“Glorious Day” Week 16 Review – First Signs Of Frustration

Just when I’m voicing excitement over a weekend, family drama and happy about everything (characters, story, dialogue) and where it’s going – a wrench gets thrown in and I’m back to square one. *sigh*

Last week, we left off with Shin Ae at a sauna, our lovely Grandparents were moving out and Uncle Nam asked Song Jung to formally date. *squeals* Plus a new problem: which young couple would marry first? The last one ticked me off a bit because I assumed Grandpa would stand firm on that. Then with him leaving, I assumed Min Sik would stand firm on that. Nope, it appears everyone is caving – including Jae Woo.

I’m also a bit frustrated with Song Jung but I have to admit, I understand how she feels. As a Mother and an “Ahjumma”, she might feel silly to be dating at the same time two of her daughters are dating? LOL! I get it but I hope she resolves the issue in her mind quickly. I really want to see this older couple having fun! The hurt showed on Nam’s face plus I just love the way he gazes at her. *heh*

I didn’t expect Shin Ae to return home so soon nor did I expect her behavior to change much. But that she continues to whine like a 2-year-old is both hilarious and somewhat sad. She obviously didn’t learn anything! Even though Min Sik seems to be coming down on her like a hammer, I don’t feel his resolve will last long. Which means nothing has changed and she’s still doing whatever the hell she wants.

I’m disgusted at the way she speaks to her parents and can’t believe she gets away with it. I mean, it shocks me that Min Sik says nothing. I know Grandpa was dealing with it there for a quick minute but now, even he just allows it to continue. If this part of the problem, there’s no consistency in dealing with her? I still don’t understand why she’s allowed to behave this way.

When Grandma mentioned “I wish I had treated you better” – we all know who is going to be saying those words and why. That’s so incredibly heartbreaking! Like I wish I could crawl through my screen and shake Shin Ae, she’s being petty when much more important things are happening.

Since she accepts no responsibility for her words or actions, I can easily see her blaming Grandpa for not telling her how sick Grandma is. Da Jung’s latest attempt to win her over cracks me up, you would think Shin Ae would get the joke of how annoying everyone finds So Lee when she whines “Ommonee!”

It crossed my mind that Da Jung would be stuck doing all the housework but now that Min Sik has kind of officially hired her at the rice-cake shop, I think Shin Ae will be the one doing it. We all know So Lee isn’t going to lift a finger (or risk breaking a fingernail).

I’m scared that Grandma doesn’t have much time left but I adore Grandpa for doing everything he can to grant one of her lifetime wishes. I love that they’re living alone, just the two of them and adore that she feels like a “newlywed”. I just have this huge fear that something will happen to her while they’re alone. And how heartbroken the family will be, especially Jae Woo. He seems the type who wants to “fix” everything.

Who wants to bet he ends up holding Da Jung’s hand every night once they’re married? I love his relationship with Song Jung and how she’s coming to depend on him while realizing what a nice, young man he is. How telling that Shin Ae didn’t raise either of her sons, Grandma did.

What I’m most frustrated with right now is the issue surrounding So Lee and her family. To think these parents are helping their daughter deceive everyone and force In Woo to marry her infuriates me. The happy, playful music during that scene was disturbing, are we supposed to find it amusing To me, it’s cruel and dishonest, they’re not teaching their daughter properly (which might explain a lot).

I’m also annoyed with In Woo, it appears his wish to meet someone sincere has vanished into the wind. LOL when he said So Lee keeps her sincerity in a box, he’s right. She kept all that stuff to show to him and further manipulate the situation! That he’s unable to see So Lee is a carbon-copy of his lazy, spoiled Mother is unfathomable.

Ugh, this drama was going along so smoothly and I found it amazing that I actually liked all of the characters! Yes, even Shin Ae had her funny moments but now she’s become intolerable. Maybe the writer felt there wasn’t enough conflict? I don’t know, I just know I’m annoyed and I’m suddenly fast-forwarding.

