“Temptation” Week 9 – Irony And Arrogance Take Over

I didn’t think much of Hong Joo being made the bad guy, it allowed the other characters to shrug off their own responsibility and guilt by claiming it’s her fault: she allowed Se Young to destroy her marriage and it made sense within the confines of this story. Then I started thinking maybe the Hong Joo character was the lead. (LOL) Crazy, I know but since the lead female is usually lied to, tricked, slapped, and tortured, that also made sense because Hong Joo was the one suffering these things.

My thoughts before watching this week were more behind the idea that the writer was still struggling in his attempt to make the OTP believable. He not only needed to continue showing that Hong Joo has no one on her side but also to strip her of any gains in order to move things forward.

Apparently that’s not working either since her mistreatment continues (even from her own brother) and we now have the added possibility that the cheaters will get some sort of redemption, when they’ve never accepted responsibility or apologized. In fact, the arrogance is taken to new heights this week which leaves me dumbfounded and appalled.

When Seok Hoon sees that it’s Se Young, he starts towards the car but she drives off. He turns and coldly tells Hong Joo to leave, he has nothing more to say to her. The look on Hong Joo’s face is painful to see, she’s hurt (once again) as she watches him walk away.

Hong Joo goes home, hiding her pain and lies that she met a friend. Hong-Gyu asks how things went at the Prosecutors office, she assures him it’s settled and goes to bed. He’s disappointed, he wanted to drink with his family like old times. Pffftttt, go play with your girlfriend and stop pretending you give two shits about your sister.

Seok Hoon finds Se Young and asks why she left? She was embarrassed it might appear she was spying. He explains Hong Joo came to talk about Min Woo, who is blaming her for leaking the cottage info. Se Young already knew this was going to happen (since she spoke with Ji-Sun) but feigns concern and they both sigh that there’s nothing they can do.

Se Young tells him that Hong Joo didn’t believe what he told her about Hong Kong, there are some things a woman can’t accept. Yes, and that’s exactly what you set out to prove, right? She assures him she’s different, she won’t push him away. Well, aren’t you just special! *sarcasm*

The next day, Min Woo storms into Seok Hoon’s office, smirking his surprise that Seok Hoon would use his ex-wife to fight dirty. Seok Hoon laughs, gloating but says Hong Joo didn’t sell him out, Ji-Sun did. He smugly advises that Min Woo should have remembered why he divorced Ji-Sun when he saw her. LMAO, his arrogance is unreal, he should consider how he’s treated Hong Joo.

Nope, Seok Hoon believes he’s the righteous one, spouting holier-than-thou lines about not having time for his ex-wife (the implication being his love with Se Young is pure). While it’s true Min Woo is a scumbag, no matter how much Seok Hoon continues to deny it, he cheated on his wife. The difference is Seok Hoon got paid cash money and a better job. (LOL)

Se Young checks into the hospital, her doctor friend Myung Hwa greets her and later runs into Ji-Sun. After confirming Ji-Sun is pregnant, Myung Hwa reminds her she was told the dangers of having another baby, for both the fetus and herself. Ji-Sun is determined, inquiring if bed rest will help but Myung Hwa tells her not to get her hopes up.

Hong Joo is doing laundry when her Father orders her to go back. He’s uncomfortable since she rushed into marriage and tells her again to let things go, be understanding and give in. Wait…don’t men throw their wives out if they cheat? Why should women endure? So confusing.

He does tell her if she can’t deal, she should come home. Hmmm, it sounds like he’s aware of Min Woo’s cheating. He won’t ask questions or judge her. Awwww, it’s so nice to hear someone finally allowing Hong Joo to be human! This poor guy is also a victim of Se Young’s selfish game.

Seok Hoon learns Min Woo was released and won’t be arrested because (of course) there is always someone else willing to be sent to prison in place of the CEO. He’s also informed that Se Young is absent from work. He tries calling but she’s pulled the battery out of her phone.

Min Woo confronts Ji-Sun, she’s annoyed that Seok Hoon tattled. Min Woo wonders how she knew that guy was Hong Joo’s ex-husband? She did her research on the woman who replaced her and tries to worm her way out of it. Min Woo tells her to leave, he doesn’t want to see her. Welp, her plan dissolved into air so she does the only thing left and says she’s pregnant – with his son.

She’s confident it’s his and a boy but he says they’ll talk after the baby is born when they do a paternity test. Ahaha, her face falls. It’s clear it’s not Min Woo’s baby. Can’t they do a Prenatal Paternity test? Yes, they can but that would easily resolve things and makes too much sense.

Se Young wakes up to find Myung Hwa at her side, she has bad news. *sits up* She says the tumor has grown so just removing her ovaries will no longer be sufficient, they also need to remove her uterus. But that might not work since there is a high probability it will spread and she might need chemo. So the tumor is cancer? *facepalm* She asks to be alone and does a facepalm herself.

Hong Joo returns to Min Woo’s house but Mother-In-Law is nasty and cold. *sigh* Is it just me or does Hong Joo look ridiculously tiny in that huge, over-decorated bedroom? Seok Hoon still can’t find Se Young so he goes to question Se-Jin and lies that he needs to see Se Young regarding work. She lets him know Se Young disappears like this all the time, nothing to worry about.

Min Woo shares a glass of wine with Hong Joo to apologize for doubting her but then questions if she has any feelings left for Seok Hoon. She admits she loved him and then wanted him to suffer as much as her hurt her but not anymore. *raises hands* Hallelujah! She then tries to convince Min Woo the person she loves is him but he laughs. Yea, I’m not buying that either.

Myung Hwa yells at Se Young when she wants to check out of the hospital. Se Young gives a long, heartfelt speech about having a breast or uterus removed and how that’s not an easy choice for women to make so she needs more time. I wish I could feel sympathy for Dragon-lady but I still only feel loathing when she opens her mouth.

Since telling Min Woo she’s pregnant didn’t yield the results Ji-Sun wanted, she decides to tell his Mother. Knowing how desperate this woman is for a male heir, she lies that it’s Min Woo’s baby and announces her belief it’s a boy. Ji-Sun begs her ex-MIL to help, she wants to be her daughter-in-law again. *snort* Again: Prenatal Paternity test, people.

Min Woo threatens to cancel Ajin’s business dealing unless Seok Hoon is fired. Se-Jin visits Se Young to ask for a job at the main office but it’s really so she can call Seok Hoon and let him know her sister is back. He starts to rush over but is stopped by his boss, who informs him of Min Woo’s latest attack and offers Seok Hoon a job at their New York headquarters.

He meets Se Young and tells her she looks sick. *buzzer sound* That’s the correct answer but no million dollar prize, sorry. They’re trying to be cutesy but I’m getting nauseous. Se-Jin is hired to do research so she invites both Hong-Gyu and Han Soo to help. Revolting picnic scene that I fast-forwarded through but I don’t think I missed anything, they talked about flying to Brazil.

Oldest daughter Yoon Ah snoops through Hong Joo’s things, finds the wedding ring and takes it. She gives it to her Grandmother, who uses it to pick on Hong Joo. It’s clear she’s trying to drive Hong Joo out so Je-Sin can come back. There’s more dick-waving between Min Woo and Seok Hoon. We get it, you’re intelligent, virile men but you both cheated on your wives so get over yourselves. Se Young learns Min Woo tried to have Seok Hoon fired and the New York offer.

Ji-Sun does a direct, frontal attack and tells Hong Joo she’s pregnant and it’s Min Woo’s baby. She also implies if Hong Joo sticks around, she could end up raising it, just to be extra insulting. Hong Joo tries to slap her but Ji-Sun stops it and tells Hong Joo to go back to her place. Suddenly, Ji-Sun doubles over in pain. Hong Joo sees blood dripping down her legs.

