“Temptation” Week 8 – When Does Hong Joo’s Revenge Begin?

I gotta admit this week left me scratching my head. The writer is continuing his attempts to draw our attention away from the original plot, which is about adultery, selfishness and coveting things (or people) that do not belong to us. The absurd, nonsensical dialogue from last week carried over to this week, with the characters sprouting more stuff that just doesn’t fit.

Min Woo goes to Room #1102 but only to tell Ji-Sun that he’s having one drink and then leaving. Erm, what’s the point, to show he’s still a cheating scumbag or an attempt at making Seok Hoon the good guy? Ji-Sun kisses him and pulls him inside the room, closing the door.

Strangely enough, Hong Joo suddenly decides to check up on Min Woo. When he answers the door, the only thing he cares about is Hong Joo is having him tailed. Yes, he’s a total bastard and I’m sorry I thought he would change or that he loved Hong Joo. I’m an idiot.

Seok Hoon spends hour pouring over Ajin Group’s financial stats, trying to find evidence that Min Woo is hiding illegal workings. That “stare” between him and Hong Joo at last weeks ending meant absolutely nothing, just as I guessed. He finds information about Min Woo’s cottage.

Se Young’s doctor friend visits, with warnings for Se Young to take her medication and sympathy because she broke up with her “first love”. She’s full of understanding about how painful this must be. *snort* I do wonder what this woman would say if she had all the facts. Better yet, what if it were her marriage Se Young wanted to test, just to see if she could and for giggles?

Se Young’s Father is also suddenly sympathetic to Se Young but knows she’s holding a grudge because he forced her to break up with that guy. Things are cold in Hong Joo’s new home but I’m beyond screaming at my screen for her to get the hell away from all these disgusting people. She’s too naive and there’s not a single person worth her time in the whole bunch.

Seok Hoon travels out to the cottage and spots Min Woo walking in with Ji-Sun. Inside, Min Woo tells his ex that things won’t go the way she wants, he knows she’s trying to seduce him and win back her position. However, he intends to hold onto his marriage with Hong Joo. I knew he was a playboy but is he also supposed to be this wishy-washy? Dude, you’re still doing it wrong.

Hong Joo goes to see her Father, taking the herbal medicine her Mother-In-Law bought for him. This actually speaks volumes about what kind of person she is. While all these other characters are meeting old lovers or desperately trying to justify their own cheating, she’s visiting her Father. *sings* “One of these things is not like the others…”.

Min Woo’s Mother asks to meet Se Young to discuss news that Ajin Group and DongSung Group are fighting, she wonders why? Se Young (again) is ambiguous and gives a tiny bit of information designed to make Min Woo the bad guy. She (of course) says nothing about the games she’s been playing with people’s lives or her own role in all of it. Nope, it’s all Min Woo’s fault.

She asks about Se Young’s Father, her Daughter-In-Law is bringing herbal medicine she purchased. Right then, Hong Joo enters and MIL leaves the two alone for a moment. Hong Joo manages to school Dragon-lady about empathy, something Se Young lacks knowledge of. The scene mirrors an earlier one but it’s Se Young who spills tea on her clothing. Hong Joo tells her to just throw it away since she disposes of things and people easily.

Se-Jin prepares food at Hong-Gyu’s house for his Father, calling him “Abeonim”. These scenes are super cute but again, there are too many people operating in a vacuum, without all the pertinent information. There’s no way this man would allow Se Young’s sister into his home if he knew who Se Young was and what she had done. This part of the story is being dragged out too long.

When Se-Jin tells Hong-Gyu that her Unni broke up with the guy she was dating, he actually looks sorry. This continues to be infuriating and not believable. Like I said last week, I do understand being against his sister’s revenge thing but taking the cheating couple’s side is just more stones the writer is throwing in my face. Is it supposed to be a “guy” thing? Ya know, it’s okay you cheated on my sister? *wink wink* It’s very insulting.

Ji-Sun and Se Young meet to discuss Ji-Sun’s failed attempt at shaking Min Woo. How sad that Dragon-lady has learned nothing from her “wave” experiment and supports Ji-Sun’s attempts to destroy Hong Joo’s second marriage. It’s also insulting to listen to these two women calmly discussing this, like it’s not a big deal. I know Min Woo is the target but lets not kid ourselves that both of them aren’t delighted it will affect Hong Joo.

Hong Joo apologizes to Min Woo at home, she has no right to get angry considering why she married him. She knows what Ji-Sun is up to (no, you really don’t) and extracts a promise that it won’t happen again because she wants this marriage to work. *silence* When did she change her mind, where we shown how and why? When Min Woo asks why she didn’t give Seok Hoon this type of chance, she says Seok Hoon’s heart had already left.

Having lunch with Min Woo, Hong Joo is shocked to see Seok Hoon show up with his new boss, CEO Jang. Min Woo invites them to sit together and all goes well until CEO Jang asks Hong Joo about having a baby. Seok Hoon trades insults with Min Woo which eventually makes Hong Joo leave, having had enough of both of them. I’m right there with ya, girl.

The two men threaten each other once she leaves, with Seok Hoon telling Min Woo not to hurt Hong Joo. *sputters* Wait, wut???? Ahahaha, I just can’t with this jerk! Min Woo asks if he misses Hong Joo now that he’s broken up with Se Young? Seok Hoon punches him. Min Woo then goes out to Hong Joo and asks if she’s met Seok Hoon alone? *yanks out hair* Where the hell is this going?

Attorney Choi warns Se Young that Min Woo managed to spark his buddies at the Ministry of Finance to begin a hard-core investigation into DongSung Group. He warns her to stop it at costs. Um, why? If the company is clean, what does she have to be worried about? She makes a series of phone calls but gets no where and suddenly doubles over in pain.

