“Temptation” Final Week – Horrible Ending, Don’t Bother

This drama was a nightmare, I’m happy it’s over. And I don’t want to see Choi Ji Woo or Kwon Sang Woo in a drama togetherever again. (LOL) This writer ruined their sweet coupling from Stairway To Heaven by making the pairing in this drama so unlikable that I despised them and hoped they’d fail. The ending was worse than The Woman Who Married Three Times *gasp* and will now take that one’s place as the worst drama I’ve ever seen. Yep, it’s all the way at the bottom.

Se Young is given a blood transfusion and bleeding is stopped so things stabilize, Myung-Hwa tells Seok Hoon and Se-Jin that she’s going to be fine. At DongSung Group, Young-cheol is given a message that DongSung Construction owes 9.2 million and can’t pay. The board realizes this will cause a chain of bankruptcies, they demand he call the CEO of DongSung Construction.

Min Woo is delighted to hear about the bankruptcy, he wants to immediately “shop” the affiliate companies that DongSung will have to sell. Attorney Choi thinks he should wait and Min Woo wonders why no one has been able to reach Se Young yet.

Seok Hoon wonders why Se Young hasn’t woken up, Myung Hwa admits her vitals are stable so they’ll just have to wait. Hong Joo talks to a nursing friend regarding a baby being born and also asks how Se Young’s surgery went? Seok Hoon sits at Se Young’s bedside, begging her to wake up so he can spend the rest of his life with her. *fights gag reflex*

Hong Joo announces she wants to go back to work asap, teasing her Father that they should marry Hong-Gyu off and she can just live at home forever. Hong-Gyu gets angry and snaps that Hong Joo is pathetic, she should have at least gotten an apartment out of that rich family before she left. This stupid kid is angry at the wrong person but then again, he still has no idea what his girlfriends sister did to his sister. I hope he feels like an idiot when/if he finds out.

Min Woo enters his empty bedroom and looks at the freshly ironed shirts Hong Joo left. He flashes back to his proposal, when the only thing Hong Joo wanted was to throw the cheating couple into hell. Yea…that never really happened, did it? Meh, most revenge dramas are lame. Seok Hoon storms into Myung Hwa’s office the next day, demanding to know why Se Young isn’t awake yet. Zzzzzzzzzz…this is boring as hell.

Seok Hoon talks with Young-cheol about the bankruptcies and is told Ajin Group made secret offers for the affiliate companies. He gives Seok Hoon a letter Se Young penned in case of a company emergency. She asks Seok Hoon to protect DongSung Group and Young-cheol’s part gives Seok Hoon the authority to do just that. So he’s re-hired.

Min Woo wants to buy 3 affiliates but Attorney Choi warns him they don’t have the cash. Min Woo snaps to just follow his decisions and stomps out of the office. Ji-Sun tells MIL that she sent paintings as gifts to those who covered Min Woo’s investigation. Min Woo isn’t happy to see her, telling her to just look after the kids and leave him alone. Later that night, he unlocks photos of Hong Joo on his phone for Roy, who asks when she’s coming back. Awww, I missed Roy! I’d still rather watch a drama about just him and Hong Joo.

Se Young’s Father learns about the company trouble and plans to go in. DongSung’s board members aren’t willing to turn things over to Seok Hoon, citing the reason is his romantic relationship with Se Young. He tries to focus their attention on Ajin Group’s hostile take-over when Se Young’s Father walks in and hears this. He accepts Seok Hoon, asking him to protect the company and look after Se Young. *snort* Yea, that could happen – the writer says so.

Min Woo has gifts delivered to Hong Joo, who refuses them but she’s told he wants to speak with her. She very reluctantly goes to meet him. He has good news, DongSung Group is about to fall and Seok Hoon will fall with it. She doesn’t want him to hurt anyone or himself anymore and apologizes for dragging him into this. He wonders if she still has lingering feelings, would she care if he destroyed Seok Hoon anyway? She says that’s on him and leaves.

He chases her down and says she has to come back to him so that HE can ask her to leave when he gets tired of her. LMAO, wut? He wants her to take whatever she wants but she reminds him she’s not money-crazy. He’s offering her another chance because he pities her? Whoa, that’s sooo romantic, this guy really knows how to charm the ladies. As she walks away, he grabs her arm.

Hong-Gyu suddenly appears and tells Min Woo to leave his ugly sister alone and go play with his supermodels. Putting his arm around Hong Joo, they walk away while Min Woo fumes. Seok Hoon plans to file a restructuring plan for DongSung Construction and not allow the affiliates to be sold. More boring company stuff as financing comes through which means DongSung Group is saved. Oh, hold me back from celebrating. No, really. I’m so excited.

More disgusting flashbacks, they keep showing us the exact times this couple were cheating! It proves my point: these two were guilty and there’s nothing “true” or “blessed” about their relationship. Hong Joo stops by the hospital and sees Seok Hoon sitting outside with a wheelchair bound Se Young, laughing and talking. Strange, I suddenly have tears in my eyes, this is incredibly painful to watch. Se Young looks up and sees Hong Joo walking away.

Later, Myung Hwa stops by to discuss a nurse for Se Young. OMG, Se Young asks for Hong Joo! Han Soo tells Hong-Gyu that Min Woo was screwing his ex-wife but Hong Joo asked him not to tell. See what an ass you are, Hong-Gyu? You should now be able to figure out that your sister is keeping something from you about Seok Hoon and Se Young too – not that you would care.

Hong-Gyu wants to get revenge on Min Woo. HUH? Oh, so it’s okay for him to seek revenge – didn’t he chew Hong Joo out for wanting revenge against Seok Hoon and Se Young? Ahhh…that was different since it involved his little girlfriend! Pffftttt, these people all suck. Min Woo learns about DongSung’s restructuring which means the affiliates won’t be sold.

Se Young arrives at her villa to recuperate. Myung Hwa tells Hong Joo about a private nursing job but doesn’t tell her who the patient is. Se Young must have told Myung Hwa whose husband she stole because Myung Hwa suddenly looks at Hong Joo with concern. I’m gonna guess Se Young (of course) left out all the details. This is so wrong, how could she do this to Hong Joo?

Han Soo and Hong-Gyu take pictures of Min Woo bribing an official. Min Woo wants this official to refuse the restructuring plan and make DongSung sell the affiliates. However, Min Woo’s assistant catches the 2 idiots and grabs the camera before they drive off. Another however is – unbeknownst to Min Woo, Attorney Choi was wearing a wire during the meeting, which he gives to Seok Hoon.

Attorney Choi tells Seok Hoon he hasn’t been able to sleep a wink since betraying Se Young, everyone has to live with their own conscience. He also says he was wrong when he told Se Young not to see Seok Hoon and asks him to protect Se Young. *blinks* Oh, I get it – the writer is having all the characters in this drama cheer for the revolting OTP.

Hong Joo is driven to the private villa without a clue, smiling. She sees Se Young walking up and stops smiling. Nooooo, this is not fair! *tears up* When the hell are these people going to leave her alone? Se Young thanks her for coming but Hong Joo tells her she’s gone too far and asks the driver to bring her luggage back out. In another obvious play to show Hong Joo who the boss is, the driver looks at Se Young and doesn’t do what Hong Joo asked. She goes inside to get her own bag.

Se Young comes inside and arrogantly tells Hong Joo that nurses shouldn’t discriminate. It’s very clear she just wants to rub Hong Joo’s nose in this whole mess one more time. She steps up in Hong Joo’s face, sticks her nose in the air and asks if it’s impossible for Hong Joo to help her? When Hong Joo looks at her, Se Young smiles smugly and shrugs her shoulders.

OH MY GOD, I truly hope this bitch dies. I didn’t before but I do now, she’s a horrible, nasty human being. Hong Joo tells her to get someone else and starts to walk out when Se Young doubles over in pain. Just leave her, please! *fumes* Nope, Hong Joo helps her sit down and rushes to get her pain meds. Later, Se Young wakes up on the sofa to see Hong Joo still sitting there. Hong Joo tells her not to over exert herself and to take her meds on time.

Se Young thanks her and then asks if she’s the one who told Seok Hoon she was having surgery? Hong Joo apologizes for interfering but Se Young is glad she did. She asks Hong Joo to stay one more day, there’s something she has to say. *mumbles some not so nice words* Hong Joo honey, make no mistake – this evil bitch just wants to hurt you some more, she’s not done.

She talks to Seok Hoon on the phone and then carries a box outside to give to Hong Joo. It’s those stupid, frigging sparkly shoes, Se Young thinks she should return them. Oh, F’ OFF, YOU STUPID COW. She knows seeing those shoes would hurt Hong Joo even more! She wants to apologize beginning with Hong Kong but since she’s saying this with a smirk on her face, I’m not buying it. Hong Joo refuses her apology. I wouldn’t accept it either, what this bitch did was unforgivable.

Her treatment of Hong Joo was inexcusable plus her present attitude still seems pompous, you can tell she’s not sorry at all. Se Young admits she wanted to test their love and make it collapse but now she’s being punished. (OMO, she fully admitted it!) She;s being punished since she won’t be able to have Seok Hoon’s children. Wow, she’s got some nerve to say that to this woman whose marriage she destroyed ON PURPOSE, since Hong Joo also couldn’t have children.

Seok Hoon takes the tape of Min Woo bribing the official to the newspapers. Hong Joo prepares to leave but Se Young tries to delay her. Is she waiting for Seok Hoon to show up? Yep, she is. As she walks Hong Joo out, Seok Hoon pulls up. Se Young tells him she asked for Hong Joo but was too greedy since Hong Joo wants to leave. What the…she just put Hong Joo down and blamed her again. *shakes head* What a piece of work she is, it’s never-ending.

Se Young insists Seok Hoon take her to the bus stop since she feels bad. OMO, you stole her husband so you’ll make it up to her with a ride? *facepalm* In the car, they’re both quiet until Seok Hoon calls her name and asks if she’s been well? *tears up* This is so painful that I’m actually crying. He warns her that Min Woo will be facing a bribery scandal, he just thinks she should know.

Before she gets out, she tells him that she doesn’t want to meet him or Se Young again. He understands and promises to make sure she’s not bothered again. They say goodbye and turn away from each other. So he just leaves her, standing at a bus stop out in the middle of no where and drives off? Then we see Se Young taking a walk, all smiles. I’m so disgusted.

Hong Joo goes to warn Min Woo but since he thinks she’s there to get back together with him, she leaves without telling him a thing. *hehehe* When news breaks of Min Woo’s bribery, Seok Hoon talks to the board about working with companies with bad morals. No way, is that an inside joke? Attorney Choi gives Min Woo his resignation.

Min Woo’s Mom tells him the Ajin board is meeting to discuss his management rights so he should go to Boston with her. He refuses. Seok Hoon shows up to play nurse for Se Young but I’m skipping ahead again since I can’t stand seeing either of their faces on my screen. I wonder if that means I won’t be able to watch this actress or actor ever again. (LOL)

Hong-Gyu is heading out when his Father teases him about dating. Hong Joo is surprised and asks their Father if he’s met the girl? He admits it so Hong Joo asks Hong-Gyu to introduce her. He promises he will but later and leaves. Lets just sweep that quickly under the rug, shall we Writer-nim? All hell will break loose when that rock is overturned and you’ve conveniently run out of time.

MIL takes Roy with her to Boston, Ji-Sun comes by to take her girls which leaves Min Woo all alone. She tries to tell him to stop drinking and form a new vision for Ajin Group so he can get back to work but he just tells her to leave. Another total waste of time scene showing Hong-Gyu and Se-Jin providing Han Soo with a blind date. *yawns*

When Se Young goes for a check-up, Myung Hwa has bad news: the cancer has spread. Oh, noes! *snicker* Even though Myung Hwa already told her this could happen, Se Young throws a tantrum and screeches that she won’t live her life going in and out of hospitals for chemo. She sits outside on a bench and sobs. Aww, so sad (you all know I’m laughing).

Myung Hwa tells Seok Hoon and asks him to help. He returns to the villa and finds Se Young bent over her puzzle, ignoring him. She screeches at him, feeling sorry for herself. She’s good at playing the victim when she doesn’t get what she wants. Makes me wonder what she would have done if Seok Hoon had told her to go to hell in Hong Kong – had him thrown in jail for defying her? Most likely.

Ji-Sun meets Hong Joo to sincerely thank her for taking good care of her girls. She also drops the news that Min Woo is alone and wallowing in self-pity. Sounds like a perfect match for Se Young. *snark* Seok Hoon hears from Young-cheol that the opening of the new M Hotel in Hong Kong is coming up, Se Young has to attend to dispel the rumor that she’s terminally ill. LMAO, another “rumor” that’s true?

Hong Joo stops by Min Woo’s house trying to get him to stop drinking and move his ass. She mentions how much she’s learned by letting it all go and how disappointed Se Young will be if she returns to find her competition fell apart all on his own. At the villa, Seok Hoon tries to pump Se Young up the same way to get her ass out of bed. He wants her to go to Hong Kong with him.

