“Plus Nine Boys” Week Five: Love Is In The Air!

We had tons of romance this week but more importantly, there was story progression. I guess I am a sucker for romance because I even found myself enjoying Kwang Soo despite his pathetic ways. Episode 9 was also nice because we got to hear the story from the women’s perspectives.


Dong Goo is still having a shitty year. He asks his ex-girlfriend to take him back and she refuses because Do Min Joon is better than him in every way. Ouch. Now he’s going to work hard to get the lead role in a movie she’s already been cast in. Good luck, little man, the tide has to turn sometime. On a slightly mean note, am I the only one who thought this actor was channeling his character’s no-acting skills when he yelled “WHY!?!?” when Baek Ji rejected him?

Min Goo doesn’t know a thing about his girlfriend. While it’s true that he knows her favorite food and bands, he doesn’t know basic things like her real name or age. One may argue that those stats aren’t important but the big problem is that she’s hiding her personality too. He thinks she’s an innocent, little lamb while she’s really a clubber retaking her college entrance exams.  They have cute clean fun doing things like riding the bus together and going to karaoke. Their relationship reminds me of the summer I turned 13. As these things happen, something always gets in the way of her confessing the truth. She has the opportunity tell him all when they can get 50% off their meal with student IDs but it was hardly the right time. There was another instance she wanted to confess to him but he’ll have to blame himself for not hearing the truth then. An old friend approached her when she stepped away after he’d fallen asleep during a library date. The obviously older guy wanted to know why she hadn’t shown up at the club recently. Min Goo approached them upon seeing them and instructed the guy to talk to him if he had anything to say to his girlfriend. The guy is shocked because surely, this guy with milk teeth can’t be Soo Ah’s boyfriend then leaves.

Tickled by Min Goo’s possessiveness, she’s ready to be honest but he reaches across, tightens her hood and pulls her in for a kiss.

In Dramaland, secrets are never told but always discovered, hence, Min Goo finally learns that her real name is Bong Sook when he overhears someone call her by it. But luckily for her, he finds her name cute and they end up picking pet names for each other. Phew, that was a close one.

Things continue to go merrily for them and they even celebrate their 22-day anniversary. As an aside, an actor recently mentioned that he’d been dating his girlfriend for 222 days and goodness, it’s amazing how they keep track past the usual monthly and yearly celebrations.

Anyway, so Min Goo is blissfully happy in his first relationship. The problem is that he thinks it’s her first too. He has a multitude of things he wants them to experience together but she’s already done them all. I suppose they both must have downloaded the same romance to-do list off the internet. For example, they get on an amusement ride he’s waited to ride with a girlfriend. While they are on it, the operator recognizes her as a regular and asks if she’s changed boyfriends. Who does that? And hello, dude, if you’ve been operating that same ride for at least six years, you must have seen numerous people return with different partners, so, red card for you.

Jin Goo had a great week.  And I mean GREAT because he couldn’t stop smiling throughout Episode 10. That actor sure knows how to play a man head over heels in love.

Watching him with Go Eun was difficult enough for Se Young without the added knowledge that he’d been sincerely interested in her. And when her birthday rolls around, she isn’t happy that he didn’t get her a gift. Luckily for her, Jae Bum has plans for her. He rents out a friend’s restaurant for the night then prepares a delicious spread. Lucky girl!  A girl who loves to eat and a man who can cook are a match made in heaven.  And he’s generous too because after filling her belly, he gives her a beautiful necklace. Aww.

But with a gift comes a gift giver. Which is why sometimes, a diamond ring from one man can’t compare to a glass of cold water from another. Jae Bum is sweet and does everything right but sorry, buddy, she’s just not that into you. At the end of the night, she retires to her room where she receives a call from Jin Goo. He had to work late but still managed to show up at her doorstep with a gift.  She accepts and opens it after he’s left. What is it? A glass of cold water? Well, not quite. He searched all over Seoul Market for seafood seaweed soup just like her mom makes for her birthday. The same soup she couldn’t get this year because her parents live faraway.

She’s touched and chases after him. He’s surprised to see her and as she struggles to explain why she ran to him, his phone rings. It’s Go Eun and when he excuses himself to answer it, she tells him not to. Huh? He asks why and when she doesn’t respond, teases that she must have been touched by his gift. She then makes up some excuse of wishing to escort him to the bus stop because she’s heading to the convenience store.

When his bus arrives, they exchange a sweet farewell where she thanks him and he tells her to show her gratitude by being good to him from then on.