She later meets Seok Hoon and they discuss Min Woo hiding illegal company stuff at his cottage but she doesn’t tell him about the up coming investigation. That night, she has another nightmare seeing Seok Hoon with Hong Joo and rushes to his apartment for comfort. LMAO when she sees the wedding ring he kept, which we all saw coming weeks ago.

The next day, an army of investigators from the Ministry Of Finance show up at DongSung Group and carry out those blue boxes full of stuff. *hehehe* Yea, I kinda loved this part but these scenes prove to be worthless since nothing really happens. It does land a blow right when DongSung is about to launch their ice-cream business and they have to pay a fine but that’s it.

Upon hearing the news, Seok Hoon rushes to Se Young’s office, asking why she didn’t tell him. She’s not nice, reminding him they broke up and he shouldn’t be here. She then demands to know who he’s going to protect: her or Hong Joo? OMG, she’s such a monster that I can’t stand to look at her on my screen. At the same time, I’m laughing at her for asking that question. Feeling insecure? Bwahahaha.

She’s all worried about seeing his wedding ring at his house and I’m dying of laughter. He reassures her she’s the only one. Did Kwon Sang Woo almost laugh there? LMAO! Maybe he feels the dialogue is utterly ridiculous too, it’s cute when actors break out of character for a second!

Se Young’s Father calls her to the house and demands an explanation for why Min Woo is targeting DongSung Group. YES, please explain fully, would ya? *snort* No way, she throws blame for everything onto Kang Min Woo. I’m not surprised, arrogant Dragon-lady would rather die than admit she’s done anything wrong. OMO, is that how Karma will bite her?

Hong Joo takes the kids (minus evil oldest daughter) to the cottage for the day, just to play. Youngest daughter, Sung Ah finds a hairpin in the sofa and announces her Mom has one just like it (LOL, kids say the darndest things). Hong Joo looks confused…did she really trust Min Woo not to see his ex? How long is the writer going to beat up on this woman? Cuz I’ve had enough, it’s overkill.

Min Woo offers Hong-Gyu a job but he turns him down flat and tells Min Woo to lavish that attention on his sister since she tends to suffer by herself when she’s hurt. On his way out, he sees Se-Jin and hides. Se-Jin begs Min Woo to call off the investigation and reconcile with her sister. Seriously, this is being dragged out too long. It’s past time for this girl to find out who Hong-Gyu is and what her oldest sister has been up to. Not that it will make any difference since this writer is determined to force this less-than-palatable OTP down our throats.

Hong Joo finds Ji-Sun at her mall and slaps her across the face. *fistpump* Although that was a bad idea, I can’t help but appreciate this new Hong Joo and wish she had slapped Dragon-lady even harder back in Hong Kong. Ji-Sun warns her that she’ll regret her actions. *sarcasm* Yea, I think we need to dump on Hong Joo some more.

Se Young learns how large the fine is and goes to ask Min Woo to get it lowered. Pffftttt, why he should baffles me as much as why she thinks she has the right to ask him for a favor. After being turned down, she runs into Hong Joo. They throw more nasty remarks at each other but Hong Joo ends it by telling her to take care of her health. ROFL! Was this episode supposed to be this funny?

Hong Joo makes it clear to Min Woo she knows he’s been seeing Ji-Sun and tells him to not get caught. Huh? Don’t get caught by the media or maybe by his Mother? WTF is that supposed to mean or is it more useless dialogue? Seok Hoon meets Ji-Sun to ask for her help in bringing Min Woo down. She’s his ex-wife and her mall is part of Ajin Group so why would she help him?

Seok Hoon actually says “I know you divorced because you were unfairly chased out.” OH MY GOD, he did not just say that! *facepalm* He asks her about security at the cottage. LOL, is he taking up a new career as a burglar and planning to break in? I’m wondering WTF is going on.

Se Young visits her doctor friend who informs her she has zero time to waste, she must have that surgery to remove the cyst. Se Young says she can’t, which prompts doctor friend to ask if the company is more important than her life? Well, doh. Plus it fits if she dies, that’s Karma biting her in the ass. But what a lame ending for fans of this Stairway To Heaven couple.

Min Woo arrives home to find his Mother badgering Hong Joo about having a baby again. He lectures Hong Joo inside their bedroom, he didn’t like the way she handled that. LOL, we knew all along he’s a Momma’s boy but this is too much. Hong Joo tells him off and leaves the room.

I loved the scenes between Se Young and little sister Se-Jin but don’t anymore. Se Young isn’t honest with her and in fact, drills her for information about Hong Joo (which is wrong on so many levels). Se-Jin brings up that Hong-Gyu’s ex-brother-in-law used to be really good to his sister but they got divorced. Poor child doesn’t have a clue. Se Young sneaks in a question: does Hong-Gyu’s sister ever sees her ex-husband? You just nasty.

Ji-Sun gives Min Woo a heads up that Seok Hoon might try to steal financial records from the cottage. She implies Hong Joo is seeing her ex and is the culprit who gave Seok Hoon that information. Ahhh…so she does know that Hong Joo is Seok Hoon’s ex-wife! Wow, that was hard to dig out. Writer-Nim isn’t making things very clear.

This sends Min Woo rushing to the cottage to retrieve said records with Seok Hoon chasing him. The next part was such fabricated horse manure that I laughed through the entire thing. Seok Hoon cuts Min Woo off, forcing him to stop and demands he hand over the evidence. Okayyy…sure, why not? They fight, Seok Hoon wins and takes the evidence to the one prosecutor Min Woo can’t bribe.