They fight, she storms out and gets into the car, driving off. White truck of doom coming? *prays* Bummer, no such luck. Seok Hoon follows and finds her at a beach. Maybe they’ll both walk into the water to drown themselves. *silence* What? I’m allowed to hope! He apologizes, she doesn’t have to come to Hong Kong with him. It’s another parallel.

She wonders why she has to accept this punishment, what did she do? Seok Hoon tells her not to look for a reason, there isn’t one and she agrees, that’s why she’s angry! Bwwahahaha, I just can’t. The arrogance continues and as the poor-me crying starts, I fast-forward again.

Hong Joo is walking home with groceries when she sees Min Woo waiting. He tells her he’s going to Hong Kong and asks if she wants to go with? Nope, she doesn’t have any good memories of Hong Kong. He wonders if she’s not going to meet him again then reminds her that you never know what will happen or who you’ll meet. She wishes him well and says goodbye, he watches her go inside. You don’t deserve her and neither did Seok Hoon so leave her be!

Seok Hoon leaves too and later smirks when he sees Min Woo is on the same plane. They meet at the hotel in Hong Kong and trade barbs regarding the rumors that Se Young is ill. Suddenly she shows up, all dressed in white. That’s it – I’m out.


The message? If you have enough money and see a good-looking man or woman you want, just buy them! Yes, people can be bought with money! Doesn’t matter if they’re happily married or how many years they’ve been married – you too, can be a wave and destroy someone’s happiness. Go for it! Be selfish and to hell with morals! You’ll end up in Hong Kong, draped in a fabulous white gown!

Worst drama I’ve ever seen, complete with horrible ending.

I want to express my appreciation to my fellow Temptation watchers, including those who didn’t watch but dropped by to read and leave me encouraging messages each week. You’re all amazing people and I wish I could buy everyone a round. I can’t thank you enough for letting me vent through this whole mess, complete with filthy language and even laughing at my lame jokes. *giantgrouphug*

I promise I’m going to watch a comedy next.


  • vanilaeru says:

    I can’t watch after episode 5 and follow your recap…

    it’s frustating to watch,
    but ur recap entertain me the most 😀

    This drama was a mess. but it close to reality now.
    many adulterer has their happy ending, and the faithful one in misery.

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks, hon! I”m happy you enjoyed the recaps. 🙂

      • Jasmine says:

        After reading your fully criticized recap, I think that you are judging this drama solely on you beliefs. This is a “drama” with freedom of having any story line. The name itself is temptation. To determine if a drama is good or not, it should be based on the story and cast performance and not solely on what you believe to be right or how you think the story should end. If a story writer always presents a happy ending (the way you want things to end) there will be no story. Everything can be predicted by the second episode. Your ethnics should be left out when watching a drama or maybe you just need to be less conservative, after all this is just for entertainment.

    • Jena Isle says:

      I was wondering why there were few awards for this drama. After I have finished watching it, I understood. In my opinion, it favors infidelity. It should have promoted fidelity between husband and wife and the deep commitment and duty between couples no matter what the problems are, because marriage should be preserved at all cost.

      • Jasmine says:

        Infidelity or not, with or without morals, this is just a drama and should be judged based on the plot and cast performance. If marriage in every drama has to be preserved, the ending can already be predicted within the first two episodes. Personal ethnics should be left out when determining whether a director has written a good story line or not.

    • rena says:

      I was re-watching from the last watched episodes…. i was already feeling damn shitty about this storyline and that b*tch…. the story is crap…I deleted it right away after fast forwarding scenes to see a really ridiculous ending scene…. worst drama i agree with you

    • Reene says:

      I don’t get the hate for this drama on this site. I loved it. Yes they were wrong in having a relationship and leaving the ex wife in the cold, but I still loved the leads chemistry as well as the actors. I have watched this two times and will again in the future.

    • Fairview says:

      No matter how we the viewers have sympathy for Hong Joo we think that she is really a silly woman who give up her husband just as her husband has resigned his job and wanted to start a new life with her. Who wants to give up a handsome and loving husband. Additionally she even proceed to remarry with Min Woo who is well known playboy/cheater and worst still she is aware than Min Woo has extra marital affairs with Jenny resulting with a child (Roy). Hong Joo also practise double standard unwilling to forgive her 1st husband Seok Hoon but when 2nd husband Min Woo makes her ex wife, Ji Sun pregnant, Hong Joo without hesitate forgive Min Woo. Anyway if we look back to episode 1, Hong Joo attempted suicide which was not successful and if she had succeeded she will add more pain and stress to 1st husband, Seok Hoon who is already suffering from financial difficulty. As a wife Hong Joo should support her 1st husband and not adding more pains to him.
      Sorry in later episodes she has not grown and is still clueless when she begged her 1st husband to see her as she does not know how to deal with the problems in her 2nd marriage life and openly admitted why she is in such a mess. Seok Hoon is correct in saying that she need to work it out with her current 2nd husband, Min Woo as he being the ex husband could not do much to assist her. Hong Joo hinted she wants s reconcilation with Seok Hoon and requested that they meet up reguarlary for tea etc. In fact
      Hong Joo\’s family especially her brother also spoke to his ex brother in law, Seok Hoon whether there is a possibility he would reconcile with his sister. Thus with the above we think it is blessing in disguise that Seok Hoon is very lucky that Hong Joo divorced him and he is free to look for a woman who really appreciate and love him which in this drama is Se Young. Well we are no problem regarding the happy ending for Seok Hoon and Hong Joo. For Hong Joo very expensive and costly lessons but life go on with her and hope her 3rd marriage (If any) will be a good one for her. Well ladies who are married at least we watched from this Korean drama you must hold on your husband and do not simply divorce him without good reason or you will regret like Hong Joo who ultimately realized it but too late for her.

  • hipployta says:

    I hear Iron Man is actually pretty funny…I’m going to check it out…also My Secret Hotel is very interesting

    • Pegasus says:

      i won’t watch Iron man because of the female lead. Worst actress I’ve seen

    • tessieroo says:

      I hated the first episode but laughed my butt off on the second one! Who knows, that might just turn out to be okay? Not great but not as horrible as the first episode made me think.

      Peg – Yea, SSK is not the greatest. 😉

  • Parigi says:

    Bravo to you, so I didn’t watch the last two episodes I just couldn’t make myself, though I watched the last 5 minutes where she is dressed in Angelic White and he says I love you and kiss in absolute bliss , barf much. So writer nim did in fact write this for the STH shippers who had to have their ‘happy ever after’ , no closure with the HJ’s brother and SY’s sister and that one was brewing the WHOLE series but no writer nim too complicated it would have put a moral spanner in the works. No growth from the OTP no remorse seriously she wondered what she had done to deserve cancer???? let me tell you the ways……………….

    Yeah comedy next would be good I agree this is worse than thrice married woman at least in that one she got her dignity back to some degree, here writer nim made HJ’s character the emotional punching bag for everyone, and SY’s arrogance in her ‘apology’ MY GOOODNESS I can’t even go there. Manipulative, contemptuous to the end, well SH deserves her cause he is blind freddy and he will get a kick in the proverbial.

    I am with you I am not sure if I could see these two actors ever again in a drama this has left such a bad taste in my mouth,

    So the lesson is don’t write a drama to appease the shippers of a previous drama from 2 centuries ago.

    • azraqey says:


      I can’t even go to soompi thread because I can’t stand this OTP’s anymore and how their shippers reacted. *shakinghead*

    • tessieroo says:

      Parigi –

      I hate to say it but it might be a very long time before I want to watch either KSW or CJW in anything.

      • zaza says:

        Me too…I can’t stand this type of drama. I won’t watch either one too.

      • Reene says:

        Twenty Again and the current Woman With A Suite Case are great dramas. Don’t miss out because you did not like this one. They are actors after all so it’s not like they really committed adultery.

  • callmeadreamer says:

    I stopped watching about five episodes but followed your recaps. (First drama I have no plans on finishing. And I even made it through the entirety of The Heirs :P)

    The writer of Temptation turned out to be too much of a wuss to follow through on anything.

    *The Indecent Proposal – So yeah, she didn’t pay him to have sex with her. She just bought him to screw with his wifes mind. I maintain that the fact that he was willing to sleep with her for money is just as bad as actually following through.

    *The affair – I have always thought that both emotional and physical cheating is such a huge betrayal to a relationship that not being able to move past it isn’t a fault. But out of the two, emotional cheating is worse. No one falls in love, not truly at first sight. Seok-hoon allowed himself to be in the position where he developed deep feelings for another woman. But even then they had him go to his wife and when Hong-joo saw what had happened SHE broke it off. I’m happy she did that, but it was just so Seok-hoon didn’t have to play the bad guy.

    *Revenge – LOL. What revenge? Marrying Min-woo for revenge was so stupid since all he did was reveal the truth. And not even all of it! She could have done that easily herself.

    *Min-woo – When did he change because of the love of a good woman? He actually became worse to make the two cheaters look good in comparison.

    *Hong-gyu – I had such hopes for him. I didn’t even mind him yelling at his sister because it was him sticking to his morals. But then he turned into such a little traitor shit that I couldn’t stand the sight of him. And, just like his beloved Brother-in-law, he picked his girlfriend over Hong-joo. Betrayer.

    *Reveals – The only reason I stuck with this drama so longer, besides the fact that I hate giving up, was to see the reactions to all the disgusting things Se-young and Seok-hoon did. And in the end? Nothing was revealed. I wanted to see all the family reactions to the fact that Seok-hoon prostituted himself and his buyer was Se-young. I wanted the reveal to crush the pristine image that everyone had of them. The fallout should have rippled to everyone and the writer choked and hoped we would forget.

    My mom is watching this drama too and so are my aunts. They actually love it though, which is so weird to me. I asked my mom why and she said because the actor and actress are really famous and she liked the drama they did years ago together. Is that what the writer was banking on? That Korean Ajummas would forget the horrible story to see two actors they like together? It seems to have worked a little, but not very well. I was happy to see that it didn’t end in first, but it didn’t even deserve the ratings it got.

    Everything in the drama seemed to be written so that fans would root for the OTP to be together, no matter how they twisted the characters around to get there. If that was the intention then the writer should have just written STH 2 instead of this. Maybe the story was shifted with they signed on Choi Ji-woo because they original outline I read made it seem as if the wife was the main character. Since that changed the story should have shifted as well. In the end, because Hong-joo was given lead writing at times, it was confusing. Se-young was the villain of the story, and once the writer realized that? Opps! Let’s make Min-woo and Hong-joo really bad! Then viewers will want to see Seok-hoon and Se-young take them down.

    Ha. Not likely.

    Oh and I hated that final scene of Min-woo laughing with Seok-hoon and Se-young. All I could think is, “ugh, you are all horrible, horrible people.”

    In the end the only likable characters to me were Hong-joo and her dad. And if I have one positive takeaway it that I’m now a fan of Park Ha-sun and will most likely follow her to her next drama.

    Sorry for rambling too much, the irritation I feel from this drama is still fresh.

    • azraqey says:

      I agree with everything you said. *noddingaggresively*

      And the one I frustrated the most is the revelation part. If this is another drama, the history will be long gone and every-freaking-one on the drama including side, side, side characters will be known the truth. But in this? Mehhhh not even an ant knew the truth. How can this be possible?? Where the busybody ahjumma when I need them…

    • bmore says:

      Thank you. I am so exhausted mentally and emotionally from this drama and the incessant tirades I have posted on each and every one of these recaps, I could not face rehashing yet again how despicable I felt this show was. So I feel so relieved to have you sum it all up for me!!!

  • Newbie says:

    It’s amazing to see how different two dramas handled the same topic this year. Secret Love Affair became the best drama possible and way down at the end of the totem pole this piece of crap managed to become the worst drama imaginable.
    Temptation’s writer should take a loooooooong break, use this time to reflect and read SLA’s scripts over and over to see how his job should be done.

    Tessieroo – thank you for suffering through this epic fail and for being the voice of reason in the vast sea of weird fangirls loving this despicable OTP for all the wrong reasons.

    • tessieroo says:

      The husband in SLA was pretty much a slimeball, right? I think that’s why it worked (plus the off-the-charts chemistry) None of that was in this drama, major fail. HJ was just too sweet of a person and brought out protective instincts in a lot of us. On the other hand, it was SY who was the nasty one! Veddy strange.

      • Newbie says:

        Not only was the husband The Rat, but the OTP connected over the music in a way, that was absolutely believable. They both found something in the other person, that no one else could give them. Age or social standing be damned. Both felt reborn and the viewer bought this relationship.
        The couple in Temptation made me feel nothing at all. No real longing, yearning or any emotion at all. But then I didn’t watch STH and had not connection to this couple beforehand.

        • tessieroo says:

          Ahhhh…this couple in STH were heartbreaking, sweet and just gorgeous! I loved them and rooted for them, then ending was NOT fair. (LOL) But this writer has completely destroyed that, now I hate them together. O_O

  • DHEY says:

    Unbelievable….so am right on my decision to stop watching this drama from episode 16…yeah, it is horrible…

    I will never ever watch a drama written by this writer Nim. He is not aware of what is right and what is wrong. He sent a wrong signal to the viewers especially the young ones that family/moral values is not anymore important.