That tells me this drama has become like every other weekend, family drama and it’s not as special as I originally thought. *weeps in the corner* Let’s keep our fingers crossed that So Lee is not the one In Woo marries.


  • trotwood says:

    I am so happy you wrote this because I was just thinking as I was finishing this episode that I don’t think I can watch any more. I want to find out what actually happens to the grandparents, and I would so love to see Uncle Nam and Song Young date (they are my new favorite couple despite the brilliancy of Jae Woo’s smiles!). But my heart falls at what is happening to In Woo. Why are they doing this to this character? So Lee is JUST like his mother, and he sees through her. I love how he responded when she was trying to get his sympathy over the whole divorce threat. Everyone knows that grandma raised those boys and did all the housework while she was princess girl. Why can’t he see that So Lee would be the same? He was able to pick up on so many things before but not now? I dislike Shin Ae (A LOT) but she is getting her punishments now and will for awhile, which I enjoy, but the show seems to be saying that if you’re young and pretty you can act this way and marry a nice person; you’ll just have to wait until you are older before the punishment begins.

    • tessieroo says:

      I initially thought IW wasn’t catching on but now I think he is. IF he truly likes her that much, they haven’t convinced me at all. It seems to me he’s begging for help on how to deal with her and the whole marriage issue but no one is taking him seriously? He’s said more than once he does not want to marry her but no one is listening. And his feelings for her have remained ambiguous. UGH

      I still love this drama, the interactions between the Grandparents, JW/DJ couple and Nam/SJ couple are what keeps me watching. But I have started fast-forwarding which really bothers me. (LOL) Ah, well.

  • Christina says:

    Aaah. I’m sad to read that Glorious Day has gone even more. I was already frustrated with the direction the writers where taking with In Woo, and the pathetic girl they stuck him with, and now it seems like he’ll be with her permanently. I was thinking about catching up, but now I think GD will join the list of family dramas I’ve dropped.

  • SoyB says:

    I sub this drama and prior to about 2 weeks ago, I was staying up late to work on it and then I watch the entire episode again fully subbed and edited. It’s telling that I’ve subbed just what I needed to and I have yet to properly watch the last 4 episodes. Knowing that I’ve got 18 more episodes to work on is depressing me. I really, really hope they can bring back the cute and dial down on the annoying soon.

    I don’t understand why they’re making In Woo marry that manipulative and spoiled girl, especially considering that he’s shown growth and maturity and I don’t understand why the Grandparents are hiding the illness from the family. Everyone is going to be so devastated when they find out.

    On a positive note, Da Jeong and Jae Woo – just sooooo cute!

    • tessieroo says:

      Thank you so much for helping to sub this! *squishy hugs* Nice to have a chance to thank a subber personally. 🙂
      Yea, no one is happy about the possibility that In Woo might really marry that girl, it’s not fair to him. I haven’t seen any indication that he truly loves her either?
      I also don’t understand why the Grandparents are hiding her illness! O_O I thought I was the only one who felt that way. *keke* Even if they want to live alone for a while, they could still do that if the family knows so I don’t quite get it.

  • bmore says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show. I look forward every week and watch and check continuously for the subs to be complete. And so does everyone in my group. We are all mad about it! So SOYB…we love you and love what you are doing! It is literally the highlight of my week when I get to watch an episode! There are many of us who feel this way so keep up the great work! You are bringing joy and happiness to many people!

    I am totally invested in this show and wish it could go on for 100+ episodes. My first time ever even thinking such a thing. I never would watch a 50 episode show before, but this one got me. So thanks so much for that too…I think. 🙂

    • SoyB says:

      BMore – if you’re watching on Viki, please go thanks all the subbers on the comment section. It’s a very very small group of Ko-Eng subbers, but they are so dedicated and they deserve a lot of credit for coming every weekend for months!

      • bmore says:

        sadly I am in the US so cannot watch on viki. But, it is my go to site for anything else that is airing whenever it’s available there. Still thank you for all the work you do there. It is a wonderful thing to have access to all these great programs and would never be possible without people like you!

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