“Plus Nine Boys” Week Six: Love’s Obstacles

We had another great week and I really enjoyed it because we had both internal and external obstacles. It’s funny how Min Goo’s story was quite boring at first with the destiny crap but it’s now become the most interesting and least predictable one. But oddly enough, I’m neutral about their ending. They are young so I think it’ll be perfectly fine for them to go their separate ways just like I’d be fine if they decide to stay together.


Dong Goo had no story this week. I think the writers have given up on him. Prepubescent romance only works in the first two episodes of a “childhood love” drama. No one really wants to watch little kids acting like adults with each other. We only like precocious kids paired with adults so that we can chuckle at their zingers.

Min Goo lives in blissful ignorance till his friends show him a photo of a thuggish girl with Bong Sook’s name and face. He dismisses it because he’s sure his destiny is a naive, innocent soul. Everything keeps going well till one day, while they are out on a cute date, someone unintentionally kicks a ball at her and she reacts very gangster-like. Whoa!

Then he notices the rude ways her friends’ names and photos are saved in her phone and begins to question her innocence. Pure, sweet girls don’t use curse words, do they? More evidence piles up when his friends tell him that the legendary look-alike thug also lives in his girlfriend’s neighborhood. Now curious, he spies on her and follows her on a shopping trip with an older guy. Oh no, is she cheating on him? Nope, it’s her brother. And just when he starts feeling foolish for his suspicions, her two friends show up and jokingly threaten to expose her if she doesn’t hook them up with her high school lover’s friends. Then she smirks, proclaiming it wouldn’t work because her high school boy toy only has eyes for her. Min Goo’s heart shatters.

All that’s left is confirmation so he goes through a 2012 yearbook and finds her photo. Then he calls her out at night and begs her to tell him it’s all a mistake. His face falls when she refuses to keep lying then he cuts her off when she starts to explain, suggesting that they can talk later. He starts to leave at which point she finally reveals her hidden side and orders him to sit. Woo hoo!

He doesn’t obey so she walks over to him and apologizes, explaining that she hadn’t meant to deceive him and had missed the window to tell the truth. He attempts to leave again and she reminds him that he insisted on dating her even after several rejections so why is he running away now? He explains that he’s a dumb jock who can only process one thing at a time so he needs time to think because right now, all he understands is that she fooled him.

They spend some sad days apart then finally run into each other in front of some building. After the initial awkwardness, he asks her a question: “Do you like me?” She confesses that she never regretted her thug life till she met him because she didn’t want to disappoint him. He smiles and asks her to date him again. All seems well but the difference in their ages and levels of experience can’t be ignored. When they are out to dinner and she salivates at the beer at another table, he thinks she’s craving cider. LOL. They can’t see a movie she picks because he’s a minor and when she tries to cheer him in the cute way she always does, he demands that she not treat him like a child. Le sigh. This is going to be a tough one.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of some judo seniors he bows to who then bow to Bong Sook. LOL

Then he rebuffs her attempts at easing the tension which pushes her to her breaking point. She scoffs that he’s a kid pretending to be a man which should be expected given he’s a high schooler. Dang.

Love is in the air for Se Young and Jin Goo. They flirt a lot of with each other in the office but since Se Young wants to keep their relationship a secret, they come up with a code word to meet in the stairwell. They even go to great lengths like faking illnesses and eating lunch far from work to avoid their coworkers but as these things happen, they run into Go Eun and Jae Bum there.

And they do all these because Se Young doesn’t want to hurt Jae Bum’s feelings.

There’s a cute scene where Jin Goo gets her sneakers because her feet hurt from walking a long distance in heels and he tells her to speak up next time as she’s got a boyfriend to lean on. Aww, don’t you just love the honeymoon period?

A coworker learns their secret when Se Young forgets her phone in the restroom but they convince her to keep her mouth shut. While the couple are at Se Young’s house playfighting, Jae Bum shows up. This scene was actually annoying because right as they were about to kiss, Jae Bum rang her doorbell. This is tvN and Marriage, Not Dating recently aired in this time slot so why couldn’t they give us more kisses? Annoying.

Se Young panics. Jin Goo sees it as the perfect opportunity to come clean but his girl refuses and steps out to see Jae Bum. He’s brought some herbal medicine for her phony tummy ache. She feels bad and tries to explain but he cuts her off at each attempt. I hate people who refuse to hear the truth then get hurt when they finally do.