  • azraqey says:

    OMGOMGOMG. This is total horrible mess!!! I just skimmed through episode 19 and did not watch because it was as boring as you said, I yawned and I finished it in 10 minutes or less, I don’t recall.

    What kind of sh*t that this writer do to this drama??? I think this is the first time I need to curse a drama, though I’ve watch something terrible before, but not as huge damage as this is. They spend too much on boring, useless scenes rather than to tighten the original plotline. The ridiculous business matters, the underdeveloped loveline between SJ-HG. (I mean why do they even throw this plotline and make it nowhere?? It should be tight to be plot-driven but mehhhh, this writer was drunk and forget), the crappy dialogues, and confusing characters with no growth or super growth.

    Adding to that, half-baked situations (like JS kids and Roy), and the most regretful for me was Min Woo, since I cheered myself because of Lee Jung Jin and I really hope for his changes to be a loving man, to be a true man for HJ but what happened? The writer has threw him and also HJ to the deep pit full of scorpion. OMG I can’t contained myself anymore.

    I can’t believe I spent hours for this crap just to have this terrible, horrible ending.

    I should delete this drama from my computer and don’t ever bother to download the finale.

    I’m glad that I am a Park Ha Sun’s fan, and watched this because of her. I was never KSW fan and it seemed like it never be. I kind of neutral with CJW but I hate her so much in this, so maybe I should rewatch Rondo again to neutralize those bad taste. I hope LJJ will be a lead in something nice after this because I can’t afford to watch 50 episodes of Hundred Years Inheritance.

    Last but not least, to our amazing recapper, Tessieroo, thank you so much for the insight and for your time. You’re really amazing to be patient for this crap just for us. *hugstight*
    I really have a good time with you and others and I’m so glad that I’m not the only want that become crazy, and thought whether my mind is skewed or what.

    To all, see you again next time! I’ll be lurking around for Glorious Days, that drama was so so sweet I nearly died grinning LOL

    Let’s forget that this drama is ever exist and let’s have a cult to boycott this writer!

    • tessieroo says:

      Awww, I’ve had such a great time with all of you guys here! It was worth it to me watching this disaster because I got to meet such a great group of people.

      Isn’t Glorious Day the best? That drama has become MY safe haven, that’s where I go to escape the world – to Jae Woo’s house. (LMAO)

  • Evren says:

    I never wanted to watch this drama because it looked like that Choi Jo Woo had excess plastic surgery and seemed so surreal. I don’t know if she had been through surgery but it looked like that to me. That was the reason I didn’t watch,really.

    • Ndee says:

      I think it’s funny that you said that because when I first started watching this train wreck I actually made a comment on twitter that I was having an issue watching it because it felt like the lead female was an alien with all the plastic surgery, it just made me uncomfortable watching her.

    • Reene says:

      She only had double eye lid surgery years ago and then nose surgery. No knip and tucking which is not needed anyway. She was 39 when this aired and that is way to young for a nip and tuck. Heck I didn’t get my first wrinkle until I turned 49 and even that was just fine lines. Anyway I think she looks beautiful and so what if she has a new nose. Eye lids are done by 90% of celebs in Korea so who cares about that too.

  • azraqey says:

    Annnnnd I forgot to add, I wonder why the secret was not out at all??? Normally, all the secret will be out and everyone will be known of the truth and all devil roots and whatever it is, but here I think daddy, Se Jin, Hong Gyu, doctor friend all didn’t know. This kind of secret usually be known to JS character, but here, nobody know nothing pffffffffttttttttttttt

  • Lclarakl says:

    My hat is off to you. I couldn’t bring myself to watching this mess. It became very apparent many episodes back that the writer was changing the characters and the storyline to please the STH fans.

    I never thought I would say this, but I have no desire to see these actors anytime soon in any drama. They became a turnoff for me after watching this drama. They truly just beat HJ down over and over again.

    Everything I think about what the writer did and the message he sent, it makes me angry.

    • Parigi says:

      Completely agree, that is why the storyline was so disjointed. It was like he was trying to fit a square peg (SY/SH as a couple) into a round hole (true love) all to make STH shippers happy. I mean it lacked a bit of backstory and writer nim left characters underdeveloped (MW used only as a foil) or changed them 360 degrees (SY’s dad who was critical to finally saying please look after her).

      I wonder what the original script was like for these actors to sign onto this drama, they are all pretty well known.

      SY is a thouroughly unlikable character and SH is just like a wet blanket on a rainy day I didn’t see any passion just manipulation, avoidance tactics.

      OH well at least HJ left with her head held up and I am glad she told raisin face to go jump with her piss weak and self indulgent apology. She comes out stronger. Yeah for HJ and I think the actress did a commendable job. I also saw her in One Warm Word and I liked that very similar theme but dealt with much better

      • Sunny says:

        I agree with you 100%.
        However PHS wasn’t in one warm word. Which was an Awesone drama.

        • tessieroo says:

          One Warm Word was an amazing drama, that was the subject of marital infidelity done 100% correctly. This was a disaster, especially all the writers attempts to justify the OTP and make people like them.

          Didn’t work, they were just too unlikable.

          • lclarakl says:

            What I loved about One Warm Word is it didn’t shy away from the tough subjects, conversations or reactions. It showed how even society reacts. It also showed the mending process and learning from mistakes and appreciating the other person. The writer of Temptation avoided those issues altogether and the moral core was complete absent.

            Even with SY’s father. Would a father really have any respect for a man like SH who business failed and his daughter paid $1M to get? It says something about SH character as a man. SH had not done anything to prove that he wasn’t with SY for her money. So a father accepting that type of man to lead his business is just ridiculous. This is the type of silliness you expect to see in a comedy.

            Thankfully, I’m enjoying My Spring Days or The Spring Day of My Life. I’m also going to check out a few others.

  • Linda says:

    I guess you do make an effort reviewing all these dramas.
    But since you insisted on stubbornly being biased and subjected from the start; with all due respect, I will bother and watch anyway, for there are other opinions in the world beside yours you know.

    • Triton823 says:

      @Linda….with all due respect…if you believe that you can purchase a married guy and find happiness…as I suggested to any of those people in soompi thread that if they are married and believed this then get a divorce pdq. This is the message the writer sent unless you are into the STH crapoly! Tessieroo was viewing this drama as it should been and even the actors portraying them said IF you get into the characters they see a love story…I just seen a sickening perverse lust nothing love. SY simply bought SH’s affection and SH abandoned his wife of 10 years…yes oh how romantic to have a woman buy you!

      If you want a romantic film where someone buys someone watch the American Movie “Pretty Woman” at least Richard Gere’s character didn’t destroy a perfectly seemingly happy marriage to do what SY did.

      I never could stand KWS face period…he is in my opinion a complete failure…if all he can do is give grumpy dwarf impressions and people call that “Spectacular Acting” I have him beat two ways from sunday in acting.

      There will be some that say I’m harsh…but that’s life as I see it. What this writer has done was sent the message as plain as day, “If you love someone who is happy simply throw money at his problems and buy him”.

      On to the final episode…this episode was simply a WTH. Truly the ending and this drama has made Sincerity Moves Heaven, Glass Mask, and The Woman Who Married Thrice a cinematic masterpiece. I still find it funny that SH did not suffer anything…only SY who is still dying and can’t have kids suffer. The one thing SY wanted and she can’t have! HJ suffered the same fate as can’t have kids. What the hell has SH suffered? Oh that’s right his sugar momma is dying! SH only boohooed because his only financial support is dying.@tessieroo what the hell was with the shoes?

      Whatever your reasons to watch this simply avoid it at all cost and just watch either Secret Love Affair or One Warm Word because at least those two shows have a story to tell.

      • Parigi says:

        @Linda, to be fair it is tessiero’s personal blog and they are allowed to express an opinion biased or not. There may be other blogs out there to your liking please feel free to explore.

        I come here because I share Tesseiero’s vision of this drama and the humour is cool too, because at the end of the day it is just a drama (mind you a pretty crappy one)

        • jusash says:

          Totally! Me three.

          I was drawn into commenting on this thread, because I was relieved that there were people who were realistic enough to see through the farce the writer packaged as ‘romance’. And to see the smugness behind the pretentious fake ‘innocence’.

          I sat through STHeaven/Hell (for some of my Kdrama chingus) because there was at least some magic in that back then, to salvage and justify the WTF? moments.

      • tessieroo says:

        Triton823 –

        Hey bud! Not 100% clear on the shoes, not sure what her motives were in giving them to HJ. It could have been her way of saying “I don’t need them since I have SH” or “You need them since you’re single again” or maybe it really was just that she ordered them but HJ bought them. (which isn’t true, SH is the one who insisted on buying those stupid shoes for HJ)

        I don’t know but I DO know whatever her motive was, I’m sure it wasn’t something good for HJ.

    • Sage says:

      Ok, who let the crazies into our group therapy session?

      @Linda – Return from whence thou came! 꺼져!!

    • Reene says:

      Great post Linda.

  • Sunny says:

    Agreed worst drama ever!!! I wanted to just throw he screen. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at CJW and KSW again the same. That pairing disgusts me now. Honestly wanted the SY character to just die a horrible death. Same wih SH. Arg! Wasted my life watching this.

    • tessieroo says:

      THIS is what I find shocking – my own attitude towards these two actors now! I disliked these characters so much, that I no longer have any wish to see CJW or KSW act in movies or dramas. O_O That’s pretty bad!

      • Lclarakl says:

        @Tessieroo, I was shocked to find myself feeling the same way. I’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of dramas and this is the first time that I truly hated a drama this much that it’s made me not want to see actors in some of their other dramas or movies. Even actors who play evil characters, I want to see them in something else. Not in this case.

        I disliked Ohlala Couple because I thought the writer took the husband’s cheater character too far to redeem him later. He also made the second lead an awesome character. I did not want to see the married couple end up together–so I disliked this drama–acting wasn’t bad, but I disked this drama. However, I still can watch these actors in other dramas and enjoy their work.

        This was so different and the arrogance that they exhibited, just turned me off the characters. It reminded me of something I read concerning KSW concerning the drama Medical Top Team. In an interview KSW concerning Medical Top Team vs Good Doctor, he stated that he cannot watch “Good Doctor”. He said, “I’m jealous of the viewer ratings that ‘Good Doctor’ achieved, but I’m sure we can do better.” He went on to say that he hoped they (Medial Top Team) reached a target of 42.8 percent in viewer ratings and a show cannot truly be called a drama unless it reaches 30 percent. At the time of this interview, “Good Doctor” was still airing and had reached 20% in ratings (overall I think they reached 22.7%)—for a drama, this was an excellent rating.

        This interview was before his drama aired. It became the worst rating drama with a low of 3.9. “Good Doctor” received numerous awards for script, the actors, best couple, etc. “Medical Top Team” won zero.

        I think there was some arrogance in this interview and seeing arrogance in both the lead characters in Temptation has turned me off of this actor. In regards to CSW, for some reason—I don’t know what it is, but her acting turns me off. I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, I just don’t care for her acting style.

  • Parigi says:

    Well SY and SH will have their comeuppance, they will have to suffer through her illness and possible death, but of course that will be all off screen. Off screen HJ gets offered a job cooridnating health clinics in a location like Haiti where she meets an amazing humanitarian doctor who falls for her hook, line and sinker and she is left with a very big grin on her face.

  • il23 says:

    First time commenting. Absolutely love your site. Your reviews are awesome. Forgive if I am a little intense.

    This is the most disturbing drama I have ever seen. I have never been more revolted by fictional characters. SY/SH displayed arrogance, entitlement, greed, betrayal, and a selfish disregard for others until the very end. Where was the repentance and acknowledgement of wrongdoing? The couple owed themselves and those that they hurt recognition and an apology for their misdeeds. This included SY’s family and HJ’s dad. SY’s effort to apologize to HJ was centered around concerns for her own circumstances, her cancer and her inability to have children. She appeared haughty and condescending in her interactions with HJ. In contrast HJ apologized to those she felt she hurt with no personal regard for herself. She is the true heroine.

    SY was just a demon and the cutesy talk and tears made her even more unlikable. The anger and disgust while viewing this drama was overwhelming. Clearly the writer/director understood what they are exhibiting. Is this the message we leave with the viewers? Be manipulative, self absorbed, unrepentant and nasty and you shall get what you want to the exclusion of all else. SY/SH’s tears and concerns are for themselves and SH’s pursuit of bringing down MW was based on protecting SH/SY’s own misdeeds.

    For me the most unlikable character is SH. He is a delusional, self-righteous, self-serving, opportunist that viewed himself as a humanist and doing no wrong. He was more unethical and ruthless than MW. His spying on MW and accepting illegal tapes from the unethical Lawyer Choi was despicable. I found myself rooting for MW. SH did not take a second to self reflect, had absolutely no growth the entire series and appeared to have slipped into the gates of hell in his unending servitude and dogged devotion to the almighty SY. A love of 10 years vanished in moments for HJ and a coldness, meanness, condescension and dismissiveness remained. The sickening contrast of treatment of the two women was appalling.

