“My Lovely Girl” – First Impressions

He’s back, Rain is back! *dances around the room* Okay, so I’ll fully admit I’m a huge fangirl of this man but it’s mostly his sense-of-humor that I find so attractive.  Show me a man who can make me laugh and I’m his. *hehehe* It doesn’t hurt if he looks adorable or uber hot while I’m laughing. (Rawr)

I wasn’t too hyped after reading the synopsis or when I learned who was being cast alongside Rain but then I remembered how much I loved Krystal in “The Heirs” and decided to stop being negative Nancy and give her a chance. I’m here to say I’m glad I made that decision – this drama is pretty good so far! Nothing spectacular and I’m not blown away but it’s not as bad as I thought.

We begin with Lee Hyun-Wook (Rain) fighting with his lady, So-Eun in the car. She’s accusing him of cheating with a newbie singer he penned a song for (he’s apparently a songwriter).  She keeps sniping at him until he pulls over and gets out. It’s best to walk away for a while during a heated argument.

However, an accident happens and as Hyun-Wook watches, his car is struck with the woman he loves still inside. She dies in his arms, gasping that they shouldn’t have fought. What struck me was the immediate tears filling Rain’s eyes and the clear anguish on his face. *huge grin* This guy knows how to act and I’m never disappointed with his performances. Even during the argument, his facial expression, eye-movement and gestures were spot on. NOW I’m excited to watch this.

There’s a time jump (in the first 5 minutes?) and we see a young girl at work, emptying the trash and feeding a stay kitten. She’s chased by gangster debt collectors but manages to grab her bag and guitar and escapes. Moving to another scene, we see a woman in business attire, bossing some stage people around. There’s loud music and flashing colored lights so I’m assuming it’s an Idol concert. She gets a phone call from someone who tells her they spotted Lee Hyun-Wook on Jeju Island, which stops her in her tracks.

Moving to Hyun-Wook’s home, he steps outside to pull fresh ingredients from his garden as he talks with another woman (he’s surrounded already – LOL!). She’s impressed with his cooking, (we both watch in awe) and wonders why he doesn’t put out a sign. He counters that he has no desire to make money. Meh? As she coyly invites him to her place for wine, he announces he has a woman.

In walks the business clad woman, who seems disturbed and angry to not only finally find him but with another woman. As the salad/wine women exits, business clad woman steps up, smacks him continuously with her purse and whines that he didn’t contact her for 3 years! Doesn’t he know how much she missed him? He’s not even happy to see her so I’m wondering what on earth she’s thinking.

They talk over drinks, she is Shin Hae-yoon (Cha Ye-ryun) and she wants him to come back to Seol with her. He could make a ton of money, why is he wasting his life out here? He announces he decided two things: no more music and no more dating. She’s not backing down and leans forward to kiss him. Ugh, I don’t like her already but LMAO that he has zippo reaction to the kiss.

He admonishes her for her bad habits while drinking then sends her off to bed. Later, he’s outside alone and watches as storm clouds gather, with lightning and thunder. Suddenly hearing a phone, he goes inside and discovers his dead-lady-love’s phone is ringing. Erm, I would think that’s impossible if it’s been sitting inside that drawer for 3 years?

On the other end, we see the girl from earlier. She’s Yoon Se-Na I (Krystal) and she’s obviously So-Eun’s little sister. She quietly asks her dead sister what she should do, she’s all alone in this world and she’s scared. She cries out, asking why So-Eun left her behind. Suddenly the phone cuts off and Hyun-Wook looks shaken. Or he thinks he’s losing his mind.

With no place else to go, Se-Na ends up at her friend Joo-hong’s house – although Joo-hong’s boyfriend doesn’t seem happy about it. Since she’s hiding from debt-collectors, she asks Joo-hong if she can borrow her name for a bit? LOL that Joo-hong thinks this is a brilliant idea, she can’t lend her money but she can lend her name! *facepalm* Still, they’re cute.

Hyun-Wook visits a phone repair center with So-Eun’s old phone, telling the woman he got a call last night. The sales lady looks at him like he’s insane, there’s no way that happened since the phone’s internal motherboard was destroyed. Plus the number was cancelled so it’s impossible since there’s no dial tone. Dun, dun, dun – supernatural mystery: “Phone Calls From The Other Side!”

