“Temptation” Week 7 – Don’t Dish It Out Blah, Blah, Blah

I need to clear something up. It seems my recap from last week left the impression that I not only don’t support the OTP (still don’t) but that I somehow support Hong Joo/Min Woo couple. Nope, don’t support them either. (LOL) While I do understand Hong Joo’s hurt and anger, marrying someone to exact revenge is a ridiculously bad idea (although I love revenge dramas). And the fact there are children involved makes it even more horrible.

Hong Joo is deeply hurt and needs professional help to deal with her grief. The non-ending arrogance being shown by both Se Young and Seok Hoon does not make them sympathetic characters. Instead of finding Se Young confident, every encounter with Hong Joo shows Se Young being petty and cruel. I’m sorry to fans of the OTP and while I did enjoy them in Stairway To Heaven, I’m not enjoying them here and wish they had chosen a different project for their re-union.

We open with Se Young snatching the bottle of pills out of Seok Hoon’s hands and explaining she only takes them for headaches. He’s not happy and tells her she doesn’t take good care of her body by working herself to death but then turns away to concentrate on work. (LOL)

Se Young tries to ease the mood by telling him she chose to resign as CEO and it had nothing to do with him. Ermmm, honey – you were fired. I do understand she’s trying to mitigate his involvement in the board’s decision but he knows she’s lying so it’s a major fail.

Hong Joo and Min Woo return from the honeymoon to a lecture from his Mother: he needs to stop fooling around and she wants them to have a “legitimate” son. Hong Joo announces she’s unable to have children. Min Woo lies that he knew but then tells Hong Joo she should have told him.

Se Young’s sister, Se-Jin is furious that she paid Han Soo but he hasn’t produced Hong-Gyu yet and threatens to sue. She fights with her Father, how could he throw Se Young out and will he do the same if she brings home a poor boy? Her Father informs her it wasn’t about the guy being poor, it was because he was married and Se Young broke up his marriage.

Hong Joo gets in trouble for doing housework (LMAO) and is told to get pampered at a spa and to dress better. Wow, no one would have to tell me more than once to spend money – my days would be devoted to shopping. *hee* Hong Joo signs the legal form rejecting all rights to inheritance, saying she intended to anyway. I knew she wasn’t a gold-digger.

Se Young and Seok Hoon discuss a new business plan with CEO Jang, who agrees to help with investment. Unbeknownst to them, he’s working with Min Woo behind-the-scenes to stop them in their tracks. When asked why he’s going to such lengths, Min Woo mentions love. Wait, is he saying it’s Hong Joo’s love for Seok Hoon? Or his own love for Hong Joo? OR his love for Se Young?

Hong Joo goes shopping but runs into ex-wife, Ji-Sun who invites her to have tea. (No! RUN!) Would anyone agree to have tea with someone who slapped them just last week? Ji-Sun wants custody of her girls and wants Hong Joo’s help. She’s under the impression Hong Joo wants to be rid of them but she’s wrong. Hong Joo loves children and is trying to get closer to them.

Ji-Sun then warns her what type of man Min Woo is, he’ll be bored with Hong Joo soon. I don’t think this matters much since Hong Joo doesn’t love Min Woo. She tells Ji-Sun to go ahead and fight for custody but in the meantime, she’ll be good to the children.

Hong-Gyu seems disappointed that his Father has adjusted to a new son-in-law so quickly but his Father says it’s over and calls Seok Hoon a heartless man. Hong-Gyu calls that heartless man to meet and then proceeds to tell Seok Hoon that he’s angry but that’s life. He’s more upset the girl he likes is Se Young’s sister. Seok Hoon’s advice is for Hong-Gyu to do whatever his heart tells him. Yes, lets all live our lives that way no matter who we hurt. *facepalm*

Hong-Gyu spill the beans that Min Woo is the one who released the scandal. What? OMG, this is so ridiculous! *headdesk* I do realize what Hong Joo is doing is wrong and she will eventually come to realize that but having her own brother turn on her is too much.

Armed with this new info, Seok Hoon confronts Min Woo: he knows Min Woo started the rumors. Umm…rumors? AHAHAHA! Yah, boy-toy – how can truth be considered rumors? Min Woo thanks him for Hong Joo and expresses his disbelief that Seok Hoon could have discarded a woman like her. *facepalm* Seok Hoon puts a wad of cash in Min Woo’s pocket and tells him to wait while he breaks the rules. The only impression I’m left with is that both these men are losers.

Seok Hoon discusses the business plan with Se Young but tells her not to trust CEO Jang. She’s insulted that he seems to think she’s nothing since she’s not CEO of DongSung anymore. Seriously? Even I know that’s not what he meant! The writer is producing some rather idiotic dialogue so be warned. Every character is spouting lines that make little sense.

Hong Joo readies for bed while Min Woo watches her. (OMO, smexy time?) I’m a huge Lee Jung Jin fan so…I’ll just be over here fangirling. *hee* I would have sprinted to that spot he patted beside him in bed but Hong Joo looks like she’s marching towards a death chamber. He tells her she’s sexy and starts to kiss her when oldest daughter Yoon Ah comes into the room.

She crawls in between them, tells Min Woo she had a nightmare and asks him to tuck her in. *kekeke* Okay, that was cute. It would be nice if she were sincere but I have a feeling she’s doing it on orders from her Mom. At breakfast, Hong Joo tells Yoon Ah she made curry since she heard Yoon Ah likes it. Yoon Ah immediately rushes to the bathroom to throw up.

Min Woo arrives home and tells Hong Joo he prepared a huge counter-punch for Se Young, he expects both her and Seok Hoon to be knocked down. She’s eager for that to happen *more facepalm* but tells Min Woo she’s sorry for making him the bad guy since she has no power. He says she’s the one who moved his heart to do something. Except you’re doing it all wrong and this won’t help.

The next day, Se Young is told CEO Jang left and gets an email he was ordered to cancel the deal. On his end, Seok Hoon is told they received a higher bid. He asks if it was Ajin Group? Se Young is furious and heads to Min Woo’s office, against Seok Hoon’s wishes. I do think it’s kind of ironic that she’s angry someone “stole” her business idea. *snort* Honey…what if someone stole your family?

She says Min Woo wasn’t this nasty before, he counters she wasn’t this soft before and gets in her face: is it because of love? (ROFL) Seok Hoon arrives and they all trade nasty barbs. Min Woo tells them both that Hong Joo says hi. Ugh, all of these people are horrible. Seok Hoon and Se Young decide to go on vacation and take off for a camping trip.