The next morning, Jin Goo sends a message to Se Young telling her he misses her. His phone is also blowing up from comments in his work chatroom. Work chatroom, though? Chatting at work isn’t enough? Miss Secret responds with a bed selfie telling her “moron” that she misses him too but sends it to the chatroom. Yikes.

When she gets into work, her colleagues are curious about “Moron” but she insists that it’s no one they know. Jae Bum is also curious so he asks his good pal Jin Goo for a coffee to talk about who this mystery man could be. He thinks his one-sided love is making him pathetic and asks Jin Goo if he knows anything. Bro, if she’s got someone else, isn’t it time to move on? Does it really matter who it is? Just as he’s about to respond, Se Young calls him with their code word.

They talk and he insists that they tell everyone that night. She comes up with several excuses to delay the inevitable but he doesn’t back down. Later on, Go Eun invites herself to dinner with the couple and Jae Bum.

Se Young blocks Jin Goo’s confession attempts at dinner. Go Eun asks if the man she texted was Jae Bum then Jae Bum asks Jin Goo why he rode Se Young’s bus. He’s clearly suspicious but when Jin Goo attempts to explain, Se Young quickly cuts him off with a lie. This was when she really began to annoy me. I can understand not wanting to hurt a close friend but if it was that important to her, she shouldn’t have dated Jin Goo in the first place. Once she did, she should have thought about his feelings and if he’d be okay with lying to his best friend.

Se Young and Jin Goo have another talk where he reiterates that he will tell them but that doesn’t keep her from thwarting his attempts so he gives up. ANNOYING!

With dinner over, Jin Goo stays behind to settle the bill and when he steps out, Go Eun is waiting for him alone. He rejects her offer for a private party at which she guesses that he’s dating Se Young.

She’s sad but his priority is the woman faking the single life so he runs over to her as she’s about to ride in a taxi with Jae Bum. He pulls her out of the car and finally tells him the truth.

I feel so bad for Jae Bum even though he was clinging to Se Young on his own accord. Instead of all the pussyfooting, Jin Goo should have taken his best friend aside and been honest with him a long time ago. I can’t remember but was Jae Bum privy to their history?

The next day, Jae Bum finally takes up a family-tracked position as the Executive Director which sends his former boss into a panic. LOL. I wonder how much he racked his brain thinking of the numerous times he mistreated him.

After Jae Bum has been introduced to his old department in his new role, Jin Goo walks into his office to hand a document the others were too scared to give him and apologizes in casual speech. His new boss cuts him off with a formal address and asks him if he really thinks they can go back to how they were.

Kwang Soo is also happily in a relationship. He now does this annoying thing of calling her and correctly guessing what she’s doing. He wants to make plans and she asks to meet where they first met. He can’t remember it so his friend advises him to let his body remind him. So he puts his headphones on and takes a trip down memory lane that takes him to the right place. Gatta love fiction. She’s impressed because she didn’t think he’d remember. He shows how much he didn’t forget by recounting the entire day. Yawn.

After she’s done with work, she picks up her kid then they get home and walk hand-in-hand. He doesn’t want to let her go yet so they sit outside their building for a while. She apologizes for disappearing and the way she’s treated him and just as he’s about to kiss her, her sleeping child wakes up. I hope they at least let this old couple kiss before the drama ends.

They head to their building and get on the elevator. They hold hands as they go up to her floor but when it stops on his and they see his sister, he immediately lets her go. Back at home, Kwang Soo’s sister tells him to quickly introduce her to the woman he’s seeing saying that at his age, he can’t be picky so she’s fine with anyone as long as she doesn’t have a kid.

The crazy thing is that they broke up because of his crazy schedule and things are good now that his job sucks and he barely goes to the office but how can we be sure that they’ve really resolved their problem if he doesn’t become successful again and still manages to make time for them? Wouldn’t that make more sense than sisterly opposition?

The next day, he apologizes to Da In for letting go of her hand and as in the past, she tells him it’s okay despite feeling differently. She has not changed but since they’ve made him telepathic, she doesn’t need to speak up, This is the solution?

Anyway, Kwang Soo keeps to his word and holds on to his woman the next time they see his sister.

