Doctor Stranger recap week 5 – Together at last

As Hoon had to face a decision between what choice to make in regards to Jae Hee, we got more of a back story on Jae Joon, as his life’s goal falls in jeapordy. Yes, we finally are getting to the competition, but the aftermath is more interesting as someone got trigger happy, and Hoon and Jae Hee locked lips.

Hoons choice 

Upon hearing that Sung Hee life is in danger, Hoon is practically in a trance. The sense of urgency encompassing his heart has placed the thought of saving Sung Hee at the fore front of his mind, causing him to completely forget that he was scrubbing in to save a baby. However it was Soo Hyun that snapped him out of it, reminding him that there was a baby that was helplessly relying on Hoon to save his life. After, hearing Soo Hyun say “the baby needed to be saved”, Sung Hee’s voice, echoing the same phrase rang clear through his thoughts. That phrase doubled as both a wish of Sung Hee, but also as a promise that she would show up and be back on time. Hoon knows that Jae Hee has something going on with the North Korean government, he also knows that she herself had an appointment set, but stated she would be back by 10. Therefore when Hoon chose to stay back and do the surgery, he was not choosing the baby over Jae Hee, but choosing to trust her over playing hero, which is why he did not switch in a different anaestesiologist. Hoon’s wait for Jae Hee shows how much faith and trust he has in her. It also pokes at the Jae Joon-Soo Hyun loveline, if they were in the same situation Jae Joon would most likely not wait. We can use this as a way to view the strength of Jae Hee and Hoon’s bond.

In retrospect I like that Hoon didn’t come in to save the day, I loved seeing Jae Hee turn the gun on Sec. Kim, She is not a damsel in distress. Even though Hoon is prone to trying to protect her, we can’t forget there is nothing delicate about this character .

Hoon’s delayed victory

Although Sung Hee made it back a bit late, with her skills she was able to catch up to Jae Joon’s team. However a complication occurred, and Soo Hyun, who had constantly looked back and forth between the clock, froze under pressure. Unlike Hoon who only cared about saving the patient, Soo Hyun was focused on winning the competition.  Therefore when there was a rupture, Soo Hyun did not feel confident that she could carry out the task quickly enough. She was second guessing herself because the teams victory seemingly rode on her. Her actions are a reflection of Jae Joon’s words, “the operating room is not for those who want to do well but who can.” In order for Soo Hyun to do well she has to believe she can, so her actions can follow suit. There is also the fact that she lost sight of her purpose as first, she is there to help Hoon successfully operate on the babies, yet she was tied down by the competition and her concentration shifted towards speed, when it should have been focused on doing her job properly. Yet Hoon’s Hoons encouragement kick started, albeit temporarily, that fiery spirit we know Soo Hyun to have.

Although they lost the competition by a couple of minutes, the importance of carrying out the surgery properly showed through, when Jae Joon’s baby suffered complications after surgery. From this we can see that Soo Hyun was not the only first so absorbed in the competition that they didn’t get it right.

And of course Jae Joon is livid, it is ironic how he called her in capable, but it was the more capable first, Dr. Keum that cost him the victory. Dr. Moon is another story all together, if it wasn’t for his bad joints, I am sure he would do back flips lol.

The reunion
Shortly after “failing the surgery” and hence the mission, Cha was quick to try and kill Hoon, but Sung Hee was one step faster. The trigger happy Cha refused to listen to Sung Hee’s plea that things do not have to end this way, and not to kill him. But Cha didn’t listen and Sung Hee swept Hoon out the way. As they shared a charged stare in each others embrace, the code blue rang out, saving Hoon, and serve as the precursor to his victory.

It was only back at the Garibong clinic that we saw Sung Hee actually become Jae Hee. Jae Hee’s trademark smile returned, and the memories from the time they met and their happy moments came flooding into his memories. He was visibly in shock, just taking in the sight of Jae Hee’s smile, the announcement  of her return. The scene was emotionally charged. It was the reunion that he was working hard for, and he sealed it with a very passionate and deep kiss. Honestly Hoon looked like he was starving for days ( 2 years to be exact) and he just devoured her, although I don’t think she minded much, her response was just as hungry lol.

Wonder if they’ll come up for oxygen?