Se-Jin gets a text from Han Soo: he found Hong-Gyu. She rushes to the park and hugs him, telling him she’ll never let him go. He hugs her back. Hong Joo’s Father brings her a homemade plum drink but refuses to come inside – he’s just happy to see her face.

Inside, she prepares to drink it with the kids but Yoon Ah knocks the glass jug off the table, spilling it everywhere. She claims it was an accident but both Roy and younger sister Sung Ah call her out on lying. When Mother-In-Law berates Hong Joo for not watching the kids, she walks out of the room. *sigh* Can we just start over? A whole new drama with just Hong Joo and Roy?

Ji-Sun visits her OBG-YN (how is it possible all 3 women go to the same doctor?) to find out if she can have another child. Yes, but it’s dangerous. Min Woo stumbles out of a club, drunk, with a woman hanging on his arm. He sees Ji-Sun sitting in her car watching and smiles as she drives off. Okay…two reactions: He’s an a-hole and WTF? Was Ji-Sun truly in love with him or does she just want her kids? *screams at the writer* What the hell are you doing?

Min Woo tries to sneak in but Hong Joo flips the light on and shows him the pictures she received of him with various women. She tells him Ji-Sun sent them, he believes Ji-Sun is trying to cause problems. He also insists it was all in the past. Liar – we just saw you with another woman! He does ask her if she married him not knowing he was a player? LOL, true. But he follows that with the idea that he’s faithful to Hong Joo now. Pfffttttt.

He meets Ji-Sun the next day who claims she’s trying to give Hong Joo an immunization against his flirting. She leaves him with a warning that Hong Joo won’t remain an angel forever but the only thing he notices is that she changed her perfume.

Min Woo sees Se Young’s Father at the golf club and goes to chat with him. The old guy expresses disgust that people have nothing better to do that spread rumors. Min Woo agrees and mentions the 1 million bucks. OMO! No one knows about that yet! The old guy asks if it’s true then tries to call someone but before he can, he collapses. Heart attack?

We’re later shown the full conversation: Min Woo explained Se Young bought a man for 4 days for 1 million bucks. Course, we all know it’s the truth and so does Min Woo. The old guy is taken to the hospital. Se-Jin calls Se Young, who rushes to the hospital. Se-Jin is hysterical so Se Young tells her to be quiet or take it outside. She steps out to cry and then calls Seok Hoon.

When she returns to the room, Min Woo is there. When he tells her he spoke with her Father, she orders him outside. She snarls that he’s all smiles to her face but behind her back, he’s spreading rumors. AGAIN with the rumor thing! It’s not a rumor if it’s true!

He counters with exactly that, did he make something up out of nowhere? This all started with her “game”, doesn’t she remember? Ahahaha, it’s so true that it’s painful. She threatens him, he’s finished. Later that night, her Father awakens but is not happy to see her. Barely able to speak, he asks if the 1 million bucks is true? Her eyes widen but she’s unable to admit the truth and lowers her head.

He tells her to disappear, he doesn’t want to see her. She begs to return to the company but he refuses. She then says she will stop seeing that man, she’ll break up with him (I’m calling BS). As she’s leaving, she sees Seok Hoon. They hug, she tells him her Father is going to be okay but then drops the we-have-to-break-up bomb. And the reason her Father fainted is because of Min Woo.

Wow, talk about blaming others and not accepting responsibility! So she’s going back to work as CEO in order to fight Min Woo. Seok Hoon tells her he’s going to end this fight and get her back. So now both Se Young and Seok Hoon are on the revenge boat too? WTF is going on?

Seok Hoon meets with CEO Jang who tells him he was intrigued by him and knows he would be an asset. Seok Hoon agrees, he will prove his worth. Ah, so he’s going to work for this guy now? Se Young decides to use Ji-Sun by promising to help her if she helps flatten Min Woo.

Ji-Sun is a cool character, inviting Se Young to an art showcase – making Se Young come to her this time. And of course, Hong Joo is also expected to attend as the first lady of Ajin. It’s basically round #639 of Se Young being snarky to Hong Joo by again implying something about rumors. LMAO that Hong Joo says there’s some truth in those rumors.

When Ji-Sun says she’s heard Se Young is seeing some man, Se Young announces they broke up. My first thought was how infuriating that must be for Hong Joo to hear. Not only did dragon-lady intentionally break up her marriage but it’s already over? *snort* Hong Joo probably believes Seok Hoon was just a temporary boy-toy.

Ji-Sun tries to give Hong Joo a gift, thanking her taking care of her girls but Hong Joo refuses. She thinks about calling Seok Hoon once home but the kids interrupt with news that Min Woo will be late. Uh, huh. Ji-Sun meets Min Woo to inform him of Se Young’s request for help to destroy him. She says she’s not going to do it, she might hate him but he’s still her daughters Father. Uh, huh.

When Min Woo arrives home, he gives Hong Joo the gift, lying that it’s a company bribe. Her face turns to stone, she knows where it came from. Se Young has a nightmare, seeing Seok Hoon with Hong Joo. ROFL! Okay, that was hilarious – both of these women have had nightmares of him being with the other. Ladies…he’s not all that. I could understand if it were Hyun Binnie? *kekeke*

Seok Hoon works on finding dirt on Ajin but CEO Jang tells him he won’t find anything since Min Woo is too smart to leave traces. Min Woo arrives right then, not sure if he should be shocked or happy to see Seok Hoon. (LOL) He invites Seok Hoon to Ajin’s anniversary party.

Han Soo meets Hong Joo, supposedly because she’s Hong-Gyu’s sister and he’s worried she’ll get her heart-broken. Uh, huh. He tells her Min Woo has been spending a lot of time with his ex-wife. She’s curious if many married couple try to get back together after divorcing? Hong Joo! NO!

Ajin’s anniversary party begins, Se Young arrives alone as does Ji-Sun. Se Young takes delight that this makes Hong Joo uncomfortable and then ironically tells Ji-Sun it’s too bad, “that” spot (beside Min Woo) belongs to Ji-Sun. Ermmm…*scratches head* Didn’t “that” spot beside Seok Hoon belong to Hong Joo? Oh, I keep forgetting that anything Se Young does is okay but no one else can. *snicker*

Seok Hoon arrives and heads straight for Se Young. Ji-Sun introduces herself and quickly figures out he’s the guy Se Young is involved with (does Ji-Sun know he was Hong Joo’s husband? I have no idea). They make small talk while Hong Joo watches. Hong Joo later meets Seok Hoon alone and asks if they broke up for good? He asks if she’s happy now that he’s been ruined? Ahahaha! Well, she might not be but I think a huge percentage of viewers are!

