Seo In Gook Is The King Of The Streets For CéCi’s October 2014 Issue

Seo In Gook has gone from High School King (of Savvy) to urban king, lounging out in the streets of Bali and dressed in Pancoat’s casual, hip hop outfits for CéCi’s October issue.

Check it!




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  • QT765 says:

    the 3rd picture make me laugh because in the background it’s written “Do not park in front of this building” xD, is the theme of the photoshoot suppose to be graffiti because it just look like they picked random wall with random writings xP

  • aoi says:

    cute! Did they really have to go to Bali to shoot that?!

  • jasmine says:

    those pics are cool (of course, Seo In Gook!!) but because am from Indonesia, what written in the background just make me laugh LOL.. ‘Dilarang parkir di depan gudang’, plus ‘murah itu indosat/im3’ XDDDD

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