In his car, he talks to his beautiful Golden Retriever, Dal-Bong about finding So-Eun’s sister. Se-Na is at work at a hotel pool, serving customers when she gets a huge tip for making a little girl stop crying by playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on glasses filled with liquids. Hyun-Wook hires a private investigator to find Yoon Se-Na. He has drinks with buddy Bae Sung-Jin (Alex) later and tells him about the phone call to explain why he’s searching for Se-Na.

Sung-Jin tells him not to look for her, he doesn’t even stay in touch with his own Father so why would he worry about So-Eun’s sister? While in the bar, they hear the song Hyun-Wook wrote – the song that was playing right before So-Eun died. There’s a shaking, physical reaction from Hyun-Wook upon hearing it, he gets up and stumbles out, gasping for breath. Sung-Jin asks if he still has these episodes, has he been to the hospital? Hmmm, wonder what that’s all about.

Later that night, he takes Dal-Bong out for a walk when they both hear someone’s soft singing. Bal-Dong races off towards the voice, it’s Se-Na still at work outside by the hotel pool. She talks to the dog, who appears to answer her (cute). She’s singing to Bal-Dong when Hyun-Wook walks up – it’s the first meeting of our OTP. They’re discussing Bal-Dong when he jumps on her and she almost falls into the pool. Luckily Hyun-Wook catches her. *hehehe* Cliché’ move!

The next day at work, Se-Na learn a VIP party is in the works for Idol group “Infinite Power”. But she’s told the handsome guy with the dog in the Eastern Room Suite is asking for her. It’s Hyun-Wook, who wants to hire her to look after Dal-Bong while he attends to business.

Hae-yoon walks through the hotel, giving orders for the upcoming party. Se-Na and her co-workers watch and gossip about Hae-yoon being the Director of AnA. Hae-yoon runs into Sung-Jin and learns Hyun-Wook is in Seoul. She goes to his room, demanding Hyun-Wook take her to lunch instead of Sung-Jin. Yea…I’m really not liking this woman.

She even gets snarky with Se-Na when she shows up to take care of Dal-Bong. *sigh* I’m happy Hyun-Wook has zero interest in the green-eyed monster but something tells me she’ll end up trying to hurt Se-Na or anyone around Hyun-Wook because she can’t have him.

Hyun-Wook takes Hae-yoon to eat at a restaurant he obviously frequented with dead girlfriend So-Eun, which totally pisses Hae-yoon off. She snarls that she wants to go somewhere else since he used to eat here with “that woman” and further insults her by asking who was she anyway? He makes it very clear that Hae-yoon is NOT his present girlfriend and tells her she’s crossing boundaries.

She snaps back that she’s known him for 12 years! So…that means you can be nasty and possessive? Dude, you are so setting yourself up, stop being nice. She stomps out and I’m delighted to see he doesn’t chase after her at least. She’s upset that he doesn’t chase her, LMAO! This Special Snowflake needs to let go, it’s been 12 years and it’s not happening.

Se-Na babysits Dal-Bong but when he won’t eat his dry food, she gives him bites from her sausage-stick. Suddenly the dog passes out, which sends Se-Na into a panic and this is the moment Hyun-Wook returns. He yells at her for feeding that to Dal-Bong and the next thing we see is an ambulance. *blinks* For a dog? Really? Okayyyy…

The Vet tells Hyun-Wook that Dal-Bong will be fine from this incident but he found cancer and it’s too advanced for surgery – there’s nothing they can do. The only advice he gives Hyun-Wook is to make the Dal-bong comfortable and happy for his remaining days. Hyun-Wook cries as he remembers back to So-Eun and he first getting Dal-Bong as a puppy. Okay, this scene is adorable as they tease each other about who the dog favors.

When he returns to the hotel, Se-Na is waiting and relieved Dal-Bong is okay. He’s angry but ends up hiring her again to take care of the dog, making her take down a very strict list of do and don’t. He then messes with her, making outrageous demands whenever she arrives with food or treats (chicken de-boned, beef instead of chicken, etc) That night, to relieve stress, Se-Na works on writing songs.