A girl chasing after you then telling you not to talk to another girl can only mean one thing, right? His friend is convinced she returns his feelings and he dismisses it though he suspects it too. The next day, Se Young puts a lot of effort into her appearance which is the push Jin Goo needs to test her feelings for him. He even researches the signs a woman sends when she’s into someone which only convinces him further.

The mood has now completely changed between them. They are no longer awkward, instead, their playfulness is tinged with flirtation. That evening, they both linger in the office playing computer games while pretending to work late and when everyone has left, head out for chicken and beer at his friend’s food truck. Cheon Song Yi will be so jealous.

Jin Goo’s friend notices their flirtatious bickering and when Jin Goo leaves for a bathroom break, he tells Se Young that if she’s looking to help someone out (she’d offered to patronize his business as he’d lost his restaurant), she should help the guy who’s hopelessly in love with her. That’s what you call a good friend. But on another note, I think Jin Goo went on the quickest bathroom break in history. In fact, I suspect that he just stepped a few feet away to fart.

He returns with his now permanent stupid smile on his face. It’s like the guy purchased a home on Cloud 9 now that he thinks she might like him. Just look at that smile.

They are going into the weekend and he asks her to see a movie with him. She starts to play hard to get till he mentions Go Eun. LOL. He’s found her Achilles’ heel.

The next day, they show up dressed to impress and have a cute movie date where she lets him hold her hand. They take a walk after the movie and after more cuteness and flirtations, he asks to drop their friendship. He confesses that he’d only proposed that they return to their friendship to keep her in his life as she was so upset but that he’s always wanted more.

So what does she think about that?  She answers him with a kiss. She’s embarrassed and starts to walk away but he quickly pulls her back and plants a kiss on her. SQUEEEEE!

Gosh, the whole thing was so predictable but also so damn CUTE!

Kwang Soo is Kwang Soo which means he’s pathetic as always. He constantly goes to the cafe to bug Da In into taking a trip down memory lane. This woman should get a restraining order. She remains cold to him but he refuses to take the hint and promises to keep coming back till she remembers their love. He even returns a book she’d gifted him to jog her memory.

It’s crazy because she maintains that though he’d loved her a lot, he’d also caused her great pain. I hope she realizes that she had a hand in the demise of their relationship.

She used to love Loveholic so he drops off a photo they’d taken at their concert and tickets to a show the following night with a request that she attend it with him. Then he does annoying things like play their songs outside her window. I really don’t understand how she fell for him in the first place.

He continues to stalk her, even following her when she goes grocery shopping.  Long story short, with encouragement from her friend and her own happy memories of their relationship, she makes his night and shows up.

They must have had a pleasant enough time because she’s friendlier to him the next time he shows up at her cafe, even calling him “Oppa” with ease. He figures that the way to her heart is through her child and offers to take them to the zoo the following day. She doesn’t give a firm response so later that night, he calls her a thousand times to confirm their date. His frustration and desperation build up each time she hangs up the phone without an affirmative response till it finally clicks. He calls once more to tell her that he now understands what she went through and promises to be different this time around. And apparently, that’s all she needed to hear to agree to their date.

He’s overeager as always and cleans his car in preparation but she insists they take her car. They have a cute date where he exhibits readiness for fatherhood even experiencing a parents’ fear when he briefly loses Eun Seo.

Old feelings must have come flooding back because they end the night holding hands. When it’s time to part ways, he confesses that he doesn’t want to give up the hand he hasn’t held in ten years. Awww? I suppose I should say “Awww” because it was a cute date. I just think that they still won’t work out because she hasn’t grown up in ten years and learned to communicate with her partner.

Da In goes home and smiles as she goes through the photos they took earlier in the day. Love is back.


Jin Goo and Se Young have so much chemistry that they could do something as mundane as reading a book together and we can still be entertained. I’m looking forward to how Min Goo will deal with dating someone completely different from his fantasies. I like how his story line is handling the love-at-first-sight trope.

After so many episodes of zombie behavior, Da In has apparently accepted Kwang Soo back into her heart. That’s all it took, huh? I guess their conflict will now come from his sister’s rejection of a single mother dating her bachelor brother. It’s sexist because I doubt she’d have the same objection about a 39-year old sister dating a man with children.

These two episodes were a great improvement over the previous two but now that everyone is happily in love, we can already foresee the obstacles they will face. Well, all but Jin Goo and Se Young unless there’s a no dating clause at their company.

Till next week!


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