    Something else in this drama was also unnerving, the demoralization of HJ. There was snobbery toward the non-rich, SH surveying HJ’s father’s apartment, HJ on her knees cleaning the floor and later trudging groceries into the apartment. SH giving her ugly nurses shoes because “he knew her legs would swell “. SY beckoning her to be her nurse and making sure she knew that she was in charge, (telling SH not to take HJ to Seoul and drop her off at the bus stop). What was the writer doing? CALL the woman a cab.

    The drama had so many obvious weaknesses.

    1. The direction and motivations of the characters. Absolutely no rhyme or reason at any point in time.
    2. Crazy events. (Stupid fight scene with MW throwing briefcase with valuable information on the ground) SY’s father in the dark regarding her illness.
    3. The underdevelopment of HG and Se Jin’s relationship as a storyline in relation to SY/SH/HJ and their families.
    4. SH as a failed small businessman, now dynamic white Knight Businessman allowed to be defacto CEO.
    5. Never knowing what HJ’s true interests were, since she chose nursing only because she wanted to help her family.
    6. Not showing love and intimate scenes with HJ/MW. He was clearly happy on the couples’ return from their honeymoon.
    7. HJ divorced 2 men, no alimony from either man? This made no sense. MW was type of man that would not let HJ go way with nothing whether there was an agreement or not. His Position as a CEO and his love for her would not let him do that.
    8. Gimmicky, repetitive love scenes of SH/SY and sappy annoying music
    9. Important Secrets, never revealed.

    I ask myself. What was this??? I like stories that are intriguing, thought provoking, inspiring, cutting edge, and different. Believe me this story had none of those qualities. It was disjointed and absurd most of the time. It started out as interesting and turned into pure crap and was an ugly message to send to impressionable young people. Falling out of love with your spouse and in love with someone else happens in life but arrogance, betrayal, greed, manipulation, cruelty and a selfish disregard for others are behaviors that should not be glorified.

    • azraqey says:

      Dear, *standing ovation*
      I am so with your statement. This summarize the drama, and definitely in line with my vision. I totally loss at words for describing this trashy drama, but you capturing it so well, made me nodding along every sentence.

      My friend even told me, the writer was kind of sending us the message to confirm, that one absolutely can be selfish and can do anything as long as it benefiting ourselves, which is really mind-boggling and deceiving—what will happen if the younger generation took it as real true?


      Anyway, I really like your analysis. All the nine element definitely the weakness of this and the writer should reflect on it!

    • tessieroo says:

      IL23 –

      Bravo, you just nailed everything I felt while watching this too. Complete disgust (sometimes blinding hatred) for both SY and SH. I also felt extremely protective of HJ and wanted to smash all of these horrible people faces in and then drag her away from them.

      Love the list too, excellent points! I still feel like this entire drama was nothing more than fan service for the Stairway To Heaven fans but he failed them, miserably.

    • lclarakl says:

      IL23, Thank you for letting me post your comment to another couple of sites–I love what you said so much. I also gave you credit for the comment. Funny thing though, I think others have also posted it to other sites. I know it’s yours because they’re giving you credit as well….LoL!!

      I thought it ironic for the end of production party, they had a cake shaped like a Sandcastle (which should have been the name of this drama). It truly signified everything that this drama tried to say and did say in a bold way, marriage is like a Sandcastle. I also thought it strange that the second leads who are pictured on the banners, were not part of the cake cutting—CJW and KSW. In my mind, showing that this was some type of reunion for the two of them.

      Again, just truly disappointed in the message of this drama.

  • jusash says:

    Thanks for the final recap! You deserve a hug yourself for sticking it out.

    Although I bailed out many episodes ago ( SY’s ‘innocent’ smugness was too much to take), and even more horrifying was reading of viewers rooting for her … I was relieved to find that other commeners here were not dissing HJ and attributing it to a lack of trust in her husband instead of seeing anything wrong with ‘graceful elegant’ SY’s actions (and eventually also SH).

    Yes, in a nutshell: “Go for it! Be selfish and to hell with morals! You’ll end up in Hong Kong, draped in a fabulous white gown!”

    *CLAPS* You totally hammered the right nail into this drama coffin.

    • tessieroo says:

      Oh, GOD – you have no idea how furious I got seeing SY standing there in that white gown and smiling at both men. Complete and utter disgust!

  • mslee1107 says:

    actually, I did watch the final episode [20] just to see what the ending would be. I have long since given up on what the writer will do to Hong Joo, and I could not believe he made Se Young wnated her to be her personal caregiver! The nerve! Anyway, that was the most ironic scene, but thankfully, Hng Joo is not that stupid and declined. What she is, is a person who has a wonderful and caring heart. Yes, even is she wanted to leave her, she stayed because she was in pain. Love her pure heart.

    I love it when she told Se Young she can not forgive, because that is how it should be. Forgiveness is like a working progress, it has to take time,. For now, the memories are still fresh. But I like that the writer finally gave Hong Joo her peace of mind if not yet happiness. I think being with her father and brother will comfort her and heal her.

    I am still annoyed that Se Jin is not aware of who Hong Joo is and her connection with Seok Hoon and Se Young. The writer let it go that way. But then if I am not satisfied with the message of this drama and the ending, at least I know that Se Young is paying the price of her sins. And Seok Hoon will have a long and trying times with Se Young as her illness progressed or as she continues her medication. At least the writer did not really gave them hope that cancer will be removed. Quite open ended there.

    I wish Hong Joo has a scene of her own before it ends that she is contented and smiling beautifully against the “loving couple” scenes of the leads.

    thank you for the recaps… and I won’t even recommend this drama to my friends. hahaha… some are still single and might be influenced of the way the story shown, “you want to take someone’s husband? go for it, you might have your own happy ending! don’t mind the wife!” lol.

    • tessieroo says:

      Mslee – just tell your friends that married man = NO. *hee* Worked for me when my Mom explained it that way.

      Yep, wasn’t that annoying the way the writer kept HG’s secret? He just didn’t want to deal with it so he left it open ended. I don’t believe for one minute that HJ would turn that girl away but how horrible if she has to face SY’s sister on a daily basis? O_O Nightmares about that.

      Thanks for your comments and support!

      • lclarakl says:

        I agree. I think the writer presented a lot of issues that he knew would be difficult to explain. The fact that her father doesn’t know the full details. Her father wouldn’t welcome any type of ties with that family knowing that her sister interfered in his daughter’s marriage. I don’t think he would like it knowing that that’s who SH is with regardless.

        I truly get the impression that the writer changed the story and that’s why this drama seems so very incomplete.

        Again, I appreciate you watching it because I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  • Soori says:

    I wanted to watch this drama after it ended airing, but note anymore

  • Sage says:

    “They meet at the hotel in Hong Kong and trade barbs regarding the rumors that Se Young is ill. Suddenly she shows up, all dressed in white. That’s it – I’m out.”

    LOL!!! Tessieroo me love you long time!

    That, “That’s it – I’m out.” had me in stitches! I had the same reaction about her descending down the stairs in all white – like, really writer-nim? Well, they say the devil masquerades as an “Angel of Light” so I’m guessing he must have taught his apprentice a few handy tricks.

    Your recaps are indeed the only good things about this poorly written, poorly executed mess of a drama. Needless to say, this writer cannot catch me again. They say once bitten, twice shy. Temptation + Dr. Jin = bitten twice – It damn sure won’t happen a third time.

    I will not write a diatribe today, as I feel I’ve vented enough and this writer nor his ridiculous drama are deserving of anymore of my time or intellectual energy.

    Just want to say thanks for all the recaps, you truly are a saint.

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO, Sage!

      Yah, you just gotta point out my language? O_O (I truly couldn’t help myself, I lost it) *hehehe* Thanks for your support and love all the comments. I love this little group we’ve built. 🙂

  • Sage says:

    An open letter to writer Han Ji Hoon (Temptation)

    In the words immortalized by my favourite recapper, Tessieroo:

    Yours truly,

  • eca canada says:

    You guys should watching this drama till the end you see there is nothing wrong on it the title. Is *temptation*
    The story teach us how we trust with our couple, from the first time hong jo she don’t trus with seok hoon and they’ve got divorce after
    well this is the way how you find true love and right person in your life
    Because love will find own way

    • Parigi says:

      I can’t help myself. HJ was willing to FORGET what happened in HK and move on it was SH who kept going to SY and vice versa, telephoning, running to save her company (when he had appointments with HJ), working for her and SH didn’t tell HJ what was going on, he was playing both sides until the fated day/night trip where SH and SY declare they like each and when HJ rings SH to see where he is, SY ohhh so conveniently sings out SH;s name so HJ can hear her voice. Tell me would you be comfortable with your husband spending the night with someone whom he had already spent 3 days in HK with and ditched you for essentially? Trust is a two way process.

      So yes in essence you can find love AFTER marriage, it is more the process of how it happened in this trainwreck with the writer INTENT on making SY and SH almost blameless but NOT accepting responsibility for the pain they caused and crucifying HJ for her understandable anger and pain and how she dealt with it.

      It was blatant and almost laughable had it not been painful to watch HJ trying to piece her life back together one painful step at a time, making mistakes along the way but coming to a realiastion that love GIVETH not TAKETH is the kinder route to take (unlike someone else lets call her Voldermort).

    • Kimleechanee says:

      Are you married? If so, would you want your husband to agree much less think about some asinine proposal that some random woman offered him? Would you want your husband to agree to outrageous terms because he took that offer? Would you want your husband to continue seeing that woman while claiming he loves you and you can trust him? Human emotions are irrational especially when it comes to love and relationships. I honestly think no woman on this planet would sit back calmly and think rationally through such a situation such as what was presented here. When we are passionate about something, we are irrational at times about it and after a moment of craziness, we will come back and deal with it with a rational mind.

      This marriage was already fragile and both spouses was at the end of their rope. Yes, Hong Joo saw suicide as a way to financially help her husband and family get out of debt. She chose that solutions because she didn’t see any way out of this mess and Seok Hoon chose the asinine offer because he didn’t see any other choice. I don’t fault either one for those choices because when it comes to family, you will do almost anything to make sure they are alright. I am not saying suicide is the answer and that is not a route I would take but I understand her choice and to use that as a reason to justify SY & SH is just as illogical as the script by this writer.

      SY inserted herself in a fragile situation for the purpose of breaking it and people are actually defending her. That boggles the mind. If you are happy the couple were together in the end, just be truthful about the reason. You are happy that this couple received a happy ending based on the tragic ending they had in Stairway to Heaven. I am more apt to accept that reasoning because their is no logically reason for people justifying this couple’s relationship.

    • tessieroo says:

      Eca Canada – Sadly what we saw was not love, that was obsessive lust and greed. SY fully admitted she set out to destroy the love between HJ and SH and she did. She’s a horrible human being.

  • Kimleechanee says:

    I have to say this out loud. This writer doesn’t have to worry about me being a viewer of any of his/her future dramas I should have learned my lesson from Dr. Jin but I definitely learned my lesson from the hot mess.

    I am still trying to fathom the reasoning behind SY hiring HJ as her personal nurse. That didn’t make one bit of sense. OMG!! That apology. They could have kept that out for what it was worth. All that proved to me was that this writer wanted to make Hong Joo the scapegoat and the bunt of Se Young’s bullying. Hong Joo apologized but was rudely brushed off by SY but when SY “apologizes, HJ sits there and calmly rejects and then explains why she rejects it. Sure HJ is the better woman but they could have just stop putting HJ in the mist of SY & SH.

    Why in the last episode did they concentrate on showing HJ reacting with the entire cast of characters. I was wishing to see a moment that Hong Joo was alone and enjoying her new found freedom from all the bullshit but nooooooooooo, we had to watch the OTP bask in their unfounded happiness.

    I absolutely agree with the weaknesses @IL23 pointed out especially # 3 & 9. Undeveloped story lines. As I stated in another thread that I don’t go into a drama with a morality code but I don’t condone emotional or physical cheating but in a drama, I expect for the writing team to logically prove why I should root for the cheating OTP. This drama NO WAY compares to Secret Love Affair but I will use this as an example. SLA had a illogical relationship that involved a 20 year age difference, a marriage, and business corruption. The writer’s of that drama did a wonderful job of developing a thorough story plot with wonderful character development and logically proved {my opinion} why the cheating OTP belonged together.

    It should be a requirement that writers state on their synopsis if their drama is based on fan service then I can go into with a different mindset. This drama leaves a bad taste in my mouth and gives me a different outlook on Choi Ji Woo. I need to find another drama of hers quick so I can get this character out of my head. I have wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Kwon Sang Woo and this probably has sealed it for me as I won’t be anytime soon.

    I give major props to you, Tessieroo for going the god awful and very disturbing distance with this drama. If it wasn’t for me finding this forum, I would have pulled out all my eyelashes and bleached my eyes because I couldn’t find logical & rational viewers who shared my same POV.