The next day, Infinite Power arrives at the hotel amid screaming fan girls. Hyun-Wook makes arrangements for Se-Na to spend all day and into the evening with Dal-Bong since he has important business to attend to. Se-Na makes a side-deal with a co-worker to cover her for a few minutes so she can give a CD filled with her songs to Infinite Power’s managers. Ruh, oh.

Sure enough, the dog runs off. Not only that, Se-Na ends up getting into a fight with the lead singer of Infinite Power, Shi Woo (Infinite’s “L”) when she overhears his love confession to a girl. The important business Hyun-Wook was taking care of turned out to be a setup to meet his Father, Lee Jong-Ho (Park Yeong-gyu) by Hae-yoon. They snap at each other and Hyun-Wook storms out.

When he returns, he learns Dal-Bong is missing. He tracks down Se-Na and hurls insults at her for chasing celebrities while his dog disappeared. Oh and even when they find Dal-Bong, she’s fired. They find the dog but sure enough, Se-Na is called in and fired. In his room, Hyun-Wook calls the PI to see if he’s found So-Eun’s sister? Yep, and she works at the very hotel he’s staying at.

We next see Hyun-Wook rushing out, he finds Se-Na sitting at a bus stop. They stare at each other from across the street until she gets on the bus and leaves. He hails a taxi to follow and finds her drinking with her friend, Joo-Hong. He listens as she tells Se-Na that a handsome man came looking for her earlier but she managed to throw him off the scent.

He also hears Se-Na say she got fired because of that dog-crazy guy. He walks away so doesn’t hear the girls talk about Se-Na’s music. He goes home and accuses Dal-Bong of knowing that girl was So-Eun’s sister from the beginning. LMAO, cute. Se-Na ends up getting another job fairly quickly, delivering high-priced fancy lunches to rich or celebrity clients…on a scooter. Ahahaha!

Hyun-Wook goes house shopping and finds a house in the same neighborhood Se-Na lives in. His buddy Sung-Jin finds it gross, it’s probably crawling with bugs but Hyun-Wook just seems happy that Dal-Bong likes it. Uh, huh. Sung-Jin figures out that he must have found So-Eun’s sister, that’s why he’s suddenly buying a house after wandering around for 3 years. He makes Sung-Jin promise not to tell his Father or Hae-yoon about this new home.

On Se-Na’s first delivery, she runs into Infinite Power’s lead singer, Shi Woo. He’s insulting, calling her a stalker – has she already given up on songwriting? Ugh, jerk. She threatens to post about his love confession on the Internet, he says he’ll just deny it. They fight more until he tells her not to make deliveries to this building again. Pfffttt, and you are…God?

Hyun-Woo orders a lunch, waits for Se-Na to show up and then pretends surprise when she shows up. She’s snippy with him, slaps the change for his order in his hand and leaves. He yells that he’ll see her tomorrow. He “suddenly” shows up again and acts surprised to see her, offering her the extra ice-cream he has. Uh, huh. LOL, love it when Rain is being cutesy.

The next time she delivers to his house, he asks if she likes the job, is it hard work? She thinks he’s a bum since she never sees him working. So the next time he stalks her, he’s dressed in a suit and tie. Ahahaha! He next makes her deliver to him at a park, saying she should rest before going back. She announces it’s supposed to rain and sure enough, it starts pouring so they’re stuck under a tree.

Work calls for her to return but before she heads out, he stops her and ties a scarf around her head. Ohhh, butterflies moment. He tells her to leave before she hates him even more. Running across the park, she stops to look back and watches him also fashion a scarf around Dal-Bong’s head. *kekeke*

Sung-Jin obviously broke his promise since we see his Dad, AnA CEO Lee talking to Hae-yoon about it and warning her to stay away from that guy. She should concentrate on working to make Jae Young’s (Kim Jin-Woo) next project a success. Walking out, Jae Young asks if she cancelled their plans because of Hyun-Wook? He wants to go with her to see him since he used to be Hyun-Wook’s friend too. Erm, I’m totally not buying that.

Another beyond adorable scene with Dal-Bong: Hyun-Wook asks if he’s bored (the dog is very bored) and suddenly gets up, trots into the kitchen and brings the lunch menu back to Hyun_Wook in his mouth. LMAO, he wants to see Se-Na! Hyun-Wook asks why he likes her, is it because she’s So-Eun’s sister? His doorbell suddenly rings. Ugh, not good.