Ji-Sun loses the baby but you can see the wheels turning in her head when MIL arrives. She blames the entire thing on Hong Joo. MIL is infuriated, calls Hong Joo a tramp and rushes to out to smack her. Oh, the irony. Min Woo tells Hong Joo to go home, he’s going to stay with Ji-Sun.

When Se Young doesn’t show up for their scheduled departure (to Brazil?) Seok Hoon goes looking for her and finds her coming out of a meeting. She’s cold and snarky and pretends surprise that she was supposed to leave with him. She announces she’s not going and (by the way) she’s done with him.

She’s ambiguous as usual and talks in circles, with a smirk on her face. He snaps at her to not play with words (which made me laugh out loud) and demands to know what she means. Finally she says the 4 days in Hong Kong are over now, they should end it. She thanks him, she had a good time with him but it’s over. ROFL! He’s furious, what is she saying?

Her next words had me laughing so hard, I teared up. She says if they continue, it will only hurt them as well as all those around them. Is this just now crossing her mind? He was her first love but she’s awake now. He only wants to know her true feelings, does she love him? No, not anymore. Ahahaha, it’s strangely satisfying to see him in tears. *snark*

He walks aimlessly, shoulders slumped while she sits in her car and sobs. We all know why she’s doing this but how awesome would it be if she were really dumping his sorry ass? Wait, am I supposed to be feeling something as she sobs? Cuz…there’s just nothing but disgust and amusement.

Hong Joo’s MIL throws more insults in her face, she’s materialistic. Wow, that’s so far from the truth, it’s beyond ridiculous. She orders Hong Joo to make seaweed soup for the Grandson she just lost. To top it off, oldest daughter Yoon Ah tells Hong Joo she hates her because she hurt her Mom.

At the hospital, Ji-Sun (suddenly) tells Min Woo she still loves him. *snort* Oh, okay. Min Woo goes home, all tired (he’s been working hard again, ya know) and doesn’t want to deal with Hong Joo so he’ll sleep in the guest room. Raise your hand if you care where he sleeps. Yea, me neither.

Seok Hoon isn’t taking the break up well and confronts Se Young, asking if their time together meant nothing? She remains firm so he starts groveling: if there’s something she doesn’t like, he can change! She reminds him she bought him for 1 million bucks, does she need to pay him another million to get rid of him? Damn it, she admitted it! Where are the reporters when you need them? UGH!

She further breaks his pride by saying he’s not worth that much and offers less. *hee* She’s not being “respectful” but this IS how their relationship started in Hong Kong. These are the only honest words she speaks. In tears again, he walks away but ends up going to wait at her apartment. Se Young almost has an accident when sudden pains hit and calls for help.

Hong Joo visits Ji-Sun to apologize, she’s accepting full responsibility for the miscarriage. *sigh* She admits she’s jealous of Ji-Sun because she has 3 beautiful children who are growing up healthy and mysteriously tells her things might turn out the way she wants. On her way out, she runs into a nursing friend and stops to chat but then sees Se Young in hospital clothing.

Interesting that the way this drama gets around patient confidentiality: because Hong Joo is a nurse. She follows Se Young outside and asks if Seok Hoon knows she’s having surgery? Dragon-lady is rude and bitchy like normal, wondering why she has to explain anything to Hong Joo. She also tells Hong Joo she doesn’t want her sticking her nose into her business.

OMG, the irony and bull crap is so thick, I need a shovel.

Hong Joo admits she wanted Se Young in pain but not like this and she’s not the type of person to run and tell Seok Hoon. Se Young snaps that she doesn’t want her pity but she wouldn’t know genuine kindness if it slapped her. Hong Joo sincerely wishes her luck with her surgery and walks away.

Min Woo finds Hong Joo packed, she already told his Mom who seemed glad they don’t have to pay her off. She admits being hurt because of Ji-Sun but thinks she should have rejected his proposal. He grabs ahold of her, begging that she not leave but she wants to be free of all the trouble. I’m so confused, does anyone think Min Woo loved her? Cuz I don’t.

Seok Hoon decides to accept the offer in New York but gets sloppy drunk and cries, having hallucinations of Se Young. Hong Joo goes home where her lovely brother yells he warned her not to marry Min Woo so she’s a failure twice. His Father tells him to shut it, he told her to come home. So while his sister cries and apologizes, Hong-Gyu throws a tantrum.

The next day, Hong Joo is cleaning when Hong-Gyu yells at her again: if she were going to be miserable, why didn’t she just stay? He grabs her arm to drag her out when she finally screams at him to leave her alone. What the hell is wrong with this kid? *blinks* Can’t believe I had faith in him.

Hong-Gyu gets drunk, calls Seok Hoon and makes a complete ass of himself by asking Seok Hoon to get back together with his Noona. Wow, that’s just…why would he want his sister with this cheating, sorry ass? The thing that comes out of this pathetic talk is Seok Hoon admitting he’s the one who started all the trouble. No! Seriously? *rewinds to listen over and over*

He takes Hong-Gyu home, both he and Hong Joo are uncomfortable. Yea, he has no business being there at all and shouldn’t even be meeting Hong-Gyu. I do find it telling he’s never met with his ex-Father-in-law. Hong Joo wants to talk so they sit outside and she tells him she made horrible choices but it’s over with Min Woo. She asks about Se Young, is that over?

When he says yes, she asks if they can eat and talk every now and then? *shakes with fury* He says no, they can’t because he’s going to work in New York for a year. She wonders if Se Young knows and then bites her lip as he reminds her they broke up. He says he’ll see her when he returns, tells her to stay healthy and wishes her luck. Calling his name, she tells him Se Young is in the hospital to have surgery and watches sadly as he takes off running.

He finds Se Young sitting outside, hooked to an IV and asks if her harsh words were to hide this from him? She tries sending him away but he falls to his knees, wanting to stay and bear the pain at her side. She cries, she didn’t want anyone to know, most especially him but gives in. This is supposed to be touching but is it wrong that I’m hoping all her hair falls out? (LMAO, sorry) This relationship still makes me ill and I’m not swayed, no matter what happens.

Things go crazy at DongSung Group when some construction companies go bankrupt and news filters to the stock market about money problems. Min Woo decides it’s the perfect time to inform reporters how unstable DongSung Group is and plans to buy the affiliate companies.

Se Young is readied for surgery, Myung Hwa enters to meet Seok Hoon for the first time. If he had been allowed to talk to her way back when, she would know whose husband her sweet, innocent friend stole from his family. Se Young is taken to surgery just as Se-Jin arrives, she tells Seok Hoon she’s late because things are crazy at the company and something about construction companies.

The surgery begins and we’re shown flashbacks of times the OTP spent together. Hilariously, two of the four scenes that are shown are of them cheating, Seok Hoon was still married to Hong Joo when those moments occurred! Suddenly something goes wrong, Se Young’s blood pressure drops.


Watching these episodes, I wavered between hysterical laughter and fury. I saw this coming when the writer began pushing the Se Young/Seok Hoon relationship as something “pure” and “true”. Min Woo was turned into an obstacle and the OTP became the victims. I’m sure some people bought into that but quite a few didn’t. We know exactly how and why everything happened and never once allowed it to be twisted. Not even the possibility of Se Young dying will change that.

The fact that the writer might take it that far tells me it’s a complete and utter failure. And it doesn’t work since I don’t believe death will absolve Se Young of anything. She continues to be arrogant and pompous, a complete spoiled bitch who believes she did nothing wrong and all the wide-eyed, innocent giggles or hysterical sobbing (now that she’s ill) do not convince me otherwise.

This episode did show me why I’ve been on Hong Joo’s side all along, her genuine words to Se Young made it apparent which one of these ladies has dignity, empathy and class. In spite of her millions and her social position, Se Young will never be half the woman Hong Joo is. And it makes me furious that the writer continues to mock Hong Joo’s morals and gentle, kind nature as something of little value.