    • tessieroo says:

      Wasn’t it funny when HJ told SH she didn’t want to see either of them and he promised she wouldn’t have to be burdened again? LOL, good luck with that one – he thinks he’ll be able to control what Dragon-lady does? Pfffttttt.

      I didn’t pull out my hair but I did have to pick up all the things I threw each week. *kekeke*

      • kimleechanee says:

        That scene was the best of this episode. The look on HJ’s face said it all. While she was saying the words, I was paraphrasing using many expletives that would have been the preferred choice of words used if this was a real life situation. LOL!!

        • tessieroo says:

          OMO, are you a secret curser too? *heehee* I say words while I’m writing reviews that you guys will never read in the final copy.

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Chinguu Tessieroo Gomawo! You nailed it again. Got no plans to watch the last episode. Temptation will be number one in my not recommended list. So, what’s next Chinguus?
    I’m only watching Glorious Days right now. Unlike Temptation, I like all the characters in GD except Xman and SA.
    Anyway, although Temptation was crazy to the end, the intelligent discussions and proving points in the thread was worth it. Hello to all Chinguus here! Yes, let it all out…let us erase and cleanse ourselves of this horrific drama. I’m no longer watching a KSW drama. That’s it for me. I now admire PHS and LJJ more. Chinguuss! Let it go! Till we meet again!

    • tessieroo says:

      The only thing I’m really following is Glorious Day too but I’m sure I’ll see you around the threads!

      • Fantast1ksuae says:

        I’m also watching the Japanese drama Love in the Afternoon…interesting concept. The husbands are a-holes! Hahaha!
        Waiting for Greatest Marriage/Love & Marriage. Checked out couch kimchi’s favorite drama list…found Coffee House in the list—discovered Park Si Yeon’s no qualms acting style…started to like her and checking out her previous projects. Now watching A Man’s Story or Story of a Man…like it so far.
        Tessieroo, do you recommend Nice Guy?

        • tessieroo says:

          Isn’t that one quirky but fun? (LMAO) I lost it when I read that there’s apparently an epidemic of “wives cheating when husband leaves” or “afternoon cheating wives” in Japan. It just seems so unlikely, given the little I know about that culture!

          YES, YES, YES – a thousand time yes to “Nice Guy”. I was obsessed with that drama and lived on the Soompi thread while it was airing. O_O Total chemistry hotness between Moon Chae Won and Song Joong-Ki.

  • jenny says:

    Well, I think SY & SH will have their punishment after all. She will have to go in and out of the hospital the rest of her life and he will be taking care of a sick old woman.

  • Radha says:

    Y’all just move on with your life. Why would you invest your time in watching shows that you dont like? Oh well im pretty sure that deep inside you like the drama you just dont wanna accept it..lol Or you just want attention and huge number of follower for you page cause you know that this couple has a huge fan base. For sure the story sucks but come on its a drama and its not real. Thats what all the viewer wants all the crazyness that you cant see in real life. So yeah move on and watch another one. 🙂

    • bacom says:

      I find your comment is funny and childish.
      First of all, of course we move on with our life. What make you think we stop living our life to comment like that?
      Second, why does Tessieroo still write about this horrible drama? I believe that is the commitment of a blogger. I think when a blogger decided to recap a drama, there will be a certain amount of reader following her recap. It should be a courtesy to the reader to finish what she starts no matter if she likes it or not. I applaud Tessieroo for following through the recap, so the reader like myself who dropped the drama midway still know what’s going on.
      Third, we all know it’s a drama and a bad one. That’s the reason we come to this blog to vent our frustrations. Instead of mumbling all your frustrations by yourself, it’s wonderful that youcan write out yourthoughts for everyone to see without revealing who you are thanks to all the forums and blogs on the internet.
      Finally, for sure that ourlife will move on and we will choose another drama to watch and we again find some blogs and forums to discuss away. And in case you wonder why we do that, i believe it’s called entertainment and having fun sharing our thoughts

    • goodange says:

      Well, it didn’t stop you from commenting on here, too, right? 🙂 If somebody doesn’t like a post, then, why bother with it? 😉 The point is, it’s okay that Tessieroo followed through with this show. 😉 As you said, it is just a drama, so, is it harming anyone if Tessieroo watched the entire show and recapped it? This is just a drama, and this is just a recap 😉

      The lot of the people commenting on our Temptation posts have found this to be a haven, a support group, especially for those who’ve felt left out on other threads; we’re happy to provide that haven for them.

      Although it is just a drama, it does tackle a subject of morality, and so, it is not surprising that there will be very strong opinions about the developments.

    • Heredome says:

      I agree with you! Let’s just say we all hate and don’t like the story of this DRAMA and their Characters but not the great actors and actress who acted. I’m just really disappointed of what the writer did in this drama. If talking about, Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo’s chemistry is still there, but i like Stairway To Heaven more than this drama.

  • bacom says:

    Thank you TESSIEROO for finishing the recap of this messy drama. You and all the commenters in our supporting group already list all the WTF-ary plots and all the disappointed moments. Let me just point out the thing that make me happy about this mess

    1. I’m so happy to hear the news SY’s cancer has spread. I half-expected that this dump writer would make SY cancer-free after the surgery. Now, I’m happy that SY will live her life with a death sentence. Whatever happy moment she has won’t never erase the fact that she will surely die a horrible painful ugly death results of the cancer eating away her inside.
    2. I’m so happy that SH gets together with SY. Now he will have to put up with SY’s tantrum whenever she’s in pain, he will watch the cancer slowly eats SY’s beauty and he will have to live with the stress of taking care of a terminal ill person who he can’t shake of his back even if he wants to.
    3. I’m happythat HJ can finally live her life by herself without the two scumbags attached to her. This experience will hopefully shape her and make her stronger.

    One interesting thing about the final, SJ again wants to reach her devil claws to HJ. Before, she used $1 million to buy SH to be her “assistant” then lover. Now she want to make HJ to be her personal nurse, to take care for her thus witnessing her lovey dovey with the despicable two-faced man. She again uses her money to hire HJ and shamelessly uses nursing mantra to tie HJ down. Luckily, HJ now is much stronger than her ex-husband before and able to walk away from SY’s grasp.

    • tessieroo says:

      Bacom –

      I thought I was the only one who saw that! O_O I too believed SY had ulterior motives in requesting HJ be her private nurse, I think she wanted to first apologize (absolve herself) which is somewhat ridiculous since she never once thought she did anything wrong. And second to again put HJ in her place – make sure she knows how far above her SY is. Even with cancer, she still commands power and respect, people will listen to her over HJ. I also think she wanted to show how “strong” she still is, the cancer didn’t make her weak. (so no pity, she definitely didn’t want HJ to pity her).

      She was truly nasty (yet again) to HJ with that comment about nurses not getting to pick their patients. (ie – you have no power, you have to do what you’re told). I truly despise SY, such a horrible person.

  • twingals says:

    BRAVO to the recap and to the rational comments, you know who you are! …since we are on a therapy session, here’s what I posted on soompi…..

    First….SO PROUD of HJ character as a nurse that she stayed true to being a caregiver…she didn’t abandon SY when she was in crisis, hat’s off to her! It’s true there was a LIP SERVICE about asking for forgiveness but SY smirks and body language was up to the end a nasty piece of work.We might call HJ angelic but she was not that stupidly angelic that she would believe the lip service! I wonder how many of you would accept the way she delivered it . JS showed more sincerity with her apology than what SY did. From the mouths of babes( even the older kid was won over by HJ as per JS comment) we really see the character of HJ, SY realized and glad she acknowledged that….. nice to see in that respect that the character grew. As for the rest of the family/friends, the writer left them clueless about the wave crashing so as to keep the rainbows and unicorn around SY/SH. For me, HJ learned her lesson as per her admission and like a great heroine she will walk off on to the sunset and wait for another day. 😉
    BTW, SY neglecting her health, disregarding her MD that was her fault….
    I am really curious if we have the same story if part of SY was played by the original actress….and if there was no STH.
    In the end, glad to discover Park Ha Sun, she was delightful in High Kick 3 (watching show to keep balance with what the writer was doing to HJ) , seen the works of the 3 older actors.

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree, JS was more sincere with HJ. Not that I trust her at all but she was genuine in her appreciation of HJ for taking care of her girls.

      Park Ha Sun is so beautiful! It’s hilarious to me that both of the male actors in this (KSW and LJJ) chose Park Ha Sun over Choi Ji Woo as the person they “wanted to try seducing” – they both admitted being fascinated with her. (I guess she’s sorta a dorky goof-ball on set). 🙂

  • Liemkopi says:

    Seems like the comments here are mostly ‘cut and paste’ from the soompi forum of this drama……

    • twingals says:

      I c/p, as stated here, because some might not be reading the soompi forum and I for one don’t read all the comments on that page. Did I violate a rule on this blog about c/p my OWN comment? @Tessieroo enlighten me please. Thanks!

  • jdkk09 says:

    The only redeeming character was HJ. The other characters were truly hateful and hated. Not an exaggeration! Why was this writer allowed another drama when Dr. Jin was a hot mess. They should have axed him and got someone else to finish the story.

  • M says:

    I am SO glad I found this website!! After watching the show for the past two months, I felt so sad and angry for the way this drama turns out! I cannot believe the writer scripted thus way and i felt so alone. I need this place to know that there are lots of people in thier right minds. Thank you Tessieroo for cheering for HJ! I cant agree more! i feel that she is truly the only heroine in this drama. although the show is bad, it is a snapshot of the cheaters lives during that time. I wished the show can be continued so we get to see that HJ eventually finds happiness, she definitely deserve to have a great guy in her life loving and caring for her! As for the cheaters, it will be great to see how their so called “true love” is nothing but a joke (just like how it started) and that they will reap what they sow and eventually betray and hate each other, end up with a lonely regrettable life.

    • tessieroo tessieroo says:

      M –

      Welcome! One of our readers last week wrote out the ending she wished to see and it was amazing: (from Sandy)

      “I would love to see a snapshot of the future with SH taking care of a sickly SY, and they happen to run into a healthy, vibrant HJ. She’s very gracious to them, and we hear this tiny voice call from the back of them “Mommy.” Then HJ’s new husband and child join the group. HJ close out her greeting and she and her new family walk away in each other’s arms smiling brightly and lovingly. SH looks on sadly and SY looks on regretfully. That would be my ideal ending.”

      This is OUR perfect ending. 🙂 This is what should have been shown!

      • M says:

        Just reading your reply about the future perfect ending makes me smile! yes that’s exactly how it should be! Thank you for your witty and awesome blog!!

  • Trish says:

    Tessieroo, you are beyond brave and strong for having to endure such a horrible, horrible drama! But then again if it wasn’t for this train wreck we wouldn’t of had the pleasure of reading your awesome/funny/VERY SANE commentary about INSANE people! In all honestly I found your recaps while I was looking for a voice of sanity about this drama (because Soompi seems to be full of crazies) and I seriously look forward to all your future recaps/commentary. You’ve found yourself a fan! 🙂

    P.S I suggest like a Running Man marathon to clense your mind/sanity after this!

    • tessieroo says:

      Trish –

      I just watched the RM episode with Ji Chang Wook! *fangirl mode* For some reason, “Giraffe” always manages to fix my mood if I’m feeling meh and I end up laughing my bum off. 🙂 LOVE that guy!

      Thanks so much for the compliments, I’ve become a fan myself of quite a few readers. The insightful, probing comments left each week really sparked my brain and fired me up. 😀

  • tasha says:

    Hi, so so true. this is the most depressing drama to watch and in fact the most ff drama. The much anticipated return pair of Kwon and Choi is also the worst in this year. I dont know what it is, but there was absolutely no chemistry between the two, in fact most of their scenes together leaves you flat..there is no gasp in the air, no anticipation, no fiery passion. Nevermind the idiocy and warped script, but these 2 main characters just failed. Other than clad in high end couture (supposedly to compete w My Love From The Stars, my guess), Choi facial expression was wooden. In fact, when i watched her, i felt she has not got out of character from her previous role in Housekeeper. And Kwon, dont know whether it was fatigue or just becos of the pressure of the much anticipated reunion w Choi, none of his expressions or emotions made me feel sorry for him. If there is an award for the worst drama of the year, this one wins hands down.

    • tessieroo says:

      I truly think it’s because both of these actors didn’t believe in this story or the lines they spouted each week. We know KSW is happily married and expecting another baby with his wife so for him, I’m sure it was ridiculously hard to play a cheating scumbag!
      And Choi Ji Woo? There’s not a doubt in my mind this woman would never (in real life) STEAL someone’s husband, she’s just not that kind of person. (or that’s my impression). I’m not a huge super-fan of either but they both seem like lovely people in the interviews that I saw. So I think the problem might have been they just didn’t believe in this script.

