“My Lovely Girl” Episode 10 Preview w/English Subs

I’m not 100% sure Se-Na knows Hyun Wook was her sisters boyfriend yet, the preview is confusing (as usual). It’s past time for it to come out though so I think it’s good. I also know Shin Hae-Yoon is most likely involved, I’m hoping the person Hyun Wook is saying he doesn’t want to get involved with anymore is her. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

(Subtitles courtesy of Soompi TV) 

Shi Woo: I drove 40 minutes to see you.
Hyun Wook: Yoon Se-Na quit.
Hyun Wook: What do you want to do in your situation?
Shi Woo: I don’t want to do anything. I just like her.
Hyun Wook: I don’t want to get involved with you anymore.
Se-Na: Are you saying you don’t like me anymore?
Sung-Jin: Are you finished playing Daddy-Long-Legs?
Hyun Wook: Yea, I don’t qualify.
Se-Na: Ahjussi, you’re a really bad person.

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