrics, and the ones without. There are so many instrumental pieces in this drama, I wonder if they will all be on the OST (I doubt it though. I am sure some of them are instrumental pieces that existed before the drama. One of my favorites in this drama is in ep. 10 I think. It was the song Hye Joo played and danced to on the morning she and PDJ and YSW had breakfast together. It is also one of my many favorite scenes in the drama).

    Another thing I truly love about this drama is their production and its budget. This drama seems to have a good budget that they are using well. I LOVE the sets, the way each room is decorated, and how they seem to fit the personality and social role of the character. I pause a lot because I keep looking at the different rooms. The leader’s house (the one with the son) is different from YSW’s house, which is different from PDJ’s, which is different from JW’s apartment, etc… I love the fire station offices and rooms, and how the office of each character is different (at the hospital). The men’s offices are more manly in tone and in color, and the evil mom’s office feels and looks so spacious, and plush. Same goes for the house PDJ and YSW went to, for their getaway. I loved the feel of that house, and how open spaced it was. The many books, etc… I also love YSW’s (current) bedroom, the house she lived in when she was younger, and PDJ’s house when he was younger. The sets, houses, and individual rooms (bedrooms, offices, etc…) each have character, and they are each different. I know I am repeating myself, it is just that I love the attention to details the staff brings to their work, and how they decorate. The rooms are not carbon copies of each other (or of rooms I have seen in other dramas), and they each have their unique style. Even the detective’s place reflects his “lot” in life, and his current emotional and financial state. Also there is a lot of wood (not a lot a lot, but it is quite noticeable), sometimes on the floor, sometimes on the ceiling (YSW’s house, the current one), and I really love how open spaced some of those rooms are.

    I know I am going on and on about the sets, and maybe it should be a given that the sets should reflect the characters’ positions in life, however I have not always found that to be the case. For dramas that had a really good production budget like YWCFTS, that was to be expected and they delivered. However, I have also watched (a few) dramas with big stars and the sets looked and felt cheap, when they should have been more plush or better decorated. I have come to appreciate how important those kinds of things are to the scenes, the mood the episode sets, and how things can visually affect the viewer (me at least). I am saying all of this because it makes me realize (and appreciate) how much thought, effort, time and detail actually go into making a drama or a movie. I also find it very interesting, and I glean ideas from how they decorate.

    I really love the aside relationships in this drama: the fire chief and his son (and I love the actor who plays the fire chief. I read on DB that he sometimes ad-libs his lines, he looks like a fun guy to be around. I think he was [still is?] also the host of the variety show “Taxi.” I like him because he seems real, and the kind of host who would not ask (only) flowery questions, but questions that make you think and actually tell you more about the celebrities and their line of work).
    I also LOVE the interactions between PDJ and PHJ (his sister). I would love to see more of them. I love how they adore each other, yet they don’t try to change each other. And the actors playing those characters have great chemistry as well. I would love to see the BTS of their scenes, such as the one when Ellie came back from the US. As she kept kissing LSY on the cheeks, 2 thoughts came to my mind: 1–“you better not miss and accidentally kiss him on the lips (I am sure they would edit that) because I don’t think YSW would like that” 2–The actress/this woman is blessed. LSY is not only carrying her, but she gets to kiss him WHILE he is carrying her” LOL. I love that though their interactions are few, they are always meaningful, and we get to see a different side of PDJ. Also, this is a small thing, yet I couldn’t help but notice it: the little girl playing PHJ and the adult actress playing PHJ speak in the same way. The way they move their mouths and pronounce words are quite similar. I love little things like that, because we get to see that adult PHJ really feels like a continuation/evolution of child PHJ. It really feels like it is the same person.

    I also find the relationships and interactions between the parents (YSW’s dad and JW’s mom) with their children interesting. They both love their children, and yet they hurt them with their actions. And as we know, YSW’s dad has a conscience and comes to feel guilty about it, while though JW’s mom cried about throwing her “friend” under the bus and turning him into a murderer, she doesn’t let guilt get in the way of her goals. I have more I would like to say (see what this drama is doing to me?), however I am going to post this comment for now, since it is quite long. Thank you for reading it.

    Oh, last point for now, I lvoe the little bits of bromance we get here and there, Teddy and the fire chief (the one with the son) being one. I also love the Chief (the older one at the fire station), he is such a softie. And the three stooges at the hospital, always gossiping. I love their interactions too, as much as I love the detective and his hoobae (the guy playing the detective is one of my favorite actors. he is really good. I have loved him in his previous dramas. He makes acting look effortless. *Rave Over*)

    Thank you Couch Kimchi, for giving us a space where we can rave about this drama (and dramas in general), and write to our heart’s content.