  • GreenTees says:

    I’m just laughing with all of the hate comments about this drama! Lol. We all have the right to say our own opinion, maybe we liked it or not, it’s just you guys make it personally especially the actors and actresses of this drama, let’s say they even don’t like their characters too, but still it’s them. Isn’t it the writer changed the script just because many people wanted SY and SH to have a happy ending? They already said they don’t prioritize their reunion. The script was already there when they were finding who’ll fit the characters. For me, i also don’t like the flow of the drama but still i try to find what the writer had to be done.There’s no worst drama at all, it’s just you guys saying it on your own. don’t get offended coz this is my opinion too. Stop the hate! Peace!

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO! I agree, we all had a really wonderful time discussing our thoughts here – it’s a safe place for those who found the OTP in this drama revolting since our opinion was belittled and laughed at other places. As a blog co-writer, me and the blog owners gave these people a place to vent their hatred if they chose to – free from ridicule or having the OTP shoved down our throats from their fan clubs. I’ve stated I’m not a super-fan but I’ve also shown both actors a lot of respect and haven’t attacked either of them.
      You are free to leave your opinion here but I think you might feel more at home on another forum or blog? There are plenty out there who loved this drama! In fact, I think this one might be the only one that didn’t so I’m confused about why you’re here?

    • KimLeeChanee says:

      These type of “opinions” comments baffle me. They tend to start with “Everyone has a right to their opinion” and end with ” Don’t mean to offend but this is my opinion”.

      Aren’t Point of Views personal? My personal view this drama and its writers…….

      Your “opinion” is really a judgement on how we express our opinion about a published piece of work that is for entertainment value and therefore is available for appraisal regardless if it comes in the form of praise or criticism. If you want to get a little technical.

      It just so happens that this group shares the same POV about the drama and it’s writers. We found a place where we can vent freely and don’t feel the pressure of being attacked because our POV goes against the status quo.

      Instead of you judging us for our opinion, I would have really loved to hear what you liked or didn’t like about the drama since you did state that you didn’t like the flow of the drama.

      • GreenTees says:

        I’m not judging you. Lol! stay calm. okay? :))))

        • goodange says:

          Greentees aka Sailor, you are welcome to your opinion, but please do not provoke hostility here or show any disrespect to our authors. You ended your first comment above with “Stop the hate” and “Peace,” so we suggest you follow your own advice.

          We will also not allow name-calling here, i.e. calling someone an idiot especially while pretending to be someone else. So, we deleted that comment under your other name Sailor. There’s no need to use different names.

          Again, you are welcome to your opinion but a civil, respectful, mature, and constructive one. Otherwise, you will be blocked.

          • azraqey says:

            Thank you dear. I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

            I wonder why she/he said that to me. *scratch head*

            • goodange says:

              Unfortunately, there’s always someone who is bound to be offended by something, even if a comment is not intended to be personal, and sadly, that person resorts to childish, provocative one-liners or name-calling because she has nothing more constructive to contribute to a proper discussion. I’m glad you did not feed the aggression by responding to the name-calling. Thank you for being above it 🙂

    • goodange says:

      Why not just accept that not everyone loved this show? So what if there are people who hate it? That’s how it is with every drama. Some people liked it, and some people hated it. I feel people take it more personally that not everyone loved this drama, and then, come here to mock Tessieroo and most of the people commenting here for expressing their frustrations with the show. There would be more “peace” if people just “accepted” the natural differences and stop forcing others to like/love the shortcomings of the show.

    • bacom says:

      I love this blog because I can freely put down my hate comments without a moderator breathing down my neck and without my post geting flagged. I don’t know what is so wrong with hate comments? I believe as long as we don’t hate and attack each other, that should be fine. It’s normal to hate the characters or even actors and actressess because they’re public figures, they’re out there for people to judge, even president gets so many people to hate him. We’re are human being, we love and we hate, so that is very normal. If the drama is good, we will put down our love comments to praise, drool, squee, applaud. If the drama is terrible, we will put down our hate comments to show our dislike, disappointed, disapproval, disgust. It’s very normal opinion and harmless to the peacefulness of the world, why should we stop or refrain ourselves? Life moves on and we move to another drama soon.

  • beverly ramel says:

    while most of you didn’t like this drama, i did! in this drama, ksw tried his best to get back with his wife but she refused and instead got married to the other guy. hong joo instigated min woo to have her revenge thru him. when the character of ksw was falling in love with the character of cjw, hong joo tried to destroy both of them thru min woo. poor girl! she should have tried her best to love min woo so that she should have been happier. for her to tell min woo that she didn’t love him, what do you expect. serves her right. on the other hand, she should have heeded to min woo to get back together with him so that she would have lived happily just like the character of ksw and cjw. altho the final episode ended that way, i still liked it because ksw and cjw ended together.

    • tessieroo says:

      Balderdash, SH didn’t try to get back with HJ at all. In fact, he was making (and receiving) secret phone calls & texts from Dragon lady, hiding that he was working with her, taking overnight trips with her and splashing around in water with her. Is that a new form of marriage counseling?

      Hong Joo is the only character who matured, grew and realized her mistakes. Yep, she married MW for all the wrong reasons. Yep, she wanted revenge for stupid reasons (since neither SH/SY were even worth her time) so all of us here were delighted when she stopped, apologized and moved on.

      What on earth makes you believe HJ needs a man or needs to be married to MW to live happily? Pfffftttt, CJW is single – are you saying she must get married in order to be happy? She might not agree with you, she’s a strong independent woman and maybe doesn’t feel the need to live her live for a man.

    • bacom says:

      LOL at how SH was trying his best. Let see, he gave a happy “thank you ‘bike ride to the woman who told him she wanted to wipe away his marriage happiness while his wife was miserable at home; he showed concern and texted to help that other woman behind his wife back; he laid in bed with his wife snuggle close to him but think about the other woman too preoccupied to hear what his wife said; he stood there and let his wife be humiliated by the other woman using him a a source, and if that was not enough, he admited right after that he had that other woman in his mind; he had so much fun playing splashing with the other woman on the just-for-two business trip while his wife cried her eyes out at home. If despite all of those, SH was still considered as trying “hard” to get back to his wife, then I now understand why he skipped over to SY joyfully right after divorced

  • Parigi says:

    I love this website big squishy hugs to all of us who have endured 10 weeks of this ‘drama’ How did the shippers end up on this site, they must have taken a wrong turn opps go back do past go do not collect $200

    Well this goes to show how bad drama gets when you appease the STH shippers. This story has more plot holes than the ozone layer in the sky. I mean everything was clearly written with pushing forward SH/SY as the OTP but it was so badly done that I felt forced to go down the tunnel without any feeling right down to the white dress at the end.

    I mean the writer gives personality transplants to characters (SY’s father who was her voice of conscious suddenly turn around and tell SH to take care of his daughter WTH), you have characters that disappear once the plot point is dealt with (Roy anyone, he was cute), you have underdeveloped characters (HJ’s brother and SY’s were developed and built up throughout the WHOLE series to I assume bring us a Taadaaa moment – but fizzled without a trace, what was the point of the sister and brother love line), you have little to no backstory about the marriage between HJ and SH ( we KNOW don’t assume they were affectionate and cared about each other, she tried to commit suicide to help her husband’s financial predicament, whether a good thing or not is another debate, he was WILLING to forgive her and move on) and then bang SH develops feelings SY ( my neck hurts from the sudden movement).

    The non-utilisation, disapperance and personality transformations were used to only serve the justification of SH/SY, that is poor writing. Don’t create characters if they are not essential to the main plot.

    And IF SH/SY were ‘true love’ I certainly didn’t feel any passion , I mean there is more passion I’ve seen on different forums about the drama, I honestly felt that they were once again appeasing the STH shippers (we must be together at all costs) I look for more than that in a storyline. It was more obssession and greed for SY and lust and ego for SH

    The characterisation of SY and SH was atrocious. SY is such an unlikeable character, she did not have one single redeeming quality. Till the end she was a cow, she was vindictive, manipulative, a lair, condescending and a snob.

    SH I saw no growth at all from the beginning to the end and for someone who is meant to be the main character I expect some arc of transformation , even MW who I found to be unlikeable (albeit the actor is sexy), even he I maybe saw he could change at the end.

    That is why I liked HJ, I saw her growth throughout this series. She went from meek, angry , vengeful to reconciling what had happened in her life and it was painful to watch that transformation.

    As well as that this writer chose to use HJ and HJ/MW to create empathy and sympathy for SH/SY through showing them to be hysterical or going through the revenge plotline. SH/SY should have stood on their own two feet as characters for me to root for them and the writer should not have used bad plot devices or create ‘monsters’ out of the others and make them the’ bad person’ for me to sympathise with SY/SH he should have DEVELOPED their characters rather than rely on their ‘past relationship from another drama’. I will root for couples that maybe I shouldn’t because the storyline was COMPELLING.

    Occassionally it is good to watch a really bad drama to really appreaciate a great drama, for comedy are you guys going to review Tomorrow Cantible (pretty please) I loved the Japanese version and they leads in the Korean one are awesome in my opinion, high hopes.

    • tessieroo says:


      Whoa, you’re right and I didn’t even really think about it until now! What was the point of the love-line between HG and SJ? Was it just to give the HG character a reason to be on SH’s side and against his sister? If that’s the case, I hate this writer even more – that’s horrible! UGH!

  • Triton823 says:

    Wow i see a lot of friends from the other forum!? Lol…anyway to most they know just how much i hated temptation…as one of my friends in the other room said the only consulation i get is knowing sy future….whether its with death or no children either way she’ll suffer….i can also use the word boy toy and not get jumped on, but when ever sy dies boy toy needs a new sugar momma.

    Interesting tidbit…go read dramafevers comments…they’ve only gotten worse! They dispise sh/sy!

    • tessieroo says:

      Triton –

      Did you see the netizen comments on Netizen Buzz? Ahahahaha, I died laughing! Check this out:


      8. [+319, -12] How is the ending a happy ending ㅡㅡ? People who committed an affair getting a happy ending is supposed to be a good thing? This drama’s trash

      • Sage says:

        9. [+308, -11] A makjang drama that showed me that even I can become a scriptwriter one day.

        Was my personal favourite. Indeed, if this guy can find work as a writer surely anyone can. Might just throw my hat in the ring. LOL!!

        • lclarakl says:

          Made me dust off a script I started years ago that my sister has been begging me to finish. After I saw this, I thought what the heck. So I’ve started working on it again.

      • aeone1989 says:

        see that this blog is from way back.
        I’m from Philippines and I just bought a cd of this drama you were talking.
        I’m o. episode ten. thanks to your blog. I won’t be wasting my time watching it. what a very horrible ending.!!! haist

  • azraqey says:

    Omona, kind of funny to me, the need of making us to stop hating the bad drama. Actually it’s not the actor/actress that we criticize here, it’s THE DRAMA, technically as the whole (the writer, the script, plotline, the CHARACTERS etc whatever, don’t make go there).

    If anyone is thinking to made any justification for whatever we said, I politely suggest to read all the discussion from the beginning. We’ve discussed this in a very depth perception. All arguments and reasons whether to like or dislike something were already there. Do check it out before coming here and commenting to us like we were saying all these on a baseless ground.

  • GreenTees says:

    Did i say that it’s wrong to comment good or bad comments here? LOL. Here’s what i’m going to say again, try to be a writer of a drama and let’s see if you can do better what mess he did in Temptation. How about that? And yeah we can’t please everyone to love this drama. Also try to stop cursing and being vocal that is the negative traits which will let toxins out of your system, then you better stop watching. Hahaha

    • bacom says:

      You are so funny. We don’t need to be a Doctor to know that a Doctor is good or bad, we don’t need to be a teacher to know if the teacher can deliver his/her lesson well, and we don’t need to be an actor/actress to know he/she can act well, and we don’t need to be a writer toknow this writer is suck at this drama. People with working brain should be able to figure out how to judge others’ works in life without being in that profession. I like to let toxin out of my system, it’s great for my health to cleanse my body and I GUESS you’re doing the same behind all of your “advices” here 🙂

  • bacom says:

    I just read Tessieroo’s recap of the last two episodes and I’m able able to figure out something about the writing that makes me feel better. I think although the writer in this drama appeared to promote SY-SH couple on the surface, but he secretly gave us clue about crimes and justices in here if we’re rational enough to figure them out 🙂 Let me show what I see:
    1. For SY: First, the last episode when SY secretly hired HJ as a private nurse for her is the way to show us how arrogant and harassing SY had treated HJ all along. The part about she told HJthat nurse couldn’t be discriminated was the highlight of how manipulate and twist mind SY was. She wasn’t in the hospital where HJ worked to demand to be treated equally. SY hired a private nurse, and paid for the services, so it’s entirely on any nurse to agree to work for her or not. Then, when SH promised HJ that they wouldn’t bother her anymore, it’s a way the writer showed us that SY and SH did harrass HJ, no doubt about it. Second, SY did confirm with HJ with her own mouth that she wanted to make HJ’s marriage collapsed, SY confirm she did the evil deeds, no doubt about it. Third, in episode 19, the writer let SY spoke with her own mouth about she bought SH to entertain her with $1 million, there’s no guessing about her motive anymore since the words coming out from the babe. Yup, the crimes SY commited are comfirmed here although they’re well hidden to please the fans of the STH couple. Now, for SY’s punishment, the writer did let the doctor friend comme out and say the cancer spread, instead of just bypass that information and let viewerss believe that SY was alright after the surgery. That information was inserted in here to let us know that SY will live with an ugly painful terminal illness and that the punishment for the crimes she commited.

