“Tomorrow Cantabile”: Nodame Version 1.0 Meets Version 2.0

Ueno Juri meant it when she expressed her anticipation for the Korean remake of Nodame Cantabile. She just upped her endorsement of Tomorrow Cantabile with a meeting with her Korean counterpart, Shim Eun Kyung.

Ueno is beloved for playing Nodame, a piano prodigy with an offbeat personality and odious hygiene, and so, when a Korean remake was announced, it wasn’t received with everyone’s welcoming arms. The casting bar was set so high; however, there was much relief when the award-winning Shim Eun Kyung joined the cast to take on the lead role. It’s even more comforting that Ueno has blessed the actress and the Korean production with her full approval.

While recently in town for the Korea-Japan Festival 2014, Ueno offered supportive words to Eun Kyung when they met. With this ultimate encouragement, how can Eun Kyung not be excited for the remake? 😉

Group 8, the company producing Tomorrow Cantabile, has just published a photo of the actresses’ brief get-to-know-you moment; I think a friendly bond has been formed between them. Maybe Ueno can be persuaded to do a cameo appearance on Tomorrow Cantabile? Who would miss that?!




Source  |  Newsen



  • I was on board the minute Shim Eun Kyung was cast. She was the first one I thought of in this role. There were others I would have considered but the list was very, very tiny! Now I am excited about this and I am glad it is on cable instead of network. Maybe the zany will still be there a little bit!

  • vanilaeru says:

    When SEK out of radar i thought of IU and Kim Seulgi “SNL”.
    Both quirky and endearing. But Kim Seulgi is not really considering a top star. No one mention her.

    Anyway, i am glad that SEK in.
    I love the Nodame manga and dorama. Ueno nailed it.

    And i am a fan of SEK since hwang jinyi. So i have big expectation.

  • Parigi says:

    I am so happy this is happening and isn’t the photo great, they even look alike. I am such a fangirl and SEK I think can more than fill the shoes of Ueno Juri, I loved her in Miss Granny, here’s hoping the writing for the Korean remake is just as whacky and endearing

  • azraqey says:

    Really can’t wait for this one! I am nearly out of drama stocks, given that Glorious Days has been cut to 44 ep.

    I hope this drama will be recapped here.

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