While I understand young people believing the fairy-tale that love conquers all or being selfish and thinking only of themselves – for the writer to put those words into the mouth of an intelligent, grown-ass man in order to justify this shameful and deplorable relationship is dead wrong. Is Writer-nim really going with the message that there should be no boundaries because “you can’t help who you fall in love with?” With only two more episodes, I guess we’ll see!

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  • bmore says:

    okay…for the first time since I invaded your page. I am without words. Between gasping in fury and laughing hysterically…..I just have no words that will come out. Is this writer on crack? The disjointedness of the scenes you describe, the incomprensible conversations, the back and forth ‘feelings’ these characters constantly exhibit….it’s all so insane. There is no continuity, no rationality, no logical movement of these characters from one scene to the next.

    Can I actually sit through 2 hours of this crapola in order to compose yet another diatribe where I go on to repeat myself? I don’t think so. Tessieroo. My heart goes out to you! You are a strong and powerful woman!

    • tessieroo says:

      I laughed when SY was sobbing in her car, when SH got drunk and cried, when JS told MW she was preggers…LMAO! So many funny scenes (to me) this week! But then I got furious when HJ attacked his sister, HJ asked SH to “eat and talk” with her (still can’t believe the writer is making her that pathetic) and when SY got all snooty, telling HJ to stay out of her business. Are you serious? I mean, WHO got in WHOSE business? Unreal.
      All in all, a fairly entertaining week! 😉

  • pohyoke says:

    I watched the episode before reading your review and I am amazed by the clarity and force of your thoughts and writing. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much.

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Chinguu! You did it again! I couldn’t stop laughing at your side comments.
    What this writer done to HJ’s character is really unbelievable!?! You would think she’s the lead with all the crap thrown at her.
    Bet you, SY’s not going to die. Like mother said, she’s the lead. Can’t all this be SH’s dream? Because he’s the only one who seems to be unaffected and unscathed. Gah! This drama is such a mess but can’t help getting ready about the ending. Keep up the good work Chinguu! See you around…

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey you!
      I think you might be right, I thought for sure SY would die but now I’m doubting it (how much would that tick off the Stairway to Heaven crowd if she dies again – LOL)
      Strange thought but it DID cross my mind that HJ knew SY’s tumor was cancer? (so she let SH go on purpose) What an awesome twist that would be since it would show HJ “gives” for love while SY “takes” for love. I keep remembering the words I read in the synopsis – something about SH learning or trying to learn what “true love” means? I swear, if the writer tries to go there with SH/SY, I’ll be venting very loudly.

  • Sage says:

    I must commend you for sticking with this madness for as long as you have.

    I visited the soompi thread for this drama, and it was like I flew straight into the cuckoo’s nest.

    The lack of understanding of the characters, especially HJ is quite baffling. As a man, I found myself in this topsy-turvy world where I had to defend HJ (a scorned woman) against baseless, ignorant, sometimes plain foolish attacks made by other women. It confuzzles me that these persons are unable to grasp a clear picture of what went down, and how it went down. One user actually commented that “SH was too perfect for HJ” calling HJ weak – I could not, for the life of me, contain my laughter; I laughed my ass off. I had to wonder if we were discussing the same drama. However, I must admit, it was cathartic – being able to vent (let it all out) and discuss with a few like minds who also aren’t buying what the writer’s selling.

    Also, this writer keeps adding insult to injury by trying to generate sympathy for this contemptible woman and this bastard of a man. After forcing this faux love story down our throat and trying to convince us it’s the real deal (true love and all), he is attempting to use cancer to garner sympathy for this woman, the man she bought and her sad, miserable existence. I, however, cannot find even an ounce of sympathy for this woman – she is a vile, despicable woman – who has yet to, in my opinion, show any genuine remorse or regret for her actions. Yet, we all know what’s going to happen next, she going to “die” go towards the light, gets revived and wakes up a changed woman. *Hallelujah* Disgusting!

    Love what you said about HJ, she has once again proven that she is the only person in this entire story who is capable of self-reflection and personal growth. Yet, this writer decided to vilify her narrative worth by making her out to be the villainous second lead who is jealous of the OTP’s true, “unadulterated” love. HA! It is a crying shame the direction he (writer) chose to go with the HJ character. A crying shame I tell you!

    Still, I am glad she wisened up and got the hell out of dodge, MW is worthless and does not deserve her. And if the writer somehow makes MW/HJ a couple at the end of this drama, I might have to brush-off my pitchfork and go huntin’!

    Also, someone asked on soompi why SY was the only one suffering, and I couldn’t but ask the same thing. Where is SH’s comeuppance? Although I despise SY, this man is truly the gravest sinner of them all. Why is he not suffering? Should we accept that he is suffering, seeing his “love” in her current state? Personally, I wouldn’t mind him having a lovely encounter with the KDrama “truck of doom.” 😀

    N.B. Any and all spelling and grammatical errors you find, are yours to keep. xD *Yawn*

    • bmore says:

      we are kindred spirits. I love how we all have the same thoughts when watching this thing. And, Love the (white) truck of doom! with how unbelievable the scenes are going in this thing, I’m sure he will work in that cliche somewhere in this! And I also said in last week’s episode’s post that if we have a ‘miraculous about face’ for MW, and he and HJ end up together I will….I don’t know what. Commit bloody mayhem…please God no one is around to see or hear me. But with every cliche in the book being thrown in willy nilly, I now think that is exactly what will happen.We now have evil MIL, and Cancer. Gag me. So an ending with HJ & MW ‘in love’, wishing SH and SY well, and all 4 of them riding off into the sunset seems more and more a possibility. I hope this guy NEVER gets another writing job EVER!!!!!! Still trying to decide if I have the courage to watch these 2 episodes…or why it is I think I need to…other than as moral support for Tessieroo.

      • Sage says:

        Yep, kindred spirits indeed! If he puts HJ/MW together in the end, we can team up and commit bloody mayhem together. Mayhem is always best with company. 🙂

        LOL! Funnily enough, this guy is one of the writers from Dr. Jin and that was an absolute mess. If he can get another writer job after Jin, I’m certain he’ll get another one after this. Especially the way these SH/SY shippers are eating this garbage up.

        Tessieroo deserves to be elevated to sainthood for the level of patience and control she has shown in recapping this horrid mess of a drama. I know for a fact that I could not do it, I would end up either being committed to the loony bin or hospitalized for high blood pressure.

        • bmore says:

          I had visions of the mob scene in Frankenstein when you said that! lmao!!!!

          yes, we were talking about the Jin thing in our early conversations (you really should go back and read the prior episode recaps and comments….very soul healing, let me tell you!)

          I try to make sure to thank Tessieroo on every post. It’s because of her sense of sarcastic humor that I am able to actually watch some of these episodes again, and the level of sanity and intelligence of the commenters here too! I felt like I was alone and howling in the wilderness until I found this page!

          • tessieroo says:

            Sage – my favorite comment has always been “you can’t help who you fall in love with”. O_O Say what? That’s so ridiculous, I had to respond but then I felt like a bully since some of these people might be young’ un’s who watch Disney stuff.
            White truck of doom would be awesome! (LMAO) 😉
            I’m right there with you, I loathe SY with every fiber of my being and just wanna smash her nose in (which isn’t very lady-like but whatever). You can tell by reading my recaps that as the weeks go by, it gets harder to hold my tongue – I’m using language I normally do not use on this blog! O_O

            Bmore – *hugs* You’ve been a source of comfort and deep insight for me with this drama and I can’t thank you enough. I honestly keep thinking those words my Mom drilled into my brain about married men was horribly old-fashioned and silly (by today’s standards) so having so many people show up who are against this coupling is somewhat a relief? (LOL) Yea! I’m not crazy! If the writer does indeed go there and attempt to make SH/SY a “true love” story, maybe we could all fly to Korea and implant a brain-fetus into the writers head. (see: Dr Jin)

            • bmore says:

              We have our own little support group here. Thankfully we all have the comfort of knowing we are RIGHT and all those others are WRONG WRONG WRONG! 🙂

              And see my comment below regarding the counseling we are all going to need….this writer is going to go ‘there’ at the end of this travesty of a drama…I can just feel it. 🙁

              Only one more week to get through, poor girl. Then only pick fun dramas for a LOOOOONG time so you will have time to heal.