He wants her to be happy, blah, blah, blah. Neither of them are aware Se Young overheard all of this. Wow, is rule #3 still in effect – the one where he’s not allowed contact with Hong Joo? (LOL) Ji-Sun drops a hint to Min Woo that she got a hotel room, giving him the room number. Seok Hoon looks for Se Young and Hong Joo sees him walk out. Min Woo watches Hong Joo watching Seok Hoon.

Se Young meets Seok Hoon and they talk outside. She tells him that she sees him with Hong Joo in her dreams. He reassures her he has no feelings for Hong Joo so she shouldn’t feel insecure. Once he leaves, Min Woo approaches both with questions about their supposed break-up. Yea, I think everyone has figured out it’s not true.

As Seok Hoon is leaving, he threatens Min Woo in front of Hong Joo by saying he will pay him back for the mess he caused. Wait…isn’t that what Hong Joo wants to do to Se Young? It’s a battle of revenge. He storms out in all his righteous anger. *shakes head* These people are all ridiculous.

Seok Hoon watches from his car when Min Woo walks Hong Joo out, telling her he’s attending an after-party for executives. Uh, huh. That would be room #1101, right? *hehehe* Just as she’s about to get into the car, she looks up and sees Seok Hoon. They stare at each other.


Things have come to a stand-still, with no forward movement, which is creating huge speculation about what’s going to happen and each characters “secret” motive. Do I believe Seok Hoon staring at Hong Joo means they’ll get back together? No, I don’t. I actually think he was waiting for her to leave so he can see what Min Woo is up to. Both he and Se Young seem to be firmly on board the revenge train now and I believed him when he said he has no feelings left for Hong Joo.

Is Se Young pregnant? Hmm, don’t know, don’t care. As I’ve said, nothing will entice me to support this OTP. The continued insistence that they’re both innocent and have done nothing wrong flies in the face of civilized society. They show no shame, even when Se Young is confronted by her Father. Yes, she did in fact pay 1 million bucks with the express intent of breaking up Seok Hoon’s marriage but that will never be admitted since it goes against the writers “first love” story for the OTP.

Was Min Woo going to Ji-Sun’s hotel room? Yes, I think so. In spite of character descriptions or the synopsis telling us Min Woo will change and fall in love with Hong Joo, that’s not happening. He’s still a playboy, openly cheating. And while he may have shown empathy for Hong Joo, I don’t think he’s in love with her anymore than she’s in love with him. This is going to end badly for both.

I felt a huge disconnect with most of the characters this week as they spouted dialogue that makes zero sense. Having Hong-Gyu tell his ex-brother-in-law that he “understands cheating can happen” was a slap in the face and turns his character into a joke, with him openly betraying his own flesh and blood. I get that he doesn’t agree with his sister’s revenge: Yes, Min Woo is dirty and Hong Joo should never have married him. But for Hong-Gyu to pass information that could possibly hurt his sister is ridiculous, he’s operating in a vacuum since he doesn’t have all the facts.

Everything that was said and done is the writers attempt to continue shoving the OTP down our throats, even if the majority find it distasteful, including the Korean audience. Spending some time at the official forums for this drama was a revelation, they don’t like the cheating or attempts to justify it. In fact, they don’t like ANY of these characters with the exception of Hong-Gyu. The writer took care of that this week so who do we root for?


  • 미셀 says:

    I NEVER like that woman as an actress….watching her act is like watching ‘paint dry’. And as for KSW the fact he THOUGHT this drama would be a good idea he is sorely wrong….strike #2 for him…..his first strike was when he decided at the last minute not to do a movie cause he THOUGHT more about his body than acting….no wonder he is NOT as popular in SK anymore….only in China….question is will he make another BAD drama move and cause strike #3 in his career?
    My heart REALLY HJ’s character….she is being dumped on by the ex’s, home wrecker, and now the current husband…..basically this woman broke up a marriage over a pair of “Shoes”….”you took my shoes, so I’ll take your husband….how dare you think you can take something that belongs to me!”

    • tessieroo says:

      LOL! The shoes!

    • Sandy says:

      @ 미셀, I couldn’t agree with you more. I feel the same way about the actor. If he thought his character was a bad guy and hard for him to portray, why do it. This is the second drama I’ve tried to watch him in a favorable light and this one failed miserably. The only character I truly feel sorry for is HJ. She has been stepped on by everyone. The writer made SH into such a cowardly man who had no principles. I also dislike, as was mentioned on another thread, that the writer has provided no moral core in this drama. It’s so disappointing.

  • Triton823 says:

    Once more excellente! Lol now im accused of judging sy too harshly because everything is coming back to bite sy right square on the kisser….i so loved that mw revealed the truth, but as you pointed out both sy/sh still call it a rumor and haven’t accepted the fact…even at the end they still won’t. I also love that sy is starting to go through having her world destroyed…loving every minute of it. As for hg he may be the good kid but as you pointed out sh never told him the truth either except some crap about the heart. But as i keep saying the way sh/sy relationship started wont end good….you notice she still taking her pills…i expect her to die…i did love sy dad to toss her out….and have to laugh at there revenge….sy daddy warned her about going against mw company…since most of the audience on the korean forums detest sy character i wonder if the writer or net work will force a moral responsible ending….where sy and sh realize that they were wrong or go out like butch cassidy and the sundance kid?

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey buddy!
      Yep, if we follow Kdrama rules, things will end badly for SY/SH but I feel like this writer is throwing in a few little twists, trying desperately to make this drama different. Having HG turn on his sister and having so many others “support” this couple when normally everyone would be against them is absurd. It’s too bad he didn’t explore these characters more in-depth because the audience is left saying “WTF?” (LOL)
      IF SY is pregnant, my guesses were either she would die or both she and the baby would die but I can’t see how that would be a huge lightbulb moment for either her or SH – I still doubt they would feel they’ve done anything wrong. Instead, it will continue to make them the sympathetic characters in this! The odds of HJ coming out on top are being shot down one by one and each episode gets worse so I’m now doubting it will happen. UGH!

