“Discovery Of Love” First Impressions

Discovery of Love started this week and after watching the first 2 episodes, I’m even more excited than I was when the cast was announced! It’s feels similar to the “I Need Romance” series which makes sense since the writer is Jung Hyun Jung, who wrote all of those. I like the mature themes and adult humor but this writer also keeps elements of the Kdrama charm that I love.

It begins in 2004, with Kang Tae Ha (Eric) and Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) on a picnic date outside, feeding each other. Next we see them sitting in a cafe, discussing plans for their upcoming 100 days together. Tae Ha asks what kind of gift she wants? She doesn’t want a gift and whispers across the table: should they go to a hotel that night? LMAO!

That turns out to be a bust when both are too embarrassed to go inside and get a room. He drops her back home but it’s very clear she’s hugely disappointed. The scene then moves to both of them being interviewed about their relationship and why they broke up.

He has no clue but remembers they dated for 5 years. She very much remembers: she dumped him. (LOL) She has zero interest in ever seeing or even thinking about him again while he would like to see her again, just to see how she’s doing. Is she married, is she not married? He’s just curious about those types of things.

And she does have a boyfriend right now. We see the boyfriend, Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) inside a ring store. He plans to propose on her Birthday, which is coming up. Yeo Reum tells us they met one year ago on a date set up for their friends but they ended up hitting it off – which she thinks is destiny.

Flashback to that date with friends, Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) and Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi). After introductions, Yoon Sol immediately says Ha Jin is not her type: he’s too tall and good-looking. Ahahaha.

There was an instant connection/attraction between Yeo Reum and Ha Jin so they sneak off alone. Ha Jin asks what she thinks of him? She gets embarrassed and almost falls, he catches her and then pulls her closer. Asking permission for a kiss is not something she agrees with, he should do it naturally. So he does. *hehehe* (Observation: Sung Joon is an amazing on-screen kisser).

He calls during her interview to remind her they have a date that night, she assures him she’s got a change of clothing and has already mapped out the subway route. His friend, Joon Ho catches him making kissy noises into his phone. He brings up the blind date, Ha Jin warns him to keep it top-secret from Yeo Reum.

Joon Ho remarks that of course he can’t tell Yeo Reum her boyfriend is going on a blind date and picks up his phone. But then we see he sent a text to Yoon Sol telling her that Ha Jin went on a blind date, even giving her the who and where. ROFL! Okay, that’s cold. She shows the text to Yeo Reum who quickly heads out, saying she’s going to kill him.

She rushes to a hotel lobby and sees him, sitting across from a girl. Hiding her face behind a newspaper, she sneaks closer until she’s sitting behind him. She hears a tap on the table and looks up to see…Tae Ha sitting across from her. Well, I hate it when that happens.

He grabs the note she wrote on a coaster and reads. It said her boyfriend is on a date behind her back. Can she just sit here for a bit? He smiles and then says it’s been awhile. He looks over and says the girl (sitting with Ha Jin) is pretty. They both listen to the conversation between the pretty girl and Ha Jin. Since he’s a plastic surgeon, does he figure an estimate right away just from looking at a girls face?

Ha Jin says it’s an occupational hazard. When the girls asks about her face, he says she doesn’t need much of anything, her face is already perfect. Tae Ha laughs and calls “strike”. Yeo Reum says to herself that he hasn’t changed at all, he’s still cold and mean. Tae Ha says to himself that she hasn’t changed at all, she’s still unable to hide her feelings – they show all over her body.

Upon hearing her boyfriend throw more flattery at the girl, Yeo Reum stands up and yells at Tae Ha. How dare he go on a date behind her back? At this, Na Jin smiles…and so does the girl. Ah, so he told her he had a girlfriend. Yeo Reum throws a glass of water at Tae Ha’s face and tearfully asks if he ever loved her? He says yes, he did. *gasp*

He also missed her and wanted to see her. She yells that he should have said it a long time ago but he asks for another chance. Whoa, that was fast or are they still play-acting? Ha Jin tells the girl he should go now and walks over to collect Yeo Reum but she grabs her phone and walks out ahead of him. Tae Ha notices she took the wrong phone.

Outside, Ha Jin says he promised his Mom he would go on 3 blind-dates (so she set the date up).  Tae Ha watches them fight, make up, hug and then leave. He heads home, takes a shower (Woot!) and talks to her phone, telling her to call. Yeo Reum asks Ha Jin about the dates, didn’t he like any of them? He says no and then asks about that guy, did she know him? She lies that she doesn’t. *shakes head* Most likely a bad move!