Part 2 of the mission begins

Although Cha’s rash actions almost jeapordized the mission, their saving grace is that Hoon is alive and he still loves Jae Hee. In the past they were manipulating his love for her on the sidelines, but after Cha basically blew his cover, he came out front to Hoon.

After a fun date together, Hoon takes Jae Hee to the harbor, wanting to whisk her away to safety. He doesn’t care to know about the details pertaining to the NK government, he just wants her out and safe. She disagrees with running away, and Cha pops out of no where to foil their escape. He brings Hoon back to a holding room, then parades Jae Hee in. Cha proceeds to smack Jae Hee around  as Hoon shouts against restraints to let her go. Cha opens Jae Hee’s shirt, and playing right into Cha’s hand, Hoon submits and states he will whatever he wants to save her. Cha then orders him to operate on the prime minister and not reveal Jae Hee’s true identity. Hoon is later escorted out, and Jae Hee re-emerges, glaring at Cha. What transpired was a show for Hoon. Cha learned just how much he could use Jae Hee against Hoon, and he set the stage up for more direct manipulation, while Jae Hee appeard to be an innocent bargaining chip.

On the flip side, the greater political aspect of their plan is unfolding. The north is threatening South Korea with a nuclear bomb testing, which produced mixed reactions. The citizens were unphased, but the politicians were in a tizzy . The solution to overcome this crisis is to have the inter-Korean summit, but North Korea won’t agree to it unless they are given 2 billion dollars aka 2 trillion won, enough money to feed the nations children for the next 10 years, but only 5% of the government’s defense budget. The thing is the north and south were already in talks about the summit but the south never agreed because of the money they were asking for. So in order to get the money they threatened the South, but the real aim was not the people but the politicians. The threat alone sent stock prices falling (a minus for the economy) and it would affect the political polls. Jang’s encouragement to give the money was also a jab at the president. He showed that the presideng was just being cheap and petty. They spend much more on other things pertaining to protecting the country, so 5% of that spending money is nothing if it can stop a war. Jang is trying to show that the president is unmaleable and narrow minded, qualities unbefitting of a president.

2 trillion what?!?!? You begging to get slapped

Jae Joon revenge is thwarted 

Losing the competition for Jae Joon is an act of failing his father, and the sole goal in his life, gaining ownership of the hospital and destroying it. His reaction to having his dreams crushed really showed what type of guy he is, or at least one facet to his character. He looks down on everybody, people are things to be used and thrown away when they are no longer needed or displease him. It was clear how highly he thought of himself when he basically ordered chairman Oh to arrange a second competition. He was trying to use himself as leverage, as if saying things like, “if you want me to stay you have to do this,” would propel the chairman to action because he found Jae Joon so valuable, but for the chairman, this was not the case. Jae Joon came into the office that day with the intention to persuade, but because of his personality, and the drive to revive his plans, it came off as a command/ threat.

He is also facing the fact that he may never be able to avenge his father, so he is resorting to rash behaviors and is venting on everyone. At the moment everything is out of his hands, and he has lost total control of the situation. Jae Joon is not the type to leave things to chance, but now he is at a point where he can no longer manipulate the situation, but he does have one last life line, the prime minister. He goes to him, asking the prime minister to get chairman Oh to change his mind. Then he goes to the chairman’s house, kneels on the lawn, begging for a chance, as he becomes soaked in rain and relives a similar moment in his child hood. After his father surgical accident which killed his father, he went to the chairman, and asked for him to save his father. Upon the chairman’s refusal, he openly vowed revenge. Yet at present, in his desperation, he is bowing his head showing he would be the chairman’s loyal dog.

His maneuvering seems to have paid off since, PM Jang presented Chairman Oh with evidence of Hoon and Moon lookingat Jae hee’s medical files, which is reason enough to kick them out. However, his son questioned how the PM new these things, unbeknownst to them it was Dr. Yang.

Soo Hyun and the two Jae Joons

After Jae Joon lost, he got into an argument with Soo Hyun. He questioned why she had to pretend to be a doctor, and team up with a nothing like Hoon and stand in his way. After retorting that he was in fact the fake doctor that lost to a real doctor like Hoon, because Jae Joon only cares about winning, she stormed off. However the sting of Jae Joons words still remained.