The next day, it’s all over the media and Min Woo is arrested. Ahahaha, the writer is now making shit up entirely out of thin air. Se Young makes preparations at the company to take a leave of absence (to have the surgery?) and Seok Hoon finds out.

When Min Woo arrives home, his Mother babies him like he’s coming home from war and tells him to rest since he suffered so much. In their bedroom, he sees a photo Hong Joo took with the kids at the cottage and asks why she went there. He tells her Seok Hoon turned him in and with that in mind, he asks if she’s the one who told Seok Hoon about the cottage? How the hell would she know about hidden records? *blinks* So he’s accusing Hong Joo of betraying him.

Min Woo doesn’t seem to realize Hong Joo isn’t that kind of person but since she married him to get revenge, he’s bound to think otherwise. On her end, it’s like Hong Joo unleashed a wild dog (with Ji-Sun’s help) and now has no power to call it back. Min Woo looks at her with crazy-eyes, asking what he should do now. Hong Joo honey, it’s time to get out and get away from these detestable people.

Ji-Sun takes a pregnancy test and it’s positive. So is it Min Woo’s baby or the first-love from college? I’m gonna guess the first love since she told Se Young her plans with Min Woo were a fail but I could be wrong and she did manage to seduce him. This should be easily solved by DNA testing but we know that makes too much sense. *kekeke*

Hong-Gyu gets a call that his sister is home and arrives to find her suitcase but she left to run an errand. Her Father believes her MIL told her to rest here for a few days but I’m thinking she got out while she could, before Min Woo, his Mother or his evil oldest daughter murder her in her sleep.

Hong Joo’s errand is to see Seok Hoon, she asks him to come outside because she has something to tell him. She wants to know if he’s the one who had Min Woo arrested (although she already seems to know this) and is he taking revenge for Se Young? She tells him Min Woo thinks she conspired with Seok Hoon. He coldly tells her to solve her husbands problems herself.

Ouch. What a bastard. She tells him she knows she shouldn’t be there but she has no one else to talk to. She apologizes and turns to leave when he grabs her arm, calling her name. When she turns back around, he drops her arm, holds out his wedding ring and tells her to throw it away herself.

Which is when Dragon-lady pulls up and sees him, holding out his hand to Hong Joo (she can’t see the ring). Hong Joo grabs onto his hand and cries, asking how they came to this? Dragon-lady looks upset, which sends me off into fits of giggles. Unbelievable.

Hong Joo falls to her knees and as Dragon-lady watches, Seok Hoon bends over to pat her on the back. Suddenly, Dragon-lady suffers another stabbing pain and accidentally honks the horn. The couple both turn to look while Dragon-lady glares at Seok Hoon.


We’ve gone so far into crazy that I feel like I’m watching a revenge drama that’s turning to crap. The writer continues his cover-up of Dragon-lady’s original intentions which keeps the majority of the characters in the dark about what truly happened (which is frustrating). If he kept to the character descriptions, I can’t see it because we weren’t shown Min Woo “changing and falling in love” with Hong Joo. Was that wrong or did the writer change his mind in his attempt to justify the OTP?

It’s also strange to me that most Kdramas of the melo type try to impart some type of message or lesson to the audience but it feels like this one is saying a relationship born out of cheating is a good thing. (LOL) Nonsense. It’s sad that Hong Joo finally choose to share her feelings but did it have to be the cheating scumbag ex-husband? Ugh, he’s not worth it!

I also firmly believe that any relationship that hurts another human being is not something to pursue. Why would anyone want to hurt a stranger, a close friend or even their own family? As I’ve heard in Kdramas, don’t live your life that way. LMAO.

On the other hand, if this drama isn’t going to try teaching any message, that is a good thing and we should all relax and enjoy the insanity. However, if Dragon-lady dies at the end, I know I won’t be the only one who feels like I got screwed (again) with this couple. Lets keep our fingers crossed for apologies and redemption. BTW, did I miss Hong Joo’s revenge?


  • Triton823 says:

    Why the heck did sh give back the ring that hj gave him to throw away!? Other than that i thought it was setting up nicely sy dad companies complete destruction….it felt as what sy/sh played their only card too fast! Now sy is going to take a month off to get surgery…i dont see that happen because of mw will retailiate! Great recap my friend i know its troublesome to do with the craziness but you do great work!

    • bmore says:

      My take on the ring is it’s his way of telling her to throw him and her memories of what they had away. He doesn’t need to throw it away himself, because he already threw her away within days of his first encounter with SY. By her giving him the ring she was still trying to desperately make him hang on to what they had…hoping that him keeping the ring would be a reminder that what they had was worthwhile and worth saving and worth fighting for. But it never was for him. It took him only a matter of weeks to completely forget she was his love and his life for 10 years. She cannot seem to let go and my heart breaks for her. She cannot make a right step and has handled it all wrong from the get go…but that’s what the writer wants her to do to drive the plot, of course. So this is just one more knife in her heart that SH is pushing in, trying to tell her he doesn’t love her, trying to get her to let go. He cannot be so completely lacking in honor that he does not realize every single thing she has done since he left her is driven by the fact that he destroyed her and that she was still in love with him. Can he?

      She left him in HK but was still looking back, praying that he would follow her…right up to getting on the plane in the already vain hope that what she could feel happening between those 2 he would reject. She pushed the divorce hoping he would become desperate to save his marriage, but he bought a couple rings and went through motions in a cold methodical way (no back hugs nor passionate kisses nor love making for her). Every single thing she has done around him has been a desperate cry for him to return to her, to love her, even though since the very beginning she knew he didn’t love her anymore….just that fast. It pulled her life right out from under her and she has been stumbling and falling ever since.

