“Plus Nine Boys” First Impressions: It’s Cute

I won’t be doing full recaps for this show but I just wanted to whip up a quick write-up for the first two episodes.

Plus Nine Boys is a tvN romantic comedy about four males (three brothers and an uncle) whose ages end in 9. Their mother (and sister) visits a fortune teller who informs her that they are “Plus Nine” boys which means that they will face a lot of difficulties in the upcoming year.

The youngest is Dong Goo. He’s a child star who found fame in a movie and has made a ton of money doing CFs. Unfortunately for him, he’s just turned 9 which means that his life is taking a turn for the worse. He’s losing his looks and can’t fall back on talent because his acting sucks.

His older brother Min Goo is 19 and a judo player. He’s got a very promising career and plans to attend college with that skill but unfortunately for him, he’s developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and poops during an important match. He gets struck by Cupid’s arrow when a pretty girl walks by him. They are yet to meet but my guess is she’s their new, noisy upstairs neighbor.

His older brother is Jin Goo, a 29-year-old ladies’ man. He and his best friend, Jae Bum, work for a tour company. Well, technically, Jae Bum is the CEO’s son who’s hidden his identity in order to advance on his own merit. They are both in love with a tomboyish co-worker and close friend, Se Young. In the first episode, Jin Goo’s heart breaks when he witnesses Jae Bum kiss her but his friend later reveals that he’d confessed to her and got rejected. Why? There’s a hint that she might secretly like Jin Goo despite openly calling him a player and telling everyone in a 10-mile radius that she doesn’t like him. If their feelings are mutual, Jin Goo faces betraying a friend as Jae Bum has kinda called dibs on her.

Their uncle is 39-year-old Kwang Soo. He was a successful PD of a music show till a performer flashed everyone and he fails to quickly cut away from him and manage the situation (Camera 9 wasn’t working). He gets demoted to a show everyone thinks is cancelled that he believes is beneath him. His last relationship ended badly and a fortune teller informs him that his true love is someone from his past. We last see him visiting his supposedly single first love at the art gallery she runs and something tells me that she’d be pregnant or something like that.

The premise is a little kooky but it’s not a big deal because every drama needs a hook. It is nicely shot and has a somewhat quiet, sweet tone about it. In a sense, it’s slice-of-life as we follow these four males as they go through trials and tribulations in one year. The fortune teller (or possible con artist) informs the boys’ mother that excluding the youngest, only one will find their love this year but something tells me that they will all find love and happiness by the end of the series.

I enjoyed the first two episodes and didn’t find them boring at all. While I think Jin Goo has the primary story, it’s great that we have four different threads to follow which should help eliminate or at least minimize the middle filler episodes we normally have to endure. I don’t know if this will become an addictive series but the main characters are likable and I think it will be fun to join them on their journey of self discovery and love.

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