“Plus Nine Boys” Week Two Thoughts

Just as I expected, this isn’t a mania drama but feels like a nice evening stroll after heavy rain.

What happened to our boys in Episodes 3 and 4?

I can’t think of anything new that happened to our little Dong Goo this week. He’s still a divo, he still can’t act and his attitude and jealousy interfere with the few CFs he manages to bag. He’s in a losing battle with the new “It” boy who happens to be a very famous alien’s namesake who might be involved in a love triangle with him. There shouldn’t be much to see there as I think the little girl only has eyes for him. The writers need to come up with an attractive hook for his story line unless he will largely be a background player. He’s a cute kid but the celeb shtick is wearing thin.

Min Goo’s story line fared better but not by much. He’s still obsessed with his “destiny” and when he finally gets to ride on the same bus as her, his judo rival appears and begins to taunt him. Strangely, the bus driver doesn’t intervene but he gets punished when she disembarks while he’s distracted. Luckily for him, all is not lost  because she forgets her day planner on the bus which he uses to stalk her. She’s got “Blue Paprika” penciled in for a certain time and after going to two cafes and not finding her, he later learns from his uncle that it’s an indie band. He runs off to their concert and eventually finds her outside the venue. They finally meet when he grabs her wrist as they walk towards each other on the crosswalk. Since when is it okay for a man to grab a stranger like this? I find it too aggressive and would never date a man who approaches me like this – even if he was returning a missing item.

Kwang Soo got the “B” plot this week. He met with three exes and flopped each time. One had gained weight which apparently means that she can’t be his true love. Another is in a relationship with a woman while the third will be getting married in a month. Last week, I thought the upstairs neighbor would be Min Goo’s love interest but it turns out to be Da In, Kwang Soo’s ex whom he didn’t even bother looking up because she broke his heart and got married to someone else. She’s also Se Young’s close friend. She’s now the divorced mother of a four-year-old and how did she break his heart? 10 years ago, he proposed to her (with couple rings) on their 500th day anniversary and she rejected him by beating him with the bouquet of flowers he’d given her. Ouch. What made this more humiliating was it took place on a television show.

Did he give her syphilis because what could he possibly have done to deserve this? I hate such public displays of affection because they are often about the initiator’s ego and place undue pressure on the recipient but dang. Why did she have to go that far?

His sister meets her when they go upstairs to tell them to stop making noise (it turns out to be coming from a different apartment) and they become friends. Then the embarrassing woman invites her over, badmouths her brother to her then asks her to hook him up with a single friend as Kwang Soo eavesdrops and wishes the earth would open up and swallow him. There’s also a prior incident where he comes to her aide when she gets into a minor accident with a fellow tenant in the parking lot.

Jin Goo continues to crush on Se Young and Jae Bum now erroneously thinks that he’s his wingman. For example, Se Young gets drunk so Jin Goo makes her hangover soup. On seeing this, Jae Bum thanks his friend for his consideration and help then serves it to her. There’s technically nothing wrong with Jae Bum’s behavior especially as he’s unaware of his friend’s feelings but I can’t help but be annoyed on Jin Goo’s behalf.

This week’s episodes consisted of their company going on trips to research romantic tours (how convenient) and Se Young and Jin Goo are paired on both days. The first date is setup by their team leader while the second is “telepathic” where a woman goes to a location and the man she’s “telepathically” connected with picks the same place. Both guys correctly guess where she might go but since Jae Bum has confessed, he calls dibs, thinking his friend supports his pursuit. The difference is that Jin Goo is sure it’s her pick while Jae Bum struggles with his choice then asks his friend to switch with him at the last minute. He ends up going to the wrong location and meets the lady he spent the first date with.

On the other hand, Jin Goo is pleased.

At some point, Se Young drunkenly apologizes to Jae Bum and they are still being coy about who she likes. We still don’t know what past incident makes it difficult for Jin Goo to confess his feelings but he finally kisses her on their romantic date.

She thinks he’s a player, hence, would doubt the sincerity of his interest in her. She’s probably hurt that he takes her for someone he can try his dirty tricks on… at least, that’s why I think she slaps him.

Next week’s preview seems to indicate that we’ll soon learn more about their past.

They are yet to get us interested in Min Goo’s romance so as it stands, I wouldn’t mind if they don’t end up together. However, I want Kwang Soo to be fulfilled in both his personal and professional lives. He still hates his new job but he doesn’t put much effort in it as he thinks it’s beneath him. I’d like to see him take it more seriously and turn things around for that show.

Jin Goo is a slowpoke and is lucky that Se Young rejected Jae Bum. Maybe something big is what’s held him back but I was slowly beginning to develop second lead syndrome simply because Jae Bum had put his feelings out there. But he’s kissed her now so we’ll see what happens next. The preview hints that he confesses but I’m used to trolliews so for all we know, he’s confessing after she’s walked away. LOL

These two episodes were nice and I’m looking forward to more.

Till next time!


  • bmore says:

    kinda struggling with this one. The story is just not grabbing me, but I like the cast. Will hang in for a few more and see.

  • aoi says:

    I like the drama so far- but agreed! 39 needs to grow up big time & cast off his prejudices.. I keep waiting for him to show some maturity, but he’s just whining at his situation- be in work or at home..

    29 needs to start being little more assertive too. Too many times has Jaebeom taken him for granted and I’m getting a bit annoyed..

  • nahaluk says:

    I like your recaps/thoughts, they are so on spot and efficient!
    I think if Jin Goo had said anything to Jae Bum about liking Se Young, he wouldn’t make him his wing man so easily.
    So far I’m interested in the 29 and 39 boys stories, and honestly could care less about the 9 years boy, can’t stand little pricks like him (I’m working with kids and this type is the most annoying). The 19 one is shot hilariously: he is in his own MV all the time.

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