      And, he will now leave her crying on the sidewalk and run to SY…like he did in the phone call on the phoney overnight trip (where SY so carefully called out his name so his wife would know who he was with…never going to forget that!)

      The writing on this could have been done so much better…it is infuriating. These are fine actors and this could have been beautifully done if handled by a better writer. So frustrating.

      • mdj101 says:

        Thank you for such clear analysis of the effects on HJ. I completely agree with your understanding of SH’s experience of their marriage.

        Actors sometimes admit to having chosen projects that were not great because they needed the money, the experience, or to prove some sort of point. I wonder if these things affected the Writer’s decision to do this drama? This was his second solo project. He prepared 3 years for his first (ROAD NO.1)

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks buddy! *hugs* And thanks for cheering me on, this one has been hard to deal with. 🙂

      • tessieroo says:

        Above comment was for Triton!

        bmore – Excellent summation, I totally agree with your thoughts on HJ. I felt the exact same thing.

  • bmore says:

    I’ve read this 3 times now and my head is still whirling. It’s like the writer is just picking random scenes from a KDrama Melo Catalogue, throwing them in there and letting a reaction take place, then move on to the next scenario and try that one too. It’s insanity. Nothing is happening! These people just keep banging into one another, never saying what should be said, just spouting random dialogue then bouncing off into the next scenario. Like the random breakup of SH & SY, it’s all so phoney and unreal and pointless…just another check mark in the catalogue of stuff that needs to be done in a drama. There’s no continuity, no sense of purpose, no reasoning (that we are being shown) for any of the actions these people are taking. And worse (as we all keep saying over and over) no moral center nor anything worth rooting for.

    Han Ji-Hoon, the writer for this show, has Dr Jin on his resume, so I guess we could just shrug our shoulders and WTH did we expect? Yet he was also a writer on Taegukgi, Once Upon A Time In Seoul, Road #1 and TBDaWolf. So what happened to him? Did he just decide to phone this one in like Jin? ( didn’t see it but it is so universally disliked I don’t plan to).

    In a strange way I feel better about this drama becoming such a farce. It seems fitting that if the writer is going to create nothing but irredeemable characters doing idiotic nonsensical things, then the drama itself should also become irredeemable.

    Still amazed at your reviews. I don’t know how you do it!

  • Twingals says:

    My thoughts exactly….I don’t get how dishonest all the people are around HJ but she always gets the blame by the characters AND a lot of s~commenters. Just don’t get it! it was nasty how SY asked SH if perhaps HJ knows anything about cottage…and then asking the sister if the brother say anything about HJ seeing ex. Also, did he just steal those documents from him or not because numbskull MJ threw the bag at him….that was funny. They are really making it sweet for the “OTP” and when will everyone know what the root of all these shenanigans.

    • mdj101 says:

      How did the writer, director, even the actors and crew keep straight faces while filming this simple-minded silly scene!

      “Please confess, if you are the one viewer out there who took the whole scene seriously”, is what I would love to hear answered!

  • myra do says:

    We’re hooked up on this drama weekly, just hoping that the WRITER will never eliminate the major role of the CEO – CHOI JI WOO by way of killing her at the end of the story (just like “Stairway to Heaven”). Hence this story entails of LOVE-BETRAYAL-GREED-VENGEANCE, there must be a good out put in the end. Whose to blame? never will we conclude because each lead ACTOR’s had its contribution to the problem, resulting from their choices/decisions they under take. I was more on to the result as to what will happen to end the story. Intriguing! Looking forward to it! Very good drama!

  • DHEY says:

    Thanks for a nice recap…am not watching this drama anymore but I enjoy the thoughts of contributors to this page… What will be the ending? Am still interested coz am hoping all mistakes will be resolved.

    Being a wife and a mother, I sympathize with NJ for the miseries she is going through. Sadly, she was consumed by anger that is why she also committed a grave mistake by remarrying MW. My heart goes to her and am hoping that she will be able to overcome her problems and move on with her life. She does’nt deserve the two men she married, SH and MW.

    For SH and SY, may their conscience haunt them for the rest of their lives…

    • tessieroo says:

      dhey – It’s really sad to see such anger and fury in divorce cases but I know it happens (even to the point of murder). It’s annoying to me that HJ hasn’t sought professional help but they never show stuff like that in Kdramas. (exception being “It’s Ok, It’s Love” which is airing now).

      I also believe someone should notice how disturbed MW’s oldest daughter is! O_O

  • azraqey says:

    I’m totally speechless with this week episodes. All I remembered that I laughed all the way of episode 15 and feeling WTH on episode 16. I’m feeling so desperate for everyone to know the real true story and making 180 degrees reaction to that; because SY is still not realize her own fault. She need to be told but again no one know the truth. LOL I love hat verbal exchange that I went ‘manse’ everytime HJ win. LOL. She need to win more.

    As much as I dislike SY, actually I don’t want her to die just like that, because dead people can’t feel pain and hurt like HJ’s feeling (unless she go straight to hell for that). I want her to suffer as much as pain could give and to REALIZE and ADMIT what kind of sh*t that she’s giving to other people…but at this stage, she just don’t, like you said ‘busy justifying their own cheating.”

    SH was confusing as ever, and he is really expressionless, didn’t he? WTH this man is thinking idek. He need to suffer too, but again I don’t see anything that flesh out his emotion more than when he was with HJ.

    MW…OMG MW. I know he’s a jerk, but I think something was really off with his character.

