Ji Hyun Woo Military Release Contest – Winners Announced!

We finally have our winners! I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and apologize that it took so long. It’s funny, I actually thought judging this type of contest would be easier than say…a story/essay or artistic type contest? Pfffttt, WRONG – this was just as hard!

There were so many entries that we loved and narrowing it down was extremely hard. We could tell all of you watched Queen Inhyun’s Man closely and adored everything about it. So without further ado *drum roll* our winners are

First Place – Lyrayoo
Second Place – Grace

Honorable mentions to both kdlovealways and jahzteen_08 – I wish I could give out Queen Inhyun’s Man stuff to everyone, I most certainly would. All of you touched my heart in one way or another with memories of this beautiful drama so thank you for sharing your favorite moments.

Please join me in congratulating our two lucky winners! Ladies, please contact me at our blog email azndramaaddicts@gmail.com asap to claim your prizes.


I hope you’ll all be joining me for the upcoming KBS drama “Trot Lovers”!


  • KDlovealways says:

    Awww…. anyway congratulations guys! It was fun thinking about my favourite moments and reading everyone else’s 🙂 x

  • sally_b says:

    ALERT! @Tess — I just saw stills of the first reading for Trot and …um…something is different about Hyun Woo …and I’m really hoping it’s only that he got his teeth fixed and lost some weight…because Holy-Tamales….why would such a naturally gorgeous guy *fix* his face?

    O.o ?

    • tessieroo says:

      Nah, his facial features are exactly the same. But WOW, what a difference braces, whitener and hair-color can make, huh! I thought he looked sick when I first saw him, he’s pale and very thin but I remember during “Mr Idol” his face got a lot thinner then too. (he was working out like crazy)

      I’m certainly used to his cheeks fuller but he looks great and as long as he’s healthy, I’m good. I guess he finally decided to ask his parents for something for himself and got braces? Sweet.

      • sally_b says:

        oh yay! I didn’t think he looked bad…maybe a little thin, but that’s to be expected post military. I actually LIKE semi-crooked-y teeth, because they give character, but I also understand that as you age…they get crooked-ier and no one wants that, right?

        So happy he didn’t linger upon return and instead took a role right away! Let the Hyun Woo goodness begin! 🙂

  • LyraYoo (@LyraYoo) says:

    yey ! Thanks a million couch-kimchi gals !! So happy right now ! *confetti*

    am looking forward to see Ji Hyun Woo’s Trot Lovers too 😀

    (despite the break up from YIN, i hope they would remain friends as well.. ^^ )

    Again, thank you!

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