              • tessieroo says:

                Bmore – I think I’ll spend a few week just watching stuff like “Running Man” – that always makes me laugh. 😀

              • mdj101 says:

                Thank you! I knew we must be right! Are we all crazy? people on the other sides can make such convincing arguments from seeing the same drama. And we all think we are sincerely correct> How scary is that?

  • Hipployta says:

    Fabulous summary…this disaster of a drama remains a mess with a delusional “OTP” and the only person I like is Hong Joo

  • Newbie says:

    I stopped watching this show roughly 6 eps ago, as I couldn’t handle the characters and the way they were written anymore. In addition I was shocked to see how the fandom reacted and actually bought this silly OTP.
    That’s why I was so happy to find your sane comments and see that someone else understands the show just like I see it. I will not watch it again, but will read your final comment next week and would like to thank you for suffering through this pile of crap so that I don’t have to do it to see how the writer thinks he can end this mess.

    • tessieroo says:

      I still honestly believe this drama, the OTP and the writing is simply to give fans of “Stairway to Heaven” the ending they wanted – with the couple alive and together. The problem lies in the way it was handled, even some of the fandom did not want and do not like the way the OTP relationship began.
      I mentioned it before but …what if CJW and KSW are SO SICK of their fans wanting them to reunite, that they decided to do this drama where they both play unlikable characters? Maybe they thought that would make the fans stop asking them to reunite? *kekeke* Just a strange though I had.

  • Triton823 says:

    @Sage…I was on soompi…and that same user who said “SH was just too perfect for HJ” also said “SH sacrificed 10 years because HJ couldn’t provide him a kid”. It’s sad that they only see a continuation of STH and not the drama itself which goes to show how naively blind they are with their expectations of a happy ending. Kdrama rule makes it clear that SY/SH won’t get that because SY is the one who destroys SH marriage. I have argued why is it everyone around SH suffers but him. SY is soon to be in a comma and SH all can do is cry!? HJ is treated worse than a Hebrew building a pyramid for the egyptians and SH gets a nice gold watch and a car!

    @Tessieroo, my Chinguu! I can not find any words to disagree with your analysis. Even up to the point she had to have that surgery she was still arrogant. At first I’d be happy if SY died, but then I scolded myself…I’d be perfectly find if SY can’t have children. Let SY be in a position EXACTLY like HJ. The world don’t need anymore SH that much is abundantly clear by this writer…such a weak and decadent man. I think this drama will have the normal ending where each of the FOUR leads will go their separate ways. I still just want SH to work cleaning toilets because that’s how talented I think he is.

    • Sage says:

      Oh, it’s Triton. This is krypticsage from soompi – I remember what she said about SH’s 10 year sacrifice and didn’t even think it was worth mentioning. I idea is even more ridiculous that her assertion that SH was too perfect for HJ. Complete and utter madness.

      I think I was referring to you when I mentioned about the person who asked why SH wasn’t suffering. And like you, I to am waiting for that “man” to get his just deserts.

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL! Trust me, I understand – you wouldn’t believe how many times I yelled “DIE, DIE, DIE!” at my screen this past week when SY’s face was shown. Then I feel horrible cuz I know that her death won’t resolve anything,. If she dies, that basically give both SY and SH a free pass for all the crapolla they dumped on everyone. Hell, I’m still furious that most of the characters believe the million dollar thing was a “rumor”. The writer fully intends to keep the horrible things they’ve done under wraps and continues trying to show they’re both honorable people. (hence the whole speech SY gave about cancer & women or about breaking up so they don’t hurt others). Complete garbage.
      I need to get my bum over to Soompi and get caught up, I know I’ve missed some great comments! Ugh, real life and work – how dare it interfere with my drama watching!

    • Rossi says:

      “I was on soompi…and that same user who said “SH was just too perfect for HJ” also said “SH sacrificed 10 years because HJ couldn’t provide him a kid”. ….OMG! What time period are we in?! Are we still in like feudal period where a woman’s sole job is to pop out a kid?! What’s wrong with members of my sex?! Seriously!

      >=[ FOREVER at these ridiculous ppl!

  • mdj101 says:

    Thank you for a great summary and for so many laughs! I must admit I am dying to see how the writer plans to get out of this whole mess. What will appease the outraged viewers he provoked so well? How to justify the ratings? How to satisfy the entire audience, the network, and the sponsors? Aaah….the writer’s dilemma…. how to tie the pieces together?

    All just someone’s dream/nightmare….. but who is the dreamer?

    Mother-in-law and Alzheimer’s? Remember her memory when lapse….HJ in the kitchen preparing for a ladies luncheon? If she loses it completely……will HJ come back?

    Brazil still a big part of SH/SY future, I think.

    Or does the writer have something MORE outrageous up his sleeve?

    • bmore says:

      I think you are very right about the Brazil scenario. It makes perfect sense now you mention it…otherwise why has it even come up! I bet, after the surgery, that the writer gives us his crap scenes of SH & SY having their ‘sweet’ reunion and pledging their everlasting love. I can just hear the conversation (keep barf bag at hand). Let’s both go to Brazil and start over. Leave behind all the pain (we caused). Give HJ time to heal and forget (as if). And they fly off into the sunset. MW will go down on his knees and beg forgiveness and make (empty) promises of faithfulness and love. The ending scene will be of MW & HJ on a picnic with the kids (or with their arms around each other seeing the happy girls off for a happy visit with their mom). And they lived happily (not) ever after. Dear God. We will all need counseling. Any possible way of meeting in a street tent over soju and spicy rice cake? Followed by a (ritual) burning at the stake of this writer?

      Thank the drama Gods that we have Glorious Day to soothe our aching hearts! And memories of It’s Okay to bring us joy, and a vision of what TRUE love and commitment to one another really is!

      • mdj101 says:

        That pretty much sums up the basic ending for me, minor details may change. UNLESS the writer works in a sci-fi, time-slip, “Dr.Jin” twist on us. I’m ready for anything!

  • bacom says:

    TESSIEROO, thank you so much for doing a great recap of a terrible show *bear hug* your recap helps me to know what’s going on with the drama that I dropped after invested my 12 hrs and much more on the other forum.
    Reading your recap, I keep scolding HJ for being stupid – you know, the same type of scold I usually give my teenagers although I really proud of them inside 🙂 HJ has made lots of mistake, and she is not an example of a good wife BUT she is a GOOD person and that makes her stand above all of the other characters. I keep scolding her why she has to apologize to JS, why she has to feel sorry for SY, why she has to tell SH about SY, but I still has a huge smile waiting to spread on my face because I’m so proud of her. She restores my faith that at least there’s a decent human being in this hell mess. With that new found, I prepare to double my high blood pressure medicine in case the writer let HJ end up with either SH or MW, those scumbags don’t deserve her (although I rather HJ ends up with MW than the despicable two-faced SH)
    I give up my hope for SY to die. This writer can make a benign cyst into cancer, so he can make a cancer curable. So now I hope for the despicable lady can wake up from her death, see her ex-husband (the company) wash away because of her and go clean toilet with the two-faced scumbag future-husband. It would be much better if the toilets they clean belong to HJ’s company. Well, I have a vivid imagination I can’t help it 😛
    BTW, I watch Glorious Days up to episode 16 and I’m soooo loving it

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Bacom! *hugs*
      Glorious Day is the best weekend family drama I’ve ever seen, there’s not one single “evil” character in the whole bunch. Watching that one certainly calms my heart (and I seriously wanna hang out with all the characters, from both families!) LMAO!