    For JS, I think that wasn’t MW child, but then again, this women has full of tricks on her sleeve.

    This is a trainwreck. I don’t know what the writer intend to do since the flow of the story was so jumpy and lack depth. The dialogues were sometime makes me scratched my head and went LOL.

    Arghh..this made me want to watch OWW again and basking myself in that full-of-depth conversation.

    • Sandy says:

      I agree with every word of your post. It’s amazing how SH’s character when he was with HJ is totally different from the SH with SY. SY wanted to walk in the shoes that HJ worn, but it appears she’s not getting the same man HJ had.

  • bmore says:

    I am speed watching 15 & 16. Something I noticed. I went back through the beginning credits for eps 12-16. Starting with ep 14 they are suddenly cutting off the beginning credits scenes where it was showing a loving and happy SH & HJ. I don’t know if this is a DF decision to speed up the beginning of the show, or yet another way of making sure the audience forgets that there used to be a happy marriage between these 2 people. Just found it interesting.

    And I actually find it slightly relieving that some of the sniping going on between MW and SH showed SH protecting HJ…telling MW not to break her heart because he had already done so. This, unless I skimmed by it already, was the first I’ve seen an out and out admission by SH that he knows he broke her heart and therefore knows the damage he has caused her and is also admitting his wrongdoing. For this I feel great relief. I have no illusion those 2 will end up together. But, before this is over, I would like to see HJ receive a sincere request for forgiveness from SH and a humble apology from SY. I think I have some very small hope for the former.

    SH’s statement to SY that he will protect her does smack of yet another blow to HJ though. I’m not sure how SH is going to justify that, but I’m thinking that there is a small possibility he thinks that getting HJ away from MW by any means is for her own good and, at this point, it appears he may be correct. So, perhaps, his saying he is going to protect SY does not necessarily mean he won’t protect HJ as best he can. Not because he still loves her, but because he cares for her as a person he used to love and live with and was family with and realizes he bears some responsibility to the woman who loved him for so many years. However, his return to the coldness and almost cruel way he speaks to her in the ending scene certainly jerks me back into semi-reality where his character is concerned. I am frustrated with myself that I continue to delude myself into hoping for good in characters where there really isn’t any. At my age, it’s pretty pathetic that I persist in being this naive.

    • mdj101 says:

      Liked your comment about the deletion of the scenes of SH/HJ in love! Is that when MW put the story in the newspaper and SY was fired?

      I think SH ‘s remarks to MW about making HJ happy, etc. are designed to plant suspicion of HJ in MW’s mind and to goad him into acting impulsively and carelessly. A suggestion also that SH knows HJ better than MW does currently–a disguised personal insult. Far from a sincere show of concern and fits better with what I see of SH’s cool, emotionless reaction to everything in general — even with SY he remains calm, cool, and collected. Where exactly is his passion — just to beat another guy?

      Previously, MW told SH he couldn’t understand why he gave up such a good women —subtle marking of ownership or of being a more dominant male, This shows really clever strategy by SH, Hitting MW in an area in which he states he is highly skilled (per remarks made to JS at the villa, where he bragged about his “specialty” ).

    • tessieroo says:

      bmore – Very true. For SH to admit he broke her heart (finally) is good but he needs to admit that to HJ and admit he cheated (that she was right to let him go) and apologize. BOTH he and SY should.

      mdj101 – Oh, good point! Thanks for giving me another way to think about that scene!

  • bmore says:

    not sure if episode 14 coincides with those events, I just noticed the truncated beginning credits on 15 and went back to 12 and forward to see when it started. It may (and probably) has nothing to do with the actual broadcast. DF may have done it on their own to shorten the beginning. A lot of the other sites that are showing this have no beginning credits at all. I just had made a remark on earlier and earlier recap here that I found it interesting that they continued to show those scenes in the beginning credits, reinforcing the memory of a couple who appeared happy and in love. And then, suddenly, they were gone and it just seemed oddly coincidental. But…probably means nothing.

    I like your take on SH’s thinking in making that remark to MW. You are absolutely correct that it goes with his cold, almost emotionless, behavior in general and the completely abrupt way he was able to discard any feelings at all for his wife of 10 years. Still, he did say that he had broken his wife’s heart once already, so I found it odd that he would admit this when he has made such a point of bitterly and coldly pointing out to HJ at every opportunity that she was the one who gave up and asked for the divorce. Yet, he did also say in an early epidose that it was HE who changed so HJ had no choice in the matter. It is again the writing that is constantly giving contradictory statements, thoughts and feelings with these people, well SH in particular, that makes it so hard to figure out what it is he is really thinking. I realize some of this can be accounted for based on who they are having the conversation with, how pissed off they are at that moment, etc. But….it’s still driving me nuts.

    And that confrontation between MW and SH at the dinner table is also so typical of the way men fight verbally if a woman is involved as that is usually a weak point. And much of MW’s sense of self is his womanizing. He is proud of it. HJ!! YOU IDIOT! 🙁

    And it is an excellent question, where is SH’s passion? Of course it’s SY. But (probably because it happened so head spinningly fast without a single look back) SH’s almost puppy like adoration of SY is so off kilter with his whole emotionless persona it leaves me uncertain about who he is. I really hate to say it, but I am beginning to wonder if it is the actor and not the character. 🙁 IRL he is a happily married and devoted husband and father. Perhaps he is finding it difficult to portray this character as someone positive when it is so diametrically opposite to his own personal moral code? Just a random thought. Usually, good actors have no such problem. And he is experienced enough, it should not make a difference. I’m just grasping at straws….