  • twingals says:

    This is what I posted on soompi…

    WOW!!! just watched the last episode….one would think after SY father got sick that she’d grow a conscience but NOOooooooo! she was not sorry to her father about her actions at all or as they like saying in kdrama “to take responsibility”, then again was snarky at every event she sees HJ. They showed the lovey-dovey trying to make cute memories and to soften the character but they were just so gag inducing…..then her being nasty again??! WTH!

    About that brother of HJ…another WOW!! I miss having the half brother in One Warm Word who was so protective/supportive/loving to his noona to the extent that he could not continue seeing the girlfriend, the story line was also more fleshed out. I need to re-watch “One Warm Word” to wash out the hibby jibbies from watching this episode.

    HJ, even being married to MW is of course,still the punching bag for the characters and writer/director. I am thinking …moral of this story from the writer …..it stinks to be poor , heh!

    The way SY said…”We broke up……….we said goodbye…. and went out separate ways” was so off putting! yak! I’m thinking SY is the antihero of this drama and CJW is really selling the part.

    Another drama that has a similar theme…La Dolce Vita.

    As for the men…. they’re all bleh! except for Roy .

    • tessieroo says:

      I know! I fully expected SY to apologize to her Father but nope…she just demanded her job back! The arrogance coming from her is unbelievable and she continues to be a pompous ass in front of HJ. I like strong, confident women but SY is just snobby, snarky and cruel when she has no reason to be. She acts more like a vindictive, lying ex-girlfriend than the lead female and HJ is more the lead female who continues to be beaten down – it’s all backwards. (LOL)

      I loved One Warm Word SOOO much, one of the best written dramas I’ve ever seen. I might just join you in re-watching that one since this one is just horrible. Maybe I should do a series review on that one to show how good a “cheating” drama can be if it’s handled properly!

      • Rossi says:

        “One Warm Word” left me with with giddy happy feelings which are not something I normally associate with a drama about adultery. But man, the family relationships in there give me the fuzzy. They were all essentially really good ppl. I didn’t like the two emotionally cheating spouses but I adore all the other characters. And Park Seo Joon’s character relationship with his half sister was one of the best things in Kdrama land. He was so loyal, so understanding and so fierce in his protectiveness of her. I love his sister too with her fabulous wardrobe and her journey of loving herself. So awesome! Such a good drama.

  • jusash says:

    I was reading comments somewhere on some viewing site that dissed HJ for her actions, and actually supported SY

    Stairway to Heaven/Hell magic or not … this drama’s OTP (esp SY’s pretentious character and “I am all innocent” expressions) is totally NOT working for me.

    I was debating whether to catch up on this wk’s 2 episodes, having read comments here … I think I will drop this drama thereafter.

    SY’s character is bad enough to stomach. Having CJW act it makes it worse. She’s got this smugness to her, even as she has this helpless ‘innocent – ME? no way. I didn’t do anything at all out of line’ … and the crying like a victim combination.

    The crying, and ability to stop the crying at will …. irritated me in Winter Sonata, and it’s surfacing again now.

    Bailing out.

    • nana says:

      You have no idea how much that irks me, one minute she’s acting all haughty and smug to HJ and the next she’s like a little, wide-eyed girl telling oppa she had a nightmare, and she feels insecure since HJ has gotten prettier, ugh PLEASE.

  • bmore says:

    Good Grief. This thing sinks ever further into the pits of irredeemability (is that a word?) So SO glad I’m not watching this. How are you holding up? I worry about you every week when I see the new episodes posted and think, that poor girl now has to torture herself for 2 hours. And still 6 more to go. Can’t get over fast enough. This week’s shows sound absolutely horrible. What a load of claptrap garbage. These writers must be having round table conversations over soju to come up with the trashiest stuff they can throw into the mix. I don’t know how the actors can stand playing roles like this.

    I am so disappointed they ruined Hong-gyu for us. We needed ONE moral center! Hopefully he will redeem himself? But with these writers, it’s hard to say. So thrilled with the reactions you are finding in the forums. It was discouraging to see so many try to explain/justify/excuse the behavior of SY and the attacks on HJ were sick and completely lacking in any kind of empathy. Still so disappointed in her fall into the depths of revenge. It appears she is destined to suffer far more and for a very long time. What a horrible mistake she is making.

    Strength! Fighting!

    • tessieroo says:

      This week was MUCH easier to handle but mostly because this drama has slipped into insanity. (LOL) The dialogue was nonsensical (truly horrible) and the attempt to turn the audience against MW/HJ and for SH/SY was so blatantly obvious, I laughed. *kekeke* They should have just had KSW hold up a sign for the camera saying “We are now going to force you to root for the OTP with the following scenes.”

      I was a tiny bit relieved to read some of the comments on the official site, I was starting to think I was being stupidly sensitive and/or holier-than-thou by shoving my moral compass into this. (and that still might be the case, I should leave my personal feelings out) but I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who dislikes the attempts to whitewash the cheating. Oh, and I did read Kwon Sang-woo’s wife refuses to watch this? Can’t blame her, she’s smarter than I am. (LMAO)

      • Sandy says:

        Kudos to you!! I can’t stand watching it anymore. The write up—-EXCELLENT! I had to give this drama up. On some of the threads, I felt as if I was watching the drama with a bunch of high school kids with the inability to see SY crossed a line.

        Thank you for sharing comments about other threads, because I was beginning to feel like I’m missing something. It was nice to come over here and see that I’m not alone.

  • mslee1107 says:

    the story is somehow veering away from the cause of all this mess which was the temptation and how a marriage was destroyed. can you enlighten me because this is really making me nuts, thinking if the climax of the story will go towards who will be the ultimate winner in the “revenge” mode these people are all in? MW versus SH and SY…I am not blind by MW’s bad character but will his downfall in the business side [which of course will be HJ’s downfall too against the two] be the vindication both SH and SY need to continue their love and happily ever after and make viewers like me, us think that they are right all along?

    How is putting all their efforts to defeat MW place in the center of the story? Will it matter anyway and give us an acceptable and reasonable not to add respectable ending this drama needs?