      Yes, HJ is a good peson with a kind heart and that makes her my kinda peoples. *hehehe* You have teenagers? O_O I’ll add you to my prayers. (ahahaha)

      • bmore says:

        if ever a drama should be 100+ episodes, it would be Glorious Day. I want to live with those people for years. I want to see the babies. I want to see Mom and Uncle’s relationship pick up some heat, and watch him needle her and make her mad and watch him sit back and gloat and love her! They are the MOST darling couple. I want to see In woo dump that brat of a girl and find someone really good for him!!! Never seen/heard a more beautiful love expressed in the words of Grandpa. I cry every time I think of how much he loves her.

        • bacom says:

          Yes, Glorious Days is a fuzzy warm sock compare to the poisonous Temptation. I love the relationship between the brother JW and IW since i can see the love and respect IW has for hhs big brother even though they’re not much difference in age (2 yrs if I’m not mistaken) I aww whenever the cutie whiny hyyuuunngg IW says, how he accepts his brother’s punishment, how he takes the heart-crush by his brother but still h helping his brother wholeheartedly. HG in Temptation must take a course of Sibbling Relationship from IW.

  • Rossi says:

    If this drama doesn’t end up with all these asshats burning and Hong Joo walking away, wearing sun glasses and not looking back, then it can’t redeem itself in any shape or form as far as am concerned.

    • tessieroo says:

      Dontcha think HJ should do a “Stella Got Her Groove Back” type vacation? 😉 I do, that’s the kind of ending I want to see. Everyone else can drop off the planet.

  • bmore says:

    Boldly going where I swore I would never go again, I just took a quick gander at comments on DF. Wow. What a difference a few weeks and a crappy writer have made. 90% of the comments are ripping SY and SH! Quantum shift!

    • triton823 says:

      They are not the only ones…i think it was @tessieroo posted from the official forum dor this drama….man they rip sy/sh…they call it exactly what we call it.

      Yet in soompi they still dream of a happy ending for sy/sh…if the writers does this it will send the wrong message since the korea government wants to send out a positive message on marriage…

      • bmore says:

        the reason I stopped watching this thing and started my diatribes on here was because of DF. The remarks on the first few episode were vicious toward HJ….calling her horrible names, saying she should just die because she was too stupid to live, how great it was that SH dumped her ‘sorry ass’. I was so sick at heart from reading that. It didn’t seem anyone was on HJ’s side there.

  • Kimleechanee says:

    I just recently starting reading your commentary on this drama and I am kicking myself for not reading and joining in the conversation when this show first aired. I think by this last episode, I have pulled all my hair off my head and starting on my eyebrows from the conversations I have had or have read on the site that I use to watch Stairway To Heaven part II : Alternate Universe.

    I should have been here all along because I am in agreement with EVERYTHING you have said since your first post but this post, right here, you were in your element. I still have tears of laughter coming outta my eyes especially when you spoke the words I said ” I hope the B**ch’s hair falls out” {my words}

    I was one of those hard on Hong Joo’s behavior from the beginning to episode 17 because I really wanted her to think clearly, fight back,and win. I hate that the writer’s made her into the scapegoat for all things bad and actually placed the blame on her for all her marriage troubles without holding Seok Hoon accountable for one damn thing.

    I can’t really believe how many people are justifying SY & SH. I have any read a few comments of how Se Young was being generous in helping the couple with their financial burden and how Hong Joo should be thanking Se Young for saving her life. OMG!! People..

    • tessieroo says:

      Hi and welcome to the blog! We have two more episodes to go so it’s never too late to join in. I have no idea how the writer is going to end this but if it’s with the idea that SH “discovered the meaning of true love” with SY (aka:Dragon-lady) then I’ll be fuming so you should join us to vent next week. 😀

  • bmore says:

    SY talking about Hong Kong: Even tho the mind knows, the heart won’t accept. I think I know what that means now. Don’t worry though, I’m not like HJ (I’m so much better), I won’t push you away. SH’s response. Don’t worry, even if you do I won’t let you push me away. REALLY! The unbelievable hypocrisy of those words! But, it was perfectly alright to let your wife of 10 years push you away? You didn’t tell her you wouldn’t let her go!

    SH and SJ talking in the restaurant about how saintly SY is “suffering alone” to solve her problems. Alone? How about how alone HJ is? There is not one single person who has stood by her side in this entire show. She had to hide all the pain and all the degradation dished out to her by SH and SY from everyone. SY has SH and her sister and, for the most part, her father, as well as her wealth and power…what alone?

    HJ and MW having a glass of wine…is she really believing what she is saying? Has her heart finally been damaged enough by SH that she has let go and realized the man she loved and who loved her no longer exists? I think so. I think she really believes that she has let go of her hate and her love. When she looked at the 2 rings I think she made a decision. Her life has to go somewhere. She made a commitment and a promise in this marriage and I think SHE thinks she will make herself love her husband and live a proper married life with him….because that’s just who she is. She just does what’s right. She realizes that, even though she went into this marriage for the wrong reasons, she must correct her wrong doing, so she will try to love and care for her new family. Of course, it won’t and didn’t work. MW is too jaded. He has had women telling him for years that they love him. He will never believe it until it’s too late. There is a good honest woman sitting in front of him, but he is too far gone to realize truth and honesty in anyone. In a way, not his fault. His entire life has been like this. The only people he shows true and honest affection and belief in are his mother, who he knows will always be on his side and his children, who are innocent and too young to lie about loving him…yet.

    Made it through both episodes without imploding! Without the calm guidance of Tessieroo it would not have been possible. I’m glad I can watch this ‘thing’ now and enjoy my bitching in comfort. SO looking forward to next week. Get the pitchforks and the torches ready. I think we are going to need to use them.

    • tessieroo says:

      Bmore – It infuriates me when SY talks about HJ (like she knows her or understands her) OMG, I really wanna smash her face in. Or when she said she wanted HJ to “stay out of my business”. Excuse me? You planted your precious, superior self right IN THE MIDDLE of Hong Joo’s marriage and you have the nerve to say that?
      But as I said, you can tell which of these women has rediscovered her dignity, honesty and class – those are qualities SY will never have. I’m just really happy HJ is back to being herself and telling SH that SY is sick proves that.

      • bmore says:

        Yes, this week was all about (for me/us) watching HJ finally realize the hell she put herself into for letting revenge take over. The old saying, “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself”. I feared for her, that pit viper’s nest she put herself into. But seemingly, hopefully she is out. Now praying she stays out and that that writer does not put her back in under some twisted kdrama fairytale land ending that MW is going to be all sweet and true to her.

        The continuing arrogance of SY boggles my mind. That she, at every opportunity, treats HJ with such hostility and condescension, and has done so from the beginning just boggles my mind. In any other Kdrama with any other actress, everyone would be agreeing she is the villain in this. It just flabbergasts me that people are not LISTENING to what she says and how she says it to HJ. To a woman whose husband she cheated with! Every time she sees HJ she should feel shame! It infuriates me so much! Again, it is what it is, they fell in love with one another and pursued it no matter the cost or damage to anyone else. It is the total lack of shame or guilt that leaves me gasping.

        • tessieroo says:

          It’s funny you mentioned it because that side of SY (her hostility towards HJ, showing zero guilt or shame) is the very reason I will never accept this OTP. Until both SY and SH understand what they did and apologize (and that includes apologizing to HG, the ex-FIL, SY’s sister, SY’s father and HJ herself) as well as coming clean to everyone they lied to about it being a “rumor”, then I can’t, under any circumstances wish them well.
          And I know none of the above will happen since the writer is now going to focus on SY’s cancer and the possibility of her dying. Which means they both get off scott-free. I’m still in shock at the message this sends, it’s horrible.