    Both he and SY have acted like they are teenagers with their first love. It’s pretty apparent there are a large group of fans out there who find this absolutely charming and are thrilled to death about the breakup of a 10 year marriage to accommodate this lovely fairy tale romance. Says a lot about where our sense of right and wrong has gone…at least when it involves two beautiful actors that people want to have together. sigh. It’s not like I don’t realize people fall out of love and get divorced for God’s sake. It happened to me so I’m not a flaming moralist. This thing just makes NO SENSE!

    Jeez I love this page. I’d be losing my ever loving mind by now if I hadn’t found it. Now to get through the agony of the next episodes of It’s Okay. At least that is a beautifully done love story. Even if the ending kills me, it will be a worthwhile death! Hallelujah for Glorious Day and My Secret Hotel. They soothe the savaged heart.

    • Sandy says:

      I find it interesting that SH let down his guard a little with SY and MW to acknowledge he is concerned about HJ and doesn’t want to hurt her. However, when he’s with HJ, he’s very cold to her and impatient. When I compare how loosey goosey he was with HJ compared to how in control he is with SY, not as relaxed, it’s like who is this man?

      I have to wonder if the writer is basically saying depending on the person you’re with, it brings out different qualities in a person. The man SY wanted that HJ had is gone. He’s replaced with this man that is more reserved.

      • bmore says:

        Sandy..yes! I so agree. Your first paragraph about SH hit the nail on the head with 1/4 of the words I write!

      • mdj101 says:

        Your second point is a good one to consider. I had not thought to look at the characters with this in mind.

        Although it is not PRECISELY relevant, the saying “Tell me who your friends are, and i’ll tell you who you are” —-not quite correct quote, but does convey my understanding of how we are someway affected by the people we choose to be close with. Maybe just the idea of systems and how one small change can have an effect on the entire system.

    • tessieroo says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with this drama – for SH to so quickly be head-over-heels with SY isn’t really working because we weren’t shown the background of his relationship with HJ nor were we shown how he’s suddenly fallen for this woman who set out to destroy his wife and his marriage. Where did his anger towards her go?

      It makes no sense. >_<

  • IV7 says:

    Speedwatched 15/16 and I do like SH’s character. People who say he’s dishonorable only look at his actions but I feel he’s as guilty as HJ who clearly changed for the worse. And changed to really where she’s a caring mother person with a heart that is impulsive and easily makes choices she will regret. For an example, just look at SH’s advice about the marriage and how she in a way regrets marrying MW.

    Also I don’t see how SH is 100% the only one at fault because he was in a really bad financial stage of his life. And it’s easy to falter without any encouragement from loved ones. Choosing to side with SY after Hong Kong does make him guilty but I don’t hate him for constantly trying to reconcile with HJ but she’s the one who now shut her gates and made the choice for divorce.

    Both SY and SH followed their hearts where it took them and it looks like they’re leading towards a happier life. Both MW and HJ followed their impulsive minds and it’s clearly leading them to a more unhappy life.

    • tessieroo says:

      He didn’t constantly try to reconcile with HJ, he was off trying to get closer to SY, staying out all night with her, taking long walks and playing in the water. (LOL) He didn’t try to fix anything with HJ, he let her take the fall for the divorce. Make no mistake, he wanted out (and as soon as it happened, he sprinted to SY).

      I’m doubting SY will get a happy ending, Karma will bite her for interfering in another couple’s marriage and being so arrogant. People who harm others (on purpose) do not live happily.

  • bmore says:

    SY followed her heart in her decision to break up a marriage? A decision she made coldly and calculatedly and has NEVER apologized for, or admitted to? The writer now has her showing sad faces and tears, but at every instance when her sister, or father, or really anyone she meets with, if the topic of how her relationship began with SH, or what is going on between them with their fake ‘break-up’ she evades or outright lies. She even sneakily involves her innocent sister by asking questions about SH’s behavior. She’s not having suspicions about SH and HJ and nightmares for no reason. She did something wrong and so did SH and she knows it. Their relationship is built on betrayal and lies and her guilt and her knowledge that SH was willing to run to her as fast as the ink was dry on his divorce papers is working on her subconsciously. If he could just stop loving his wife of 10 years that quickly, could it happen to her one day too? Until she admits her wrongdoing and apologizes for it, it’s not going to get any better for her. Nor will their relationship work. It’s what she should have done from the first, when she realized she was ‘truly in love’ with this man! Instead, at every opportunity when HJ came into her path she smiled and made cold or accusational remarks…against a woman she had grievously wronged.

    HJ shut the gates and divorced SH for one reason only. He no longer loved her. He said: I changed, so HJ had to change too. He said: I broke my wife’s heart. He knows what he did and there is no way a man who lived with and loved a woman for 10 years can be that oblivious to why she is so bitter and angry. This is the thing that frustrates and angers me the most about people who cannot see why HJ divorced him. Most of it is the writer’s fault for speeding through the beginnings of this relationship with SY and divorce in a matter of a few weeks. It left everyone unsettled. Us for how SH could change that rapidly and everyone else for how HJ could give up and rush a divorce with a husband she obviously still loved but didn’t seem ready to fight for. It’s a process that should have taken much longer if SH truly wanted to save his marriage. But HJ knew he didn’t love her anymore. She knew it when he got back from Hong Kong, suspected something even before that. And…she was right! And, the entire audience knew it too!!! As I said before, there were no back hugs, nor love making, no romantic walks or splashing in the water for HJ.