    I do hope the writer will give HJ the justice she deserves in all this mess. She was not only battered emotionally by her husband but by the viewers calling her all kinds of names from stupid to ludirous, etc but still she remains the most honest character even in her revenge mode, which is actually not really happening. I don’t call spreading rumors [facts] enough to damage or inflict revenge on both SY and SH. for my wish, I do hope HJ will be miraculously get pregnant, because i think a baby inside her will make all the pains go away, something/someone for her to focus on and give lots of her love and compassion.

    lastly, SY in this week’s episode really got my nerves the way she informed haughtily and arrogantly, mockingly that she and SH has broken up. uhggggggg!!!!!

    again, nice recap:))

    • tessieroo says:

      MsLee –

      You are exactly right – the story has moved from the original temptation and cheating to suddenly giving SH/SY a motive to seek revenge against MW? It’s such an obvious attempt to steer the audience away from hating on the OTP (“how dare MW almost kill her Father!”) and try forcing us to root for them. (“Look! They HAD to break up! Oh nooes!”) O_O

      Unfortunately for this writer, the audience isn’t falling for it and are calling him out on this BS. The official site is full of anger, disbelief, and frustration – even calling the writer crazy (michen) and continuing to call SY a homewrecker. I’ll give him props for trying? (LMAO)

      • Sandy says:

        Again, so glad to know that others feel this frustration towards the way the OTP couple has been depicted. This is the first drama I’ve watched where I just don’t like both main characters nor the message in the drama. I also feel that the writer is using the other characters to bully HJ–AND that is what bothers me the most. Then when her brother betrayed her trust by “understanding” how SH could cheat, I was done. With a brother like that as family, who needs an enemy.

        • triton823 says:

          Lol on one thread that ridicule you for supporting hj and question your morality…just laugh at that. One thing though is certain that the ending for this drama will not be a good one for any of them. I laugh ay sy/sh revenge attempt…its going to backfire on them because even to today sy still calls the whole leak a rumor. Both sy/sh has refused to accept any and all responsibilty for what they’ve done. Hj though is being treated just like the heroine on a revenge drama. Then again sy still continues to take pills which goes to my theory she will die. I actually hope the writers do kill her off only because i want to see the reaction of a particular forum….

          As to hg….its hard too see any happiness in their future with what sy has done. Hj dad will never allow it and poor hg still doesn’t know about the 1 million. I hope the details of what she did gets out to the public which thus far has not. Sy and sh are only going to make things worse.

  • azraqey says:

    I lost a lot of hairs this week LOOOLLL. I was so disappointed with all characters because like you said everyone was spouting nonsense that makes me cringed and facepalmed all the way.

    The most regretful character for me is Hong Gyu as I put a lot of hope for him for at least being someone rational and has more MORALE and all. LikeTwingals, I really miss Min Soo of OWW that I have so many respect for him to stand and cry along with his pain. But Hong Gyu? WOW ..just WOW! where the hot-blooded young man we all have seen before disappeared to? Love-trumps-all you say?

    Poor HJ…it doesn’t matter if she is not in love with MW, but she must feel hurt a bit because MW is her husband (not just some random man). As I said before I really disagree with her decision to marry MW right away (just for revenge), because I know, soon or later she will be hurt badly before MW can really change and love only her.

    I wonder what will Ji Sun reacts when she know that SH was HJ’s husband..will her attitude be more worse towards HJ? or sympathize her? Did she plan to pregnant with another MW’s child to get the custody? I am so worried about HJ and I wish the same like MissLee1107 to have HJ pregnant so her focus will be distracted and forget this hard journey of revenge.

    Fighting, Tessieroo! We have another three pulling-hair’s-weeks ahead! I was going to be bald by next month LOL

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL, no pulling out hair!

      I gotta say, it crossed my mind that the writer was showing over-exaggerated examples of selfishness? Everyone in this drama is insanely selfish, thinking only of what they want/need or what’s best for them. It’s all ..me, me, me! My needs, my wants, my desires, my happiness! For the writer to also have HG acting that way is such a let down after initially showing us a young man who protects his Noona and knows right from wrong.

      I’m fascinated by JS’s character but can’t figure out what she’s up to for the life of me. Why on earth would she risk getting pregnant when she knows it’s dangerous? What will she gain?

  • Dhey says:

    I love this forum….showing me that some people have moral values in this modern age……thanks

    • tessieroo says:

      There are huge numbers of people who don’t condone cheating (in any way, shape or form) but it’s unfortunately become so prevalent that it doesn’t phase people much anymore. I myself have very strong views about cheating after marriage vows have been spoken in front of family and God but my feelings are a bit ambiguous before marriage? *sigh* I know, I know – it should make no difference! I’ll just be over here hitting myself over the head for being a hypocrite. *—-*

  • Triton823 says:

    The writer will definitely keep with the kdrama route which means only doom will fall upon SY/SH…I think in the end they all will be alone with the exception of HJ she just wanted to get back at SY and let her feel the pain and she has done that when they booted her from her position…which btw…you guys notice how SH says it wasn’t SY fault for hte divorce…and SY saying she quit on her own when in fact she was fired…if this is a GRAND LOVE AFFAIR as some forums are calling it…they why lie about it…was lectured in one of them that communications was key…and yet SH/SY both keep crap to themselves.

    I do know that there is now more SY/SH haters than ever…just go read the korean forums and you see very often the word ‘Home Wrecker’. The writer is attempting to throw us off the trail but unfortunately the powers that be…the netizens…are in full disgust over the sy/sh..so yes doom and gloom and I mean Star Wars Episode 3 Jedi Doom and Gloom is going to happen.

    • tessieroo says:

      You think so? I’m starting to feel like this will end with viewers on both sides unsatisfied! No apology, no redemption, no doom but also no happy ending for anyone. (even Roy – I’m still scared for that kid). It’s really becoming a huge cluster-fudge for me.

      I do know the comments from viewers (both international and Korean) are showing more disgust but that might be just what the writer wants – attention being paid to this drama. He doesn’t care if the comments are good or bad as long as it’s a topic of discussion? I’m wondering if this one will be placed on my list even below TWWMTT.

      • Triton823 says:

        He (the writer) will try to pull a moral responsibility because the intense hatred for what he has done and to even justify it which makes them even more angry..the message it seems right now that it’s ok to buy your love even if it means destruction of someones happiness…I’m surprised the network hasn’t pulled a Princess Aurora and rewrite the final episode. Princess AUrora now that was a dozy…every episode someone died…even the dog died…that’s how bad it got! I just want HJ to finally be able to be happy and at peace with herself…

      • bmore says:

        things aren’t bad enough already that you had to remind me of TWWMTT??? Thanks so much for that! I had to wash my computer screen multiple times to remove the spit after that nightmare! 🙁

  • *esh* says:

    Hi ,I must say I really like your recaps, thanks for writing and sharing with us your thoughts.