Yep, it’s the gruesome 3-some – Hae-yoon, Jae Young and traitor/friend Sung-Jin. Jae Young asks if Hyun-Wook is going to write music again? Hyun-Wook says he’s not sure yet, but he heard Jae Young is doing well. Jae Young snarks that Hyun-Woot should write a ballad, a love song about losing your lover. There’s no way this guy is a friend. In fact, I don’t think any of these 3 are!

Sung-Jin diffuses the situation and takes Jae Young out, while Hae-yoon demands Hyun-Wook take her for a walk. She starts whining about him not holding her hand or wanting to date her. OMG, get ahold of yourself – you look pathetic! He ends up patting her head and laughing – which is a huge mistake cuz she’s not going to let go now. Idiot.

On his way home, he sees So-Eun (or her ghost) and chases her. At the same time, Se-Na is once again chased by the deb-collectors and they literally run into each other. He grabs her hand and they run off together. The debt-collectors run past a parked truck and knock off the side mirror, which angers the driver. He gets out to yell at them, when his truck starts rolling.

The truck rolls down the street and almost hits Se-Na as she collapses, unable to run anymore. Hyun-Wook sees the truck coming and wraps his arms around her but then just sits there, bracing for the collision? Seriously? What happened to the cliche-street-shove? (LOL) Anyhoo, the truck’s breaks suddenly spark to life and while it does hit them, it’s only hard enough that they fall over.

It knocks Hyun-Wook out, Se-Na screams for someone to call 911. Suddenly we see Hyun-Wook all dressed in white in an open field. Dream? He sees So-Eun but she just smiles. He wakes up in the hospital with Se-Na standing over him. She snaps at him for getting involved in a strangers business and ending up hurt. He says he didn’t see her as a stranger.

On the way out, he whines that he saved her life and even paid his own hospital bill, she’s not impressed. He suddenly whines about how much pain he’s in, but gives it away by smiling. *squeee* I’m blinded by the smile. Se-Na thanks him, it’s the first time anyone has ever looked after her. Once she gets home, we see a flashback (proper use of flashback) that shows the debt collectors warned her while Hyun-Woot was unconscious that she had 10 days to pay up. On his end, Hyun-Wook calls the PI to find out why debt collectors are chasing her, asap.

When Se-Na arrives for work the next day, she gets fired thanks to the debt collectors who came looking for her. She begs to make one last delivery. She goes to Hyun-Wooks and tells him she got fired so this is her last delivery. He’s impressed – how many jobs has she been fired from? (LMAO) He, of course, offers her a job taking care of Dal-Bong since he can’t because his arm is hurt. Pffttttt.

She warns him she’s expensive and can’t do it for long. He promises not to keep her late. She wants about 8.60 per hour, he offers 19.00 bucks an hour. Ahahaha, he’s a dork. And so it begins! He sneaks peeks while she washes Dal-Bong but then tsks her for not doing it properly. Dal-Bong picks that moment to shake and sprays them both.

The members of Infinite Power are being interviewed and are asked if they fight? Nope, they’re all BFF’s and very close. *snort* As soon as the camera is turned off, they snap at each other with the others telling Shi Woo to go somewhere by himself. He gets into his van to rest when his driver/manger turns on Se-Na’s CD. Shi Woo thought he was going to give that to Jae Young but the guy says it’s not Jae Young’s style. Shi Woo listens to a bit of it and seems surprised.

Joo-Hong gets all excited, she thinks Hyun-Wook likes Se-Na. Why else would he continue to pay her all that money when his arm is healed and he can take care of Dal-Bong himself? *hee* I like this friend. When she gets to Hyun-Woo’s, he tells her Dal-Bong likes the ocean so they head out. She’s suddenly looking at Hyun-Wook differently, which is kinda cute. They buy food to cook.

Once back at the beach, Hyun-Wook watches as Se-Na plays with Dal-Bong and flashes back to So-Eun playing with him. Umm, me thinks you need to tell this girl who you are and soon. Over lunch, she tells him she came to Seoul to be like her sister, who played guitar and sang. That night, she smiles to herself in bed as she thinks back on the day with Hyun-Wook. Yep, he really needs to tell her who he is before she’s too far gone in love.