          • bmore says:

            I just wonder what the reaction of the general public in Korea is going to be, IF it ends up with the 2 of them living happily ever after. Is the desire for those 2 to have a happy ending together because of the prior drama going to override the usual traditional values message that Kdrama watchers demand of their kdramas? I see the ratings have dropped significantly with the 17th episode. BTW. On Asianwiki the user rating stands at 92 with 785 votes. I think all of us need to put in our rating!!!!

            • tessieroo says:

              I’m curious about that too! My Korean is limited but I was able to read through some of the comments on the official site and it’s similar to what’s going on everywhere else – the SH/SY supporters are mostly fans who watched this couple in Stairway To Heaven and want a happy ending for them (since they didn’t get one in that drama)
              But that’s a stupid reason for the writer to throw reason, logic and morals out the window. On the other hand…saying “logic” and “Kdrama” in the same sentence is silly of me. ROFL!

  • mdj101 says:

    I agree with you. BUT, I found hints that the writer has MW warming-up in the repentance and “now I see the truth” corner. He used to think HJ was too good to really want him to take her revenge on SH/SY (remember them walking after he formally greeted HJ’s father?)

    Now he thinks of HJ’s comment “I dug my own grave” while at his office. Wonders aloud to Lawyer Choi about how odd for SY to leave the Company during financial crises. Worst of all, he jokes about “wonder what she is doing right now” —- as she wheels into the OR for major cancer surgery!

    Lawyer Choi said SH/SY/MW were being really evil and one of them MUST STOP! I’m gonna put my money on MW — then it’s “say 5 Hail Marys, 10 Our Father , act of contrition” — All is forgiven! Then shall we have MW/JS & 4 kids or MW?HJ & Roy? or a happy single HJ? SO confusing!

    • bmore says:

      I vote for MW, JS & kids and HJ on her own.

      I had a scene flash in my brain. SH & SY do break up. He goes to NY. A year ( or more) goes by. He comes back to Korea and sees HJ through a window and stops and looks at her, then walks on. She is happy and smiling and talking to someone. She leans forward and a necklace tips out from under her dress. On it is their wedding rings. How depressing is that!? Won’t happen. I just have this imagination that keeps coming up with all these miserable scenarios on how this miserable thing is going to end more miserable.

      • mdj101 says:

        Love the creativity you have there! I do not recall seeing HJ toss that ring YET. So it is possible. Which 2 rings? HER 2 wedding rings , one each from MW and SH? Or the ones from the SH/HJ marriage? Did she pick his up from the ground? Then why not 3 rings

        Getting crazy in my head! Almost at the finish line now!….. Wheewwh!

        • bmore says:

          was thinking his and hers…the original ones, not the ones he threw on the ground. I wonder whatever happened to those? Maybe she has 4 rings…but I’m much preferring the new scenario below that Sandy posted!!!!

        • bacom says:

          LOL, in the beginning of the drama, the shoes kept popping up, and the later half, it’s time for the rings. HJ can have a ring collection, all the males in here keeps bringing rings to her 🙂

  • Nanette West says:

    I guess I am the only one in the world that thinks most of this is Hong Joo’s fault. She tried to commit suicide, made her husband desperate enough to make a desperate decision and then wouldn’t forgive him for that decision, then became a bitter bitch. I don’t understand why anyone likes her. I don’t.

    I’m not saying what the other characters did is right, but I wouldn’t say she is blameless in bringing on her own misery.

    • bmore says:

      No you’re not! 🙂 There are a lot of people who disagree with us. It’s got a lot to do with life experience I think and for me and maybe some here, who have been in or beside situations ‘like’ this, HJ’s behavior is understandable. When you are in love with someone and thought the other person was also in love with you, and suddenly that person stops loving you, you don’t ever get over it.

      Never understood the suicide attempt scenario…so random. She was never so weak. However, you also need to remember that suicide is looked at very differently historically in Asia. And Korea, with the 3rd highest suicide rate in the world, is a prime example of that different thought process. Committing suicide for insurance money or to prevent your family from undergoing exorbitant medical bills is very common there. With the pressure both of them were under, she made a bad decision to sacrifice herself for the insurance money to save her husband and family. That’s who she is. Of course that is idiotic as all hell…but it is Kdrama and believe me when I say that I have very personal knowledge of suicide for reasons just that infuriating. But then, suicide is never the right decision so we could go in circles forever on that.

      There was an interesting article I read about The 5 Most Common Symptoms (Triggered by the discovery of Betrayal). This drama seems to be following those religiously in typical Kdrama style. And #2 is The Knee-Jerk, Hysterical Or Reactive Response.
      The Signs: Hysterical tears, throwing out the offender, filing for divorce, tantrums, melt-downs.
      The Triggers: Self-preservation, defensiveness, fight-or-flight instinct.
      What You Need to Know: The knee-jerk or reactive response is hardwired into our nervous system. It’s the modern equivalent of the old fight-or-flight response. This is why when a stressful situation becomes too threatening, almost without thinking, we react by fighting or trying to escape.

      Of course, in dramaland they always have to take things to extremes, so none of us were on board with the marrying MW scenario for revenge and were furious with the writer for taking it that way! We have all been praying every single episode she dumps his butt and gets away from both of these guys and makes her own way in life. But she is still stuck in love with SH. Even though she knows in her head it is over, her heart keeps betraying her…the last episode when she asks if they can keep meeting for a meal or tea…just breaks my heart. But I wrote paragraphs about how I feel about that on an earlier post!! 🙂

      But, for all of us here it boils down to what SH did after all of that and what this story is actually supposed to BE about and what the morality lesson is here…because that IS what kdrama is all about, morality lessons. SH stopped loving his wife. That’s it. We have written volumes here about our feelings about that. But, the central core of our issue is just that. He followed Temptation, with barely a backward glance. From the beginning of this show, unless you were blind, he was obsessed with SY and the only thing HJ would have gained by NOT divorcing him would have been more episodes of him and SY ‘accidentally’ creating meetings, more longing looks, more lovely episodes of overnight business trips, long walks and bicycle rides, etc. There is not a wife in this world who could look at those last 4 scenes SY was dreaming about (2 of which occurred while he was still married!) and not know what was going on with those 2. HJ had no choice. She had to divorce him because as a woman who loved her husband, she KNEW he no longer loved her, no matter what motions he went through. His heart was gone from her. Just like that.

      We bemoan the loss of HJ as our moral center. She is slowly regaining it though, so we are cheering her on. She has even admitted the wrong she did to SY!! who never once apologized to her for her most grievous wrong doing and even seems to take pride in being ‘right’ about being able to destroy someone’s marriage!! What is sad is that SY was right about SH all along. He had feet of sand where his marriage was concerned. He said to SY that even if she pushes him away he will never let her nor leave her (something he never said to HJ), but he was perfectly willing to let HJ push him away…and as fast as his feet could carry him, he went straight to SY without a single backward glance since.

      Nothing about any of this changes the fact that SH stopped loving HJ. It’s just that simple. No matter what happened, what caused it, who’s to blame, that is the total and complete end of the story. The massive frustration comes from the fact that this crappy writer has done such a horrible job of developing the reality of what happened in the disintegration of that marriage. It was too sudden and too inexplicable. It has left us all frustrated and angry at whichever party we most empathize with. At least if we all disagree on the who, maybe we do all agree on the fact that this thing was written only to push triggers and pile on the worst of the Kdrama cliches. A lot of us also have a problem with the fact that there are watchers who are confusing the actors with the roles they are playing. There is absolutely no objective thinking going on with that crowd. They just want those 2 together no matter how disgusting their behavior might become.

