Teaser Poster Released For Rain & Krystal’s “My Lovely Girl”

I don’t have much to stay about this poster other than it looks sweet. Based on the tone of all the promotional material released, I expect a somewhat quiet, understated melodrama which means that the chemistry needs to be strong. I’ve only seen Krystal in Heirs so it will be interesting to see if she will be able to pull off what I envision to be a very different character. I actually found her terrible at first but she improved a lot with time. As for Rain, well, he’s neither the best nor worst actor in the world so I think he’ll be alright in the role. What’s most important (other than the script and direction) is how these two actors play off each other.



Regardless of how I feel, China is really anticipating this as they are paying a record-making $200K per episode to host it on Youku-Tudou.

My Lovely Girl starts on September 17th on SBS.

Credit: SBS, DongA

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  • myra do says:

    We’re all been looking forward for RAIN’s new drama, it’s been such a long time now that we haven’t seen him on TV screen. This ACTOR has so much talent both on MUSIC and ACTING, truly such an adorable guy! Keep it up!

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