“Glorious Day” Week 20 – Jealousy Bites Song-Jung

With the Chuseok holiday happening in South Korea this past weekend, we only got one episode of Glorious Day but it was a doozy. Everyone learns Grandma has Parkinson’s Disease and some were able to deal with it like champions while others fell completely apart. I think that happens in every family, there’s always a few who are strong enough to step up and help others deal with things.

Shin Ae finally learns of her Mom’s disease and her reaction was exactly what I expected: she’s full of regret for the way she’s been treating her Mom. It’s funny that people always say “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” but that usually applies to dating, boyfriends/girlfriends and love. It should also apply to family – your Mom and/or Dad, Grandparents etc. Once those people are gone from your life, there is no second chance to express your gratitude and love. Song-Jung is right – no matter your age, once your Mother is gone, you’ll miss her every single day for the rest of your life.

Shin Ae’s complete breakdown had me sobbing. While I know she’s been a source of frustration and most of her problems are of her own making, I can’t help but feel empathy for this woman who will soon lose her Mother. Shin Ae isn’t twisted or completely evil, she’s mis-guided and selfish. Trying to climb up a social ladder when she should look around and be grateful for the wonderful, warm and close family she already has. I actually loved the scene where she’s screaming and clinging onto Da Jung because I have a feeling these two women will become very close.

Min Sik, on the other hand filled me with anger and once again disappointed me in this episode. He’s a good man who wouldn’t harm a fly but his blindness regarding his wife is even more frustrating to me than her selfishness! While I understand his being an orphan makes him grateful and close to his In-laws – for him to get drunk and wallow in self-pity really ticked me off. Especially when he suddenly left the family business, not caring how orders were being filled or who was in charge. Ugh, I wanted to slap him but it was a nice touch having Song-Jung finally able to comfort her Oppa again, like she did when they were younger.

Once again, Song-Jung proved what an amazing woman she is by running around through the entire episode and comforting those who needed it. She not only immediately understood what Min Sik felt (as an orphan herself) and rushed to his side but she also went to comfort the woman who has mocked her family and tried to make their lives miserable. This is why her daughters are all amazing women and everyone is drawn to her whole family. I adore this character!

I still think my favorite couple are Song-Jung and Uncle Nam. While she’s busy caring for his extended family, he tries his best to take care of her. *squeee* He makes sure she eats and knowing she’s uncomfortable, he leaves her alone at the table. Interesting that she’s the one who suggested they eat together this time? I almost died when he got right up in her face!

So Lee spying on In Woo was funny but annoying, she seems convinced the reason he’s not rushing full speed ahead to marry her is because of Da Jung? LMAO, she’s so clueless and so young! Is it because she’s an only child or is this once again an example of not raising your children with boundaries and respect? I don’t know but I am glad In Woo is finally ready to call the engagement off. These two continue to be the only coupling that I don’t like in this drama.

I ADORE Da-In and Ji-Ho and have quickly climbed on board that ship. I’m picturing lots of squee-worthy moments to come, a lovely wedding and babies. *hehehe* This kid is smart, he knows a good thing when he sees it and grabbed hold of Da-In in spite of her initial petty whining. She’s grown and matured and I hope we continue to see this blooming relationship.

Da Jung discovering what Shin Ae has done in order to push In Woo’s wedding was a relief but I’m frustrated at how she handled the situation. Instead of confiding in her husband, she choose to hide it and try using aegyo to wheedle money out of him? While it was a tiny bit cute to see that scene between our newlyweds, I know she’s not doing herself or the family any favors by trying to cover for Shin Ae and I don’t like the lack of trust she’s showing Jae Woo.

It was very interesting that In Woo overheard the conversation between his Mother and Da Jung and decided to sell his car. Giving the money to Da Jung, he knows it’s going to his Mother and he knows it’s for his wedding so does that mean he does want to marry So Lee? So confusing. (LOL)

The conversation between Hee Joo and Song-Jung was heartwarming but fills me with questions about why the slimy-ex abandoned Song-Jung and her daughters if Hee Joo’s Mother was such a nice person. Did she not know slimy-ex was married with 2 daughters and a pregnant wife? Did they have an affair which resulted in Hee Joo being born? I need answers! I can’t wait for our 3 lovely daughters to find out Hee Joo is their half-brother, I have no doubt they’ll accept him and shower him with love.

So far, the other woman in Uncle Nam’s life isn’t bothering me at all, she’s kind of a dork? (LOL) I consider her harmless, she’s certainly not evil or plotting anything. I love seeing Song-Jung’s reactions whenever she’s around Uncle Nam, who knew she felt jealousy? I’m as stunned about that as Eun-Chan seemed to be when his parents were discussing “hearts being numb”. Dr. Kang and Da-Ae continue to be another favorite pairing and I love their interactions with Eun-Chan.

I’m not sure what to make of slimy-ex once again trying to worm his way into the lives of these two families but he’s still annoying to me. He may have shown some temporary growth (and sensitivity?) in his dealings with Jae Woo but forcing his son to introduce him to Ji-Ho also ticked me off. I just don’t know yet what to make of him, has he changed or is he still going blindly shove himself into his daughters lives when they clearly don’t want that? I’m still wary of him but hope I’m wrong.

We finally were semi-introduced to Shin Ae’s older brother but only via a telephone call. We know he has kids so where is his wife? Why is he so reluctant to come visit his family? So much more to learn and discover with this drama, I still can’t get enough of these characters! How refreshing that there isn’t a single truly evil person amongst the whole bunch.

This episode was so heartwarming, causing both major tears and laughter. When Shin Ae locked herself in the bathroom so her Mom wouldn’t hear her crying, I sobbed. But then I loved the jealous looks Song-Jung threw towards Nam and Team Leader Im during dinner (with Da Jung watching her Mom from the side – LOL) ! And the two of them getting caught out on the balcony while arguing about his confession? OMG, I died laughing. Now that Grandma knows, what’s next? I can’t wait for next weekend.  I agree with the reader who said she wanted to hang out with these people, I do too!

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  • twingals says:

    Nice recap, Shin Ae’s breakdown made me teary-eyed too……this episode helped to wash out thaT other drama’s bad taste 😉 even with all thaT dramatic guitar playing.

    • azraqey says:

      Totally agree with you. Kinda forget those bad taste. *offeringgrouphugs*

      My tears kind of naturally went down; i don’t even realized it.

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO, good one! Totally agree, this drama is my safe, happy place from the nightmare of thaT other drama. O_O I totally wanna hang out with all of these people.

  • bacom says:

    I just read that this drama will end at episode 44. Well, I’ll have 6 episodes less to marathon this drama. I just wish In Woo can be freed from that annoying princess, and if my wish comes true, 44 episodes are enough for me.

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