Adding another Kdrama staple: Head-over-shoulder

What is your sweet spot?

Well, Korean dramas surely knows how to make that spot even sweeter with gestures we can’t help but giggle along once seen. My first Kdrama staple post was about back hugs. This became a must seen in every drama these days. I’m excited for another round! This time, let’s all savour what it feels like to lay our head on the most comfortable shoulder in drama land.

I have collected quite a number of photos. Shall we go and reminisce?! 


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, still remains one of my top favourite Hong Sister’s drama. My dearest Woong-ah loved the adorable Mi Ho. I cheered for them until the very end. They proved to me that love has no boundaries and can withstand differences. Falling in love with a gumiho is possible as long as a man like Woong-ah exist. What a way to end a series, leaning on Woong-ah’s shoulder defines a life worth living because they are together.


This scene in City Hunter is one of my favourite! Nana and Yoon Sung were on a bus ride when he suddenly fell asleep on her shoulders. Or should I say, intentionally fell on her shoulders? I know it is a very classic move that won’t ever lose touch even when it is repeated hundreds of time. While watching this series, I described their pairing like drinking a cup of coffee. It is soothing, making you feel comfortable. Besides, who among you will resist Lee Min Ho?? I won’t. I will offer my shoulders to him, anytime.. anywhere.


When a female lead is drunk, it’s either you will see a piggyback happening or she will choose to lay her head on her leading man’s shoulder. In Heartstrings, both happened. As a Dooley shipper, I won’t complain if I’m peppered with fan service. In this scene, Lee Shin and Kyu Won spent an afternoon filled playing music for the elders. After the performance, Kyu Won decided to be the hero and drunk Lee Shin’s share of soju. She ended up drunk of course. But this is a segway for Lee Shin to finally notice Kyu Won and starts to fall for her slowly.


This scene was in Emergency Couple. Who is the best person to be with you in times when you lost the most precious person in your life? Nothing beats the presence of a loved one. Chang Min lost Dad this time and I’m glad Jin Hee was there for him. The sweetest thing about this, though he was needing comfort himself, he offered it more for Jin Hee. Her presence alone gave him strength, and this made the scene memorable to me.


49 Days was a beautiful drama! Yi Soo and Yi Kyung may not be the focus but their love is the kind of side dish that makes eating a meal complete. 49 Days is a bittersweet drama thinking about the two alone. Young love plays an important part in a drama, and the Song couple is no different. I love their scenes! How wonderful it is to find true love in such a young age. It is a plus that the ambiance makes me want to stroll the park with someone like Jung Il Woo too.


Who among you enjoyed Lee Seung Gi and Suzy together in Gu Family Book? I was able to endure not seeing Choi Jin Hyuk because of them. Actually this scene inspired me to write this post. Isn’t it great to fall asleep this way?! You don’t even have to worry because a man like Kang Chi will be there to catch you. Sorry, my cheesy heart is running away with me again. Heh.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal is one of the few Sageuk that I truly loved and I enjoyed watching. I know that a historical drama can be a turn-off to watch, but you won’t regret trying out this one. Not just for the love of Yoo Ah In, ladies. Seriously, Yoo Chun and Park Min Young are an adorable pairing. If you happen to have a teacher like Sun Joon, you will definitely pass any exam! In this scene, Yoon Hee fell asleep on Sun Joon’s shoulder after days of hard work. EEee. Isn’t the spot so perfect?? I loved this screen cap to bits.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 9.31.12 PM

I have repeated watching this scene in In Time with you because Bolen Chen is too darn adorable! His head fits so perfectly on Ariel Lin’s shoulder!! I think this scene makes me want to have Bolin Chen all to myself. LOL. This scene encapsulate the sweetest reunion a couple could ever have. And what a way to greet a love one on her birthday too!! He surprised Yoo Qing and I just fell in love with Da Ren more. As if I wasn’t head-over-heels in love already.


Lee Sang Yoon plus Ku Hye Sun is pure love! This is me showing you the best way to do the head-over-shoulder scene. Who can beat the smile on their faces?? Angel Eyes is a melodrama but Dong Joo and Soo Wan made it an enjoyable series for me. It feels amazing to have a man like Dong Joo and plan your future with. Both of them were talking about having a family in this scene, no wonder they shared a smile that reached from ear-to-ear.

What’s your favourite? For sure, you have more scenes in mind. Share it!

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