Soo Hyun is now forced to recomcile the two Jae Joons. Before the competition Jae Joon was supportive, and treated her like she mattered, but currently he has been belittling her and attacking her vulnerabilities. As a loved one, what Jae joon thinks of her matters, but his recent actions may lead her to wonder what kind of man she has been with all along, as well as what kind of relationship do they really have. Soo Hyun does not have very many good human relationships, her mom sent her away (with good intentions), so there is an element of abandonment, or not being wanted,and the same goes for her relationship with her step mom and brother, she is a mere annoyance. Her relationship with her father, although he does love her, but for him to treat her as if she is wanted she must do whatever he wants. The only relationships that she had that made her feel wanted was the one she had with Jae joon and Hoon, which probably explains why she went to Hoon’s clinic after the arguement. Hoon has always been a source of encouragement. Also he is a friend, she was there for him when he was looking for Jae Hee, so she may percieve he can back her when she is going through her problems.


In this drama there is not one untainted loveline. Even Hoon and Jae hee who are madly in love with each other can’t sustain a pure love, because of Jae Hee’s lies, which are very likely well intentioned and are targeted at protecting Hoon. Under the assumption that Jae Hee and Sung Hee are the same, we know that she is a spy and she is using his love to manipulate him. Therefore each act she does, even out of sincerity, is marred because it all ties back to the ploy to control him. From time to time you can see the guilt stemming from her actions and it leaves us with the implication that she might be doing this against her will. I am curious about what the writers have in store about the “becoming a spy story”.

I personally do not relish seeing Hoon so easily manipulated by Jae Hee, nor how he immediately goes crazy like a loose cannon at any situation pertaining to her safety but I understand where he is coming from. It is easy to say it is obsessive, or puppy love but if we were to switch Jae Hee with his father, or lets say he had a daughter, I feel he would react in the same way. We have to remember Jae Hee is a very precious person, she is the one who made him dream.  Dreaming is a sign of hope and aspiration. It shows an expectation as well as anticipation towards the future, it can also be our goal’s in life.This signifies that before he met Jae Hee he wasn’t really hopeful nor anticipating the future, but she gave him a reason to live, and look forward to life. She is a source of happiness and as his fiancee, soon to be family. It would be odd to here Jae Hee is in danger, and just shrug it off. It would also be out of his character if he were to immediately exert self-control,  since he is a passionate guy. We have seen him say and do things at the spur of the moment, which he regreted directly afterwards. With Jae Hee being at his fore thoughts, it would require some kind of external force to snap him out of it, and I feel Soo Hyun did a good job of doing that. Dragging him to see the baby is more impactful then any words alone because Hoon can’t turn his back on the plight of a patient easily.

One resounding theme in this drama is being a true doctor, and the former chairman tried to teach this through a competition. Although the intentions are good, competitions tend to breed divisiveness. There would be too much focus on beating each other if they are emotionally invested in the competition. We saw this with Hoon, who didn’t care, and we saw it with Jae Joon who’s sole focus was winning. Jae Joon at the moment was not trying to learn how to be a doctor because he is confident that he is a skilled one. You can’t teach those who think they already mastered the topic, but Soo Hyun’s remark left a mark on him. Hopefully it will help him realize he was not acting the part of a true doctor.

This makes me wonder at Soo Hyun’s role in the drama. She is also apart of the becoming a true doctor theme because there in lies her sense of worth. If she knows she is a true/good doctor she will not need to compete with others nor be easily affected by scathing criticisms about her skills as a doctor. There is also the fact that she makes Joon human. When it comes to his plans she makes him waver. It is sad that they have that tainted love element to their love line too, his sincere actions always carry a small possibility that he is just using her. Oh writers must everyone’s love carry a flavor of doubt, *sigh*. Then there is her relationship with Hoon, he is as much of a support as she is to him. You get the feeling she doesn’t have to try to prove herself to him because of how encouraging he has always been. Their comfort level is high to the point that the skinship is outrageous, lol, Hoon is the touchy type. But it is good he has someone there to support him, and back him up when need be. Although there really isn’t any development on her relationship with Jae Hee, I hope they keep up the good vibes, because there are times Jae Hee flirts with jealousy can’t blame her though, sometimes Hoon is all over her. It is possible she has never seen him so lax with someone like that.

Soo Hyun: crippler of men, annihilater of bloodlines. (This guy won’t be having kids anytime soon lol)

Why won’t you date me, I have wild hair too!