    2. For SH: now we can call him boytoy because SY indicated so 🙂 The part about SH dealing with MW using tricks is a hidden way the. writer told us about his two-faced. The reassurance to SY that she did nothing wrong to deserve cancer is surely an inside joke that the writer was carefully intertwined in the last episode. All the lovey dovey he showered on SY confirmed of how ridiculous and pretentious the so-called wanting to work things out with HJ before. He did all the right things to show his love for SY but he never did those things for HJ when he claimed he loved her as a husband. He defended SYwhile he let HJ get bully, he stick on SY no matter how hurtful she pushed him away while he gave up right away the moment HJ let go, he reassured SY over and over that he never had HJ in his mind while he admited freely to HJ that he had SY occupied his mind, he erased HJ out of his life completely when he was with SY right after divorced while he had fun privately with SY when he still married to HJ. Those are clearly the hidden way the writer showed us SH’s cheating behavior toward HJ. For SH’s punishment, we’re allowed to glimpse at how SY screeched at him when she stressed, and that’s for sure what he has to live with as SY’s cancer getting worse. The funny thing is he has to put up with whatever SY treats him till the day she dies. Before with HJ, he can have the reason to shake her out blaming HJ, but with SY, he can’t find a reason to shake her loose without being seen as abandon a terminal ill lover who has given him job and wealth.

    3. For HJ: she the only character that morally changes for the better in the end and the writer made everyone acknowledge it. SY acknowledged that she did wrong to HJ and said sorry, SH acknowledged that they had been bother HJ and promised to stop, MW acknowledged that HJ was a good wife and he wanted her back, even Jisun acknowledged that HJ took good care of her kids and thanked her. HJ comes out of this mess as a changed person, knowing her weakness and her wrongdoings and stay away from them, knowing how to protect herself and stand up for herself.

    Well, now I don’t feel too bad about this drama anymore, just make sure that I stay away from the futre work of this writer to save me from watching a bad drama. For now, I’ll take Yoona’s Street to My Secret Hotel. In there, I’ll hide behind the Secret Door to meet The Three Musketeers while checking out Journal of the Nightwatchman for eye candies 🙂 Hopefully, I can have my Glorious Days ahead with my choice. Hope to see any of you there too 🙂

    • azraqey says:

      You really have a deep thought and big heart, bacom! Not everyone can understand this the way you are.

      Your explanation do make me calmer, and make me less insane. If only Sandy’s ending vision were included by the writer, I would easily forgive the writer and remember his name for future reference (to not be involved anymore).

      Although I really don’t want to accept SY’s apology since it was obviously insincere, but she did try while wearing her ego on her sleeves. I’m happy that HJ rejected it and acknowledged how pompous SY is. As for SH, I do want to see his suffering while try to catch up with whatever SY has become. I want him to remember HJ as the only woman whom can keep him happy, while regretting. But like you said…two-faced man, we are not even know if he also has any other faces!

      Hey, I also watched all the dramas (and really looking forward to Secret Door) you listed, except Yoona’s Street. I better get to start! See you around, dear.

    • tessieroo says:

      You probed into that ending much more than I did, I ended up just getting so angry that I was shaking! Believe it or not, I did go back and re-watch the ending (with the sound off and playing my own music instead) and just read the subs. Closely watching facial expressions, I still feel like SY only hired HJ to be her private nurse to get final assurances that :

      A) HJ didn’t pity her anymore, she was adamant about not being pitied by HJ.
      B) Make sure HJ wasn’t suddenly hovering around SH (when she saw her walking away at the hospital)
      C) Return the shoes – implication being that SHE no longer needs them since she has SH.
      D) Make it clear that even though she has cancer, she’s still above HJ in social status, wealth and now in love too. “I beat you in everything”.
      E) Make an attempt to apologize since HJ apologized to her several times. (lame attempt to show she’s a good person, just like HJ is)

      I’m LOVING 3 Musketeers! I did hear that people were angry about something that happened on My Secret Hotel? I plan to watch Journey Of A Nightwatchman once it’s all over but I still haven’t checked out Yoona’s Street (although several people have asked me to) Thanks, hon!

      • bacom says:

        Tessieroo, totally agree withyour take of why SY picked HJ as her personal nurse. There should be no other explanation for that arrogant, manipulated twisted job offer. As I said, it’s the secret way the writer showed us how evil SY was. I wonder how SY’s supporters explain that decision.

        I hope Couch Kimchi recap all the shows I watch (I’m greedy I know hehe) I’m looking forward to the Greatest Wedding too. I like BSB since Dong Yi (which also where I discovered Park Ha Sun) and now I can’t wait to see the two second leads of Coffee House become main lead in TGW.

        • bacom says:

          I mean *the two second lead of Dong Yi and Coffee House* (finger refused to cooperate with thought)

          • tessieroo says:

            Even if I’m not recapping a particular drama, usually someone here is. (LOL) When a bunch of new ones start at the same time, we usually try to cover them but there’s just not enough hours in the day. O_O

    • mdj101 says:

      I agree with your comments, as well as most of the comments on this site. I blame the writer for changing direction somewhere after the 2nd or 3rd episode. I commend the excellent cast of actors for valiant attempts to switch into those new personalities. Really. what choice did they have if changes occur a few episodes into the drama?

      We saw BTS pictures that showed filming going on the very day of the last episode (or the day before?) – I may very well be off by one day. But they were shooting the drama near the viewing date for the final show. Even if this is how most dramas are filmed, I still think this is additional evidence that LOTS of changes were made after the filming had begun. For the sake of the actors, director, and even the writer, I think that a lot of pressure and influence MAY have been applied to veer the direction towards the “reunion” angle by “Influential Other Interests” directly r/t ratings (double digits early on) and $$$$.

      Enjoyed your recaps so much, Tessiero. Like the shows you are watching also, Bacom.

    • bmore says:

      Hi everyone! I have been gone for a week so was unable to jump in with my comments. Thankfully I will not have to stress myself out here with rehashing everything I hated about this show. I am so glad, BACOM, that you posted this because I was laying in my hotel room a few nights ago and started thinking these same thoughts. I know this writer has done terrible writing before, so it is hard for me to think that he might actually have had a reason for writing this story as he did.

      BUT. Did he just totally mess with all the STH shippers and they are totally missing out on that fact? It is so unbelievable to me, even if they want to blame HJ for everything, that they could continue to watch the behaviors of SY and SH, which were the antithesis of what kdrama OTP’s are supposed to be, and defend them. How can any one of them not see that those two people’s behaviors to HJ were cruel and condescending in every scene? They are also people whose love for kdrama is as strong as ours, who also all realize that kdrama’s entire existence is based on the telling of morality stories. Yet hook, line, and sinker they cheered on this couple as the writer continued to heap on one more preposterous scenario after another. How I wish another couple had taken the lead roles in this to see just how much the opinions of these people would have changed.

      In One Warm Word, Song Mi-Kyung, upon discovering that Na Eun-Jin and Yoo Jae-Hak had never slept together was MORE devastated upon realizing what that meant…that those 2 truly loved one another! But, they did not go forward with their love because they realized the far reaching repercussions if they did…and boy did that show do a stunning job of showing all of us exactly what those repercussions were. And Mi-kyung took revenge, viciously, and many people cheered her on! Because her husband was the one who betrayed her, not physically, but EMOTIONALLY! He LOVED another woman. Sex she could be angry about. But to know he loved someone else was a betrayal so overwhelming she could not bear it.

      It still boggles my mind that these people,while watching the constant replaying of the ‘loving’ scenes of the OTP in this show, did not register how many of those ‘beautiful scenes of the happy couple’ happened while he was still married to his wife. That when HJ broke down sobbing, out of her husband’s sight in the bathroom, before gathering her courage to hand him the divorce papers to free him from a marriage he had already left emotionally, they were blind to her agony. That when SH told SY he would never let her push him away even though she was (supposedly) trying to and that he would never leave her, he never said those words to his wife. That when he was trying to save his marriage there were no back hugs, no kisses, no loving gestures….only the token purchase of rings…as if money could convince someone like HJ that he still loved her. That the author had no intention of letting HJ fight for her marriage nor for SH to show he actually still loved his wife enough to fight for that marriage because that would just mean more episodes of him finding reasons to coincidentally meet SY, exchange meaningful glances with SY, go for walks in the woods, play in the water, and all the other things that normal husbands do with other women and wives everywhere think is just harmless fun (AS IF!) And if we had more episodes of him continuing to do this, just how long could everyone continue to delude themselves that he was not a cheating bastard and she was a complete snake in the grass?! But…I repeat myself!

      All any of us here wanted from this drama, was for SY to admit to HJ, a woman she had grievously harmed, that she had intentionally tried to destroy her marriage to prove she could, and that she now realized that the terrible game she played had unintended and far reaching consequences and that she was wrong. And for SH to finally look at the wife he had loved and held in his arms for 10 years (how many times can you watch the beginning credits of this show and not see them showing how much in love and happy those 2 were together!?), the woman he was happily married to up to the moment he abandoned her for SY, and realize the incredible damage he had inflicted on her, acknowledge he had betrayed her and their marriage vows, and apologize and admit he had fallen in love with someone else and fallen out of love with her.

      I too believe that this writer gave these actors a script with an entirely different story line. All the early releases said, and even CJW said, that SY was a cold character who would carelessly destroy a couple’s marriage. MW was to become a ‘changed man’ through the love of a ‘good woman’. Yet, inexplicably and suddenly everything changed and each week brought ‘plot points” (loose description) that seemed to come from nowhere and changed entirely where a character seemed to be going in their ‘development?’.

      I too wish we could hear revealing comments from this writer. And yes, I am sure we won’t hear anything from the actors. But I am betting neither of them will ever agree to working together again after this. They cannot possibly be oblivious to the backlash from so many fans about this. I too am not sure I want to watch either of them again, especially CHW with that frozen face of hers.

      Finally, if nothing else hints at the intentions of this writer that this couple’s karma is an unhappy ending, the fact that he threw in the fact that she has a terminal cancer should be the neon sign flashing at these fans that this couple were not meant to be! Their punishment is coming….in spades. No such bad karma is indicated for our HJ though! As it should be.

      I hope to see many of you here again. I am only this wordy on bad shows. So won’t bore you to tears in the future. Because I am NEVER EVER watching anything like this again! Please God!

      I WOULD LIKE TO SUGGEST THAT EVERYONE MAKE A POINT TO POST A REVIEW (one word will do) AND THE APPROPRIATE STAR TO EVERY SITE YOU CAN THINK OF. I did Asian Wiki, Dramafever, Gooddrama. Let me know any others you can think of. DF had 4 stars and it is down to 3.5 now.

      I found a few like minded souls out there and directed them here for a dose of sanity and stress relief. So happy to see so many more comments today! Tessieroo needs all the support she can get! <3

      Loving My Secret Hotel! Discovery of Romance is picking up-Eric is cold fire in it! <3 Iron/Blade Man…still trying to figure out where the heck that thing came from, but it's also getting more interesting. Plus Nine Boys also a slow start, but now very glad I stuck with it. Endless Love (aka Torture or Agony)…dear gods 14 episodes to go! Hi School Love on and Surplus Princess/Mermaid-cute and VERY non stressful. PRAYING My Lovely Girl will be lovely!!! My Spring Day surprisingly a warm sweet show, but this triangle may be more painful than I want it to be. Night Watchman enjoyable and definitely watchable. Three Musketeers is Terrific!

      Thank you to everyone on here for all having the same thoughts as me! My stress level was so out of hand until I found this page. As hard as this drama was for me to watch (the only other one to equal it in my positive hatred was Snow in August and I gave it a 1.5, .5 more than this one!), I wanted to see what we all watch revenge/melo/makjang dramas for. Vindication and lessons learned at the end. This drama failed utterly in that.

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Hats off to all of you who continues to dissect this putrid carcass and proving that the writer’s story was really bad. I’m staying away from any future projects of this writer. I stopped going to the other forum because of the madness. Gomawo Chinguus!
    It’s really funny to find crashers in our therapy sessions. It’s probably boring in the forum now that they are showing up here.
    Chinguus, I’m waiting for Greatest Marriage aka Love and Marriage with Bae Soo Bin and Park Si Yeon—looks like fun!
    See you all around…Hugs!

    • azraqey says:

      About crashers, for the first time I’m being shocked because of the personal attack. I have a weak heart, so yeah…

      Aaa..yeah, Greatest Marriage! I’m looking forward to that too! I know our Tessieroo love BSB, hehe

      • bacom says:

        Araqey, I’m sorry to know about your attack and I’m glad that it had been taken down quickly (so quick that I didn’t get to see it hehe) I hope to catch you in another recap here:)

      • mdj101 says:

        I am also hoping for better writing in the drama called VALID LOVE (titles do change). I checked out the writer’s “resume” (Googled her!) A 71 yr old tv writer PRO with 40 year proven track record of good work in the field. And with Uhm Tae Woong !