    • Ivoire says:

      Sorry, my comment was so long that I did not catch all my mistakes. I wrote, “I lvoe the little bits of bromance we get here and there,” when I meant to write, “I love the little bits of bromance we get here and there.”

  • Denali says:

    How about shipping these 2 irl?

    • Ivoire says:

      They are so cute together, aren’t they? I just love the ease both actors seem to have with each other. Their chemistry is really good. And by chemistry, I don’t mean just the sexual/physical attraction kind. Chemistry to me is more than that. I love their interactions, their banter. They just always seem to be in sync. There just seems to be this fluidity between the two of them, and they come together well on the screen.
      Even at the beginning, when they were antagonistic with each other (I love that scene at the observatory, when they were seriously arguing. You couldn’t tell that they loved each other), I could feel it, and I loved that the writer did not make them lovey dovey in action (for each other) right away.

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Denali!

      You know after watching so many Kdramas, shipping the OTP for real is natural. I have fallen for it countless of times. However, something reel is not real. And to keep my heart healthy, in years that pass I choose to enjoy the OTP as is. Writing is easier that way too.

      In Angel Eyes, I don’t see Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun. Who I see is Dong Joo and Soo Wan, madly, deeply, intensely, purely, genuinely in love with each other. Though my fangirl heart can still happily pray things can happen for real, the actors just want the viewers to feel their character the best way possible. I am happy both are having a great time doing just that. Things can be this simple in Kdramaland. If we mix on things, it can lead to heartache.

      Keep your heart intact! Enjoy the drama and love it as is ♥

  • Adal says:

    @Leila 108. Thanks for reviewing this. You are doing an awesome job reviewing this beautiful and heartwarming atypical drama (it’s unfortunate that so few sites are covering “Angel Eyes”) because it truly is such a powerfully, simple and beautiful love story.

    There’s no unnecessary drama anywhere, just natural, heartfelt emotions coming from each of the players and I like the way you point out each person’s point of views in your analysis.

    I do hope more people come to watch the drama from your reviews because I find this drama simply amazing and very refreshing. It’s one of the few, really “mellow” dramas out there, with believable characters and the cinematography is amazing!

  • cinders h says:

    I love everything on your comments and it is so well said. Am so in love with AE kdrama
    that i cannot put words into it anymore just feeling great with the awesomeness of every
    details. There is so much substance that can be felt in every soul and spirit that touch
    humanity. Congratulations and all the best to the actors/actress and the production team 🙂

  • Ivoire says:

    I seriously LOVE this drama, as my many comments here can attest 🙂 I just wanted to share two YT videos. The 2nd one is Beautiful Sad by Han Soo Ji and the 1st one is the opening song of the episodes (by HSJ as well, I think):



    Here are the lyrics: (taken from Soompi. credit goes to AE production team [especially Music team])

    Late at night sunshines are sleep at night
    With every starlight blowing the wind
    Hold on let me inside your tears
    I’m gonna hold you just be with me

    Stay with me darkness is near by me
    Sometimes I’m lonely but i can see
    Hold me let me inside your dreams
    You gonna hold me as you loved me

    Sometimes I feel the quiet times
    That we have together all the time
    I won’t ask even though I trying to find a way
    I know you are still there with me

    Fly away from your tears make you sad
    When there’s spring winds blowing you are now dance with me
    Go away where are all those my wings
    You are still shining you’re on my dreams


    • Ivoire says:

      There must be something in the water they are drinking, because man, do I love this cast and the way they come together. You can just tell they get along, they support each other, and they are having fun. Well, at least when they are not doing the emotional scenes. I LOVE the PD and the actors/actresses, because they don’t rush the scenes that need to be slow for full emotional impact.

      OK, I will stop raving about his drama for now 🙂

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Ivorie!

      Thank you for sharing the OST here. I also love the background music in this drama. I love the acoustic version of Run to You the most. Thanks for taking time and visiting us at the couch ♥

  • Eunhye105 says:

    How I love going back to this entry on your blog. It reminds me of happy times with our OTP. I already miss them. Here’s to no more waterworks by next week. I also want this bedimpled couple together again and forever and always!

  • website says:

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    When I look at your blog site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer,
    it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, very good blog!

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