CEO Lee collapses and is taken to the hospital but when Hyun-Wook arrives, he looks fine. He wants Hyun-Wook to take over the company but Hyun-Wook isn’t interested and walks out. He learns his Dad is seriously ill and has even written a will. Hae-yoon shows up at Hyun-Wook’s house, surprised to see Se-Na there. After confirming she’s just the dogsitter, she makes her wait outside while she talks to Hyun-Wook. She plays him a song Jae Young supposedly wrote for Infinite Power.

Outside, Se-Na hears her song being played but it’s a male voice. Oh, no way! Once Hae-yoon leaves after pitching her idea that Hyun-Wook take over as AnA CEO, Se-Na asks where that song came from? When he tells her, she admits it’s identical to hers and that she gave a CD of her songs to the lead singer of Infinite Power. She goes storming off to confront Jae Young.

He’s a total jerk, blasting her for accusing him of stealing her song. Who the hell is she anyway? Hyun-Wook arrives at the end of this argument as does both Hae-yoon and Shi Woo. Shi Woo pipes up to say he did give Jae Young that girls CD. (Yes!) Jae Young arrogantly tells them to prove he even heard that CD. Jae Young yells at Se-Na to get out so she leaves.

He then snaps at Hyun-Wook, what can he do about it? He’s nobody! Wrong. Hyun-Wook announces he might be the new AnA CEO, which shocks everyone. Se-Na packs her stuff (leaving her guitar) and tells Joo-Hong she’s going home. Hyun-Wook rushes to her house but she’s already gone.

He rushes to the bus stop and catches her just as she about to board the bus. Is she giving up and running away? They argue until he finally tells her AnA bought her song and her potential as a song-writer. That means her debt has been cleared He also says he’s done being bored and ready to work now: at AnA. He grabs her suitcase, telling her they need to go feed Dal-Bong. As he walks away, she asks if he likes her? See! Dude, tell her who you are!


I don’t understand the hostility or dislike for this drama already, I really enjoyed it! Although it’s full of cliché stuff (Candy character, debt collecting gangsters, jealous, bitchy second-lead, etc) and we pretty much know where things will go, I found it an easy-breezy watch. Rain is doing his usual outstanding job and Krystal doesn’t make me want to yank all my hair out. (LOL) So far, so good!

I’m not looking forward to where I think it’s going, which is evil second-lead doing evil things to Se-Na and generally being a bitch or what will happen once Se-Na learns Hyun-Wook is her dead sisters boyfriend. That’s gonna hurt, since she’s already got a major crush. There are too many nasty, evil people for my taste but since those people usually get what’s coming in the end, I’ll just brace myself ahead of time. *kekeke*

I feel like Rain would have chemistry with a tree so his on-screen presence with Krystal works fine, they’re playful and cute with just the right amount of bickering. I know she’s much younger than he is but it’s working, which makes me really happy since I don’t feel icky about it. Even though I feel like I already know this story  – surprisingly I’m still on board. *chants* Yes, Rain is back!


  • lily says:

    na doo, na doo, yey rain is back on drama screen. I’m a huge fan of him too. when he smile I’m melt, frozed. this drama is promising so I’m gonna watch it.

  • azraqey says:

    So, you’ll recapping this, dear?

    I do want to watch this, but I’m in dilemma, to start or not start. Strangely, I haven’t watch any of Rain drama, I only see him in films. But, but, but, I do love his voice when he talk. I like that deep tone hehe. And yes, I remembered how much I love Krystal in Heirs. So maybe I give it a try?

    How do you find L’s acting? Is it ok? His hair kind of..yeah.I find the way he talk before kind of strange, I hope he’s improving.

    • tessieroo says:

      I’m not sure if I’m going to do weekly recaps on this but I am gonna watch, it’s cute so far! I know tons of angst is probably coming though. *sigh*

      Nope, I don’t think “L” has improved at all, he’s the weakest link here. And I don’t like his blonde hair at all either, although some fans might. (LOL) Krystal is doing really well, you can tell she’s very comfortable around everyone. All in all, not a bad watch. 🙂

  • nev says:

    Two eps in and Im happy ^^

    Okay, so it might plunge downhill from here faster than a German bobsled but Im willing to hang on in for the ride. If only to see some more of that adorable acting from Rain, though if the dog dies Im gonna sob. SOoooooo cute.

