Choi Jin Hyuk Returns To Dramaland With “Pride And Prejudice”

I’ve loved Choi Jin Hyuk since he didn’t get the girl in I Need Romance but his star finally began its meteoric rise after he played Papa GumiHOT in Gu Family Book. After successfully playing the lead role in the hit cable series Emergency Couple, his fans were sad to see him relegated to second lead in Fated To Love You. However, the heavens heard their pleas and he’s now playing the lead role on a network series. My only thing is that his agency has been media playing about his enlistment so I hope he doesn’t get that letter halfway through this drama’s run.

Although it shares the same name with Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride and Prejudice isn’t about Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. According to mwave:

Pride and Prejudice will depict the story of ‘loser prosecutors,’ who try to fight for innocent, poor, and powerless people by using love, laws, and principle as their weapons.

Choi Jin Hyuk will play a genius prosecutor, Gu Dong Chil, who passes the bar at a young age while Baek Jin Hee plays his love interest, Han Yeol Moo, a trainee prosecutor who works under him. Great. MBC is taking on another legal series. Let’s hope this fares better than A New Leaf.  It’s written by Lee Hyun Joo (School 2013) and directed by Kim Jin Min (Time Between Dog and Wolf).

Here are some recently released stills:

Why does this look like a scene from It Started With A Kiss?

Some BTS stills:

Pride and Prejudice will take over The Night Watchman‘s time slot starting in October.

Credit: MBC, mwave


  • tessieroo says:

    ROFL – Baek Jin Hee looks like she’s about 14 in those stills and I just know she’s standing on a box. CJH must look massive standing next to her!

  • PBS says:

    I love me some Choi Jin Hyuk mancandy. Bless the drama gods for his meteoric rise as Gumihot Daddy. Hmmm yum. Scuse me, need a moment with my Wol Ryung Feels.

    Hoping this drama does well too!

    I don’t want him to enlist yet! That’s two years we’ll be without Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome with a voice of deep velvet.

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