    Many people seems to think that the writer plan to end the drama with sy/sh with the upper hand ( I agree that it seems like HJ will continue to be the true victim of this story, and the writer doesn’t plan to change it).
    But! since we have 6 episodes left, it might be enough time to turning table, right?
    Can I suggest another ending? What if the ‘revenge plot’ is actually a plot device to bring together MN and HJ together? Let’s say it will be something like this:

    SY, SH and SJ succeed to ruin MN business, and take the kids away from him. Hj feels responsible and helps him going through the hard time like he helped her before. They fall in love with each other, and the ruined MN will start to question himself and his action and will change into a better person with hj help (like the synopsis says: ” but he sincerely starts to change when he meets Park Ha-sun, and falls for her”). HJ finally, finally starts to see that SH is no longer the man she knew, and get over him. At last, our couple, stronger than ever, will go to a second round of revenge against SY/SH, to make them apologize and ask for forgiveness for what they did.
    Oh, and SJ gets the custody of the children – I think the girls should be with their mother.

    Of course, this is only a speculation since I’m not the writer and this is not my story, but it still funny to ‘write’ my own ending 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Ohhhh, I like it! 🙂

      I do hate what the writer has done to both HJ and MW’s characters and I hope it changes. Yep, with 6 episodes left, there is enough time but does the writer want those 2 redeemed or does he want to continue trying to justify the cheaters? I dunno but I’m on board with your synopsis!

    • azraqey says:

      I’ve been thinking something similar like you. I’m all with your conclusion!

  • Rossi says:

    Ok, I actually like Min Woo here because while not a good person, he doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Like there’s no holier-than-thou or martyr complex that the two leads are doing so while he’s a jerk, he’s an honest jerk. Plus I like his maneuvering of taking down the leads, it’s satisfying.

  • bmore says:

    So, I got up the nerve to speed watch the last episode, fast forwarding through what I couldn’t bear. Lord the motivations of these people confound me. So twisted. And I have no doubt that every one of them BUT SY are conflicted in their own strange ways about what is going on. She is completely cold and despite her ridiculous baby talk and googoo eyes with SH, has never lost sight of what SHE wants and what she will do to get it…no matter who she has to step on.

    I am still, since the very beginning, completely unable to understand or get over SH’s complete and rapid disconnect from HJ. Yes, he seems to have some care for her as a human being. But his constant and sincere statements since the very beginning of this that he had absolutely no feeling for his ex wife are beyond my comprehension. I cannot get past the beginning episodes and their picture of a very happily married and in love couple and the quantum shift in a matter of a few days of his feelings from that, to being totally in love with SY. He does not seem to be that shallow of a person. It doesn’t take days or weeks or sometimes even months to get over loving a person and living with them in such a close family unit. And there were no more than days involved with that flirtation and no more than 2 months from that to the divorce. And from that point forward he was giddy with a relief, that was so obvious it was heartbreaking to watch, that he had ‘freedom’ to go after SY. And he did so without a backward glance or an ounce of regret or remorse.

    What was with that look at the end? I don’t think he is rethinking his love for HJ. He is that indifferent to her now. But what is he thinking? Is he realizing that he is going to destroy her for a second time by doing what he is planning on doing. Does he have any idea what one more blow that devastating will do to her? She is hanging on by a thread as it is. And it is burning. When she falls, as it seems she will, will she be able to maintain this anger that is giving her this false strength?

    It keeps coming back to what is frustrating all of us. SH and SY’s complete lack of guilt or remorse for what they did. Their inability to see that they did anything wrong when it is so crystal clear to all of us how selfish and self centered they are. Their total failure to apologize to the people who they damaged with intent and malice on SY’s side, and betrayal and detachment on SH’s.

    I cannot wait for this to be over. I am completely at sea how this could end well for any of them or any of us. I fear and ending written with the standard Let’s all shake hands and understand one another and forgive, forget and go on with our ‘happy’ lives. God help me. I cannot afford a new monitor on my computer!!! 🙁

  • azraqey says:

    After I wrote my comment here, I made a trip to some forums to take a look for other opinions. Somehow, its kind of revelation to me, because it was like picking something that I didn’t notice before.

    After some thought and then I just read @BMORE ‘s comment above, yes, it was very strange to see SH character acted like he acted. He was not that shallow, and SH/HJ were married for almost 10 years for god sake! It was very puzzling to see him to jump ship just like that without not so much reaction. If he was easily swayed, he definitely has cheated some time in their marriage. Is there never any problem occur before? That’s impossible, because even a very happy marriage will have conflict and problems (its just as natural as it is). It reminded me the first time SH met SY in Hong Kong, the look on his face when he saw her wasn’t the fall-in-love-at-the-first-sight-or-someone-i-knew look, but something.

    Maybe he want to revenge her because she was so arrogant? Because she make their married life miserable because of the offer? He agreed to the divorce to avoid HJ become unhappy because of him, so that he can get the revenge directly without her worry, to protect her family? Maybe he pretend to love SY, and make her love him just to betray her later when she absolutely deeply in love with him?

    Oh, really. His character was very hard to read. I try to look for some glitch, but there was none that I can see (and also because I skip a lot of their scenes, so maybe there’s something I missed). We don’t even know what he was thinking when there were scenes he’s alone in his office, or in front of mirror at his house. Could we get it all wrong?

    Other characters seemed to be as what we were all perceived, either with agenda or not, but SH? I don’t know, and I really want to know his true intention.

    • bmore says:

      Yes I have had many of those thoughts too. But. I blame bad writing. I think the writers were just in such a hurry to get SH & SY together that they did a very bad job with explaining what went wrong in that marriage. Why did they spend so much time, even in the snippets they continue to show in the beginning credits, showing us repeatedly how happy and in love that couple were? And then race through the breakup as if it were a minor event to just be glossed over?

      I don’t, however, think he is doing this for revenge against SY nor to prove her wrong when she told him she would prove to him she could destroy their sand castle. She obviously knew him better than he knew himself. And it shocks me still that he does not realize how well she saw through the fake he was. Do they even realize that their sand castle is far more fragile than SH & HJ’s was?