She doesn’t realize she has the wrong phone until the next day, when a man calls for the “President”. She doesn’t have time to meet and switch phones back so she tells Tae Ha she’ll call or text if someone calls for him. She heads over to visit Ha Jin’s Mother.

Tae Ha texts her that she got messages regarding paying her rent, paying a lumber bill and paying her student loan. She texts back that she’s shutting his phone off. ROFL! Tae Ha eventually snoops through her phone and checks out all her pictures. He doesn’t think she should be dating, she should be paying back her debts.

She ends up drinking that evening and calls Tae Ha, who goes to pick her up. She’s pretty much passed out on the curb and right when Ha Jin calls, her battery dies. She pukes in the alleyway and finds a white rabbit. Picking it up, she wonders if this is a dream? Tae Ha says she never appears in his dreams, no matter how much he misses her.

She doesn’t believe he’s real since the real Tae Ha isn’t like this. He always made her wait, he made her anxious and she wasn’t important. Walking away from him, she suddenly needs to pee. Ahahaha. He takes her to his house, she runs inside to pee.

They fight over who is going to take the rabbit, she offers to bathe it before she goes. He follows her to the bathroom but the rabbit hops out of her hand. Suddenly there is water spraying all over the room and they both end up soaking wet. *snicker* Yea, totally see where this is going.

As he steps forward to put a towel around her hair, they both flash back to a kiss 10 years ago. The next morning, she wakes up in bed and an arm slips around her. She smiles, thinking it’s Ha Jin but then notices something feels different. Different yet familiar? She looks up to see it’s Tae Ha next to her.

Meanwhile, Ha Jin is out shopping for flowers for her Birthday. He looks at the ring he plans to propose with and smiles. He calls Yeo Reum and asks if she’s at home? She says yes so he tells her to come down because he’s at her door. She tries saying her roommates are fighting but is caught when Joon Ho and Yoon Sol walk up. She overhears them tell Ha Jin that she never came home last night.

She also tries lying that she’s at her Mom’s but then hears her Mom’s voice. She tells Ha Jin she’ll explain later and hangs up. Turning to look at Tae Ha, she wonders what happened when he suddenly open his eyes. He looks at her and smiles. Gurrrllll, you are so busted.

OMO at the smexy, lazy look on Eric’s face. *gasp*

Yeo Reum gets dressed, walks into the kitchen and Tae Ha offers coffee. She’s not to be deterred and demands to know what happened last night? Why did they end up in one bed together? He smiles, asking if she really doesn’t remember? He’s disappointed because he liked it. Back at her place, her Mom invites everyone inside while Yoon Sol berates Ha Jin. This is all his fault for going on that blind date.

Yeo Reum asks directly, did they…have sex? Tae Ha counters that if he admits they did, doesn’t that put her in a difficult position? It might be better for her to just continue to pretend she doesn’t remember. She calls him a liar, he should have sent her home.

He flat-out admits he didn’t want to send her away last night and that he still thinks about her. She tells him since it’s her Birthday, she wants to be with good people and as she walks out, she says they shouldn’t see each other again. Well, no need to be nasty! (At least, I don’t think so but I’m not sure yet).

She grabs a cab outside, unsure of where she is. Even creepier is that Ha Jin is watching her progress via a tracker on his phone. Ugh, that’s a huge turn off. She celebrates her Birthday with Joon Ho and Yoon Sol. Joon Ho turns to her and demands to know where she slept last night. He then says she met Tae Ha, didn’t she?

*shivers* How did he know that? LMAO, Yoon Sol chokes on her coffee when Yeo Reum admits it. They plan to tell Ha Jin nothing happened if it comes up. We see Joon Ho and Ha Jin at work, marking up a woman to prepare for plastic surgery. (Jung Ju-Ri cameo) Joon Ho makes what I consider a really bad move and lies that Yeo Reum passed out drunk on a park bench (again) and slept at the police station.

Apparently Ha Jin has been searching for a girl with a particular scar on her arm. When the local delivery girl arrives, upset that she got fired, he notices a scar on her arm and asks where she got it. She mentions up in the mountains when she was a child. She also tells them her name: An A-Rim (Yoon Jin-Yi). Joon Ho asks if it’s her but Ha Jin isn’t sure. Why is he looking for this girl?

After ignoring her calls for 2 days, Ha Jin shows up and invites Yeo Reum to dinner. While eating, he asks where she slept that night? He comes clean about the tracer on her phone, why did she lie to him about where she was? She blurts out that her phone got switched with that man at the hotel. She went to his house to get it and fell asleep.