    How do you make someone love you again when their heart has already left you? She knew it was over, knew she had lost, and it was killing her looking at a man going through the motions of ‘trying to save his marriage’ when it was SO blatantly obvious to everyone, EVEN THE AUDIENCE, that he was already in love with SY. Does anyone really think a woman who has been married for 10 years to a man doesn’t realize it when he no longer loves her? In a way it was very brave of her to divorce. Most women would hang on and hang on until they turn into the pathetic wives of a cheater. Because if that divorce had not happened we would have had to watch episode after episode of SH and SY oh so conveniently running into one another, gazing with longing looks at one another, taking bike rides and walks together, overnight business trips together…all the things they had already been doing while SH was still married to his wife.

    The writer’s decision to turn HJ into what she has become, I understand (though hate with a passion). It would have been really nice to have one or 2 people in this story with a true moral center that they clung to in spite of all the adversity thrown at them. But that is how most dramas always do it. This writer decided to try this method. And the audience reaction is very interesting… almost more so than the drama. But I’m sure that’s why he’s doing it. No winners. Everyone loses. In the end, I just want HJ to pull herself out of this pit she has dug herself into. It is very hard to just stop loving someone when they stop loving you…I know. She is still searching for the husband she knew and loved, but he is dead and gone. The agony for her is that he is still physically alive and in front of her and has chosen someone else over her and she is going to have to learn to live with that. It’s not ever going to go away, but you can bury it deep and find other joys and other kinds of love to fill your empty heart. I pray the writer gives her that strength and stops torturing her with having to watch her husband loving someone else. She needs to move far far away…or he does. Until she can heal and forget and forgive and maybe…big maybe…love someone again.

    • tessieroo says:

      *standing ovation* You ever thought about writing? You have a very clear, consistent style! 🙂

      I do wish we had been shown the past relationship between HJ/SH, since they both bring it up. Did he chase her? (that was my understanding, he worked hard to get that initial first date) But that might not have worked either in showing us how/why he fell so quickly for SY or when his feelings for HJ changed. I feel like I’m trying to make sense of something that will never make sense. *kekeke*

    • mdj101 says:

      How accurately you have summed up this drama. Thank you. At least, these are also my opinions about Hj, SH, and SY!

  • bmore says:

    You are kind and sweet to say so. I can write well when I am faced with something I am passionate about and when, as in this case, I am faced with situations and moral dilemmas that touch far too close to home. It is also a lifetime of being too intimately involved in the lives of a large family and many friends where these types of traumas and some far worse have taken place. I had a psychologist I went to many years ago for some counseling after my separation from my husband. The appointment was for 1 hour. She wanted a life and family history. 2 hours later she literally threw her tablet and pen across her desk and said ….how have you managed to stay so sane with all this going on? I laughed! But there are so many lives out there that on the surface appear happy and calm, but underneath terrible things are happening. I have 65 years of learning that lesson. When you think you have it bad, open up the newspaper or watch the news at night or wait for the next revelation from a friend or relative that will blow away all your preconceived middle class ideas.

    I don’t think this writer cares how the relationship between HJ and SH ended. He just wanted to get his OTP together and rushed to get there. His fault or the constraints of time? Probably never know. I think he messed up badly at the beginning of this show in not more carefully showing that there were serious cracks in SH/HJ marriage and making a case for him to be looking elsewhere. Instead we were shown a couple very much in love, with some problems for sure, but they were still, after 10 years very physically affectionate (and may I say…far more naturally so than anything we have seen between SY and SH). We were left to fill in the huge gaping holes and each viewer’s life experiences (or infatuation with the lead couple) had to fill in what we believe happened. Mine more closely coincide with HJ’s so, of course, I am strongly empathetic to her feelings. Of course, I would never go on the destructive path she has, but thoughts of bloody revenge would be a given…and for a very long time. Luckily for me, my ex and I have managed to stay close and be friends for almost 25 years now. It took work on both our parts to do so!

    The writer has also left SH as too much of an enigma. There is something missing with him. But that feeling may have more to do with how bewildered we are by his so quick about face. I feel like you do. None of these issues will be resolved. We will be left at the end of this with the WTH? feeling and angry at being cheated. 4 more episodes to go. After this week will we finally have a hint where this is going? I’m looking for some crappy cliche’d ending. Fine with me. Will just make me feel more justified for bitching about it! But, I’m also prepared for the writer to surprise us. We shall see!

  • mdj101 says:

    Entirely agree with you again. Well analyzed, thank you.

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree, I’m blown away by the excellent summations and nodding my head along with every word!

      I still can’t stomach watching the SY/SH couple, makes me sick. And for everyone around them to be cheering them on also makes me sick. This writer made a huge mistake by not fully exploring the HJ/SH marriage and for not fleshing out the SH character. (although, I don’t know if that would help since it’s SY that I loathe). 😉

  • bacom says:

    Hello, tessieroo! I try to Google recap for Glorious Days since i just start watching it and imagine my surprise, I find you and so many familiar friends in this 🙂 After dropping from the other forum by disappointment, I think I find another home which I don’t have my heart race when reading comments 🙂 I dropped Temptation since episode 13 so I just come here and read your oh-so-funny recap. One thing I know for sure, I willl curse this writer badly if she lets SY and SH have happily ever after. BTW, I love all the comments here since they’re exactly what in my mind hehehe

    • azraqey says:

      Hi bacom, I did read your comments there. Such an excellent opinions, too bad we were shun out. I was just a silent reader, but feeling so frustrated with some thoughts. Glad to see you here. 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Bacom! *bigsquishyhugs* It’s so good to see your name here, I got all excited! (LMAO) I was bummed when you checked out, your posts were one of the very few that made BOTH sides laugh or stop and think, you are very much missed.
      But I will selfishly admit I’m glad you’re here. *hee* Glorious Day has become my sanctuary, my happy place I got to whenever this one makes me crazy. 😛
      I completely agree, if this writer tries to say that SH “found the meaning of true love” with SY? I’m gonna be uber ticked off.