      The writers took great pains to show HJ’s overreactions and her pushing for the divorce, and how he was so wooden and unfeeling…going through the required motions of trying to ‘save’ his marriage and right the wrong he knew he had and was continuing to do to his wife, all without any sign of passion or love for his wife. No tears, nor trying to hold or kiss her, no passionate I love you’s nor back hugs. His heart had left her and she could see this as only a woman who loves her man can. Once she gave him the permission he needed to leave her by handing him the divorce papers, he RAN as fast as he could to the arms of that woman. There was no doubt in my mind, not even to today, that she was screaming internally: LOOK! STOP! COME BACK TO ME! It was her last cry for him to turn back to her. Her bitterness and anger as so obviously fed by the fact that she never stopped loving her husband.

      SY & SH’s moments alone, which I try to fast forward through, and his few private conversations with his wife (she asks if he would come running back to her and he says that will never happen), are clear to me that he is infatuated and in love with SY and has no feelings for HJ, as sad as that is. My only recourse then, since the writers will never tell us, is that I don’t think he ever really truly did love his wife. I think it was just an attraction or caring based on a personal need and the fact that she was so caring and sweet to him during a time when he had been injured. I’m thinking there was never any passion in him for her and he had only been going through the motions all those years, letting life carry him. The problems with money and his bad decisions, her inability to have children and his inability to comfort her and maybe his own disappointment with that, all added nails to a coffin that their marriage was already built on. Just guessing.

      I fear we are doomed to never knowing the answer to this question. It’s the only one I cannot come up with a clear answer to myself. You are right. Everyone else in this show has such clear reasons or motivations for why they are doing the things they’ve been doing. I understand (even if I dislike) all of them. But, SH still confuses me. Perhaps though too, I am like so many of the fans out there. Wishing that an actor that I admire and have an attachment to, were not the man with the feet of clay that I am seeing in this. I TRY to remember that these are actors playing a role and KSW & CJW are doing a good job playing such complex characters who are causing such turmoil for us. Surely a testament to their skills. Still, like Tessieroo said, I wish they had never agreed to this because, shallow as it is, it is going to take a long time before I look at either one of them now without a bad taste in my mouth.

      • tessieroo says:

        I do believe this is why so many are thinking SH is “playing” SY and is out to teach her a lesson but I don’t think so either. (although I still think that would be an incredibly awesome ending – if it turned out SH and HJ planned the whole thing to screw with both SY and MW) *hehehe*

        I just don’t think that’s what’s going on. SH’s feelings for SY seem very real and they ARE much stronger than anything we were shown between him and HJ but I feel the same disconnect that you do because we weren’t shown how he developed those feelings. It’s just whammo – suddenly he’s deeply in love, within a few months time. So I agree with you that he might not have been in love with HJ anymore. After 10 years of money problems (we were shown only a tiny portion of) and the inability to have a child (which is HUGE in the Korean culture) – his feelings might have fallen away at some point but we weren’t shown that! And you’re correct, once he was handed those divorce papers, he sprinted to SY as fast as he could! O_O

        There is a J-drama both Rinchan and I are watching called “Love Affairs In The Afternoon” (available on DramaFever) which shows a different take on adultery. It’s all about married women who are cheating (there’s an epidemic in Japan of “housewives having love affairs in the afternoon” while hubby is at work – no idea if that’s true or not – LOL) Anyhoo, one of the women’s MIL’s mentions her husband’s affair and sobs about how hurt she still is – and this is years and years later, after her husband is dead. It STILL hurts this woman! Affairs and being hurt by someone you trust, having the person you believe in more than anyone else destroy that trust and belief is not something some people can just “get over” without help. It’s very odd to me how fast SH moved on and it’s very clear that HJ needs help to work through this. She’s still a massive ball of anger and pain.

        • Triton823 says:

          I do think that HJ/SH are done completely. I think when all this is said and done…SY/SH won’t have their happy ending like everyone is hoping because Korean Networks are very much like chinese networks…but what SH/SY isn’t love and if they hope that they can have a happy ending…from my experience in kdrama…no happy ending for SY/SH because she broke them up. So I’m hoping that SY will be forced to give up SH and vice versa…what I find funny..SY revenge is so pathetic..she’s po because someone told her daddy what she did.
          LOL speaking of other forums I was forced from one of them because I still supported HJ but everyone there wanted to just glorify the STH reunion..petty as this may sound…but I pray that writer kills SY off just so I can go back and read there comments….anywhoo…rules of kdrama states….no happy ending for the woman who broke up a seemingly happy marriage…but as Tessieroo pointed out we were only shown a day in their life which was pretty happy until SH friend stole the money….I still stand by that SY will die and SH becomes a loner working as a trash collector because no on will want his carcass for selling out his pride for his greed.

        • bmore says:

          I’m watching that Jdrama also. Are we clones? And I remember very clearly that scene you are talking about. How many of us have been betrayed by a spouse, lover, friend, family member. Even years later when you think the memory is gone it can rise up and the ghosts of those feelings will come back to you.

          You are so right. The break up of a marriage, especially one where the 2 people were actually still in love with one another (supposedly) almost to the end would be devastating. HJ’s reactions and feelings are far more ‘real’ than SH’s. His complete disconnect from HJ was beyond odd so the fact that conspiracy theories are being proposed means too that people can feel the ‘wrongness’. Sadly, there is far too much feeling and tenderness in SH’s behavior for that to be. As much as I hate what he is doing, he has his own set of so called ‘ethics’ and I don’t see him being that cold bloodedly cruel. Coldly ethical as he was in his attempts to salvage his marriage, yes. But. He is quickly turning himself into mini-SY. Interesting…and infuriating and despicable that he has decided to go to the lengths he is probably planning to defend SY from MW & HJ’s attack, but was not willing to go so far when SY attacked him and HJ. I wonder. SY at the beginning seemed to find him laughable and pathetic because of his naivete…his life of building sand castles. He was so sure he could prove her wrong and that he was right. He seems to have lost everything of what he used to be, what made him a good man. I see shreds here and there, but if things keep going the way they seem to be, he will be another MW/SY at the end of this. I still wonder if it will be SY who will dump SH in the end. Underneath all the first love garbage is still a very focused and cold blooded woman whose priorities for success will always outweigh anything else

          I forgot to mention before, you may have missed it if you FF through as much of SY’s scenes as I do, the dream scene she has where SH is back with HJ and they embrace and look at her. I guess this might feed into the conspiracy theory for some. That she is instinctively sensing something. But to me it should be telling her something else. This is what she and SH looked like to HJ but in real life. The fear that she is feeling is actually her guilt eating away at her from the inside. She destroyed two people and has never made amends for it. I hope she has nightmares forever until she is on her knees begging for forgiveness. So I guess I am really hoping she just has nightmares forever!
          Writers don’t put scenes’ like that in there for no reason, so it has me curious.