  • Denali says:

    Thanks for sharing your impressions.
    Reading your comment on Rain’s potential chemistry with a tree, I’d say that if he were to hug one, the tree would hug him back, with its branches holding him tightly. ^^
    Cha Ye Ryun did a very poor job in “Dr Champ”, conveying just about one single emotion thru her facial features/eyes/body motion. So her evil female second lead fits her to a T.
    Krystal’s dark hair color surprised me much, as it hardens her face and features. She might get a makeover somewhere down the line with a brighter color and a haircut, tho.

    • tessieroo says:

      It seems as if Rain is just one of those people who has the ability to make everyone around him feel extremely comfortable and easy – even watching him on variety shows, he’s relaxed and goofy, which makes everyone around him relax. Awesome.

      I didn’t even really notice until you mentioned it but now looking at the screenshots, you’re right! They need to soften her hair color a bit so lets cross fingers for a make-over. 🙂

  • dream says:

    Rain is back!!! 😀

  • Aileee says:

    I really like it so far. It’s fun without being too try-hard. It’s also super easy to watch with the cast chemistry starting to shine in episode 2.

    But really, I’m here for Rain. I’ll watch him watch paint dry for 16 hours so this is already awesome for me in comparison LOL.

  • Rowanmdm says:

    I’m enjoying it so far, but I just keep wishing the director would stop with all of the shaky cam. It was VERY distracting in a few places.

    So far this is the best and most integrated use of a pet I’ve seen, so I’m looking forward to more of the adorable Dal Bong with the super hot (seriously, the most attractive I’ve ever seen him) Rain 🙂

  • MARIA says:

    i love this drama already! Rain is gorgeous and Krystal is just so pretty.. i love that Sena seems smitten with Hyun wook (i mean who wouldn’t, given how Rain is just so damn adorable!) already.. i can’t wait for ep 3.. i am definitely onboard.. hopefully we would not be disappointed..

  • sally_b says:

    Drive by ~ (hello lovely Tess and crew) I’m still your #1 fan, just in a stranglehold with real life. (making-bank, so it’s not miserable, just can’t play like I used to)

    back to topic ~ BI RAIN. oh gurl ~ I’ve loved him since this insane so-awful-it’s-amazing music vid. War zone angel with half-flaming, partial-zombie back-up dancer crew. Only in the mind of JYP.

    JYP is SO drama. (insert Shiba Inu Doge meme)

    (♫♪ Let’s give ’em what they want ♫♪) Yes, Rain. Please do.
    especially the one-legged hip thrust. 2:48 for real. O.o … who does that?
    Bi Rain. that’s who.


    I’m in…until the end of the show or he spontaneously combusts from his own hotness ála the video. 😉

    p.s. a friend of mine has a slang phrase, “Oooo he fine…thicker than a snicker.” (meaning the body mass is solid from top to bottom) Nods head. Oh yeah.

  • tessieroo says:

    SALLY! *screams*

    LMAO at the hip thrust (I’m lyin’, I didn’t LOL – I drooled) *keke*I love hot, musclesquivering Rain but dorky Rain is my fave. Dude, stop trying to be cool and clean your room. And don’t keep the lady waiting, you’re late! Early Bi:


    Miss you so much but happy you’re blessed with tons of work! 😀

  • yasyen says:

    what is the song that hyun wook wrote? on his car when his ex gf got accident.

  • Mellory says:

    Anyone knows what’s the song from Krystal’s CD passed to Shi-woo and his driver opened in his car ??

    I want to find it badly. 🙁
    Pls suggest.

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    I added it to my collection of reviews for the show. The show has now an average score of 60%.
    The consensus seems to be that the show is just meh…
    Here is a link to the page if you would like to give it a look:
    Thanks again for the review. If you want to do something with my blog, please contact me.

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks, hon! Although I found this an easy watch, maybe it’s because I’m wasn’t expecting much? (LOL) I enjoyed it as mindless entertainment, nothing more. The ending was truly MEH though. O_O

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