      But mostly, for us here I think, it is so much fun to have cohorts who are as passionately involved in these totally fake stories like this. Here we are debating and arguing and carrying on like any of this is real! But wow it’s fun! Lucky for me I have no life now I’m retired….so I can blather on like this forever…and have! And just did! Tessieroo’s page is WAY too filled with my posts! She is kind and accepting of me though! But I am going to try to be much more careful not to watch anything like this again! So after this next week……

      • mdj101 says:

        Completely agreeing to all you just said. By the way, I am also retired. That makes me aware of possibly monopolizing comment sections. So far no one complained. They are all very kind and I love hearing so very many different and logical (from diff. lives) understandings of these characters.

        Yes, the bottom line is that SH stopped loving HJ. Even I am hurt for her. How can love be forced? A marriage might be patched and amended, like a social contract, but love can not be forced into being.

        How many cultures/languages describe sexual intercourse as “love making” or “making love”? That’s not really true, is it? Language and our concepts are closely related, I believe. I know a different phrase was used in some drama I saw, but I forgot it now. Never thought how very useful the term could be.

    • tessieroo says:

      Nanette – No, hon – you are most certainly not the only one who feels that way. Soompi’s forum thread for this drama is over 90% in support of the SH/SY couple so you’re not alone. You might be in the minority on this blog but it’s okay. I think most of us here are just really happy right now that HJ is back to her old self and let it all the revenge crap go, we feel like proud parents. (LOL) I do love the HJ character, she’s my kind of person in that she’s gentle, kind and very sweet (but that’s me, some people find women like that annoying).

      Bmore – I hope the next drama I get hooked on is something silly? *kekeke* Don’t ever worry about leaving long comments here, that’s what it’s for! And I love reading the comments! *hugs*

  • Trish says:

    I cannot watch this show anymore though I am more than happy (and excited) to read your commentary each week. It’s seriously the only thing keeping me sane in this very, very crazy drama-land that is Temptation. Only two more episodes to go, you can do it! Fighting!

  • azraqey says:

    Omona! I’ve refreshed the site almost everyday but been busy these past 2 days, seems like I missed the train. LOL!

    I was so much disappointed and lost my energy in response to this week horrible mess; that I yawned and almost sleeping while watching. Hahahahahha. So I am so happy to read Tessieroo recaps!

    Why do the writer keep justifying SH/SY…? So frustrating and infuriating, I can’t even understand anymore as what the writer and the story ever want to tell us, the viewers.

    I can feel that he will rush the ending and try to solve everything in the last minute, whatever and whoever he want to satisfy (either STH troops or us fury viewers).

    If he made SH/SY dance into the sunset, I will join the cult to curse the writer.LOL. Suddenly I remembered a drama here in my country where everybody died–hero, heroine, mom, dad, and even the shaman. You know who the only one standing? The evil MIL. LOLLL And the WHOLE country curse that drama including me. Omo.

  • bacom says:

    NANETTE, you are the only one in this page but you are not the nly one if you check soompi forum 🙂 I agree with you that it’s HJ’s fault for not be able to hold on to her husband. However, the starting point of the mess is SY decided to use the couple’s financial desperate to play a game for her entertainment the nxt second point is SH fascinated by how cool SY was and put her in his mind while physically being back to HJ. If SY’s indecent proposal wasn’t there, and if SH loved HJ with all his mind and heart, then it doesn’t matter if HJ was weak or was trying to commit suicide, SH-HJ would still be a loving couple who will overcome their financial problem together. So, i think HJ is NOT the MOST fault here. Moreover, if we bring HJ and SY to the conscience court, HJ’s fault is being too weak to hold on her husband and I’m sure being weak is not a sin; compare to SY who used her rich to play game on desperated people, who seduced a married man and laugh to his wife’s face about that. SY’s actions are the true sins that a decent female human being shouldn’t imply on another female human being.

  • bacom says:

    Ijust want to reccomend another great long drama i just pick up to all friends here YOONA’S STREET. It also deal with people who commited crimes in the society, but in a way that heartwarming and tight written plotline unlike the uttered ridiculous Temptation gives us.

    • azraqey says:

      Some people has recommended Yoona’s Street at DB. I really want to try take a look. Is it still airing or has ended?

      • bacom says:

        Yoona’s street is still airing, a 50 episodes and I think they’re up to 40. DarkSmurffSub is subbing it and you can stream it in myasiantv.com. I highly recommend it, good plotline, unusual story and great actings

  • Sandy says:

    I have no words that can express how superb your recap is in my opinion. I read some of the other threads and I can’t help but wonder am I watching the same drama. I stopped watching this drama a few episodes back and get my updates from your recaps. I admire you for being able to watching it and provide such a thorough recap–I get angry just watching it at times.

    I know I should feel some pity for SY, but I don’t. I’m still waiting for SH to suffer. More than that, I don’t understand the message this writer is trying to get across. Whatever it is, it has missed it’s mark with me. I don’t see anything pure about SH and SY’s love, it’s just dirty to me. I did a little research on the type of cancer SY has and not only will she not be able to have children with SH, but neither will they have much of a sex life.

    I would love to see a snapshot of the future with SH taking care of a sickly SY, and they happen to run into a healthy, vibrant HJ. She’s very gracious to them, and we hear this tiny voice call from the back of them “Mommy.” Then HJ’s new husband and child join the group. HJ close out her greeting and she and her new family walk away in each other’s arms smiling brightly and lovingly. SH looks on sadly and SY looks on regretfully. That would be my ideal ending.

    • bmore says:

      OMG! That is SO perfect! I don’t care how this ends now. In my imagination your ending is going to be the one I will remember as how this nightmare ends.

      • Sandy says:

        After everything that HJ has been through, this is the only ending that will make me happy. Her getting back with SH is not an option IMO. That would be worse. I want to see her happy and carefree.

    • mdj101 says:

      Are you saying that we are the kind of people who would love to take revenge on SH and SY? How dare you……..get that so right! OK, Since they are not REAL people!

    • Sage says:

      “I would love to see a snapshot of the future with SH taking care of a sickly SY, and they happen to run into a healthy, vibrant HJ. She’s very gracious to them, and we hear this tiny voice call from the back of them “Mommy.” Then HJ’s new husband and child join the group. HJ close out her greeting and she and her new family walk away in each other’s arms smiling brightly and lovingly. SH looks on sadly and SY looks on regretfully. That would be my ideal ending.”

      This. So much this. This is truly the only acceptable ending and I agree with BMORE no matter how it ends, this will always be my ending.

    • lclarakl says:

      I couldn’t think of a good ending, but this one I can live with and would absolutely love. HJ new husband wouldn’t have to be rich monetarily, just in his love of her. I really would love to see this ending.

    • bacom says:

      If it ends like what you described SANDY, I’m sure to tune in and watch the last episode 🙂 Like you, I’m so waiting for some kind of punishment on SH, sadly, nothing bad has happened to him so far 🙁

    • azraqey says:

      I’m totally agree with you and others! That is just perfect, maybe it’s not as perfectly ‘perfect’, but it definitely makes sense to me. Can we hope for this ending? The writer should make a trip here and take notes!

    • tessieroo says:

      Sandy – That would be such an incredibly, awesome ending, it’s so perfect!

  • lclarakl says:

    OMG!!! Finally an forum where the comments make sense. Where there are people watching the same drama as I am. Some of the logic used to vilify HJ and to redeem SY and SH on the soompi thread have me reaching for a bowl of ice cream. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your recaps and your thoughts. I also love reading the other comments—I feel like I have left the insanity and stepped into the sanity. Thank you!!

    • bacom says:

      LCLARAKL! *waving hello* so glad to meet you here. don’t you feel happy you find this blog? I know I am, and I should be here long ago.

      • Lclarakl says:

        YES!!! I am so thankful I found this thread. I feel a sense of relief being here. Tessieroo recaps are absolutely awesome.

        • bmore says:

          you guys should tell the few like minded lost souls on that ‘other’ site to come here for some much needed peace of mind and soul. They are probably as sorely in need of it as you were.