Once they get home, his meddling sister yells at him for rejecting good prospects to date a mom. She tells him to quickly end it before his feelings grow at which he reveals their prior relationship. Now the sister is in a rage because he’s with the woman that damaged him so much that he couldn’t date another for ten years. He asks for her support but she tells him to just end it. Why would a sister think she has a say in her 40-year-old brother’s love life? Ridiculous.

He calls Da In and tells her to never let him go and the next day, while on a play date with him, she misses calls from her daughter’s kindergarten.

They pick Eun Seo up and when they get to their apartment complex, a neighbor warns Kwang Soo that people might jump into the wrong conclusion if he hangs out with Da In so much. And she says it in Da In’s presence. I know talking behind someone’s back is bad but that has to be preferable to this. Kwang Soo stands up for his girlfriend and tells the witch that they are a couple.

They go in and Da In keeps mum even though she must have been hurt. Shortly after they retire to their respective homes, Meddling Sister pays Da In a visit. She shows up with some fish then tells her that even though she likes her, she can’t accept her as a sister-in-law. She uses the excuse that a broken relationship can’t be fixed and I want to slap her because she incessantly nagged the guy about marriage then interferes when he finds someone. He needs to move out of her apartment.

Da In weeps after she leaves then breaks up with Kwang Soo the next time they meet. He suggests they go on a trip like she always wanted then she tells him that she hates that she’s no longer the independent woman she was before he returned to her life. Which is better? Being dumped without an explanation or being told that the woman you love doesn’t want to be with you because she doesn’t want to lean on you?


As I said, I like Min Goo’s storyline best now. There’s realistic conflict and suspense. Will they be together or not? Min Goo is trying to act grown up while Bong Sook is pretending to be timid. If they end up together, I hope they fully embrace who they are and date as a high school judo player and a legendary thug.

Se Young was really annoying and while I understand that Jae Bum is a close friend, she was able to reject him so she should have acted like a grown woman and just sat him down and told him the truth instead of planning to pretend to be single for the rest of her life.

Kwang Soo and Da In have deeper issues than the idiotic sister. I really think they should part ways but not because of the meddling sister. She never told him how she felt ten years ago and she still doesn’t. He’s very clingy and there’s no real balance, connection or even sense to their relationship. I see genuine interest and attraction in the other two couples but with these two, all I see is a desperate man and a woman who… actually, I have no idea what Da In wants. She cried at the prospect of ending things but perhaps this actress in unable to believably portray a woman in love. When I watch them, I can’t tell if she genuinely likes him. What attracts her to him? Will she want to go anywhere with him without his prodding? I’m torn because I don’t want them together but I also don’t want his sister to get her way. However, strictly plot-wise, he’s an older guy who will probably never love another person so I suppose they can end up together.

The series ends next week and we’ll finally learn if the phony fortune teller made a lucky guess.

Till then!

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  • bmore says:

    So glad they seem to have dropped the 9 year old ‘romance’. So inappropriate anyway. No interest at all in watching anything like that.

    I too find the relationship of our 19 interesting, but when are these 2 going to actually start acting like their real selves. Both of them are living as someone else in order to accommodate this relationship, him more than her. Not sure where that’s going nor if that relationship will work when they stop faking and start acting like they really are….or do they even know that at this point in their lives?

    I like our 29 year old relationship, because he is at least progressing in a more normal fashion. Wasn’t too worried about Jae Bum thing as it was going to come out eventually and they needed to extend the storyline with the sneaking around and cute hiding in the stairwell scenes. Though just hiding an office romance would have been enough. Anyway, it’s out, Jae Bum is going to go all corporate CEO cliche on us now, so honeymoon episode is over and we will be watching the same old stuff that goes with the jealousy, etc. So glad this is a shorter drama so we don’t have to endure that for half a dozen episodes to fill up time!

    Can’t stand that 39 year old relationship. It’s a huge turn off for me. He is too pathetically needy, she is too frozen and unfeeling and I just don’t like her at all.(and I hate her hair!….yes, that’s a valid reason for not liking her character! o_0) I don’t know if it’s the actress or the role either. Whatever, they need to move on. They are both need serious counseling before looking at having a relationship with anyone, especially each other, because they are both a mess!

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