          And still the end scene. SH cannot be oblivious to the fact that HJ would not be going to these lengths if she hadn’t still been in love with him when he left her, can he? That scene where she sneeringly asks if he would come running back to her and he coldly responds that will never happen was an ice pick to the heart for me….her still crying out can’t you see I still love you? and him utterly indifferent or unaware of what she was really saying. I want to know what each of them are thinking as they look at one another. HJ trying so hard to maintain her cold strength that is only being held up by tiny shreds of sheer will power at this point, and SH looking back at her for so long….thinking what? There does not seem to be anger nor hate nor even warning there, but I’m not sure I see any remorse yet either…for what he did nor what he is about to try to do to her again. Again a scene placed very carefully that leaves me with questions.

        • azraqey says:

          Really bad writing, isn’t it? The characters and backstories kind of underdeveloped too much that I became mad. I want to call OWW’s writer to come and correct this massive destruction. Ughh

  • Radha says:

    Lighten up people!?! Just sit back and relax watch how it ends and have fun. Dont overthink all the drama or y’all gonna get crazy…lol

  • Jeri Kim says:

    This is a drama, like Radha said,
    Enjoy this and see how it ends.

    This wasn’t meant to be real life,
    It is based on the writer’s imagination!

    The drama and the actors are interesting characters.
    I’m enjoying this drama and looking forward to the coming

  • tessieroo says:

    ROFL, we are having fun! Some of us like to discuss dramas in-depth (which is why we write about them) It’s also why a site like Dramabeans has billions of followers: they love to discuss dramas and people love to exchange ideas/thoughts/comments about characters and motives. Certainly nothing wrong with that. I happen to enjoy dramas that make me think – if I want bland, generic, light stuff, I watch American sitcoms that last 30 minutes and forget about it. 😉

  • maartjeheit says:

    Triton823 if you go back to the side what you left and look at page 306 and the comment at
    10:04 am I’m about the flip my lip. My heart dropped in my shoes when I read that. Also Tessieroo can you give me a view on that.

  • Triton823 says:

    Yo @maartjeheit my friend! I seen that…and now you understand what that particular thread has become…they are setting themselves up for major disappoint…a disappointment that I’m patiently waiting for…they chased me from that thread because they don’t tolerate people who think sy/sh are the problem…but that’s them…I am still there reading and rooting on my friends and those who see the characters for what they are…the current message the writer is sending is that it’s ok to destroy a happy marriage as long as you have the money to support your boy toy or girl toy.

  • mdj101 says:

    I agree with you, BMORE, in your guess that SH was not completely happy and fulfilled in his marriage with HJ. When he met with HJ’s brother for a few beers to talk with him, as HJ requested while they were cuddling and talking in bed after making up.

    HG made a comment that the world seemed so dirty (he was working with the PI/Detective and hacking info about Lawyer Choi for MW. HG said he believed life should be joyful and exciting. SH mumbled in response, “my life has never been that”.

    Young HG didn’t really pick up on that! But I think that one line is the window we have needed to really understand why SH was ready to move on.

    • bmore says:

      AH! Thank you! Yes that is very very revealing! And so sad at the same time. But how many marriages are out there where one or the other is just going through the motions, doing what they are ‘supposed’ to do. It explains a lot. And makes it even sadder for HJ, who was the only one who was truly in love in that relationship. Something I think a lot of us were feeling but could not put our finger on. Great that you caught that!

  • Triton823 says:

    I think when sh said that it was after the moment his marriage failed…kinda like hj comment about their marriage was like a nightmare…that comment actually reflects events that we were told too…hj nightmare is she can’t have kids…which sy will soon learn that experience. Sh comment was the fact that his marriage failed because of him, he destroyed any trust his wife had in him, and he almost lost his fil home…other than that we can’t say anything more other than sh/hj truly loved one another and then sy decided she play a god and intervene in this couples life. As i said in another drama ep 15-16 has only begun to show sy either dying or getting news she can’t have kids…im thinking its death which i get beat on for it, but this being a melo no happy ending for someone. All tail-tail signs point to sy dying. Mw/js reuniting only if she lives. Sh/hj though there feelings are still there they will make amends and go their separate ways….

    One interesting thing is hg/sj is one couple that can’t be if sh/sy are together…regardless of your stance its taboo in korean culture for that so either sy is out of the way or sh/hj get back together…hg/sj couple are doomed!

    • bmore says:

      I am trying to remember when and where HJ made that comment about their marriage being a nightmare??? I missed that. I’m guessing it was after she decided on the divorce? Because at that point she had lost all sense of hope and anger and betrayal were taking over her mind and she was spewing hate out of the sheer need for vengeance or some kind of release for the all the feelings building up in her. She did and said many things she never would have if she had not been so destroyed at that point I think.

      • bmore says:

        If I had the willpower and the heart, I would watch this again for the signs that must have been there early on (maybe). But I cannot summon up the courage to do it…nor do I think this drama is one I want to even remember, much less ever watch again!

      • tessieroo says:

        Ohhh, HJ said that when she gave him the divorce papers and he followed her out. I too, would like to have the fortitude to go back and watch the earlier episodes but I just don’t think I can. 🙁

  • jomo says:

    I think it is great when anything in pop culture gets this much of an emotional reaction – for and against.

    Not sure if the hatred from the SK audience translates to good or bad ratings. I am trying to think of a show that I tuned in to because of how much I HATED someone in it…Other than Fall in Love with Me. But I think I watched that for Aaron DESPITE how much I hated his wheel-chair bound finacee’s crazy fam.

    I like KSW in this – not because of STH but because of QoA – another TOTALLY off the rails makjang fest. CJW has grown on me. I understand how her wide-eye thingamabob can annoy, but I do love her wardrobe.

    I am not watching for any amoral/moral reasons and I am not even going to TRY to guess where they are headed here. Nothing has been predictable…maybe that is what keeps me watching – hmmmmm….

    • tessieroo says:


      You watched the nightmare that was Fall in love with me too? (yep, Aaron is gorgeous) Crazy-girlfriend-in-the-wheelchair and her brother were both insane. O_O

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