    • bmore says:

      Tessieroo and her group need to figure out how to add “like” buttons so we can “like” each other’s remarks! 🙂 In their spare time. I’m loving more kindred spirits! <3

    • azraqey says:

      Hi there~! So happy to see familiar names finally here. I can’t really express myself there, so this is my safe haven.

      Let’s have a group hug for our reunion support! ^_^

    • tessieroo says:

      LclaraL – LMAO, welcome! One of my co-bloggers (Goodange) even mentioned how this has become the unofficial support group for those who don’t like the OTP. Gotta thank my fellow writers for putting up with my weekly rants here since I wouldn’t mouth off at Soompi. 😀 But I don’t want to tell her we need to add a like button. O_O She might slap me upside my head.

      I was so happy when Triton came over but now it’s complete joy that you’re all here! I love reading your posts at Soompi, it sends me off into deep thought, sometimes for hours. *bigsquishyhugsforeveryone*

      • lclarakl says:

        No, THANK YOU and the rest of the team. This has become my sanctuary. I absolutely love your recaps and insight. I can’t tell you the number of times you and the rest of the posters make me see things from a different angle. I love it here!!!

  • parigi says:

    To start off with I really love this site, and am enjoying your recaps and find it a zone for the sane. I never comment but here is my take on this drama.

    It’s interesting how polarising this drama is considering the writing is very bad, very disjointed and has many WTH moments where I am left scratching my head for example HJ’s brother for most of the drama seemed upright had a strong moral compass (shown when he discovered SH betrayal), deeply protective of his sister and then in the last couple of episodes having drunken drinks with SH being ,mean to his sister and telling SH he could understand how he could cheat WTH!!!!
    I have taken sides and am on the side of HJ, she has made many silly decisions based on rash emotional moments of high stress the sucide attempt and marrying MW for revenge but they are also plot points to move the story along, but I also think the writer has somewhat demonised her in that she comes across as irrational and hysterical, so I said HALLELUA when in the last episode she had her epiphany and realised that what she was doing was only going to hurt herself more than others.
    She is a kind woman who has had to deal with a lot and I hope that the writer gives her a sense of peace and she walks away with her head held high ( NOT with SH who I think is the biggest wimp and wishy washy character).
    In all honesty I couldn’t care less what happens to SH and SY but I would like the writer to show that there is a sense of shame and guilt for the damage and hurt they have caused.
    For SY’s part, this whole drama ,she has been haughty, holier than thou, condescending and extremely manipulative, she tried to manipulate the man she claims to love to see if he would find out from HJ about MW’s files as well as her own sister when she tries to weasel information from her to see of SH is in contact with HJ and these are people she loves sheeeesh imagine the people she hates not to mention a liar she has lied and covered up at every turn about her dalliance and HOW it all started, her self-justification is she went and spoke to HJ in her condescending tone to NOT break up otherwise he was up for grabs gee I bet HJ felt happy to hear that from her, anyway I digress.
    For those who think cheating equals sex well I would say that emotional cheating is FAR MORE painful (SH has as much as admitted he had feeling for SY in HK) as it creates a huge distance and lonliness for the other person and you feel horrible and well as a terrible sadness, how long do you have to feel that before you say enough is enough. A wife knows where her man’s heart is at, even though she may not want to admit it.
    I would say HJ was brave as she initiated the divorce even though she was stilll IN LOVE with her husband, it would have been even more painful had they stayed married and SH was clearly going throught the ‘motions’ with no real committment to saving his marriage juxtapose that with how hard he has been chasing SY as she continuously and ad nauseum pushes him away (He is obsessed again I don’t really see LOVE as I see him as very wishy washy and weak in fact, he goes with what feels good at the time to hell the consequences).
    In fact the writer is at fault as he/she didn’t really flesh out the marriage of HJ and SH (clearly not important for the OTP but would have been nice for continuity sake) we saw in HK that after 10 years there was still affection (the hugs in bed) so a bit more information so I can understand how SH’s love changed SO dramatically (because frankly I can’t see it, obssession is what I see) it went bam straight to suicide attempt and then SY using the oppourtunity as she saw them as a loving couple to make waves.
    In fact out of all the characters I see HJ has had the most growth and she is not meant to be even the central character, but we see her cycle of pain from denial, anger, acting out to acceptance.
    SY and SH frankly 0 growth ( I wonder if the writer is giving the STH people the OTP just so they can stop complaining), because as a couple I honestly don’t see the growth they live their ‘love’ in a bubble because no one except HJ, knows the complete truth about their relationship so their actual relationship is not even truthful and a relationship is also about your family and friends and how they see you as well, it started as a money exchange and ‘game’ for SY to make waves, she was very competitive and went after SH (SH obviously flattered, what man’s ego would not be bolstered when a rich beautiful woman chases them) and attacked HJ self-confidence by her patronizing and quite frankly catty comments, never have i seen her sincere (sorry the OTP shippers no sincerity just adolescent lust no BIG LOVE for me). So big 0 for me on their account but I am afraid the writer I think has decided that they are the OTP so they must have a happy ever after hopefully they are shown somewhere along the line in the last two episodes to show TRUE remorse and a little shame for their actions even if they stay together ( I think SY will survive, that writer would be crucified if he/she killed her off because some poeple hold these actors previous characters in STH and have transposed them into this series which is COMPLETELY different).
    Go HJ and thank god for true growth. Peace out

    • Sage says:

      *standing ovation*

      After being spending time in the cuckoo’s nest, this thread is such a breath of fresh air. So much so, every time I leave the there I come here looking for new comments.

      Feels good.

    • lclarakl says:

      You comment is so awesome—–I am bowing with appreciate for what you’ve just said.

    • tessieroo says:

      Parigi – YES, YES, YES – a thousand times YES! Whenever the cheating issue is brought up, I hear “but there was no sex until after the divorce”. *gasp* I so agree with you, EMOTIONAL cheating is much more painful (to me). Knowing that your spouse is constantly thinking about another person, calling or texting another person (those late night phone calls) and wanting to see or talk to another person every day would be more devastating to me than a one-night stand! (does that sound silly? LOL, it did while I was typing it) I keep hearing HJ “abandoned” her marriage but SH was already gone, there was no marriage left for her to abandon. (she even stated that SH’s heart had already left).
      What’s even more painful for HJ is the contemptible way both SH and SY treat her – like she’s the one who did something horribly wrong. It’s nauseating yet they get away with it. O_O
      Bravo to you – excellent review!

      • parigi says:


        So agree EMOTIONAL cheating is the pits and SH did it all; the trying to hang around SY like a bad smell (working for her, I mean the mind boggles), ‘allowing’ her to come for the day turn night trip when she jumped into the car, running off at the drop of a hat when thre was a problem when his wife wanted him’ yet the writer’s justification for him was BUT I LOVE my wife, what what what WTH REALLY gee buddy strange way of showing it. And no the one night stand is ‘easier’ to deal with the pheremones going wild is easier to contain than the emotional stuff which is much more insiduous.

        The HJ abondonment give me a break REALLY REALLY she left im because she LOVED him she did the right thing, He was a bloody coward and kept throwing shade at HER for his bad behaviour.

        I salut you for resiliance to stick through till the end. I will wait for your comments, I have read bits and pieces about Episode 19 and it looks like SY has developed a taste for sadomaschism inviting HJ into the house to nurse her. I wonder if she has any hidden mistress outfits, Again the writer is conveniently forgetting the crap these two have put HJ through and force feeding us BUT SHE ILL crap. So she should have taken better care of her health she knew about her illness from the beginning. SH and SY really need their epiphany of their bad behaviour but I think I might be asking too much as that sounds too rational opps wrong drama Peace Out

  • bacom says:

    PARIGI, I give you a round of applause, another great thought from the one who doesn’t support OTP.

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