She had a few drinks and fell asleep. He yells that she should have called him, she counters he doesn’t like her when she’s drunk. He admits he doesn’t because she flirts and smiles at everyone. She storms out, he follows. He gives her his wallet and tells her to go wherever she wants to go. He won’t call her for a few days like she asked but he wants her to get home safe. So he’s a semi-good guy?

Tae Ha takes the rabbit to a vet for the required shots and the vet tells him it’s a girl. He goes home to find Yeo Reum at his house, she came to confirm what really happened. He’s rather ambiguous but we see through his eyes that she passed out.

We’re then taken through a he said/she said of their past relationship. He remembers her as clingy, whiny and complaining all the time. She remembers he was cold, unfeeling and never thought about her.

Yeo Reum makes up with Ha Jin but he’s still not going to let go of that incident, he doesn’t understand why she lied. At work, Tae Ha shows up to offer a job. He wants Yeo Reum and Yoon Sol to make all the furniture for a wine bar he’s designing. Yoon Sol is excited and wants to accept but Yeo Reum wants to turn it down.

Yoon Sol leaves them alone to discuss things. Yeo Reum doesn’t want to do this project because just looking at Tae Ha makes her angry. She only remembers the bad times. He says he only remembers the good times and stares at her. Suddenly, he uses his foot to yank her chair closer to him until they’re just about a foot apart. *squeee!*

Staring into her eyes, he calls her name and asks: if he told her to break up with that guy and come to him, would she?


Cute! While this is certainly nothing we haven’t seen before nor am I sensing anything unique in the story or plot, it might be because I love the cast that I’m excited to see where this goes. Jung Yu Mi can play this type of character in her sleep and I kind of wish she’d try something else but having said that, I’m already connected to the characters.

Sung Joon is playing a different character this time, he’s not the perfect good guy second lead (tiny bit possessive). But he did intend to propose so I could be wrong. And that whole tracer thing on his phone is something Yeo Reum installed so my accusation was groundless. I’m not sure what’s up with his Mother except that she wants them to marry quickly but why?

A bigger why is Yeo Reum not wanting to marry yet but I think that’s more about her debt. She doesn’t want Ha Jin to end up being responsible for that. Or maybe she’s just not ready to marry yet – certainly nothing wrong with that either! And who is this girl Ha Jin is searching for?

Tae Ha’s motives and thinking are very clear: he wants her back, he wants to start again, he wants a do-over. (LOL) So why did he so easily let go in the past? My first thought is always about finishing school or getting a career established but that’s not clear yet. I’m sure we’ll find out soon, this writer tends to move things along quickly.  I wonder if we’ll get an elevator kiss ala “Que Sera Sera”? *hehehe*

Plus how adorable is the bunny? *hee* So far, we’re off to a great start!


  • czak says:

    The first 2 episode was the bomb and I could not get enough!!!
    I love that you had the first pic with ERIC in his bedroom eyes in bed and pretty naked…
    That was one glorifying scene that sealed everything for me… hahahaha!!!

    but really, I love pretty much the chemistry of Yumi with his leading men in this drama. and so agree she can act this type of role in her sleep but then i love her for that all the more!

    and just wanna say Kim SeulGi is pretty awesome. I luff her so much!!! she is just off the hinge funny for me!

    thanks for the post!!!

  • goodange says:

    I know that morally it’s wrong to be rooting for Tae Ha and Yeo Reum, seeing as she has a boyfriend, but … I’m so down with their chemistry. But I also wonder why he didn’t fight for their relationship as hard as he could have … Even though he said his personality is to be like “that.” Why want her now after so many years? Also, he does things for her in an understated way, like he doesn’t want credit for them.

    I haven’t watched any of the I Need Romance installments, but from what I remember of your recaps of INR2012, Yeo Reum is Yeol Mae. Heh. As you said, not much of a stretch for Jung Yumi. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying this show so much!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      There’s nothing morally wrong with rooting for the leads – it’s called saving yourself from Second Lead Syndrome Heartache. 😀

      The show seems okay but I’m holding off on watching it. I didn’t finish INR3 so I will wait to hear more about this one.

  • tessieroo says:

    Morally wrong? Oh, I get it! ROFL! You got me. 😉

    I like the bunny.

  • Denali says:

    Should I right click on DOLWK1-header.jpg and save Mun Jung-hyuk’s rawrring stare or not? What a tough dilemma.

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