“Trot Lovers” Releases Poster + Cast Interview

The posters for KBS’s upcoming Trot Lovers have been released. It looks like we’re going to get two couples but what’s up with Ji Hyun Woo’s sleeve in the group photo? Is that Trot fashion?

Here’s a video of a cast interview:

To be quite honest, after seeing how the leads kiss on tvN, I’m most interested in what their network kisses will look like. Does that make me a perv?

Trot Lovers is a romantic musical about a genius musician and a girl who dreams of becoming a trot singer. The first episode is scheduled for June 23rd. And lucky for them, Big Man‘s ratings are rising and have greatly improved from its predecessor’s Beyond The Clouds so they’ll be starting off in a better position. Fighting!

Credit: TopStarNews, Uploader


  • Blues says:

    ‘Does that make me a perv?’
    Then I must be called it too, because I just thought what you have thought. Hhahaha

  • coffeenlucia says:

    Have to get the evil guy image out of my head.

    Mind: He’s nice, okay? His scary acting just means that he’s a GOOD ACTOR.
    Heart: But… he’s so evil, so so evil…
    Mind: Go rewatch “Thank You”. He wasn’t so bad there, wasn’t he?
    Heart: *thinks about his facial expressions in MFTS*

  • ColleenF-H says:

    I think Jung EunJi is just so adorable!!!! I really hope this will be good.

  • Swee says:

    JHW looks different with his new looks, hair colour, tanned and even teeth, it is different but I am loving his new looks. Looking forward to this new drama. Thanks for sharing.

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