  • pg says:

    thank you thank you so much for you sincere review,,, unlike so many others yours is so sincere and true to being a review rather than criticism it explains so many scenarios in a more positive way leaving one satisfied after reading it…. cause i was seriously itching for a review like this which explained the show thoroughly…. how you have justified the show and esp hoon’s actions in ep 9 and 10 is just so wonderful when there were so many complaining as to how it went downhill for them and instead of reviewing they were busy complaining but you on the other hand here explain why hoon acted the way he did….. even i kind of had the zest of it but i just wanted someone to say the same as i felt just so that it becomes concrete like a fact cause when it was just me saying that (well to myself) when everyone seemed to differ, it felt like i was blind because of lee jong suk and so now your review has made my feeling firm and strong and made me love the show even more esp dr park hoon………… AND FOR THIS I WISH DR PARK HOON WOULD GIVE YOU AS SPECIAL A SMOOCH LIKE HE DOES TO JAE HEE IN EP 9 …HEHE…..thank you for the review again….

    • rinchan76 says:

      Thanks for your comment I am happy you get a sense of satisfaction from m my recaps, despite the comments about eps 9 & 10 I am enjoying this drama & I like to see things from the characters perspective, so sometimes I try to convey the recaps that way.
      I am also enjoying Lee Jong Suk’s acting in this drama and if I could ever be on the receiving end of a kiss like in ep 9, the furniture in the house will melt lol, that kiss was smoldering.

      • pg says:

        can you please tell me why they kiss passitionately on their reunion but not ask eachother how they are if they are hurt anywhere how they have lived until now without each other….. why didn’t they cry into each others arm and then only then kissed each other……. can you please explain it to me i have tried to reason it it so many times but i just can’t come up with one rational please…….
        i felt like jae hee dictates hoons love so when she motions for a kiss and he goes forward too but hoon was worried to death when she wasn’t back on time and when she is back why did he not ask her how she was……..he knows how life is in north korea but why did he not ask how she had been surviving by herself in that ruthless place and how her health is because of the kidney…….. they didn’t have to confront eachother with the truth that they wanted to hide that is jae hee’s plan and hoon killing her dad to save her. they could just asked eachother how they are……

        please just give me any reason i just can’t understand that scene if you could elaborate for me i would really be happy………….

        • rinchan76 says:

          The question is actually quite valid, in terms of writing it may very well be an oversight by the writers, because they are trying to juggle so many genres, but also at the time they wanted to keep Jae Hee mysterious to us as viewers.

          However in context of the story we must recall how Hoon was in a daze/ trance when he first saw Jae Hee. Clearly Hoon knew Jae Hee was in his apartment when he initially entered, and his disappointment was clearly palatable when it appeared as though he had missed her for the nth time, but the important thing to realize is which Jae Hee was he expecting. Entering the clinic he was most likely expecting the cold, aloof Jae Hee. However when he saw Jae Hee smile at him, he was clearly taken aback and the memories of their time together came flooding back in. At that moment, the Jae Hee before him was behaving like the Jae Hee of the past. You can clearly see his sense of disbelief as he probed her facial features with his fingers. Although we know he believed she was Jae Hee, her coming out as Jae Hee is the best confirmation, because at that point it was just him alone believing and fighting to get her real self back (since he does not understand the situation). Therefore when he finally realized this was really the real thing, and not just a manifestation of hope, he could barely react, he was so stunned.
          Did you notice how slow he was slow to return her hug? All his responses were belated and slow as if he is just taking everything in. Unable to articulate himself at this point he just acted on how he felt. He was operating more on instinct, rather than thinking, so he reacted with emotion or in the heat of the moment (Hoon’s trademark) rather than logically.
          By the time Hoon was thinking, he had already prepared for her escape. Hoon knew Jae Hee was healthy because he had her medical exam results and he was also able to connect the dots when it came to Jae Hee’s back story. From Chang Yi’s mother’s account he knew Jae Hee was at a concentration camp and died but low and behold she was here before him. Anyone would ask her whats up, however Hoon quickly realized the gravity of the situation, and tried to whisk her away to a safe place. Hoon was just trying to tackle the important things first. He knew she was alive and well, but was not safe, before handling that, all other things can be pushed to the back burner.

  • papryca says:

    Finally, there’s another one who writes a makes sense recaps without too much bias..
    I can breath freely while reading your recap. Please continue!

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