  • MySay says:

    Hi Everyone. It’s my first posting here. I’m glad I stumbled on this review cite as what most of you express fits so well with my own responses to Temptation. If you’ve not watched Week 9 episodes yet, this will be a spoiler. HJ finally found it in her to walk away from that messed up world she doesn’t really belong to. I just hope she stays away, unless MW really changes and they can then share a sincere relationship. Right now, there is no honesty in any of the relationships – even HG-SJ’s is in danger.

  • bacom says:

    Really love reading your analysis and find myself nodding along with everything you put down. I spent so much time at the other forum reading every posts and tried to figure out why people couldn’t see anything wrong with SY-SH and blamed it all on HJ. After the brother HG got ridiculous, I dropped the drama.

  • bacom says:

    Edit: the above comment is for BMORE

  • bmore says:

    Thanks bacom. The comments on DF were what made me stop watching. And it wasn’t so much that people were for SH & SY (though that disgusted me), what upset me is how ugly and vicious the remarks were about HJ. I knew most of the commenters had to be women and I was horrified at the complete lack of understanding for a woman in her situation by other women. Now that I have found a safe and sane haven, I am finding I can watch the show again, though the lovey dovey scenes with SH & SY are SO hard to stomach.

    You know, if the writer had been better, taken a touch of the excellence and reality in One Warm Word, he could have first shown us SOMETHING wrong with SH & HJ’s marriage. Most certainly he should have shown us a relationship that was cracking, shown SH’s coldness or indifference that he was attempting to hide and HJ trying to not see it, or even just the boredom and the inevitable apathy that sometimes takes over a marriage that was never really built on any strong foundation. Then eventually shown an SH & SY wracked with guilt over the damage inflicted on HJ and her family and the repercussions that build out from their actions. Then their true attempts at obtaining forgiveness. THEN the building or ending of their relationship.

    I would have liked to have seen MW be more of a side character, watching and helping HJ from the sidelines and an ending where she is on her own and building her own life strongly, her love for SH continuing, but changed into acceptance and more of a caring for a man who she finally realized was unable to love her and was in pain because of that. And, that hint of MW left in the background… that he would continue to pursue her. Because, of course, I am a terrible romantic and would want her to find love again.

    • tessieroo says:

      OMG, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s very disturbing to me the way being a “mean girl” has suddenly become the thing to do. I don’t get it at all – I would never treat another woman badly, I wasn’t raised that way. Some of the comments just blow my mind but I keep telling myself they’re all very young (which is really no excuse).
      There are just some things you don’t do and messing with another woman’s husband is up towards the top of that list.

  • bacom says:

    BMORE, I love your scenario because it makes the drama so much more enjoyable that way. It’s such a pity that a good potential drama has turned into a complete mess. I followed this drama closely and very active in the other thread until I got so annoyed with a post of a so-called authority in that thread, so I dropped the thread and also the drama.
    For me, the character I can’t stand the most in this drama is SH, I think he’s the root of all the problem. Yes, it’s true that SY is evil in wanting to test their marriage, but if SH stayed strong, ust got the money and ran for his life, then nothing wouldlhappen. Yes, it’s true that HJ didn’t take an active role in stopping her husband, but if SH truly wanted to save their marriage with his heart and mind, then everything would work out. SH in here is a greedy human being who claimed to love his wife but also fascinated with SY and wanted to put her in his mind. He created this mess and he hurt two women in the process, he added fuel to SY’s evil mind, and he made HJ turn into a terrible avenger.
    I wish the MW character was developed like you said because I love the actor LJJ 🙂 I cling on my hope that he’d turn good after married his love, but oh my, the writer just made him terrible to go along with all the characters in the drama.

    AZRAQEY, I’m glad I’m here too with enjoyable readings of same thoughts ♡

    • bmore says:

      Yes, you are SO right. SH is the key to the whole thing. My heart desires for him to grieve what he has done to HJ, and grieve deeply. He seems to ‘know’ he has done wrong, but, as others have pointed out, he does not seem to ‘feel’ his wrongdoing…that we can see. SH could not fight for his marriage, because he did not love his wife. And that is the ever loving circle we keep going around and around and around in this. Why did he stop loving his wife? Why did he not fight with love and touch and words and affection to keep her…if he loved her? Is he really the kind of man who just stops loving one woman and starts loving another? Is that what we are going to be left with at the end of this?

      SY has never made any bones about how cold blooded she is. Not in her attack on their marriage. nor her cold bloodedness in her failure to admit her wrongdoing since the beginning of her affair with SH, and MOST IMPORTANTLY her inability to even realize she should apologize for it. She is the same way in business.

      I love LJJ too! I was so encouraged when Tessieroo said she had read he would become a ‘changed man’ due to his love for HJ. But this writer, I think, is feeding off the anger and frustration of his audience. We are not the only voices of dissent out there. So I think he decided to go down the dark path on all his characters.

      I must go watch this week’s episodes, much as I don’t want to. I keep putting it off waiting for Tessie’s recap because it makes it easier to bear watching if I have her sarcastic and hilarious outlook in my mind first!!! 🙂 Of paramount interest….has SY’s sister found out! Does she care? How does HJ’s brother think he can continue that relationship? So much left to be explained.

      If they turn MW into Mr. Good Guy in the last 10 minutes of this show, I hope no one is around to hear me. I’m really trying hard to cut down on my swearing. It’s SO unladylike! 🙂

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