        On he first page of the new Soompi thread the synopsis looks interesting INDEED1 A Romantic-Comedy? Adultery and how the “stodgey” Professor thype husband tries to win back his younger wife? …… Hmmm….. Worth a look! But I’ll decide EARLY about hanging in there! Probably not a SERIOUS (One Warm Word style) look at the issue thought. The Korean re-make of Nodame Cantabile starts Oct. 13, too.

        • bacom says:

          MDJ101, is Valid Love about UTW’s character falling in love with a student because his wife cheats? I really really want to watch UTW since he’s my second top crush, but I think I need to be careful with my crush playing that kind of cheater role. I got painfull experience to watch my top crush JJH playing cheating husband in One Warm Word, then I watched Temptation because my crush LJJ in it only to witness what a scumbag character he played. Now, I’m not sure if my heart can again endure seeing UTW in that role or my mind is unbiased enough to see the drama plot clearly. So, I just have to wait for review/recap before I decide to jump on board.

          Isn’t this blog great? We can recommend other dramas to each other without being caution about getting the Off-topic button 🙂

          • mdj101 says:

            BACOM : I think UTW was his wife’s teacher “way before they wed” and their marriage hums along nicely until his younger wife experiences a hot “first love” and an affair ensues, UTW then goes into high gear to convince the wayward young thing that HE and SHE are their marriage is the really “true love”. Soompi has a new thread that started for the drama and that is my info. source.

            I just marathoned “9end 2outs” to see more of LJJ (how have I missed him?). And together with “T” i am beginning to see “first love” used in strange ways in kdrama-land -some sort of synonym for a first crush (like in high school) or like the first big romance with all the bells and whistles, and wild passion , etc. etc.
            Sort of like a “developmental stage” to pass through on the way to full maturity as an adult?

    • tessieroo says:

      I did see the Eng subbed preview for that and it looks HILARIOUS! It starts on the 27th? Do you know if anyone is subbing?

      • Fantast1ksuae says:

        Chinguus, yes! it will be subbed by Dramafever! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Woohoo!

      • mdj101 says:

        I do not know, but I think a poster there urged folks to as Viki to do it.

        • Fantast1ksuae says:

          I found Roy…he’s the kid in Nice Guy. LOL!
          For Greatest marriage BSB and PSY already made a clip promoting the drama on DramaFever. I’m also waiting for Secret Door. Thanks for all the recommendations Chinguus! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Twingals says:

    Probably I’m the only one watching and enjoying Blade Man for it’s wackiness, so stress free for me…. my antidote 😀 ….. looking forwarding to all the other coming kdrammasters you guys have mentioned. Love the alternative (Sandy) ending with HJ….you already can see that when she was shown back from her market shopping….meeting her old co- workers, spending time with her family, she had the “happy aura”….. Didn’t read any comment from SY lovers about what they think of her hiring HJ as her private nurse……one of the most twisted idea ever! The act of a villain in most Kdramas…but in this show, shown as? @Bacon absolutely agree with assessment about crimes and justice. Appreciate ALL the rational posts and intelligent rebuttal , thank you!

    • mdj101 says:

      Hi, TWINGALS,

      I’ve been trying to watch “Blademan” , liked the actor so much in “Hotel King”. So hard to get into it, even though they are all so far out there! willing to stay with it for a while (but look where that approach led me with “T”!).

      I’ve been trying to understand some of the lingering effects I am attributing to watching , thinking about, and discussing “Temptation” for 20 weeks. Not sure exactly how long I have been into Korean dramas/movies/TVshows, but I keep saying “about 10 years”. Long enough to see the once “prime of their acting career” actors moving from the OTP roles to less than 2nd lead, to older character while new faces appear in starring roles.

      I had to try so hard to follow the people in that drama, only to be totally misled. Why does it feel almost like a trust was broken somehow? I am moving on, sure. It was only a drama. But I feel let down somehow. I’ve heard writers comment that they stop watching kdramas for periods of time, but never thought of doing so myself. But being “in-between dramas” right now feels so strange. What did I expect? I guess this is similar to the impact of having a large glass, make that an entire pitcher of ice water thrown in my face ( kdrama trope for real)!

      PS: …..My first REALLY bad experience of serious disenchantment with Korean entertainment. I have forgiven bad plots, acting, etc. many times. but at least they made sense. Trying to understand this drama makes one question one’s own logic/sanity.

      Thank you, Tessiero and all others, for listening and for being a safe place to vent. I need to clarify my own feelings to move ahead cleanly.

      • tessieroo says:

        MDJ101 –

        Awww, hon! *hugs* I hear you, Temptation was the first drama I’ve ever seen that physically HURT my heart and left me feeling empty, betrayed, disgusted. (very odd – almost feels like this writer hurt my feelings!) O_O I don’t know how to explain it.

        I am planning a final Q&A type thing with a co-writer who has better insights than I do so hopefully all of us can get closure, make a clean break and move on. Hang it there. 😀

        • bmore says:

          looking forward to the Q&A. I don’t think my heart will ever recover…as I said above in my comment to BACOM, I’m not sure I can watch either of these actors again…especially not her and I hope never to see the 2 of them together in a drama ever again!

  • Fantast1ksuae says:

    Tessieroo, I saw the netizen comments and they’re furious. I like the comment about its a waste of the cast. Ain’t that the truth!

    • mdj101 says:

      Yes, a total waste of talent! But how must the actors have felt as their characters changed during the drama? We will never hear about this, because they are too professional to talk about the negative stuff. And Korea does not seem to have the same “tell it all” philosophy we can see in U.S. entertainment industry,

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO, my favorite was the one calling it “trash”. *kekeke* Reminds me of comments about Jerry Springer or the reality TV craze in America. There are just some things you don’t wanna see.

  • nonski says:

    tessie honey, i stumble on this post while hunting for jang hyuk’s pics
    omg i am laughing so hard,
    i love how you write complete with all the emotional outbursts
    needless to say, i won’t ever see this drama.
    missed you!

    • tessieroo says:

      OMG, I’ve missed you! *hugs* How’ve you been, are things okay? Which dramas are you watching? I’ll try to catch you at Soompi. 🙂

  • Amber says:

    this drama is frustrating…i really hated the ending. i feel bad to Na Hong-joo. wahhh…cant get over it.

  • Amber says:

    this drama is frustrating…i really hated the ending. i feel bad for Na Hong-joo. wahhh…cant get over it.

  • an says:

    You really sure disliked the drama, it really shows…

    Maybe I’m one of the minority that actually liked it. Never have watched Stair Way to Heaven so am not any way a shipper of OTP. I just find that both ex-wives are pathetic. CJW’s character may have started trouble but in the end all parties are guilty of their actions and she was remorseful.

    What I don’t get is why there is hate between Se Young and Min Woo.

  • godknowzy says:

    The drama is so sad……but I like it because it is more of reality than tv show. kudos.

  • HMMMMM says:

    You obviously disliked this drama lol. Honestly, I disliked Hong Joo way more than anyone. What Se Young did was wrong, but not too bad truthfully. Hong Joo was so willing to kill herself and not forgive her husband if the money situation, a problem he didn’t cause, didn’t work out, but she was so shocked that Seok Hoon accepted that offer. Hong Joo didn’t cause her problems, but she did expand them to an unnecessary degree since she wanted to play the victim so badly. She leaves her husband in Hong Kong at the mercy of another woman when she definitely didn’t have to and had she stayed, the problems would have ended there since he only did work and she’d be able to supervise if she wanted. Also, she constantly pushed her husband away and more into the arms of the women she wanted to keep him from by jumping to conclusions and disrespecting him away when he was trying to save their marriage. I can’t feel bad for her. She deserved everything that happened to her. How can you get mad at him for moving on when you divorced him so harshly? She can hang out with men and make him trust her, but she can’t reciprocate? It sucks that he started falling for Se Young emotionally, but he tried to remedy that and Hong Joo didn’t accept it. Also, she’s a hypocrite. She leaves a loyal husband (loyal in the sense that the only bad moments between Seok Hoon and Se Young, which weren’t really even bad, happened after Hong Joo separated from Seok Hoon) for a habitual cheater. I’m really happy that Hong Joo suffered a bit because she stressed herself out and then wanted to get angry at the fact that her ex-husband moved on. I liked this drama though. I don’t think people should let the non-existent adultery stop them from finishing and watching it. I’m not going to lie though, there are many moments when you just want to tear your hair out in frustration over the stupidity of the characters (all of them) at some point or another.

    • Iche says:

      I’m sorry. but, for me your wrong, at the first place you didn’t understand her. She is in the middle of depression that’s why she decided to kill herself. WRONG THING CAN’T BE CHANGE BY ANOTHER WRONG THING. It is really hurt and degrading to her side when she knew that his husband accepted the deal. Still, Hong Joo gave him a chance. Then after she decided to divorce him it is so easy for the ex-husband to say yes in a few days…? My Goodness! Boys are stronger than girls if he really wanted her back he will do everything and wait for her until the end.!!! Marriage is not like a game, if you’re tired you can give up anytime. Even though the girl started the divorce the husband, as stronger than her should not loose hope. It is just a matter of fact that the husband didn’t really love his wife. Because, LOVE IS NO JUST A WORD IT IS AN ACTION WORD. (make sense)

      Sorry 🙁 i guest you will not accept it as an insult

    • Unknown says:

      I just watch this drama. I like this movie and I think this is exactly what really happen in reality, in stead of happy ending which is a fantasy. I just agree with HMMM for some points of Hong Joo regarding she wants to kill herself because of her husband debt, and agree some points from ICHE which is Hong Joo is in the middle of depression that causing her act. All of the haters blame on Se Young because what she’s doing to Hong Joo, but didn’t Hong Joo realize that herself becoming like Se Young as a mistress by ruining Se Jin marriage and close to Min Woo. People didn’t see that way of Hong Joo because Se Jin is not a good wife either by cheating on her husband. But still, Se Jin is legally Min Woo wife when Hong Joo is close to Min Woo. What Se Young has done is totally wrong and can’t be accepted, but what Hong Joo has done is exactly the same. Like ICHE said, marriage is not a game, but Hong Joo did it like a game. She jeopardize her marriage by asking for divorce and later on she also suffer because of it. People come and go in our life, no matter whether they are good or bad person. But only us can decide to accept the good things or bad things. If Hong Joo trust her husband, and stay with him in Hong Kong maybe their problem would not become too big and their relationship still can be fixed. When Seok Hoon received Se Young’s offer, he just think to sacrifice himself rather than losing Hong Joo, but yes he is wrong and still losing Hong Joo for the sacrifice he has made. So, when people do the review, please be wise and fair by not judging the bad side of others. Too many moral values in this drama. Hope we can learn from it.

  • Iche says:

    I’m in the middle of doing my assessment report of my student when i started to be so curious about the ending of this film. I always sleep 11:30 pm just to finish the 30-minute episode everyday. After i read all your comments and review/recap about the film, i don’t want to watch the next episodes!!!. As i expected that will be the ending because at the middle of the film it is really obvious that Seok-hoon fallen inlove with that Mistress!!! I hate the one who made the story! He/she don’t know how to balance each character. The most important details were not emphasized. He/She only focus on how did the Ex-Husband and the Mistress successfully got what they want. it seems that he/she is promoting adultery. HAIXT. I will NEVER 🙁 watch this again. I just wasted my time.

  • Eileme says:

    So disgusting!!!!
    I cant sleep for three days because of this drama I cant really imagine that they end up together.
    I think the writer of the story is a mistress…
    I really need to go to South Korea to meet the writer to congratulate her/him for ruining the so called “HAPPY ENDING”.

  • Mic says:

    I agree with all your thoughts about this drama. I hate how the story ende. Worst drama i’ve seen and it caused pain in my heart…as if i was Hong Joo because i felt like she doesnt deserve to be treated that way. 😁

  • Setia says:

    Wkwkw don’t be sad 😢 everybody..
    Stupid drama 🎭😈 huffff
    Why you didn’t make happy ending. WHY????

  • Peach says:

    Thanks for the recap!
    We both have the same feelings for this Korean drama. I really hate the story, particularly the idea of “being a mistress winning over the legal wife”. That sucks!
    I thought it was a nice drama at first but after watching few more episodes and reading your recap, it was a hell NO. I just wasted my time watching it in late evening…*sigh*

    THUMBS DOWN for this drama!

  • tessieroo says:

    We weren’t alone in hating this drama – netizens were disgusted as well, calling it trash. (LOL)
    Read here:

  • Titano says:

    Seriously, if you don’t have the means to understand what’s happening in front of you, you should not write reviews about it.

  • Kashisaiko says:

    @jasmine (Nov 9 comments)

  • Punitha says:

    omg…releived to know iam not the only person to hate SY &SH.The climax was too painful to watch..The worst i have seen so far in Kdrama stories after the Baking king.

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